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~ WRITE THAT LETTER! — On Nov. 25, 2009, Pastor Yang Rongli and four other Linfen-Fushan church leaders from Shanxi Province were sentenced to criminal detention for three to seven years, according to China Aid Association. The five church leaders were accused of “gathering people to disturb the public order,” because they organized a prayer rally on Sept. 14, the day after 400 military police raided the church’s grounds.”

Binks Gets Results!

Steynian 408nd, April 20 2010— Binks said: “Coyotes…? Trap them, hunt them, shoot them. Shoot to kill. Shoot them all, when and where you find them….”

Then.. AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2010– Texas Governor shoots coyote with concealed handgun to save dog Coincidence?.. maybe. ~

POTUS: Screwing The Middle-Eastern Pooch?

Video explanation of Israel’s strategic importance to the US

~ ITEM: Unabridged Text of Pamela Geller’s Speech at Pro-Israel Rally Against Obama’s Anti-Israel Policies

~ WATCH CAROLINE GLICK first. Then read on.

Obama is setting up the Middle East for more war.. with Israel as the bad guys. Iranian-backed Hizb’allah has missiles & bunkers galore in Lebanon. Iran-backed Syria is more aggressive than ever. Iran-backed Hamas (The “Palestinians”) are up to their usual hating & plotting & extorting the West.

But for the first time since 1947, American policy is actively anti-Israel, and a pro-Muslim President is interfering in ancient battles without caring about the possible short & long-term consequences.

Global antisemitism is on the rise due to the Marxist left and Muslim provocations. The future is darkening, and the second-oldest hatred is regathering steam.

‘Managed’ Democracy

Obamunists have said in the past “never let a crisis go to waste”.. now, they’re letting the world drift into lots of potential crises: perhaps to ramp up control over America, the electorate, and the 2010 and 2012 elections. I’d not put it past the Empty Suit and his masters & minions to stage-manage a crisis or two for the benefit of Obama. Why not? POTUS thinks he’s all that, and that U.S. democracy is disposable and bothersome.

I told you so. ~

Sexifying Kids, Undermining Parents

“Unless countered by vigorous instruction at home, no children in the last several decades have left school believing their sexuality has a higher purpose than giving them bodily pleasure. From adolescence they have been encouraged by sex educators — no, pressured — to maximize sexual pleasure (but with condoms!), and made to feel abnormal if they prefer chastity to sex without love or commitment. What’s so good about that?”

~ Barbara Kay ~

~ ITEM: You’re Teaching My Child What? – Dr. Miriam Grossman


~ ITEM: It’s not all good; National Post editorial board: Explicit sex education program planned for Ontario

~ ITEM: McGuinty sending conflicting messages about school curriculum

~ ITEM: Disconnecting College Hook-Ups

~ ITEM: The reason contraceptive pills have caused a revolution is that the technology changed the relationship between men and women

~ ITEM: On why conservatives shouldn’t downplay some rape statistics

~ BINKS SAYS SEX ROCKS— thank you God, for uniting duty with delight and devotion in married love, and the gift of children. Woo hoo!

OF course, for Marxists of all stripes, married love and children and family is bad, because it competes with the all-powerful state and revolutionary fervour. Revolution uber alles.

Part of the Communist party platform is all about shredding the family, and encouraging casual sex. What to do? Separate men from women; parent from children; sex from baby-making; and make family an extension of the state.

Guess what? Our home-grown Marxists & sexologists and birth-control chemists and abortioneers and hyper-individualists and social engineers & marriage-re-definers have served much of the same end throughout the West, over the past 90 years and more.

Enter The Sex-Ed Ologists

Most modern sex-ed is a massive dishonest revolutionary fraud. It`s also a failed project, from the alleged goal of reducing ignorance and teen sexual activity. I’ve had The Conversation with Teh Binklings (actually a series of conversations over the years, in addition to showing married love day by day as the goal and model with Teh She-Binks). We talk about explicit TV and lyrics, online pron, and all the `hot topics` which frighten some parents, and which can indeed soak young people in hyper-sexuality from a young age.

The solution? Not sex-ed. The sexed-ers are all about the revolution. It`s not the chicken & egg or flowers & bees thing of the 70s. Modern sex-ed is explicit, titillating, pro-gay, graphic, and seems to go along with a rise in premarital and premature sexual activity. The United Kingdom drowns children there with sex-ed, and the results are an endless disaster– but accomplish the hidden goal of societal breakdown. Along with sex in grade 4, abortion, high disease-rates among youth, and the collapse of marriage.

Wrecking Young Minds

Parents need to know that the whole sex-ed project is kid-unfriendly Marxist social-engineering.

