Steynite 412nd

~ ITEM: PRAYERS, PLEASE– There has been a terrible development in the case of Rifqa Bary. According to Rifqa, she has been diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer. ~

~ ITEM: GOOD NEWS– Maryam and Marzieh Acquitted and Free! Two Christian women imprisoned 14 months in Iran for their faith have left Iran and are with the founders of Elam Ministries. ~

Maryam and Marzieh

I Told You So Award, 2010

“Any way you look at it, the crunch is coming. I do not have the illusion it will be painless, for the Nanny State is utterly unprepared for, and was anyway ill-equipped to handle, popular rebellion.”

~ David Warren ~

Commies + Jihadis = Kill The Jews! Death To Israel!

~ ITEM: Ayers, Dohrn top activists in Gaza flotilla group; and Connecting Some Communist Dots: The Free Gaza Movement Flotilla, Illegal Migrant Workers, May 1st Coalition and Organizing for America

~ ITEMS: Batchelor: Terror Soup; plus Commander of Gaza flotilla announced participants wanted to become ‘martyrs’. Also declared activists planned ‘resistance’ against Israeli commandoes; Gaza Flotilla activists chanted anti-Jewish battle cries. Prepared ‘resistance’ against Israeli commandoes, spoke of welcoming ‘martyrdom’; plus Flotilla activists ‘tried to lynch Israeli soldiers’. ‘They were fully prepared to provoke this deadly confrontation

~ ITEM: More Mavi Marmara video released by the IDF

~ ITEM: Muslim Brotherhood Heavily Represented In Gaza Flotilla; B’Nai Brith says: Kangaroo courts rush to condemn Jewish State

~ ITEM:Pictures of Weapons Found on the Mavi Marmara Flotilla Ship, 31 May 2010″

Random Galley Cutlery, Perhaps?

~ OUR BS-DETECTORS are off-kilter when it comes to stuff we like, people we hate, and “news”. Nonetheless, this elf smells boatloads of BS in the coverage of the Gaza Fauxtilla.

When it comes to the Paleostinian talent for staging news-events– add Hizbie/ Hamas, some Turkish Jihad, a dash of American Bolshies (including Obama-buddies Ayers & Dohrn), and you got a grade-A world-class “official memory” established via the usual Israel-hating world establishment. They’ve done it over and over again, ever since the Paleos and their Jihadi buddies realized the craven evil that resides in most of our media-outlets.

Facts? Truth? The Eternal Jew! (Der ewige Jude). Jewsdidit! Even when everybody else made it up. Hence this 2010 Bolshie-Jihadi Pirate Adventure.

Just Makin’ S*** Up

The Paleos are not starving, except by the corruptocrat monsters who rule and exploit them and guzzle Western money and Israeli help and then turn and bite everybody in sight. This is following in the footsteps of the media-star Evil Gay Dwarf “Arafat”, now blessedly departed this life.

This is a media-stunt, done by evil people, to cripple Israel. Media. Stunt.

The clueless man-child Obama is aiding and abetting the Jew-bashing, and what we are seeing is his own radical activists cuddling with Paleos, Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Turks in the logical extension of the seething of both groups against Israel & America. Israel will be destroyed first, and then America. It’s all about the utopia/ Caliphate thing.

Get it? ~

Mock, Provoke, Warfare

~ THOSE LIBERTARIANS LOVE TO PROVOKE, especially on religion. So though I understand (and link to) some ‘Draw Muhammed Day’ links, I think it’s not going to be understood by the enemy, nor further any real chance of convincing moderates to reject and speak up against jihadism in Islam.

As a Christian, we’re used to being mocked and taken on, from the beginning… it started with Jesus. He warned his followers to take up their cross, expect persecution and reviling and such. Got mock? Bring it. Got ironclad anti-religious arguments? Do your worst.

