Houliganism: Ann Coulter cancelled by Barbarians at OttawaU

Via Catfur

~ Disgrace: U of Ottawa thugs force cancellation of Ann Coulter speech tonight

~ Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak

~ Israeli apartheid week organizers rumoured to be behind threats and vandalism

~ Poor Fatima Al Dhaher – The girl offended by Ann Coulter – Hates Israel; ‘Camel! The Ann Coulter Story‘ (bumped — constantly updated)

~ Google news: current Coulter stories; Shotgun– How big was that anti-Coulter mob?; plus Ann Coulter vs. the Mob

~ Strictly Right: A lost battle may help us win the war

~ SAD TO SAY, the Thot Polizei Leftard types at the University Of Ottawa probably think this is just great. You know, that militant Islam has so infected some Canadian Campuses that they can have Death To Israel/ Jews Week, plus silence a white Christian conservative American. Details are sketchy, but this author of the Canucki Jihad blog has seen it coming.

The past 2 decades or so, it’s a more militant sort of Muslim entering the country, and a more Jihadist/ Supremacist ideology being pumped into hearts and minds by extremist Imams, TV & satellite, interwebs, and groups & conferences. The signs are everywhere, if you look.
The years of youth can be ones of seeking and passion and commitment– so many of the great saints were young. How sad that for young seeking Muslims, they get rehashed hate, anti-semitism, and politically correct barbarism as the answer to their longings. Tepid multiculti mind-wash with Jesus and Western Civ edited out? Pre-enjoyed bathwater at best.

Hey Hey, Ho Ho

Under our noses, like-minded profs and students and mosques– in the name of Muhammed’s alleged deity & Muslim Brotherhood supremacism– have established and begun to assert themselves in the West, using a form of the very political correctness and aggressive self-assertion which was the hallmark of 60’s Marxist student-groups, feminists, same-sex liberation, and every other grievance group making a grab for the We Deserve More Rights Than You multicult political and cultural pie.

That’s why this barbarian invasion is so unlike any other– we’ve not only surrendered our own ground, handed them all the very latest ideological weapons, we’re waving the white flag so they’ll think we’re nice, and maybe not hurt us.. our at least hurt our big target conservatives and Christians/ Jews first.


Professional OttawaU brain-washer and pantywaist François Houle‘s Canukistani dreams of an orderly non-conservative post-Christian Trudeaupian society? It’s this, in reality: barbarians of many colours, silencing the voices of freedom, debate, truth, and the true dignity of difference, one by one, until only a hollow and brittle monoculture remains. Ruins, inhabited by wreckers.

And Jihadists know just what to do with other civilizations— especially weak, empty, uncertain enemies– just ask the Persians, the Byzantines, and the Roman North Africans, and the millions of Christian slaves captured for Allah over 1400 years. Oh wait– you can’t.

Get Informed

Want to learn more about the Jihad in Canada? Read the Canucki Jihad blog and all the sites and materials linked there (start from the beginning); then read Robert Spencer’s Stealth Jihad— because the opportunistic and determined colonists of Allah are here, funded by Arab oil money, they want what’s ours, only Jihadified and Sharia-ized. And we shall be slaves and strangers in our own land.

Ann Coulter? The the visiting canary in the Canucki coalmine: Canada– it’s ours to lose. ~

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