Just go and read the recent hard-hitting tell-all book– You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child by college psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman. Her follow-up is Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student.

The sexologists promised health, freedom, happiness, and a better society. The actual harvest is disease, divorce, abortion, child-abuse, joyless hooking up, confusion, and societal collapse at the most basic levels. And the profiteering of abortionists, Planned Parenthood, sexology groups and professionals, government funding and the usual Lefty parasitism.

Of course, for the utopians of all stripes and Marxists seeking revolution, that`s all gravy– since a healthy happy family is an obstacle to the plans of our would-be masters, and the moral busy-bodies who would remake us in their own image. For the do-gooders, they can try and say that explicit sex-ed is all good, because it informs and demystifies.

Behold, I Show You A Mystery

The great tragedy is in the last element– removing the mystery, the power, the holy from the realm of love, romance, family. St. Paul describes marriage of man and woman as a mystery connected with God`s love for his church. It`s Adam and Eve, it`s the particular couple, it`s Christ and his church fulfilled and united in eternal bliss in heaven. Listen to the operas, the poetry, to Romeo & Juliet, and compare that to the furtive joyless succession of hook-ups we see at any modern university.

That`s sexology in action. That`s what they want to institute in Ontario and across the country, and in the minds of children and in each home.

This is a dehumanizing Marxist plague. Go read the book:

“Dr. Grossman guides parents, educators and health providers as to the message we should be conveying to our youth. She includes practical suggestions for parents “to optimize your child’s chance for a life of healthy sexuality”. One can gain knowledge to counter destructive messages your child is receiving and be encouraged to provide the truths they deserve to hear.”

Ban Marxist sexology. Ban it hard, ban it long, ban it deep– ban it like it`s never been banned before. Then create programs to strengthen marriage and family, require marriage preparation programs, rescind the marriage tax-penalty and reinstate the living wage– oh, and get rid of easy divorce, too. It too k several generations to get here, and it may take a little time to rebuild the foundations.

Any questions? ~

NS Premier Darrell Dexter

How Canucki Socialists Roll

~ ITEM: Hansard Nova Scotia– 28 April 2010

~ ITEM: Members Announced for Premier’s Council on the Economy

~ HERE IN THE PEOPLE`S Republic of New Scotiastan, the New UnDemocrats under Darrell Dexter got the provincial government by virtue of false promises and voter boredom with the generally effective but unexciting Tories.

I got an interesting tip from a Steynian Scotiastani about Hansard the other day. It`s all about ‘Balance’. See, there`s this Council On The Economy thing: the province is broke (so the Socialists can’t free-spend other people`s money)….

“THE PREMIER: Well, Mr. Speaker, they weren’t excluded. We picked a broad-based group. There are six members from the business community, there are six from the trade union movement, there are six from community organizations….”

Huh? Say what?

That`s what passes for broad-based in a socialist mind: unelected unrepresentative union leaders– usually of a hard-left anti-business bent– taking up 1/3 of a council to fix and aid the economy. It`s like putting hungry vampires in charge of the sleeping virgin maidens.

Nova Scotia has a long history of government largess and mouthy greedy unions crippling the economy and discouraging business and innovation. Dexter sorta kinda promised not to let unions run Nova Scotia, but the NDippers are all about unions and it`s either the front door or the back door for the parasites & busy-bodies.

MLA The Hon. Stephen McNeil brings it down on two of the unionistas:

“Mr. Speaker, it was a broad base of union leaders, two of whom have been bashing Nova Scotia small business and one of whom knows how to do creative accounting. The government’s motives in excluding the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and picking only a handful of business people for their advisory panel, are transparent. The message to business is clear: if you don’t agree with government’s policies, you are excluded from the conversation.”

And the fun continued during the rest of the session. Looks like maybe the Tories will get some fire and gumption out of such a target-rich environment– and maybe remember why it is that they might want to lead the province again, after the NDippers have exposed themselves– like the national party and other provincial parties– as corruptocrat semi-democrat pro-parasite extremists who end up doing little good for the provinces or the country.

And the list?.. it`s a tribute to earnest diversitarianism, the politically correct mind perhaps being unable to conceive that people suitable to the task should be asked to participate, not a balanced mix by gender race sexual orientation and or disability. ~

OK, Fair Enough

~ ITEM: A recent comment; and another one

~ TRUTH IS TRUTH, no matter what or whom. Get over it.

So the Muslim critiques of the ugliness and weaknesses of Western Society are not utterly wrong and stupid, even if it’s our business and their religion is not the answer. After all, America pumps a distorted funhouse-mirror view of us out there as a global culture: advertising and porn and scandal and greed and such.

