Coren: The Machete Incident.. plus Binks Thots

Via Catfur,

Saith Furball: “Best part – he declined a CBC interview – after they told him they would do it ONLY if they could find a spokesman from the other side for “Balance” – evidently Jason wasn’t available.”

Doublespeaking JihadoShariac Tariq is fine at Ottawa area Undiversities, but plain-speaking Coulter bad. Gotcha. Smells like sharia & stealth jihad, folks.

Saith Teh Binks

O, where to start with this one?

Balanced To Death

Ah yes, our tax-glutted Leftard journalists– always so fair & balanced! “OK, folks.. let’s get a possibly murderous Jew-hater from the machete-wielding community to interview so this story doesn’t get skewed.”

In Middle Earth terms, we want a talking head who can put the vile scheming hobbitses in their proper perspective, with well-groomed orc spokesmen for manflesh and world domination.

After all, Teh filthy Jooooos deserve Holocaust 2, even if on a case by case basis. Cuz murderous unforgiving wrath is a great basis for civil society, right? Keep it BALANCED, people!

Equal Time.. For Beheading?

What about the headless Jewish community? In the ‘balance’ between peacefully supporting Israel– or anything else you like by reasonable and civilized means on campus– there is no actual possible moral equivalence between that and trying to chop someone’s head off, if reports are true and these guys are honestly reporting the events.

Would-be human sacrificers for Allah and anti-Semites don’t need ‘balance’-time, but prison-time, and the full weight of the law. Using Palestine for an excuse after repeated attempts to give them almost all of what they claimed they demanded (a lie, it turns out– they want all of  a Jewless Israel to wreck and plunder, like they did the Gaza strip) is beyond lame.

Indeed, such witless balance-quackers will continue to quack such appeasement nonsense even when the first major terror-bombings, atrocities and massacres hit Canada, and as a politically and culturally aggressive Islam demands ever more special privileges, treatment, plus ever more media self-censorship about the nastiness and self-contradictions of  certain Muslims and of militant blood-soaked Islam in practice.

You know, like bringing a blankity-blank machete to  a Jew-fight?!? HELLO? Is this thing on??

The feminists and same-sexers taught them the way– to attack from the inside, via liberal cowardice and guilt, and conservative inaction.

Huzzahs For Them

In any case, good for Michael Coren, Furball, and the ever-diligent & bookmarkable SDA Matt for doing what our national media  apparently can’t on our billions a year, and for at least one of Coren’s panellists for providing the gutless & morally insane ‘equivalence’ argument about the wonders of Islam, thereby saving the Ceeb from having to do the same. And cheers to Nick & Mark for standing up and speaking out.

Watch For It…

Let the trials begin, and the whole story be told.. and let it be a lesson to Canadians awake and unafraid enough to hear, like all the other terrorist-trials and terror-incidents and terror-funding going on in and through Canada, the comfy terror-haven and hotbed of militant stealth-Jihad and sharia supremacists in our universities and elsewhere.

Canadian Jews have been warned.

YorkU and UZero and Carleton are just a beginning.


5 thoughts on “Coren: The Machete Incident.. plus Binks Thots

  1. My concern is that the hatred for the Jews is innate amongst the left. Who would believe that it could happen in our Universities. I don’t think your average Canadian can believe it is happening. I don’t believe the Jewish people in Canada believe it is happening. I can’t believe how easily it is happening. Who would have thought that holocaust supporters would take control of our educational system. I can’t get my head around the support for islamic terrorist in our Universities. It just sickens me.

    1. Dear HP:

      As I also try to indicate over on Canucki Jihad, every university with a CAIR-Can or Muslim Student Student Union (MSU) group is already radicalizing students toward sharia supremacismé separatism and contempt for Canadian law, culture, and Christianity, and Western Civ generally. That Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder and its leading exponent, is invited to speak across Canada at campuses means it’s later than we think.

      MCGill, Carleton, YorkU, McMaster, Simon Fraser and many other universities are already hotspots of Islamism, anti-semitism, anti-Christianity, and sharia zones. In cities with large immigrant populations of Muslims, we are already seeing polygamy, child brides, the sale of brides, and other quaint customs from Muslim nations.

      It`s already here: dig around.. it`s not hard to unearth. I hope some of the Left & the chattering classes get it– though denial IS a leading characteristic of the Progressives.


  2. The CBC isn’t having as much luck burying this story, they will soon switch to the ‘backlash BS’ with addle brained experts moaning over imagined retaliations against these lovely machete people.

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