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~ ITEM: Urgent: Geert Needs Our Help; Urgent: Xanthippa for Geert

~ ITEM: Now’s the time to donate if you want to defend free speech and resist the Islamization of Europe


Leftard Alert: UnBottled Stupid

~ ITEM: Tennessee’s Uncovered Disaster; U.S. mainstream media ignored what could be the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history — the Tennessee floods; CNN’s Anderson kinda apologizes

~ ITEM: Obama’s Katrina: Heckuva job.

~ ITEM: Latest Information on the Nashville Floods

~ ITEM: When going gets rough, moonbats get bottled water

~ ITEM: A Thousand Year Flood

~ NEVER FORGET: Most actual Leftard ideas practised in the real world are stupid, and possibly deadly. In a previous edition of Leftard Alert, we took on those bacterial eco-bags.

For another example, parts of Tennessee are presently underwater (Red-states being ignored by the Blue media), with the floods spreading further south by the hour. The floodwaters? A soup of bad goop and sewage and chemicals and gas and soil and parasites. MMmmm.

Leftard In Peril!

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a proper bottled-water hating Leftard in a flooded area. What will you drink?

If your local water system is polluted, or you’re cut off from safe supply, those fancy aluminum refillables are.. well– great for bailing, but not for drinking. You can live for a month without food– but no water? You’ve got a week, with luck, and recycling your pee.

Aluminum or other politically-correct refill-ables presumes you can– well– refill them, and that your local source of water is relatively pure, and accessible. That’s not most of the world at the best of times, let alone in disasters and emergencies. Such Leftardism is revealed for what it is: first-world over-pampered Western rich twits not thinking about reality, and all the possibilities.

We Agree.. A Bit

We can agree with Leftards in this: bottled water should be made safe, clean, and the containers healthsome. Gotcha. But banned? Duh.

Politically correct pieties can kill you and your family and neighbours. Keep bottled water and such available in your home and car in case of emergency, period, and remember to fight back against the eco-idiots.

Oh, and this is a world-class disaster. It was Obama’s Katrina. Note the media-silence: the mutts who didn’t bark.

“Nashville had all of the elements of Katrina, except for the “narrative” bits: no helpless population, no incompetent governor, no hopeless mayor, no looting, no screeching about FEMA, and most important, no Republican in the White House. Instead, it offered a community that banded together, took on the task, saved its neighbours, fought back the floods and is now getting on with its life.”

~ Big Journalism ~



NOT LMAO– Warmonger Mao: And Now You Know

~ BACK IN THE DAY, the movie & TV-show M*A*S*H were a big deal, and Hollywood’s way of sniping on Vietnam via the Korean Conflict, war being bad and all that. The last episode was a bit of TV-history, with giant audience numbers.

Of course, Vietnam was the cause celebre of the day, for politicians and celebrities and the tiny but vocal Marxist-supporting student radical community.

Korean War = Mao Vs. Stalin

Sad to say, but both Korea and Vietnam were all about the monster Mao Tse Tung. With Korea, he sought leverage with Stalin to get military factories and technology ASAP, to make his new China a world power, and fast. Toll? 3.5 million dead Koreans and Chinese troops and allied forces. But Mao got his way.

Fast forward 12 years later to the mid-60s, when the Americans (starting with Kennedy) were considering bombing and/or nuking Russian-sponsored Chinese nuclear-weapons factories and facilities. How could Mao get leverage on the Americans to prevent such plans?

Vietnam. 15 000 American military advisors on China’s doorstep. Easy hostages.

Vietnam War = Mao Wants Nukes

So began the escalation into the Vietnam War, as China– ignoring what the Vietnamese or Laotians wanted– poured money troops and weapons into that corner of Southeast Asia. Toll? 5 million people dead, not including the killing fields of Cambodia, and all the suffering and death since. But– Mao got his way.

Wars and geo-politics are never only about surface-appearances, easy answers, or the quick sympathies and bleatings of Leftards blaming the West (and only the West) for Mao’s dreams of world-domination in the case of Korea and Vietnam.