We’re in everybody’s faces on the planetary jumbotron whether they or we like it or not– never more so than with the interwebs– because of technology. DVDs, video, pop culture, the stuff we crave and all the rest circle the globe. Like ancient Rome, the West is simultaneously tempting and omnipresent and world-shaping and resented.

Enough Shrugging It Off, Already

Am I my brother’s keeper? So Jesus asked as he taught about the bounds of true brotherhood. Our often anarchic freedoms can indeed influence, tempt, and pollute others. We are accountable individually and corporately for how we live and the face and example we present to others locally and globally, even if the cult of the exalted individual is our current excuse and obsession.

The Victorians could be hard-nosed worldly sorts, exporting empire and religion and utter self-confident Englishness– and yet, the goods of that world are still much with us, and represented a tolerance and moral responsibility which we may mock, but which transformed much of the world for good.

The Cult of Secularity

Our modern anti-missionary exports of globalism, world-debt, abortion, corporate power, and political correctness– together with the more corrupting and commercial exports of our society– are not purely good, nor is it simply wrong for others to criticize what we’re flooding into the world. A wise man can take the criticism of friend or enemy and use it for betterment.

Our modernity is a messy business. It affects others, and hurts our image and effect in the world. There is a cost to narcissism and my rights and you can’t tell me what to do. Our self-forgetting anti-religious secularity is not something that will or can last, because it’s a derivative of the Christian faith that built and sustained the West. We are become a vexed puzzle to ourselves, and a vexation to our neighbours.

Stop Pointing So Much!

As for laying down meekly while representatives of backwards lands and a cruel faith wag their fingers and tell us that their perfect example will cure all problems? Not so much, and “Physician, heal thyself.”

The West must recover faith, or fall. To the barbarians within and without will go the spoils, if we cannot accomplish that renewal. ~

Canuckistan: Machetes ‘R’ Us?

~ ITEM: The intrinsic weakness of secular society

~ JUSTICE DELAYED is justice denied, and it looks like the yellow-bellied Gatineau, PQ PD are ducking their legal responsibilities to investigate an actual hate-crime plus possible attempted murder with the Machete Incident. Why?

Fear. Muslim/ jihadist/ Jew stuff is too hot-button. So we see the creeping edge of the next phase of Jihadi/ Sharia supremacism, as now the Toronto PD are joined by the Gatineau force in looking the other way when Persons Possibly Of A Certain Non-Specific Religious Background are involved in the mix.

The minor media & blog-burst should have made no difference, but that’s not where we are. Special treatment, different standards of justice, inequality before the law is the new norm with many politicos and police bureaucracies. Look to England or car-burnings in France for the rest of what comes next if we don’t uphold equality before the law: police running away from emboldened protesters, for fear of An Incident™, and before long there are burning cars everywhere.

Too Stupid To Brain Good

Political correctness– like all Leftard mind-warps– contains within itself the seed of utter societal disintegration. If Certain Whiny Groups pile up more and more Rights and demand special treatment before the law and therefore are exempted from the rules the rest of us have to follow, then the very concept of law and justice and the society founded on them begins to collapse.

How do we define and defend justice for the many and the individual? The whole tradition of Western common law and precedent and courts and due process are what stand between us and a politically correct dictatorship of fools on the one hand, or an appeal to The Desert God and his more fanatical theocratic followers on the other. The current trouble is not simply Them– the newbies are indirectly pointing out that our current insane and gutless principles are not self-sustaining. You can’t build or even keep a civilization on speech-codes and hand-outs and bureaucratic parasites.

Oh No He Didn’t!

Yes, feminists, same-sexers, and other social and legal revolutionaries blazed this trail, and bear some responsibility of threatening the very society and tolerance that protects and uplifts them. Queers For Palestine indeed. Right up there with the French Nobles for The Guillotine Society.

For the opportunistic infection of Jihadism, our troubles are just fine, since the whole Western legal and moral tradition is an infidel thing, and should be wrecked. Arbitrary Allah must rule directly– via Imams and Mullahs and mob violence and corrupt dictators– and infidels/ Jews must remember their 5th class status down there with slaves and uppity women-folk and dogs and sodomites.

So What, Exactly?

Fear. It’s that chilling effect, the hesitation to do right, the binding chains of contradictory and insane utopian principles which negate law and order, or standing up for the basic principles of natural and legal justice.

So some recent immigrants from quaint Islamic countries live by their own laws. So? So some stupid Jew and his Jew-loving friend nearly get beat down and possibly injured and/ or beheaded in public with lotsa witnesses. So what?

A possible open season on Jews & Jew-lovers? Yeah, what’s your point, exactly?