Unlike A Certain Religion That Shall Not Be Named, you cannot ‘insult’ the Trinity, or besmirch Jesus. Christ took on all the insult, curses, and besmirchment, and redeemed them with infinite love and death, and burst the tomb where we thought him safe and gone.

From the festering wounds of the MoToon Wars, A Certain Religion That Shall Not Be Named can’t handle controversy, mocking, or contradiction. It hasn’t the rational tools, or the spiritual foundations. Jesus said “Follow Me”.. A Certain Prophet That Shall Not Be Named demanded submission, or beheading, or enslavement of opponents.

That’s where we are in the world: a resurgent desert-cult that cannot deal with truth or disagreement, versus a Christian/ Roman/ Greek Western world that allows for secularity, blasphemy, and unbelief.

I’d rather use provocative facts and invitation and “Come, let us reason together” and a little law & order– rather than mockery– to confront the desert-cult.

Forget The Tea-Party

In any case, we have a war on our hands, not a debate. We have a jihad demanding utter authority over all other claims, and submission– by hook or crook– of the West and Christianity under the chains of Islam.

We must recover the confidence in our own civilization, and the spiritual roots of our own faith in order to be able to confront this civilizational challenge, which will very soon have nukes spreading world-wide via the Iranians to enforce their will, and the alleged demands of Allah, the bloody deity of Jihad.

We been warned. ~

Dethroning The Goddess Ayn

~ ITEM: Big Sister Is Watching You, By Whittaker Chambers

~ HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN one of the great writers of the 20th century, had he made different choices: but Whittaker Chambers was world-class great article-writer. Most of his pieces were in TIME and LIFE.

Chambers’ piece on the Libertarian saint Ayn Rand and her book Fountainhead bears pondering, because too many folks consider her “The Real Alternative” to tyranny or the bad old ways. Instead, perhaps she’s a soft totalitarian in her own way, advocating ideas and politics and economics that– in the real world– would be a world-class disaster.

As I’ve commented before on this blog, Libertarianism is not an adult or comprehensive creed or answer to modern problems. Rugged individualism and self-sufficiency are good, but within the wider range of societal and responsible principles, this dog won’t hunt. I like my libertarian buds and allies on the free-speech thing, but we part ways before long in theory and practice.

Read Chambers– and remember: he’s speaking as a convert from one of the the great anti-faiths of the 20th Century, and thus brings along some crucial warnings about unworkable theories and their consequences. ~

Toronto, Paleostine

~ ITEM: Anti-Israel union thug assaults Blazing Cat Fur ON CAMERA

~ ITEM: Ali Mallah CUPE Union Thug Speaks For the Deranged!; Michael Coren on the Assault by Ali Mallah

Michael Coren on the Blazing Cat Fur assault

Part 2

“Along with what is commonly called assault, the thug also kept telling BCF that he did not “have permission” to take pictures. It seems to drive lefties and Islamists and other kooks crazy that, in a public place, anyone can shoot video of anything. Which is, of course, an excellent reason to take a cheap video camera to such demos.”

~ Jay Currie ~

~ SO: NOTED HATER GOES ALL PALEO on the streets of Toronto against a private citizen taking pictures and breaking no law. You know, gonna party like it’s downtown Gaza, where the Hamas thugs beat-down, pistol-whip, bulldoze and butcher as they see fit. Mafiastan– except it’s Canada.

Just imagine.. if only Blazing Catfur had been on the streets of Gaza, where he could receive the proper Jihad-style smiting, maybe even a crucifixion, where free speech and diversity don’t get in the way of straight-forward attitude adjustment on infidels. “Keep It Peaceful?”

Then again, it would seem that the thumbsuckers of the Toronto PD Tricycle Division are well on their way to bringing that dystopian Diversistan into existence, where the rules run only one way, and where assault means a conservative infidel possibly resisting the assault on him by one of the bully-classes.

