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The “Tolerant” University Of Hypocrites Ottawa?

“They welcome Israel Apartheid Week and its accompanying violence. They welcome Robert Fisk. They welcome George Galloway, today’s Oswald Mosley… no protest except when he was barred from Canada by the Feds for supporting Hamas… he is a hero of free speech… They embrace inciter to genocide, George Galloway. They employ a Muslim terrorist wanted in France for blowing up a synagogue. And lick the shoes of anti-Semites. They welcomed Jew-hating superhero Robert Fisk and the Student Union wasn’t really screaming….”

~ Atlas Shrugs ~

  • COMMIE RAGE GIRL ID’ed: Ellen Ocran.. scroll down for deets. She’s a student/ gov worker, and a former model. Yep, real hero of Teh Peeple. NDipper, Commie wannabe, pretty attention-hound, fighting against rich right-wing racist blonde whitey imperialist evil incarnate in high heels. Why, Ellen’s a hero on the revolutionary barricades! A Lefty student pushing back against all the bad things she’s taught to hate and dehumanize by her clever profs!!! A useful idiot in the wars of political correctness. Sad.

Look At Me-e-e-e!!

>> HER REAL NAME “Ann Coulter should go back to where she came from because we don’t want her back here,” shouted Ellen Ocran, a University of Ottawa student in a shouting match with a Coulter backer.”

Saving Canuckistan

~ STRAY THOUGHTS— Conservatives are conservers, enjoyers, and sometimes not on the cutting edge. The Coulter Crisis should shine a spotlight on our need to do more, be more, stand up more, and pay attention to the surroundings– instead of always looking to our Southern neighbours for approval and their issues and pre-chewed solutions.

So we read of free-speech problems at U.S. colleges– many of ours would in some respects do a Soviet Academy proud. The intellectual rot of the faculty; their intolerance to non-Marxist ideas, profs, and students; that they are to a greater or lesser degree all tax-parasites; this is one aspect of the cultural and civilizational rot.. and it starts from elementary school on up.

Dear Old Golden Rule Daze

Older folks can be forgiven for imagining schools today are just as when we went.. not since the 60s. While some resist the trend, most are on the bandwagon for Marxist, big government, the most radical forms of feminist & gay rights & ‘redefined families’, social and thought-control, and Glorious Leader worship (as long as it’s not Harper). Thus the Binklings got to a school which has 7 big posters of Obama, some with inspiring quotations inscribed thereupon.. while the regulation picture of the Prime Minister is hidden away in a far corner of the tiny library.

The End Is Nigh Again

Moaning and hand-wringing and ranting and doom-saying are all ultimately lazy, self-indulgent, and unproductive fun– right up there with making endless excuses. Now what?

Pray. Read & think. Get involved. Speak out. Sign up. Donate. Be stubborn. Don’t leave it up to somebody else. Get excited about small but measurable results & little victories. Work without thanks.

Ultimate Junkies

And remember: Marxist progressivism is more addictive and intoxicating than a nicotine & crack cocktail topped off with scotch & sex & TV. It’s very hard to “convince” anybody with “logic” or “facts”, because the Master Theory and conspiracies are easier and more fun and make the progs “better” than you.

Work on the moderates, and learn, and be stubborn, and funny and friendly– you will influence more people than you think. However, though I’m speaking in a calm and amused tone, I’m deadly serious: big-gov an mini-progs like the Ottawa mob and others are out to control you. For good. No more free speech, or wrong-think. This is a war for the future of Western Civ, even as the Mullahs hope for the submission of the West under Islam.

Shock-jockeys like Coulter are welcome conversation starters, but her tactics are not Canadian, and can be offputting. I’ve actually found her books more interesting than the attention-grabbing startling statements and speeches. Here at home you can read our best pundits, and start with the fine books of William Gairdner to see how Canada was mutated into Trudeaupia, and what that means for the culture wars here.

It took 50 years to get here: the replacement of Trudeaupia with a revived Canada will take a long time, and a lot of work.