The bad thing is that these were merely easy opportunistic crimes against nations for a monster like Mao, who cheerfully starved and killed and purged seventy million Chinese in his own country. The worst part is that North American and European Leftards were willing to revile and blame America in particular and Western Civ in general for such wars– even though they were Mao’s evil master-schemes in the first place, as the Russian-backed leader of the Communist revolution in China.

Go Read Up

Jung Chang & Jon Halliday have all the details in the bestselling book Mao: The Unknown Story. It’s an amazing and heart-breaking read.

We await the Leftard apology for the past 60 years of sympathizing with the blood-thirsty lying enemy. ~

Canuckistan: The Land Of Speechy Make-Believe?

~ ITEM: Canadian Journalists for Free Expression– 2009 Free Expression Review

~ CAN’T WE HAVE it both ways? Where we keep the HRC speech-police regime, and freedom? Nope. But that doesn’t stop some wishful thinking from CJFE:

“Any restriction on free speech has to have a clear social benefit, and so we recognize the Canadian Human Rights Commission for its decision in the Lemire case to deem the Hate Speech provision of the Canadian Human Rights Code to be unconstitutional.” pg.5

Sorry, but that was akshully free speech judge-heretic Athanasios Hadjis, recognizing that the HRC regime is fundamentally flawed and opposed to a free & healthy society. The HRC usual suspects all grabbed their ten-foot poles when Hadjis came down with that particular decision.

A reminder: this blog supports Mr. Lemire’s freedom of speech, not his more than questionable past assertions or associations. If you don’t like his views, don’t read them– just don’t try to silence him, or anybody else. That’s not Canucki.

And you lib-bloggers: don’t try to tar all of us with the racist-fascist brush. Your knee-jerky socialist hate-speech towards The Official Enemies reeks of the gulag, re-education camp, and show-trial. I could write such boilerplate myself, but I’m pretty sure doing so causes irreparable brain-damages.

In any case, the CJFE 2009 Report is well worth perusing, and passing on to others. ~

The Choice

~ ITEM: Whittaker Chambers: Witness, Anti-Communist, Spy, Communist

~ ITEM: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

~ ITEM: Whittaker Chambers: Man of Courage and Faith | The Heritage Foundation

~ ITEM: Former Tiananmen Square Leader Becomes Christian: A moving story of a very brave woman.

~ ITEM: For our Chattering Class Pop Science Instructors: Every religious person is always Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.

“Religion and freedom are indivisible. Without freedom the soul dies. Without the soul there is no justification for freedom…. The crisis of the Western world exists to the degree in which it is indifferent to God.”

~ Whittaker Chambers ~

~ SOME BOOKS I CONFESS to having avoided.. boring title or unpleasant topic or too many pages or misunderstanding the author.. or all of the above.

So it was time to man up–I’ve been getting into a long-avoided book, Whittaker Chambers’ amazing book Witness (1952). A former veteran Soviet agent, he was the media punching-bag who took down several American Communist spy-networks including Alger Hiss and other Washington insiders. He paid for it with his reputation, his health, his employment, and his life.

The Thesis

“Communism is the central experience of the first half of the 20th century, and may be its final experience–will be, unless the free world, in the agony of its struggle with Communism, overcomes its crisis by discovering, in suffering and pain, a power of faith which will provide man’s mind, at the same intensity, with the same two certainties: a reason to live and a reason to die.”The essential battle of the last 2 centuries is materialism versus faith. Communism is materialism incarnate, with guns. The faith is Judaeo-Christianity, the root and life and source of modern Western Civilization. Islam is war by divine excuse, and has mainly stolen and raped other civilizations: it wills the death of the West (except as slave) and secularity, and materialism.

Whittaker Chambers is also something like America’s Solzhenitsyn, except for 60 years he’s been viciously erased and unpersonned by angry Left-wing historians, media, and pro-Marxists. Many people haven’t even heard the name, let alone realized what he did and what he sacrificed, or the reason he did so.