Ali Mallah? You or your parents were welcomed here to partake of our peace and civil society that Canada (part of Western Christian civilization). Actions like yours give the impression of immense ungratefulness, anti-Western and anti-Canadian and anti-freedom attitudes. You can take the barbarian out of Barberia, as they say… as for Canada being infiltrated by hate? Mallah is pro-terror, a former VP of the Ontario NDP, and a honcho in the Bolshie CUPE union.

Oh, and Catfur? You may be a hobbit, but you got more cojones than a busload of malicious Mallahs and their Hizbie & Hamas bullies. I wish I were in Toronto with you, to stand beside you.

Oy, Canada. ~

Canuckistan: Infiltrated (Again)

~ ITEM: Canada: Trudeau, successive Liberal regimes expose Canada to Chinese, Russian spies; Harper confronts espionage; dormant FLQ trained by KGB

~ ITEM: Modern Liberalism & Islam: An Uncanny Resemblance

~ ITEM: Risk of cyber-attacks growing: CSIS memo

~ ITEM: Chinese intelligence activity in other countries: “Former Chinese spies have reported that China has more than 1000 spies in Canada, more than in any other country outside China. The Canadian government fears that the Chinese have stolen considerable business and industrial secrets from the country”

~ YOU’LL HAVE TO FORGIVE THE Commies On The Brain here at Binks-HQ.. I’ve been reading on Mao, Che, Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, the VENONA Spy Intercepts, and Spy works in Canada.

What occurs to me is that the Jihad Infiltration of the West can fruitfully be thought of as Cold War 2.0– people of an anti-Western faith, committed unto death, misusing and reshaping language to hide and redefine their activities of infiltration, subversion, and influence.

From the 1930s onwards, Soviet agents infiltrated Western governments, either to steal information, place sleeper agents, or agents of influence to change the policy of Western governments towards Soviet goals, or against the best interests of the West.

Only some of those agents were ever caught or self-revealed in Canada, the United States, or England in the spy scandals of the 1940s to 80s. Alger Hiss, Kim Philby, Igor Gouzenko, and many other names haunt our history.

Canada, 2010

The jihad– violent, subversive, and otherwise– is much with us, and has infiltrated Parliament, universities, and major Canadian cities. We have Canadian money funding terrorism, and terror-plots in Canada. We have sharia-zones with polygamy (on the government dime), child-brides for sale, and where radical mosques teach the death of Canadian society and the victory of Muhammed and his religion over the world.

In the Soviet infiltration, most Canadians didn’t pay attention– aside from Igor Gouzenko in 1945, or the brief spy-frenzy which followed. We never had a proper reckoning like the U.S Hiss-Chambers case, or the Rosenburg Trials (yes, they were both guilty). The Left is still after those scary neo-Nazis.. no such bugaboo as a neo-Commie.

Nothing To See Here

Now, most people are looking the other way at Jihad, aided and abetted by the cowardly or politically correct media, and our puzzled and compromised elites.

No more coddling of the radicals, or government hand-outs, or treating suspect Muslims as quaint multicultural artifact. The nice Muslims were the people who came here before the 80s. Their kids and grandkids and the new immigrants cannot be assumed to love Canada as she is, but only as she will be when raped, burka-ed, and made to submit to Muhammed.

As for Communism, China is still spying our pants off.

Canada: it’s ours to lose. ~

Kilts? For Manly Men

Sean Connery makes Chuck Norris cry like a girl

~ ITEM: Multicult Madness! Kilt Wearing Banned From Graduation Ceremony!; Ditch the kilt for graduation, Alberta high school student told

~ ITEM: Support for Nathan Warmack’s Right to Wear his Kilt

~ ITEM: Freedom Kilts; and The Original Sport Kilt; UTILIKILTS – American Made Utility Kilts for Everyday Wear

~ I’M A BIG FAN of kilts & bagpipes. Not sure about haggises, but there ye go, aye?