After all, we wouldn’t want An Incident™. ~

P.S. As with the Coulter @ UHoule situation, I suggest you all politely but firmly write your MP, the PM, the Minister of Justice, the Gatineau PD, and Quebec leadership over this. Make A Stink. If we don’t speak out for justice and ourselves and others, we’re surrendering to the busy-bodies and jihadis, too. Persistence and patience make all the difference.

Um, No Thank You Very Much

~ ITEM: Inquisition? 1100 deaths. Aztec folk religion? “For the re-consecration of Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed about 80,400 prisoners over the course of four days”

~ ITEM: Chocolate Makes You Suicidal, Experts Say

~ ON THE RECORD, I`m really that Aztecs invented chocolate. Thanks, guys. When it comes to climbing `tourist-spots` like one of their pyramids.. not so much. Nor Mayans or whomever.

Such pyramids are monuments to massacre, and the blood of the millions of human-sacrifice victims massacred on each one still cries out. Eww.

Whatever the flaws of Cortez and Spanish imperialism, hurray for the end of the Aztec reign of terror. ~

Word From ‘Murka

"Binks! I AM your father!"

~ FROM OBAMISTAN, via Teh Binks-Dad of Evil (a non-obligatory fan of the site, aside from the family thing), come two more reminders of World/ National Council Of Communist Churches machinations and the long march of useful idiocy by utopians posing as Christians. Binks-Dad was pondering the connections on this back in the 80s, long before Horowitz or many others were pointing it out, and whilst the USSR was still in full gear. ~

~ ITEM: Another trimph of NCC and WCC

~ ITEM: Useful idiots in the pulpit

Thanks, Dad! ~

Och Aye, OK?

~ ITEM: Wikipedia: “Okay

~ BINKS GOTSA THEORY— The origin of ‘OK’ is shrouded in linguistic history.. one theory has it a Southern Civil war General originated it as ‘Oll Korrect’. I say keep it simpler: the South was full of Scots immigrants, whose “Yup” or “Indeed” or “Fine” or “Oh yes” was “Och Aye”.

Just say it. Och Aye. OK. Och Aye. OK.

Add a few years on the leftover Scotticisms of the descendants of Scots immigrants. It’s how language works over time: the originals fade, but the patterns and accents and handed-down stuff remains.

Oll Korrect? Not so much. Any other theories? ~

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~ ANTI-CHRISTIAN, Infantile and horribly offensive – the Brit Foreign Office’s insult to the Pope is a dismal reflection of what Britain’s become; UK Foreign Office apologizes for memo on Pope’s visit to Britain …. (vladtepes)

~ PARENTS NEED to take responsibility for their children’s prosperity …. (winteryknight)

~ HOW EVIL WORKSFrontPageMag, by Jamie Glazov (David Kupelian interview) …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ NATURAL ALLIES“It is only natural that India, Israel, and the West be allied with each other. They all believe in democracy, freedom, and tolerance – and all face a mortal danger from Islam” …. (theblogmocracy)

~ YOU’RE DOOMED! Chocolate Makes You Suicidal, Experts Say …. (anorak)

~ THERE IS NOTHING FINAL About the Death of God, by Richard L. Rubenstein …. (

~ HOW ENGLAND ROTSThe average woman dates 24 men and spends more than £2,000 before finding “Mr Right”, research has shown …. (

~ THE SLEAZY WHO accused of instilling unnecessary Swine Flu panic and links to drug companies …. (uppitywoman08)

~ MUZZLE ‘EM Political Correctness: The Army disinvited the Rev. Franklin Graham from praying at the Pentagon because he might offend Muslim soldiers. But isn’t that the same attitude that led to the Fort Hood massacre? …. (

~ MO’ DALRYMPLE Springtime for Shakespeare; Very Few Innocents in Housing Market Collapse; Sophisticated Incompetence Is Britain’s New National Characteristic; Censorship by Language Reform …. (skepticaldoctor)

~ BARBARA KAY“When children of both sexes absorb information from a relative stranger about deeply private feelings and behaviours in a group environment– when the private is made public–they are being co-opted into a rudimentary form of collective voyeurism, which, even when earnestly accompanied by exhortations to responsibility (condoms!), is inherently titillating and a licence to breach natural modesty boundaries.”; and National Post editorial board: Explicit sex education program planned for Ontario …. (

~ ON CULTURAL Marxism in Education: The Gathering Revolt …. (

~ ATTENTION U of Calgary: Letter from Alumnus; Calgary Circus School: Part II; Gutsy University of Calgary Pro-Lifers …. (,

~ FRESH VERBOTENISMTobacco Tyrants Turn Attention To Salt. Word to folks: I recently read somewhere that calcium binds with salt in our bodies.. if we lower salt, we weaken our body (we’re mostly made of salt water, after all), and release calcium we need for our bones, muscle operation, and other body chemistry stuff. Women who cut down salt? Begging for Osteoporosis! …. (