Still Revolting, Redux

The Berlin War fell– but Communism & other forms of materialism have coiled deeply into human hearts and our politics. Even militant capitalism can be a form of destructive materialism, unless tempered by faith and mercy.

Under Obama, the American Communist movement is having a second run at crushing America, faith, freedom, and the best hope of the world in Western Civilization. For the Marxists, America is the enemy; for the desert totalitarians, Israel is the outpost of America in the new Jihad. The cooperation between the Left and the Jihad is a truly demonic phase in current history.

The Western crisis of faith in God is the root of our weakness and uncertainty, Whittaker argued, and I’ve argued that same point repeatedly in this blog and elsewhere. Without a basic source of faith, hope, and love, it begins to crumble.

Our Friend Whittaker

As much as he was once an enemy of America, freedom, and democracy, he defected (at risk of his life) and restarted his life– but with unfinished business. So he stood up, and publicly named names of his former friends and fellow travellers still serving Moscow as spies in the U.S. Government

Whittaker Chambers was a faithful warrior fighting for all of us 60 years ago– and was airbrushed from history for it. Read up, buy Witness, and prepare to meet a friend you probably didn’t know you have, and the ragbag of scoundrels, traitors, enablers and apologists who then– as now– dream and fight for an perfect materialist future via the horrors of Communist revolution.

We owe it to him to remember his witness. ~


Abusing Authority & Sexploitation

~ ITEM: Toward a Gospel witness: Confronting child abuse, By Daniel Cere. The response to clerical child abuse has been disturbing, particularly to members of the laity

~ ITEM: Because of the priestly abuse scandals we so often hear that the problem is priestly celibacy

~ ITEM: Brokenness and Sin, by Thomas Howard

~ EVER SINCE the Protestant Revolt, Catholic-bashing has been a popular sport. Now, with all the child-abuse being talked about, it’s an international pastime in some circles.

Never mind that protestant clergy do it, and more often. Or that all sorts of people in authority like teachers and police and coaches and so on, as well as non-Christians and infidels. And remember: we’re talking teens and kids. We’re also talking about homosexuals, who in some studies have done 40% of the abuse, while only being 1-2% of the population.

So, protestants– stop smirking. Non-Christians– get off the high horse. Politically correct folk? It’s partly a gay thing. Liberal Catholics? Married clergy and such won’t solve the problem. Liberal media & CBC? Stop getting your jollies Papist-bashing and Christian-thwacking.

Here’s the thing: we’re all a little sex-mad in the current pleasure-worshipping era. Serial monogamy (married or not) is the new (ab)normal. Mainstreamed pr0n, various “lifestyles”, sex-tourism and all the rest are part of our demand for sexual freedom– and for some, they lust for forbidden fruit. Thing is, lust indulged only makes you more lustful, and then bored.

Finger Pointy

Pointing away from ourselves to bash Roman Catholicism is a smug little bit of scape-goating and knee-jerkery for a confused civilization which refuses constraint, confession, or contentment.

The other thing to remember is the tide of sexually exploited boys and young men which our feminist society would rather ignore for ideological reasons. Such people need understanding, respect, and true male mentors and friends to help them heal and build a proper masculine identity, so to avoid repeating the pattern.

The scandal of trust betrayed, of limits breached, of bonds forsaken? Why, that might have to do with all of us, down to our marriages, and words & promises, and minding our business, and not coveting our neighbour’s ass and all that old-fashioned ordinary moral effort with God’s grace and forgiveness keeping us humble.

Not so easy an issue after all, perhaps. ~


Wah, Boo-hoo, Sniff

~ ITEM: Ryerson Forum vs. Free Speech

~ WE’RE GETTING USED TO THE CRAZY— “Horrible Act Of Terrorism: Muslims Suffer Most”. Really?

On this and the old WebElf Report/ CaNN News, we’re reported hundreds of deaths, maimings, terror-attacks, hate-crimes and the rest directed my militant Muslims against everybody else, and their co-religionists. And yet, forked-tongue apologists like Mo Elmasry (plus the Socks) and Canadian Arab Fed Boss Khaled Mouammar keep whinging about the Muslim toll. It’s the Message: we’re the real victims here.