So let’s not go go on and on about turbans, kaffiyehs, kirpans, niqabs, yarmulkes, and all the multi-culti/ religious permitted dress in Western societies. The attempted banning of the kilt is clearly a strike at Scots, and manly men (of whatever hue).

Manly men wear kilts. Sexy chicks wear kilt-like dresses. Scots history is an indispensable part of the development of responsible government versus the absolutism of kings– or, we might say in this age, the absolutism of petty bureaucrats and powerful busy-bodies.

Kilting Up

My only current kilt is a instakilt-towel, but Teh Binks-Dad has the full modern-style gear. I’d love to buy something similar one day, or a great-kilt (think Liam Neeson in Rob Roy, not Mel Gibson in those kilt-ette hollywood silly things he invented for Braveheart.. aside from the fact that Wallace was a lowland knight = chainmail, not kilts). Heck, I even like those comfy ‘modern kilts’ worn with cool socks & boots.

Hands off the kilt, and don’t touch my sporran!

The worst part? One of the kilt-banners– the Jackson Missouri High School principal– is one Mr. Rick McClard. The Alberta school superintendent (Westwinds School District) Doug Bennet compared kilt-wearing to students sporting flip-flops or short-shorts to school. Duhr.

Why not (politely) let Raymond High Principal Mark Beazer, Principal [ ] and superintendent Doug Bennet [ ] know what you think?

A Little Heavy Metal

Maybe next time someone should argue that authentic “Traditional Scottish Garb” includes a targe (shield), dirk (wicked long-knife), sgain dubh (boot-knife), and maybe a claymore or broad-sword to top off the sartorial splendour.

Remember: multiculti is brain-death. Apply, lather, rinse, repeat. It’s all about the chains and slavery of endless little rules, and the soul-killing exhaustion of the petty against the rest of us.

Scots wha hae! ~

Robert Burns: Scots Wha Hae

Oil For Everbody!

~ ITEM: Environmentalists with Oil on Their Hands, by Henry P. Wickham, Jr.– “When evaluating in an honest way all factors that contributed to the current pollution of the Gulf, we must ask why BP was drilling in 5,000 feet of ocean when there are so many other accessible and safe alternatives”

~ ITEM: BP’s Hypocritical Green Image is Covered With Oil

~ ITEM: Yesterday, BP started an ambitious effort to stop the Deepwater Horizon oil spill with a “top kill”; Did top-kill get the real oil spill hole?

~ ITEM: Obama’s Criminal Negligence of Louisiana; Obama plugging the wrong holes in BP Disaster?

“Vast sums of money, corporations and DC politicians form one immense incestuous mass of goo that laps the banks of the Potomac and poisons the body politic. Rich people never have to take responsibility–in this life.”

~ Mark Shea ~

~ SAD TO SAY IT, but there’s barrels of blame to go around for everybody on the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama? Lotsa oil-money donations to his crooked campaign.. and there’s always that award he handed out. His non-handling of the situation?

The oil company? Not planning for the inevitable fail? EPIC FAIL!

Democrats? Created no-go oil zones cover the U.S. offshore, so that (a) China has more drilling rights off Cuba and Mexico that the U.S. does, and (b) oil companies are drilling bigger and deeper and more potentially disastrously to exploit the areas they are allowed to drill in. Oh, and all that jet-setting to Copenhagen and Hawaii and all?

Rep. John Porter (R-Nevada): “Speaker Pelosi’s private jet costs $50,000 to fly from San Fransisco to DC and burns 11,000 gallons of jet fuel. The rest of us are suffering from higher cost of living and lower quality of life.”

Never mind Gore’s mega-mansion, giant jets, and all those smug twits in coal or oil-powered electric cars (at one remove, of course) feeling smug about their toxic-battery enviro-horrible cars.

Repubs? Oh, the kick-backs, look the other way, the intimate entanglement of the political class with the corporate class, and all the rest. Bush kissing that Saudi guy and walking hand in hand– yeah, we get it.