~ THEY DON’T HAVE TO SILENCE US Us if We Silence Ourselves First– “Islam, we love it. Sharia law, we’ll gladly adopt it. Free speech, it has to have its limits. Women’s rights, we’ll have to walk a fine line. Freedom. Ha, what freedom.” …. (

~ EUROSTANI FINANCES? BE AFRAID“Euro Pacific Capital: ‘The economy is in worse shape than in 2008… credit risk in the U.S. is just as great [as] Greece'” …. (

~ THE PROBLEM OF Liberal Narcissism and Anti-Christian Phobia …. (

~ MS-SLAVE: Microsoft™ caught exploiting child labor in China. Gee, what a surprise …. (uppitywoman08)

Massa Bill Gates Loves Teh Little Slaves!

~ EX-ATHIEST Professor Antony Flew dies at 87 …. (

~ FRESH FJORDMAN: Superstring Theory and Quantum Gravity …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE JOYS OF SOCIALIZED MEDICINEBritain’s National Health Service does a really lousy job of protecting its patients’ sensitive health records; Canada & The Game of Big Government Health Care …. (, shotgun)

University Expels Student Because Of Religious Beliefs

~ REMEMBER Iraq’s persecuted Christians …. (

~ NUTLESS WONDERS? Who Castrated Conservative Men? “I’ve been noticing the feminization of conservative men … especially the political class … the act of turning them into limp-wristed-politically-correct-wimps” …. (

~ IMAGINE LIFE under an Iggy Liberal government …. (mooseandsquirrel)

~ POSTMODERN CULTURAL RELATIVISTS WRONG AGAIN: Inquisition? 1100 deaths. Aztec folk religion? “For the re-consecration of Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed about 80,400 prisoners over the course of four days” …. (

~ RIGHT GIRLIf you love your children, beat them; the Islamic rape of boys and girls is a standard cultural practice …. (girlontheright)

~ LOTSA NEWS Larwyn’s Linx: Subsistence is the new definition of freedom …. (

~ REASON #226 that Canada should tell the United Nations Human Rights Council to get stuffed …. (mooseandsquirrel)

~ DARWINISM as support for racism; Darwinists, like Islamists, have the Final Revelation, after which there is no other revelation. No-God will punish all infidels …. (

~ AGING MUSICAL REVOLUTIONARY Says Revolution Has Gone Too Far …. (shotgun)

~ WATERING IT DOWN TO NOTHING: Civil Unions, Stepping Stones That Undermine Marriage …. (oDOX)

~ SKANKIFICATION“Mom, You Look Like A Hooker” …says the 17-year old daughter to her 40-something divorced mother, in a new battlefront in the age-old war between youthful rebellion and the “wisdom” of one’s elders …. (

~ NAMING NAMESGreat Universities For Disciplined Christian Students …. (

~ SENSE OF EVENTS“The American Eagle and the Persian Bear might do well to remember exactly Who is in charge, because it isn’t them” …. (

~ CATHOLIC CAVEMAN: Just How Barbaric We’ve Become: This is just sad and pathetic …. (

~ A CLOSED SYSTEM? — “the Internet can foster the illusion that there is a vast market demand for such obscure political squabbles, when what the online world actually craves is chubby chicks in lingerie commercials” …. (theothermccain)

~ SOUTH PARKISM“Politics in Western culture is little more than a circus these days, a spectacle of lunacy that would make any sane individual scratch his head”; Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists condemn censorship of South Park …. (Lucianne)


“Many liberals are making loaded, unsubstantiated claims that talk radio, the internet, peaceful Tea Party protests, and other conservative speech and associations run the risk of inciting violence. Indeed, in the past it was liberals who not merely came to the defense of such forms of protest, but who articulated the actual danger of suppressing such protest.”

~ Justice Stevens ~

~ BINKS-FAVE ALERTRBO blog’s Brenda J. Elliott, the American political blogosphere’s best investigative researcher, takes on ‘The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists’. Also via Blazing …. (bcf, RBO)

Victoria Jackson sings “There’s a Communist Living in the White House

~ HEALTH WARS AHEAD“Last week, reality dealt Obamacare twin blows — not that Obama will care. An analysis inside his own administration and a report from New York state shed the grim light of reality on this monstrosity before its Draconian provisions have even gone into effect” …. (townhall, gateway)

~ OBAMA-BUDDY Hugo Chavez.. and Hezbollah …. (Ibloga)

~ HIS CIVILIAN CORPS Obamacare Bill Created ‘Obama Youth’ Corps …. (

~ SAITH SHOTGUN The obverse of Slate’s hagiographical approach to the Obama Presidency, has been its vilification of the President’s critics …. (shotgun)