Help, Help, We’re Being Oppressed! Let the shakedown continue.

Prove It, or Shut Up

What toll? How many certifiable hate-crimes, mass-murders, bombings, and the rest have been directed against Muslims in North America and Europe? I will list them here, if you got unimpeachable evidence.

We get it– your religious tribe is all you care about. But to keep crying and bitching and making up stuff until you can get your numbers and political punch up, and get everyone under the boot of your religious law and totalitarian cultural bigotry.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Suffering? Lookat all the nasty done by members of your own religion. Oppression? Check how things are in many Islamic countries world-wide. Or communist states. Or 3rd world mafiaocracies. What’s that? They’re actually making crap up and angling for media-attention and government funding like any other privileged group of whingers in our politically correct asylum? It’s all about the uber-domination you think you deserve, so you can enforce the truth? Ri-i-ight. Gotcha.

This slave isn’t getting with your supremacist programme, ya Islamo-faeries.

You can read the Ryerson Rally Vs. Steyn & Co. from back in the day to get the usual narrative from the various horse’s orifices.

Once again– prove it, or shut up. ~

You Want To Buy This Book!

~ ITEM: ‘Manchurian President’ #1 on Non-Fiction List at Amazon!

~ ITEM:Manchurian President’: Left Working Overtime at Amazon; Manchurian President ‘being shunned and bastardized’?; Dissing ‘The Manchurian President’ Update

~ ITEM: Judging A Book By Its Cover; A Peek Inside The Manchurian President

~ FULL DISCLOSURE (omitted last time): The Elf considers Brenda Elliot an online friend, and has for a while; she’s republished several bits from this blog about Obama by yours truly, for reasons unknown; she’s not funding me with shekels, free coffee, or even a copy of the book.

So there. ~

Imaginary Heroes

~ ITEM: Exposing the Real Che Guevara by Humberto Fontova

~ THE FISHWRAP OF RECORD owes Cuba & all of us an apology.

The Che & Fidel & their Rrrevolucion were triumphs of propaganda via American media. Battles? Heroes? Not so much. The rrrevolucion itself? Terror, thuggery, lies, executions, gulags, and taking the wealthiest jewel of the Caribbean and turning it into a economic basket-case and prison camp, just another well-funded outpost for Soviet imperialism.

As his tiny band sat doing nothing much in the Cuban countryside, one of Fidel’s minions wondered what they would do next. “Get me a New York Times reporter!” the future dictator ordered. The rest is history.

Up the beaten path came a credulous U.S. media, reporting as fact Castro’s version of history, creating the Che myth, and dooming the people of Cuba for– to this point– 51 years of tyranny.

Che? “The Dude”? An Argentine poser and failed med student with a taste for mansions, fame, and personally shooting victims after a fair trial. His lasting contributions to Cuba are the local version of the KGB, gulags, and lots of unmarked mass graves. Castro made Che a pop-icon after he was safely dead, having botched a tiny guerilla war in Bolivia.

Go and read the wry, passionate and fact-checky goodness of Humberto Fontova for the real story of Ernie “The Dude” from Argentina. ~


MMMBama? Not So Much

~ ITEM: Hey TorStar, You Campaigned For Him

~ ITEM: Obama Boom produces 290,000 jobs but Unemployment rises to 9.9%; President Good News: Unemployment is 17.1%

~ WHILE THE MEDIA SUICIDE-PACT with Obama continues, even some of his former leftard tongue-bathers are pretty much fed up. All the broken promises.

Gitmo? Open. Iraq & ‘Gahnistan? Still fighting. Rendition? You betcha. Drone-bombing? And lots of it. Financial crisis? Times 10. Hope ‘N’ Change? Sales-pitch. Gulf oil spill? Profit & dodge.

That’s on top of all the new manure he’s heaped on Americans, including massive unemployment, corporate migration, contempt for courts & legislatures, a bizarre foreign policy, 33% tax-grab of a draconian health-care bill– really, he’s good at crazy-fast wrecking.


