Headline Flip: Machete Edition

~ ITEM: Machete Attack on Carleton Student – “Around 1:45am, as we were leaving the bar, and we heard the shout of “Zionist” in Arabic”; and Babble.ca – Oppressed Machete Attacked By Zionist Thugs!

~ ITEM: Shaidle– Leave the camel. Take the machete; and ‘Too stupid to really be Jewish?’ ; plus ‘We heard the shout of ‘Zionist’ in Arabic’: machete attack on Canadian student

~ ITEM: The cost of supporting Israel

~ ITEM: Machete used in anti-Semitic attack in Gatineau, Carleton students say

Human Sacrifices-- Two Stinking Zionists Nearly Offered Up To Allah: UCarleton students Nick Bergamini (r) and Mark Klibanov

“When the Ontario branch of the Janjaweed reach for their machetes, the establishment reaches for its lamest tropes… A purely hypothetical outbreak of violent attacks on Muslims always trumps actual violent attacks on non-Muslims.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

~ WANT TO reality-check what lying fanatics are up to? Just reverse the terms.  Like the ‘headline’ above. Then, imagine the leftard media & Usual Suspects responding to your reversed headline: the results can be quite illuminating.. especially when compared to what they actually say & don’t say.

Easter casts new light on a lot of things: life and death, plus good and evil. Too often we naive conservatives wishfully think our opponents are nice but misguided; or just need some understanding and sympathy; or that they mean well. Jesus did not die to save us from unpleasantries and misunderstandings, but from sin and death and hell.. and evil– our own and that in others.

Deciding To Be Blind

When it comes to denial of truth & reality, that’s actually an evil ill-willed thing. There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

Radicals wickedly choose to see their enemies as semi-human, and deeply evil. Our totalitariProgs are a little wimpy, and our democracy isn’t dead yet– but the Jihadis know when to push the envelope, because they’ve become politically astute about our weaknesses.

Our cadres of Progressives and Jihadis are possessed by different yet absolute visions which simply place conservatives/ infidels outside the pale. When you add ‘The End Justifies The Means‘, then you have college riots to silence thoughts, or a near miss by a swinging machete to behead Jews & Jew-lovers.

Religiously-motivated human sacrifice. In Canada. On Our Streets.

Oh The Huge Manatee!

Unlike the horror of a thin blonde American lady uttering unpopular words and thoughts in Canuckistan, a machete and the murderous hate behind it will not rouse the chattering classes to high dudgeon and pontificating. The cartoon riots mass-media climb-down demonstrated the character of our intrepid journalistic classes, bravely making the world safe for Leftism except when that conflicts with the ever ratcheted-up demands of a certain desert murder-cult.

Christmas Week 2009: massive Jihad/ Sharia supremacist conference in downtown Toronto. Easter Week 2010– attempted murder of 2 ‘Jew-y’ students in Ottawa by a gang of Muslim students. Notice a pattern?

Can You Tell The Difference?

After his bodily resurrection from death Jesus commanded his followers to go forth and make disciples of all nations; Muhammed demanded subjection by the sword, and death by beheading for stubborn infidels. That’s why the machete was aimed at the neck in this incident: they were  merely following the prophet’s orders. And don’t be fooled by any weaselly media-spin and denial from Imams and paid Muslims about how it’s “wrong for any Muslim to take innocent life”, blah blah blah– remember: by definition for Jihadis and shariacs, no infidel is ever innocent (i.e., enthusiastically Muslim).

And watch for the courts to tap-dance and make nice, instead of upholding the law. Judges tend to be Liberal or NDP, and hold the usual bigotry of low expectations for the barbarians in our midst.

Such evil is not in spite of Herr Houle at UZero: it’s precisely because of attitudes like his that this decline takes place, and civil society and civilization crumbles bit by bit.

Cheer up, it’s only going to get worse. Speak out, people.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose. ~


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