Ed Driscoll: Your Government And You

~ CUDDLING WITH MAFIA-TERROR“Obama invites Palestinian president to visit Washington in May” …. (

~ FULL-GEAR SWAT Team Called Out In Force To Handle Dangerously-Septuagenerian Tea Partiers …. (

~ PHOENIX The Arizona House on Monday voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he hopes to be on the state’s ballot when he runs for reelection …. (

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

~ Samuel Adams, 1776 ~

~ U.S. FINANCIAL COLLAPSE AHEAD? The calm before the storm; Green Shoots & Leaves …. (, mitchieville)

~ THEY ALL BROKE THE MONEY-THING: “No one in the United States will even say what they did to cause the collapse of the international economy” …. (

~ STILL SUCKING UP Obama’s Envoy To Muslims Attends Center For The Study Of Islam And Democracy Conference…Promises To Work To End Profiling At Airports And To Allow Muslims To Wear ‘Muslim Garb’ …. (Wz)

~ RACIAL PROVOCATEUR Barack Obama: Not Post-Racial Enough! …. (SDA)

~ CAROLINE GLICK Obama visits the Tribal Update; plus Barreling on, regardless …. (

~ ANTI-SEMITICAL Obama Plotting To IMPOSE On Israel? …. (

~ DRONE-MASTER Obama still a war criminal; the empire strikes back and misses Hakeemullah again; drone hearing in Congress; and the Guardian delivers a warning …. (

~ AN ANGRY Obama threatens legal action over Arizona’s immigration enforcement law; in other news that POTUS won`t be acting on “Oklahoma Law Bans Militias, Exempts Black Panthers…” …. (WK)

Comrade worker, learn these lessons

~ SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Leftists Incite Hatred And Violence… See?; Union Leader Charged With Assualting Officer At G-8 …. (

~ CORRUPTOCRAT ACORN CEO Big Berfa Lewis endorses socialism in leaked video; Bertha Wilson explains why she favors amnesty …. (wk)

~ SAITH GELLERLook! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! …. (a2K)

~ AN UPCOMING Geller-Spencer book on Obama: “Sheer brilliance! The ultimate patriot’s handbook” …. (

~ HISTORY REWRITE! Assploding Hypocrisy: Bawney Fwank Blames Republicans For Downfall of Fannie and Freddie …. (Wz)

~ WHEN BARACK OBAMA decided to launch his political career in the living room of unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, he tacitly endorsed using violence as a political tactic …. (brain-terminal)

~ OVAL OFFICE SLACKERThe next episode of ‘Hypocrisy in the White House’ …. (WSJ)

~ AIDING & ABETTINGUS embassy in Ireland to host Obama’s Muslim entrepreneur summit …. (creepingsharia)

~ PRE-PACKAGED THEATER: Dems Replay May 2006 Tactic; Immigration & the Storm Next Timea …. (

~ POTUS JUGEND! Attend a Barack Obama Training Camp! …. (

~ THE LOOTER-IN-CHIEF: President Obama is going to castigate Goldman Sachs, but he’s also going to keep the nearly million dollars he got from Goldman’s “Little Guys”. So you see, there’s nothing to see here. Move along …. (uppitywoman08)

Barack To The Future!

~ THE REAL OBAMAObama: Since there are no jobs and less tax revenue, and people have less money, let’s VAT Tax the little bastards …. (uppitywoman08)

~ TOWNHALL Tea Party Report: I Met a 15-Year-Old Christian Girl With More Nerve Than Most Ministers …. (Doug Giles)

~ WHILE OBAMA SLEPTChinese Military Seeks to Extend Its Naval Power …. (

~ GUBMINT MOTORS SCAMMIN’GM Loan “Repayment” Sham: Grassley Says It’s Just a Shell Game with TARP Money; General Motors – It’s Payback Time …. (FOX, mitchieville)

Get Yours Today

~ SLICK WILLIE diarrhoea of the mouth– “Former President Bill Clinton revealed his totalitarian bent during an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper on April 17, when he linked Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building in 1995 with current “anti-government“ rhetoric, rallies and demonstrations by Tea Partiers” …. (

~ ANCHORESSIs Obama the press’ abusive lover? …. (ft)

~ STATE OF THE DISUNIONIs Constitutional government now seditious?; Klein thinks that disagreeing with the government through the exercise of First Amendment rights is sedition …. (

~ RABBLE-HATING Obama Mocks Tea Party: Insults Millions of Americans by Saying We Should be “Thankful” to him …. (

~ OOPSIE DAISIES“Obama’s Budget Director: Powerful Rationing Panel (Not Doctors) Will Control Health Care Levels” …. (