Conspiritards figure it’s Soros, or the Bilderbergers, or the new Police States of America. Dunno. At least now some Leftwits realize his was not just “another politician”, but something much worse: the seducer & raper of their hopes.

The next rounds of elections can’t come too soon. let’s just hope he doesn’t manufacture a useful crisis (alongside the massive fraudulent offshore and illegal and irregular election-funding & media-whoring) to deflect the vote and further set aside and damage American democracy.

I Told You So

ITYS. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So.

I Told You So. ~

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Teh Ez is working on a new book, ‘Ethical Oil’! It’s due out August 2010 or so.. get yours reserved!

Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oilsands , Written by Ezra Levant

“About this Book: Canada’s “no. 1 defender of freedom of speech” and the bestselling author of Shakedown makes the timely and provocative case that when it comes to oil, ethics matter just as much as the economy and the environment.”

“In 2009, Ezra Levant’s bestselling book Shakedown revealed the corruption of Canada’s human rights commissions and was declared the “most important public affairs book of the year.” In Ethical Oil, Levant turns his attention to another hot-button topic: the ethical cost of our addiction to oil. While many North Americans may be aware of the financial and environmental price we pay for a gallon of gas or a barrel of oil, Levant argues that it is time we consider ethical factors as well. With his trademark candour, Levant asks hard-hitting questions: With the oil sands at our disposal, is it ethically responsible to import our oil from the Sudan, Russia, and Mexico? How should we weigh carbon emissions with human rights violations in Saudi Arabia? And assuming that we can’t live without oil, can the development of energy be made more environmentally sustainable? In Ethical Oil, Levant exposes the hypocrisy of the West’s dealings with the reprehensible regimes from which we purchase the oil that sustains our lifestyles, and offers solutions to this dilemma. Readers at all points on the political spectrum will want to read this timely and provocative new book, which is sure to spark debate.”

Climatism & Ecotards

~ PAGING THE GAIA-HUGGERS: “While the BP oil geyser pumps millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama and members of Congress may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they’ve taken from the oil and gas giant over the years” …. (themcj)

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“How do you take away the freedom of a free people without putting tanks on every street? You do it by transforming their culture. By turning the very idea of freedom into something ugly and shameful. A foul thing to be associated with extremists and other bad folk that good citizens are advised to avoid. The goal being to convince the people that their freedom is a thing they should be happy to give up, rather than having to forcibly take it away from them.”

~ Daniel Greenfield ~

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May 2010

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~ SOCIAL WELFARE STATE, DENOUEMENT— “What Theodore Dalrymple says of Greece is true for the West and an inherent problem with representative government wherever the universal franchise is unaccompanied by widespread virtues such as honesty, self-control, providence, prudence, and self-respect”; A heritage of pyromania …. (GhostFlea)


~ FOUR MEMBERS of the Foreign Office team responsible for a memo mocking the Pope have now been disciplined as a result of the outcry …. (melaniephillips)

~ SAME-SEX ‘MARRIAGE’— According to Beyerstein.. ”blind prejudice” has defined human society since the dawn of history, and continues to do so except in a relative handful of industrialized Western democracies; Dr. Melissa Couthier: The Other Kind of ‘Gay Marriage’ Not So Good, Either; The Bigotry of ‘Progress’ …. (theothermccain)

Kenneth Minogue explains ideology

~ DALRYMPLE— Mission Creep Causes Amnesty International to Lose Focus; The modern desire for noise is growing, and it makes solipsists of us all; Dalrymple addresses Western civilization’s epidemic of obesity; Theodore Dalrymple declares Anthony Berkeley Cox’s 1931 novel Malice Aforethought a masterpiece …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ BASH DEM JEWZ! “Moral blindness in the face of evil is depravity. But in the upside-down moral universe of our world, moral blindness has become a badge of honor. If you refuse to call evil by its name, then you are a moderate. And if you stand up to evil, you are an extremist” by Caroline Glick …. (