And while we’re at it, the barbarians are back again, so try to ponder that, too.



Evening Link-Dump

Change of Venue for Calgary

Details at:;

Thursday, March 25th, 2010, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Red and White Club, 2nd Floor, Olympic Volunteer Centre


Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m. – Ezra Levant
7:45 p.m. – Ann Coulter
8:15 p.m. – Q & A
9:00 p.m. – Book signing

To register in Calgary Alberta, please contact:

For general information or media inquiries contact:

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Dear American visitors: we`ve had 40 years of Obama-style over-gov super-spend thought control. Some of us are fighting back, and many fine Canadian bloggers will help you see who and what we are, and what dreadful fate awaits you if you don`t crush Obamunism (and if the Repubs can`t get off the next-in-line to the trough mentality).

But enough about you.. here’s some trivia about me.

Abusing Free Speech To Prevent The Speech Of Others?


More Remarkage

University of Ottawa Barbarians At Play
The Masters Of Your Canucki Freedoms

.. sorry about the lapse in other-blogging (lots below, but with the Coulter thing & the shirt thing, it’s a wonderful time to be a blogger in Soviet Canuckistan, where the Houles and the Warmans do play.

After re-reading the early screed, a few more thoughts come to mind.

(1) MAKING STUFF UP— The crowd of rabbles was apparently 50-75ish in size, strategically placed out front (blockade) and inside (fire alarm).. the alleged “2000 protesters” reported by Pravda/CBC would therefore have to include the 1800 law-abiding folks who wanted to  listen to Ann Coulter, and to exercise their constitutional, legal and God-given rights at a publicly-funded facility. They were met by would-be Houligans, book-rippers, and some people apparently armed with cudgels and rocks. Classy debate there, folks.

(2) SURRENDER– The Campus cops (inside?) and the Ottawa City Po-Leets are supposed to protect people & property, and uphold the laws and stuff. Like corralling protesters to a nice side-lawn behind barriers with police in their faces, where they can indignant all over the place to their heart’s content. This was a police screw-up and/or surrender/ retreat, in losing and not taking control of the situation, where actual innocents might have gotten hurt. Who knows, maybe Houle called them and told them to ‘close it down’ without making it obvious? Somebody needs to investigate this. UPDATE:

The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don’t let her speak.’ And the cops eventually said, we’ve got a bad feeling, this isn’t gonna happen. And they shut it down.”

(3) WITH RED FACES AGLOW– This is now a world-class pantsing of Canada, especially her pantywaists and mini-Hitlers. We look like petty idiots, and not heirs of great men and women, who had a dream that was the True North, Strong and Free. The Americans and the world are paying attention.

(4) PYRRHIC VICTORIES– To the grinning and finger-pointing barbarians outside the speech hall last night, you seemed mighty proud of yourselves. You know, saving Canada from blonde speakers and defying the infidel and all that. You threw down the gauntlet, and the rest of us (you know, Canadians) are not impressed by spoiled nitwits, barbarians, and freedom-crushers such as yourselves. You demonstrated your quality, and what the soft-tyranny UofO stands for and won’t stand for.

For those of you in that college crowd who were all tingly with your media-moment, you forget: you’re on the side of the orcs, and we’re with the hobbits, elves, men & free folk defending the West.

(5) THANKS FOR THE LESSON! — The barbarians were organized via FaceBook, e-mail & texting, and coordinated/ premeditated action for their cause. The next time we have a special event like this, let’s play it smarter, keep track of the haters, and be ready for their fun & games. CanuckiCons are years behind their American compatriots in planning for and countering Alinskyite/ Jihadist maximum disruption. We cannot underestimate the ill will and energy of the wrong-headed.

Anyhow– love her or hate her, she`s free to speak via this blog, and the interwebs. It`s about freedom.


Michael Coren with Ann Coulter – part 1


16 thoughts on “Free Ann Coulter!