Enviroids? See democrats above, plus their desire to cripple and punish oil companies as evil incarnate. Safe and easy to fix alternative sites not a mile underwater? Gosh, no.


Like DDT, global warming, and so many other environmental idiocies, the consequences of the enviro-theories mean death, pollution, and worse in the real-world. They proclaim themselves the righteous crusaders, yet are as dirty and compromised as everybody else– and all to often, steam along on the government dime.

So: we have a world-class hard-to-fix environmental mess because of.. well, everybody, especially the ones point fingers at everybody else. Obama has failed– yet again– a real-world crisis; the Democrats and enviros made the rules that made such an incident almost inevitable, no matter how careful the drillers and amazing the technology.

Binks Solves The Problem!

Solution? Stop banning drilling in Alaska, the offshore, and in the tens of thousands of other places better and easier to clean up than a mile underwater in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, build new refinery & storage capacity for the U.S. NOW.

Stop using the Piping Furbish Fuchsia Plover Mugwort as an excuse to forbid legitimate development; stop hating the U.S. as the greatest engine of progress and change and generosity the world has ever known; stop raping the environment indeed– have reasonable safeguards and all that, but not the current insane situation invented by the Democrats, benefitted from by all, and preached over by the enviroids.

Feature, Not A Bug

The side-benefit will be that American sovereignty will be protected, and the Islamic World Domination project known as Saudi Wahabbism will no longer be funded by the target-nation. Oil independence has been talked about for years, but is not in the interests of the America-Last crowd, nor the Up With Islam bunch (including Obama) currently running DC and America.

Imagine Iran threatens nuking the Persian Gulf oilfields– there’s the end of the world as we know it. Time to do something about it before we’re left wondering why we didn’t do something about it while there was still time.

Yes, there’s enough oil around in this mess for everyone to have filthy hands. ~

That’s One Creepy Granny


Islam: Mohammed’s child bride

~ ONE AREA IN WHICH some Muslims seem a bit embarrassed is the marriage of 6-year old Aisha to 56-year old Muhammed. Of course, he heroically didn’t sex her up vaginally until she was 9-years old. Gotcha.

Here’s a thought experiment. The 56 year-old prophetess Aisha marries a 6-year old boy, but doesn’t make him have sex with her until he’s 9. Yup, it’s Eww-Factor 10! Horny granny has the hots for a grade 1 kid, but restrains herself until the lad’s in grade 4. So much better.

That is: if Muhammed violates natural justice (and the common practice of mankind) by advocating paedophilia against girls, why should we believe him on any other topic? What other “great religious leader” of the past ever taught the same?

After all (again, simply following the nearly-universal custom of humanity and natural justice), if male-female sexual union is (first) for the procreation of children, then for pleasure and couple-bonding– that has little to do with poor young exploited Aisha. A child of her time, Aisha probably did not sexually mature until 12-13 years old, and thus could neither get pregnant, nor experience meaningful sexual pleasure (or vaginal lubrication) via an old man.

What’s The Big Deal?

This is the figure who inspires a billion people, and the perhaps 300+ million of jihadi/ sharia supremacists as “The Perfect Man’ who is a model for all Muslim believers. Hence the child-brides and bought and sold women and polygamy of some Muslims: it’s all from Muhammed’s own bad example. Aside from Aisha, Muslim history indicates that Muhammed had over 66 different women and wives and concubines, like any ancient potentate or modern cult leader. All because “Allah Told Me So”. Really? A horndog blaming God for his lusts is really a bit rich.

Just Imagine

Imagine if Christianity taught that Joseph married a 6-year old Mary, or that Jesus had sex with that 12-year old he raised from death, instead of healing her and giving her back the fullness of life which was only then beginning to flower in her, and unfold over the next 5-8 years– grown-up faith, adulthood, family and children and husband, according to her wishes and those of her family, and God’s will and purpose for her.