~ UPCOMING EVENT— IFPS & Free Thinking Film Society Present: Bat Ye’or & Sam Solomon – London, Toronto & Ottawa …. (

~ LEFTY CHURCHES: Religiously Opposing Nukes and Human Reality, By Mark Tooley …. (

~ DISSOLUTIONS— “It is one thing to tolerate divorce, as perhaps we must do in a free society. It is another to use the power of the state to impose it on unwilling parents and children” …. (insidecatholic)

~ SOCIALISM is Not in Conformity with Biblical Teaching …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ ABORTION: The debate politicians are afraid to reopen; Charles Lewis: Chipping away at abortion …. (nationalpost)

~ NEW THREATS to Freedom. A book worth looking at …. (vladtepesblog)

~ VERY GOOD NEWS— Net Neutrality Further Neutralized; but FCC Pushes Hard For Net Neutrality Rules. What Could Go Wrong? …. (spectator, stoptheaclu)

~ WELCOME TO Miss Marprelate’s Rare and Wonderful Roundups of News that You Should Know …. (

~ SHOTGUN BLOG— The Great Man Theory of Historians …. (shotgun)

~ HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH chastises Ireland over pro-life laws …. (theinterim)

~ BOOTHS AT FOLKFEST! “Sikh violence wanes in Punjab, grows in Canada” …. (

~ FAN OF CHAIRMAN MAO to help Tory leader Cameron, by Roger Kimball …. (newcriterion)

~ FORGET McCARTHYISM— “The Sky is Blue; Hollywood’s List Is Black” …. (bighollywood)

~ ONE OF THE ONLY things we really know about progressives, and that they know about themselves and their ideology, is that they favor constant “change,” “reform,” an ever-shifting, ongoing “evolution,” or, yes, progression …. (orthodoxytoday)


~ OBAMA presses ahead with National Day of Prayer, despite court objections …. (nationalpost)

~ MANCHURIAN— ‘Exposing Obama’s Radical Past’: New Book Examines President’s Associations …. (

~ BOLD ON CNN: Rev. Franklin Graham Accuses Obama Administration of Hostility Toward Christians; White House Censoring Christianity?; Franklin Graham on Fox News: “What I Said Was Islam is Wicked and Evil, Mohammed Won’t Lead Anybody to God” …. (breitbart, humanevents, weaselzippers)

~ POT DISSES KETTLE— “According to tomorrow’s New Statesman, Barack Obama was unimpressed by his encounter with David Cameron earlier this year and commented: “What a lightweight!” …. (

~ ANCHORESS WITH THE REST OF THE STORY— Obama, BP, Oilmoney & the Press; Obama admin exempted BP’s Gulf drilling from environmental impact study; Gulf Oil Spill: Guess Who Was The Top BP Donation Recipient, Plus Ex Post Facto …. (FT, stoptheaclu)

~ THE OBAMA Adminstration: Ideologically Extreme, Hyper-Partisan and Incompetent …. (

~ I. GOTTA. TELL. YA. During last Saturday’s White House Correspondents dinner Barack Obama delivered one of those standard-issue, boilerplate jokes that presidents typically deliver on such occasions …. (SDA)

~ BAD NEWS FOR AMERICA— Political correctness still governs Obama’s counter-terrorism programme …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ EVERYBODY! HANDS UP!! The Biggest Heist in American History – Cap and Trade 2 …. (dailybayonet)

~ PREDICTABLE RESPONSE— Baglow race-baiting and lying about Arizona’s immigration law …. (

~ ALL PUCKERED UP— ‘Under false colours’: Spectator review trashes Remnick’s sycophantic biography of Obama …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ SCHADENFREUDE— Hey TorStar, You Campaigned For Him …. (SDA)

~ FAKE CORPORATIONS— GM’s Math Problem …. (dailybayonet)

~ PANDERING— GE’s communist lobbying strategy (seriously) …. (washingtonexaminer)

~ MEANWHILE, back in ObamaLand– The Little Red Schoolhouse …. (richardfernandez)