~ ANGRY POTUS threatens legal action over Arizona’s immigration enforcement law …. (WK)

Obama Plays the Race Card in DNC Video

~ NEW ENGLISH REVIEWThe Czechoslovakization of Israel by Obama, by Jerry Gordon …. (

~ ZOOM ZOOM THUDCalifornia’s Last Auto Plant Shuts Its Doors …. (

~ OBAMA’S NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR Tells Joke Depicting Jews as Greedy Merchants; Obama and the Anti-Semites …. (, theothermccain,

~ OBAMA-LAND: Gang violence in Chicago is spiralling so far out of control that the National Guard needs to be drafted in to battle the disorder …. (

~ CANFREEPAn investigative report detailing the Obama eligibility controversy …. (canadafreepress)

~ THE BANALITY of Race– David Remnick’s life of Obama exemplifies the moral laziness of today’s liberalism …. (

~ DEAR LEADER THREATENED by Teabaggers; Thank Obama the riot police were called. It is easy to see for any seer the evil in these people’s eyes; the hate for dear Leader runs off their skin like leprosies …. (


“When Muslims kill 3,000 Americans, we can’t call them “wicked.” When they abuse women, cut off little girls’ clitorises, stone unruly wives, honor kill their teenage daughters for texting someone not named Achmed, and keep precious women in stone-age bondage worldwide, we can’t say that’s BS because that might offend them. And God forbid we should offend folks who’re six bubbles off level and don’t get basic women’s rights.”

~ Doug Giles ~

~ AYAAN HIRSI ALI‘South Park’ and the Informal Fatwa; IFPS– South Park Can’t Stop Sharia Alone …. (

~ CHARMING Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail …. (creepingsharia)

~ UTTER MADNESSU.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HUSH HUSH: Congressman John Carter on The Fort Hood Attack Cover-Up …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ROBERT SPENCERIslamic War On Free Speech Heating Up …. (

Glick: Video explanation of Israel’s strategic importance to the US

~ FLAKY IN FLORIDA: Jacksonville Human Rights Commission adds former CAIR crony …. (creepingsharia)

~ DELIGHTFUL British Muslims Attack Israel’s deputy ambassador …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE IFPSSeattle cartoonist launches “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”; South Park can’t fight this alone; Revolution Muslim website hacked in retaliation for targeting South Park creators; Comedy Central caves to terrorism; After Muhammad Censorship, Conservatives Rally Behind South Park …. (IFPS)


~ TERRY GLAVIN ON Ending Afghanistan’s Agony: “Our Afghan Comrades Speak Out.” …. (

~ THE AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI on protocol of having sex with babies and animals …. (uppitywoman08)

~ GEERT WILDERS: criminal proceedings to resume in October 2010 …. (vladtepes)

~ WE ARE RUNNING out of canaries for the coal mine …. (ghostofaflea)

~ YOUNG NOOKIE IN Nigeria: Senator who oversaw introduction of Sharia in his state takes child bride from Egypt …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHEThe Ultimate Barbarity/Depravity; How “Profound”– and Yet How Utterly, Depressingly Clueless; The Canadian Islamic Congress’s “Moderate” Speaker; The U of Ottawa Does a Burma Shave; Harpoon’s Unveiled Contempt for Canada Or: It Depends on What the Meaning of “It” Is; Where’s the Beefcake?; A Tale of Two Bloopers …. (

~ SOFT JIHAD IN CANUCKISTANIt’s against the law to offend Islam in Toronto …. (

~ INDONESIA: Thousands of enraged Muslims attack Christian center, destroy cars, burn buildings …. (

Douglas Murray Takes Part in Intelligence Squared Debate

~ PAKISTAN: Christian barber beaten, sodomized for… trimming a Muslim’s beard …. (

~ 12 YEAR OLD Saudi girl “granted” the right to divorce 80 year-old …. (uppitywoman08)

~ TOO DARNED MODERATE? “France’s Model Muslim” …. (

~ MUZZLEDSouth Park’s latest “Muhammad” episodes won’t air in Sweden …. (

~ THE BRUTAL REALITY that cannot be spoken, lest it undo the fanciful authority of our appeasing elites …. (

~ DOUG GILESPC Alert: Rev. Franklin Graham Banned by the Pentagon for Telling the Truth About Islam …. (

~ THE DOGMATIC Islamophilia of Western Islamologists, by Ibn Warraq …. (

~ JEW-COOTIESJustin Trottier: Ontario NDP leader dodges Catholic school debate …. (nationalpost)

~ STATE DEPARTMENT leaves Chechen jihadist group that killed dozens on Moscow subway off official list of terrorist groups …. (