That’s the pattern of Adam and Eve, of both male and female being made in the image of God, and in Christ, being truly free and equal: “and a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife”, says Jesus, “and the two shall become one flesh.”– that’s a Christian doctrine based on the inherent equality and dignity of man and woman– that’s not what Muhammed lived and told others was the way to act. A six-year old or nine-year old maybe many things, but a wife is not one of them.

When we throw away Christian anthropology, we have the polymorphic couplings of sexologists, or various “Customs” or “breaking of taboos”– i.e. the time-tested, God-given foundations of Western society in the family. The divorce & contraception culture has touched and changed us all, and done more damage to individuals and families and societies than we can even recognize.

Finally, & In Conclusion

Sorry to beat on this drum, but since Islam is the leading religious threat to the West (with liberalized Christianity in second place), it bears pondering, according to the light of reason and revelation. It’s not a forbidden topic, because God is Truth, and in him is no darkness– we don’t have to perform verbal or faith-based acrobatics to justify the creepy behaviour of Muhammed, because he was a sinner like all the rest of us, however much he said that “God told him to”.

If some spiritual being told Muhammed to act like that, it wasn’t God. If no spiritual being told him to act like that, then he was a lustful liar, plain and simple.

Discuss. ~

End Of The Worldism

~ ITEM: Toba, Indonesia’s super volcano, almost wiped out mankind

~ THESE DAYS, our dreams and wonderings may be seen in movies. The post-apocalyptic side of our soul has had two interesting contributions recently: The Road (starring Viggo Mortensen), and The Book of Eli (The Denzel). What is it about that question of the end of the world, surviving, and the collapse of all we know and trust which is so compelling?

Do these dreams foreshadow the future, or remember the impoverished ages of the past, or the hints of The End seen in a century of war and death camps and famines? Both?

The truth is, of course, that our Western technological comforts and certainties are a house of straw. Disaster, War, terrorism, an asteroid, a few nukes is all that it would take to knock us back several hundred years.

The Schadenfreuders

There’s a greedy-for-doom side of the enviropocalypse crowd, as if they would call down doom on us for our enviro-sins. The spiritual impulse in man is innate to us, however it may get bent, misplaced, or wrong-headed. Visions of flooding, super-storms, scenes to rival the depictions of End Things in the Bible seem to almost delight a certain kind of mind– making the Greenpeacers much of a kin with End-Times evangelicals.

A mere 73 000 years ago, the Indonesia Toba super-volcanic eruption did kill off all but the toughest and luckiest humans, by hiding the sun and killing off a lot of animals and plants. Some scientists guess that a mere 5 000 of our African ancestors survived the Big Smokey, to repopulate the earth to the point we’re at today.

Life is fragile, fleeting, and although Westerners are blessed with the richest, safest, healthiest civilization in the history of ever, to take that for granted– or to forget that others already live on this same planet with us in sometimes semi-apocalyptic circumstances– is to forget our mere luck, and our massive opportunities and responsibilities.

In any case, death comes to most of us give or take a century– we all have to live well and die well, and ponder whether this world is it, or the beginning of a greater life. Memento mori (remember death) indeed.

Viggo Mortensen is one of the great actors of our time, propelled to stardom by his portrayal of the King-to-Be Aragorn in the gruelling trilogy of The Lord of The Rings. While The Road isn’t Mad Max exciting, it’s an intimate tale of a father and son wandering in the burnt aftermath of world-wide disaster, seeking to stay alive and stay human.

A solid A/ A+ from this watcher: a flick to buy, not just rent. ~

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~ Steyn on The Catfur Contretemps ~

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“We, in the green movement, aspire to a cultural model in which killing a forest will be considered more contemptible and more criminal than the sale of 6-year-old children to Asian brothels.”