~ RESPONDS AZ Immigration Law Author: Obama Is ‘Trying to Stir Up Racial Anxiety for Political Gain’ …. (

~ THE CLASSY POTUS calls tea party movement “tea-baggers” in interview …. (winteryknight)

~ IS PRESIDENT OBAMA Using Executive Powers To Organize Angry Anti-Capitalist Protests On The Streets Of America? …. (lucianne)

~ PERPETUAL COVER-UP— The Media’s Obamacare Whitewash …. (humanevents)

~ NEW CRITERION: More right-wing hate, by Roger Kimball …. (

~ AMERICAN Cancer Society: Obama Administration Exaggerating Cancer Risks …. (

~ PONDERING POTUS— Obama’s Greatest Deficit Is Wisdom …. (

~ TRAITORISM? Obamacrats Release Top-Secret Info Re Nukes …. (

~ THE BANALITY of Race– David Remnick’s life of Obama exemplifies the moral laziness of today’s liberalism …. (

~ IT’S CALLED IRONY: Richest hedge fund managers gave 98% of contributions to Democrats …. (winteryknight)

~ CLASSY! Daily Kos Article Says Number of Abortions is “Too Low” …. (orthodoxytoday)


~ A NEW BOOK from Melanie Phillips: The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth and Power” …. (melaniephillips)

~ A STRIKE VS. ISRAEL? Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel — Potential Hezbollah offensive includes chemically armed SCUD missiles with a 450 km range, preemptive strikes on air fields, and a wave of tunnel attacks that cross from Lebanon into Israel …. (pjtv)

~ JEW-HATING Hizb’allah attack on Israel likely and soon; Time to plan for war, By Caroline Glick …. (vladtepesblog, atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE RUNNING SORE— “Jordanians fear refugee influx”.. Of ‘Palestinians’.. trying to settle down.. and get out of refugee status.. get it? …. (

~ FORKED-TONGUE TARIQ— Tolerating intolerance: On the limits of cross-cultural respect …. (newcriterion)

~ FEEL THE STUPID— Homophobia against Elton John in Egypt and Morocco– Queers Against Islamic Apartheid could not be reached for comment; Plus Bravely going where no gay pride parades have gone before; Islam has had no Enlightenment …. (lumpygrumpyandfrumpy, ghostofaflea)

~ TIMES SQUARE BOMBER Tied to Fort Hood Jihad, 911 Mosque, Mumbai Terror Attacks — GLOBAL JIHAD. The Times Square bomb jihadi shared the same imam as Major Hasan, Fort Hood jihadi …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ POLITICALLY CORRECT American Academy of Pediatrics Approval of Clitorectomies …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ONLINE JIHAD— Even tech blogs bearing the brunt of Islamic censorship …. (creepingsharia)

~ UP YOURS, NYC! Massive $100 Million Mosque being built next to Ground Zero; Mosque to Open Two Blocks From World Trade Center; Tolerance or a sign of submission? …. (, vladtepesblog, theblogmocracy)

~ SAYS PJTV: Boycott Comedy Central … But Not South Park! …. (

~ DETAIL-SPILL— Shahzad’s grudge is recent?; Nuance: The New Stupid; No More Mr. Nuanced Guy! …. (firstthings,

~ AWKWARD fact-check: “What? Arab anti-Semitism pre-dates the founding of the modern State of Israel?” …. (

~ HILLARY & MAD MAHMOUD’S tussle yesterday was the latest reminder of why the UN should have been put out of its misery decades ago …. (

~ JIHAD SETBACK? Christian sworn in as Nigerian president after death of Yar’Adua …. (merecomments)

~ CHARMING LOCAL BARBARIANS— Muslims Attack Jews in Judea/Samaria, Burn Jewish Cemetery in Ancient City of Hebron …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ AWW POOR BABY! Contessa Brewer’s Very Bad Day, Or Why Couldn’t Faisal Shahzad Be a Methodist? …. (,

~ BIG GIANT HEAD Haroon Siddiqui Makes Hay …. (LuGruFru)