  1. So pitiful, trying to overshadow the momentous occasion that the Democrats have succeeded in creating. Yes, you have stolen all the headlines with this ridiculous story (and it is…ridiculous on both sides), but it cannot take away the fact that the Democrats have started something that will help many Americans live a healthy life. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, guys, finally the US is getting at the basics here. Well done, needs a bit of work on the plan, but it is a start. Nice try on the distraction though, I’m sure it worked for a few people 🙂

    Dear Stacey:

    As a card-carrying member of the MRWCC [Massive Right Wing Conservative Conspiracy], I got the special red-phone call over the weekend that this blog had to distract the world from Obama’s suicide-run of socialist health-care. I sprang into action, stoked up my hate and bile, and plunged wild-eyed into obeying my secret conservative masters (Ann Coulter, Rove, various Jews), and almost succeeded– single-handedly– in turning the health-care issue around. But now.. Stacey: you’ve outed me, and broken the top-secret conspiracy wide open for the world to see.

    Anyhow, this writer’s a Canadian, right? If you read your Canadian history, we’ve actually had socialized health care since the late 1950s, funded on the post-war economic boom, and debt-financing. When the 1990s economy was collapsing under the free-spending social-safety debt, our gov’t-rationed health-care was slashed, and taxes raised: plus closed hospitals, fired nurses & doctors, long waiting-lines, new ‘eligibility’ rules of survivability– exactly the unpredictable nightmare you want when you or a loved one is sick. As a past ‘community organizer’, I’ve seen deaths (of the young, old, or sick), botched operations, lost relatives of my own, and can regale you with the countless horror-stories which ensue when any government promises impossible things using imaginary money. It’s all on the backs of patients, overworked staff, and long-suffering families.

    Maslow?! Needs? Socialized medicine here is 50+ YEARS OLD, Stacey– it’s one of the reasons so many Canadian doctors and medical staff have escaped here for there. In Europe, post-war U.S. military support allowed bloated health-bureaucracies to create wildly expensive, inefficient hit-or-miss systems which Americans are soon going to learn about first-hand, unless a new and more sensible healthcare program is put into place.

    Oh, and one more thing: the U.S. is broke. Our drunken health-spending spree started before the era of government debts. Your Trillions Dollar Man has already guaranteed that his HealthCare will not work, except to dig a bigger grave for the American economy– all while bribing people with their own money.

    So Stacey– please try another conspiracy theory if you really want to convince anyone that Obama’s program is anybody’s salvation, that Canada-style govt-rationed healthcare is best, or that a little blogger like me is taking orders from some scary secret On High.


  2. How pathetic. I feel like I should apologise to Miss Coulter myself, even though I’ve never even met her, for her ill-treatment upon arrival in Canada by freaks like that.

  3. Reply: NO conspiracy theory here, sorry you had misunderstood that. Just pointing out the grabbing of headlines, Coulter-style. I enjoyed reading your response, you are truly informed, I was never out to convince anyone that this plan was salvation, on the contrary I stated it needs work, nor did I mention anything about the canadian/socialized healthcare being the best. Take care.

    1. Dear Stacey:

      Of course there’s no conspiracy.. I really didn’t misunderstand that.

      Yes, Coulter loves to grab headlines.. it’s her job.

      Many Democrat advocates of Obamacare loudly and proudly held up Canada as what everybody would get.. so you said “the Democrats have started something that will help many Americans live a healthy life. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, guys, finally the US is getting at the basics here”.. no. It’s a tax-grab, and will not change the lives of many for the better. That’s not what socialized medicine does.

      You guys had the best health-care in the world.. though you needed to control costs, abuse, and insurance company gouging– and cut back on government interference in healthcare.

      Thanks for writing back,


    1. You mean ‘Neo-Con’? Or you mean that it’s forbidden to criticize Miss Ellen Ocran because her parents happen to be African immigrants from Ghana to Canada? If the latter, that would be The R-Word on your part, Rasta. Politically correct Racism: only pasty pink people can be criticized. Not so much.

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