~ Carl Amery (German Greens) ~

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“You don’t have to be a religious believer to understand that if religion — more specifically, the Hebrew Bible and the Christianity that built upon it — underpins Western civilization and the codes of right and wrong — putting others above yourself, freedom and equality, and belief in reason — that form the bedrock of that civilization, then eroding or destroying that religion will erode or destroy those virtues and the civilization they distinguish.”

~ Melanie Phillips ~

~ THE DELIGHTFUL Ali Mallah, a member of CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), assaults intrepid blogger Blazingcatfur!; Toronto Cop tells Assault Victim to Keep it Peaceful; Michael Coren on the Assault by Ali Mallah, Deranged CUPE Union Thug; Ali Mallah CUPE Union Thug Assaults Blazingcatfur at Islamofascist Anti-Netanyahu Rally!; CUPE union member attacks the prominent Canadian blogger BlazingCatFur …. (Various)

Ali Mal A Tete Mallah, (CUPE) Union Thug, Catfur-Basher Jew-hater

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~ WILL GERMANS Disappear Before the Euro? …. (FT)

~ ANGILBERTISM— Facebook isn’t exactly any sort of paragon of principle or virtue; Your tax dollars pay this man’s salary! …. (angilbertpress)

~ MEANWHILE, IN CANUCKISTAN— Sometimes the jokes write themselves. Fred Hiltz and the Anglican Organization of Canada, if you need ‘em …. (

~ NO BUDDHISTS IN PARLIAMENT! Pat Martin NDP sez Sikhs shouldn’t be allowed into parliament if they identify as a group …. (MaD)

~ LOTSA HRC NEWS— The Lynch List, 31-May-2010; The Lynch List, 27-May-2010 …. (missnixon)

~ MARPRELATICLES— Stats, I Love Stats; No not negligent exactly… just juggling; A fantastic video …. (

~ LIFESITE has the story about Ozzy Osbourne singing about Robert Latimer’s 1993 murder of his daughter, Tracey Latimer, who had cerebral palsy. LSN reports: “To put your child to death is a big decision” …. (

~ CANUCKISTANI Healthcare To Go Under The Knife …. (

~ A MODEST PROPOSAL— “Let’s put the seniors in jail, and the criminals in a nursing home. This way the seniors would have access to showers, hobbies, and walks, they’d receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs etc. and they’d receive money instead of paying it out” …. (MaD)

~ DAVID MILLS— A Few Thoughts for Memorial Day; Memorial Gratitude …. (ft)

~ FEMINISM— Lies, Despair, Devastated Lives …. (

~ THE PROBLEM WITH THE PILL— Sex (Still) Makes Babies; Public Discourse: Pill at 50 …. (firstthings, merecomments)

~ GEORGE JONAS: The spineless are running the West …. (

~ HRC BULLYING: Horizon decision sends mixed message– Lawyers are poring over a May 14 legal decision, endeavoring to understand its implications for Christian charities …. (

(Uppity Whiner)

~ HEY, CHICK— You Were A Liability. You Should Have Died, Melissa Ohden …. (

~ SCARAMOOCHER— Israel’s diplomacy paradigm has been an abject failure; Newt on the Non-Existent ‘Humanitarian Crisis’; The odious UN condemns Israel’s flotilla actions; Melanie Phillips Poses a Question; Shouldn’t Have Looked; Membership Has Its Privileges; Paging Richard Warman; John Brennan ‘Splains ‘Jihad’; That Damnable “D” Word Again; Glick Sees the Flotilla Mess as Yet Another Israeli Failure …. (

~ SHOTGUN SEES ECO-DOOM A-COMIN’— The frightening reality is, that we continue to put off the inevitable by digging ourselves deeper and deeper into debt in pursuit of “economic growth”. And all the while, the statistics worsen …. (shotgun)

~ NO, THEY WERE NOT Debating Abortion… They were just blaming each other for reviving the abortion debate …. (