~ OHIO MUSLIM WOMAN reportedly abducted by parents over her marriage to a Christian man …. (

~ FRESH GLAVIN— Speaking Truth To Power In Palestine …. (

~ EVERYBODY GET READY for a Nuclear Iran …. (

~ SO CAN ALLEGED TERRORIST Faisal Shahzad be Charged with Treason or have Citizenship Revoked? …. (

~ HOLLYWIMPS— “Hollywood, which is made up of far left totalitarian Progressives, constantly mocks Christians and others while silent on Islam” …. (theblogmocracy)

~ MORE ON THE NYC Times Square Car Bomb: Latest News on ‘One-Off’ ‘Lone Wolf’ Faisal Shahzad; What Could Have Possessed Him? …. (theothermccain, dianawest)

~ DON’T MESS WITH Islam– “As Comedy Central’s recent capitulation demonstrates, the death threats are starting to pay off for Muslims” …. (foxnews)

~ A LITTLE pander & grovel: ‘Thanks be to Allah!’ A sick-making display of Lib Dem opportunism from Simon Hughes …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ JIHADIMAFIASTAN— Europe Mulls Recognition of Palestinian State; White House Silent as Palestinian Authority Moves Offices to East Jerusalem …. (brusselsjournal, weaselzippers)

Batchelor: Taliban on Broadway

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS… Shahzad was trained in bomb-making in Waziristan, and a number of people are being questioned in Pakistan in connection with this attack …. (spectator)

~ SHAZAHD! Says Lucianne: “Let’s see…cash for a one-way, last minute ticket. Looked like Mohammad Atta’s twin brother. Wearing nylon K-Mart shirt. Smelled of unexploded chicken manure. Nah, he’s cool. Let him on”; The one that almost got away …. (lucianne, exurbanleague)

~ HMMMMM— Khudayr Taher claims most Muslims in America (one hesitates to describe them as Muslim-Americans for fear of attracting a fatwa) are not loyal to the United States …. (ghostofaflea)

~ THIS IS MY Brother Mohammed, And This Is My Other Brother Mohammed …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ SHAHZAD, ON TERRORISM RADAR IN 2004!? The Joint Terrorism Task Force was checking into Azzad as far back as 2004. And yet, he was allowed to become a citizen. He was allowed to get on planes. He was allowed to continue working and being a student in the United States; Failed Times Square Attack Could Kill Plans to Try Sheikh Mohammed in NYC …. (

~ FOR THE MOMENT, Good News: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Make it “Tougher For Terrorists to Buy Guns” …. (Wz)

~ PAKISTAN’S BIG EXPORT? Jihadists; What Pakistan’s Terrorists Want …. (merecomments, thedailybeast)

~ ALL GONE AWAY! “The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Religion” …. (

~ TRACING THE STEPS: The Jihadists’ Deadly Path to Citizenship, by Michelle Malkin– Jihadists have knowingly exploited our immigration policies to secure rights & benefits of citizenship to plot mass murder …. (humanevents)

~ THIS IS A particularly gruesome story about cultural enrichment in Denmark …. (vladtepesblog)

~ GUTLESS GOVS— Taxpayer-funded polygamy in the UK, France and Canada …. (winteryknight)

~ ANOTHER REASON “Islamism” is a useful concept …. (

~ CHEERFUL Extremists praise Somali Canadian in online eulogy …. (vladtepesblog)

~ XANTHIPPA — In defense of the burka …. (blog.xanthippas)

~ UK NEWS BLACK-OUT on potential Muslim violent riot …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE WEEKLY Wilders Round-Up – last week’s edition …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ TERRY GLAVIN— Afghanistan: A Country Driven Mad By War …. (

~ THE CROSS OF St. George and the Star of David Waving Over “Super-Mosque” Site …. (

~ TOLERANT RULES for foreigners in Dubai: “Don’t drink alcohol, have sex or even hold hands.” …. (

~ SENSE OF EVENTS— “PowerPoint makes us stupid” …. (

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— “Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed” Day; Times Square Bomber Victim of TEA Party Hate …. (

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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