~ MUSLIMS Discovered America; Weren’t You Paying Attention In School? …. (strictlyright)

~ DIVORCE COURT: Sharia Style (coming soon to UPN) …. (

~ SELF-REPRESSING ARABS: “Hamas, the death cult fascists (literally) who rules Gaza much prefers to keep Gazans in abject poverty and ignorance because that proves effective enough in sucking down Euros and dollars”; A Plan for Hamastan …. (

Brave Christian Twins in Egypt

‘We Refuse to Be Muslims By Force’ Say Egyptian Christian Twin-Boys After Losing Court Case …. (vladtepesblog)

~ BIRDS OF A FEATHER? ‘Innocent’ Arar Stands Up For Al-Qaeda Khadr …. (

~ COUNTER-JIHAD: Rally to Protect the Christians of Nigeria Against Islamic Jihad (video and pics) …. (thesilentmajority)

~ BOOBQUAKE! A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear immodest clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes …. (

~ ISLAMIC ROOTS of the African slave trade. Fighting fiction with facts; in related news– Without a Doubt, This Is Trade In Human Beings: “Parents of Kurdish origin are said to have sold their 15-year-old daughter to the family of her future husband for €15,500” …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FINAL WORDISM“It is a central belief in today’s Islamic world that anyone who does anything that might lead Muslims to call into question their unquestionable faith in their “religion”, or the declarations of its powerful representatives, must be silenced” …. (

~ FREE SPEECHAnti-Islam decals improperly banned at Camp Lejeune, judge rules …. (IFPS)

~ IS THE TALIBAN Using Poison Gas to Sicken Afghan Schoolgirls? …. (

~ 20th CENTURY JIHADAnniversary of the Thracian Genocide across from the UN (video and pics) …. (thesilentmajority)

~ BECAUSE PANIC is Fun! Even More Paranoia About Iran …. (

~ ON IT GOESAssasssinating Americans …. (

9 thoughts on “Steynian 409st

  1. “…for the first time since 1947, American policy is actively anti-Israel, and a pro-Muslim President is interfering in ancient battles without caring about the possible short & long-term consequences.”

    I disagree respectfully. I think President Obama has nothing but the short and long term consequences of his actions on his mind. It is just that the short and long term consequences he wishes for include the destruction of Israel.

  2. In reference to your “OK Battery” article: Actually, despite whatever Wiki might state, the term “OK” was in fact “Oll Korrect,” and was frequently used by Andrew Jackson (when he was still a military officer). This is documented.

    Thought you should know, since you asked nice.


    What kind of wine has Mikey Weinstein been drinking?
    As an anti-Christian Jewish supremacist and as the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, he’s doing all he can to create an anti-Jewish backlash and help bring about the predicted endtime Holocaust of Jews that’ll be worse than Hitler’s.
    Neither Falwell, Hagee nor any other Christian initiated this prediction. But Weinstein’s ancient Hebrew prophets did.
    In the 13th and 14th chapters of his Old Testament book, Zechariah predicted that after Israel’s rebirth ALL nations will eventually be against Israel and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed!
    Malachi revealed the reasons: “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this.”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the hate-filled back-stabbing by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher etc.) against followers of Jesus such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
    Weinstein wouldn’t dare assert that citizens on government property don’t have freedom of speech or press freedom or freedom to assemble or to petition the government.
    But God-hater Weinstein maliciously wants to eliminate from government property the “free exercise” of religion – especially by evangelicals – a freedom found in the same First Amendment. Significantly, this freedom was purposely listed FIRST by America’s founders!
    And Weinstein wouldn’t try to foist “separation of church and state” on strongly-Jewish Israel, but he does try to foist this non-Constitution-mentioned phrase on strongly-Christian America.
    In light of Weinstein’s Jewish protectionism and violently anti-Christian obsession, Christians in these endtimes should be reminded of Jesus’ warning in Mark 13:9 (see also Luke 21:12) that “in the synagogues ye shall be beaten.”
    Maybe it’s time for some modern Paul Reveres to saddle up and shout “The Yiddish are Coming!”

    PS – Some, like Weinstein, are so treacherously anti-Christian they will even join hands at times with enemies, including Muslims, in order to silence evangelicals. It was Weinstein, BTW, who put pressure on the Pentagon to dis-invite Franklin Graham from speaking there on the National Day of Prayer!
    PPS – Weinstein is an echo of the anti-Christian, anti-American Hollywood which for a century has dangled every known vice before young people. We seriously wonder how soon the lethal worldwide “flood of filth” (global harming!) that Hollywood has created will engulf and destroy itself and help to bring to power the endtime Antichrist (a.k.a. the Man of Sin and the Wicked One)!

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