~ THOUGHTS ON How motherhood stopped being a motherhood issue …. (

~ WOMEN SHARING Jesus with Canadian Muslims …. (

~ DAVID WARREN— A North Korean submarine torpedoed and sank a South Korean gunboat in March; and Pentecost exists both inside time, and outside it; and There is much to be said for ignorance …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ BREAKPOINT REMINDS— Pornography is not just a private matter, maintains researcher Mary Eberstadt, and the social sciences are …. (

~ ARTISTICS— Harry Lime – everything I need to know about life, I learned from Film Noir …. (

~ PONDERINGS— A Jew and a Christian on the Religion Clauses …. (firstthings)

~ REVOLUTION— Abortion, “Sex Ed” And Euthanasia — One Source, One Industry, One Goal …. (

~ A NEW RECORD— Killings of Church workers soared worldwide in 2009 …. (

Well, when I said debate, I didn’t mean debate!

~ BRITAIN’S Iain Duncan Smith promises to dismantle the absurd system which bribes people to remain poor …. (Xyz)

~ CHRISTIANS ARE EVIL! Agora and the Dangerous Silliness of Really Bad Film History …. (,

~ EUTOPIA= EPIC FAIL? It becomes increasingly clearer each year why the European Union won’t work …. (

~ NO MORE JEWS FOR HITLER? Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade bans phrase “Israeli Apartheid” …. (canadafreepress)

~ ATHENIANS and Visigoths: Neil Postman’s Graduation Speech …. (firstthings)

~ SCHEMING, ALWAYS WITH THE SCHEMING— The FCC’s Covert Mission to ‘Balance’ Broadcast Media Ownership …. (americanthinker)

~ EURO DEBT CRISIS— Government Doesn’t, and Shouldn’t, Have Magical Powers …. (commentarymagazine)

~ BLUB BLUB BLUB— Canada’s Socialized Health Care System Buckling Under Costs, Provinces Reassessing Single-Payer Model …. (weaselzippers)

~ PEDIATRICIANS Reject Female Genital Cutting …. (

~ COFFEE!!: Caught up in the conspirazoid ramblings of the anti-Christian lobby?; Intellectual freedom in Canada: Clearing out the inbox – Civil rights roundup …. (

~ CHICK FLIX— Weininger’s Women: The Misogyny of Sex and the City …. (firstthings)

~ BRITAIN, CANADA and “gay” imperialism By Alphonse de Valk. Gay activists have changed from victims to bullies and now want to bring back old-style imperialism …. (catholicinsight)

~ OUR SKOOLS— “Gregory Kay assaulted and denied entry to CFS meeting”; plus The dizzying highs; and “The CFS is a schizophrenically paranoid organization. (Who can blame them though, really?) As such, its meeting in Ottawa this weekend is closed to CFS members, the public, any controversial delegates who don’t sign a waiver before entering, Dean Tester, and the media” …. (takebackyourschool)

~ DISCUSS— “While the Nazis are widely and duly vilified, far too many in the West continue to excuse, minimize or ignore the activities of the Soviet communists”; plus Top Israeli Commander on Two Approaching “Free Gaza” Boats: “Next Time We’ll Use More Force”; and “IDF Officer Who Led Raid on Marmara: “We Knew They Were Peace Activists, But We Didn’t Expect This, We Encountered Terrorists Who Wanted to Kill us” …. (

~ OTTAWA CUTS TAX-SPONSORING for Gay Pride Parades By Alphonse de Valk– Will Gay Pride Days survive now that enforced taxpayers’ subsidies are dwindling? …. (catholicinsight)

~ THEODORE DALRYMPLE— Know Thyself: Rather than pointing fingers, Greek citizens should look in the mirror …. (

~ TRUDEAUPIAN CBC clears biased pollster, criticizes ‘paranoia-tinged’ despicable %$&*#@!!!! Tories …. (MaD)

~ THE BIG HATE— “Coming soon to a church near you, if you’re unfortunate: The World Council of Churches is sponsoring the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel” …. (firstthings)

~ WHERE WE ARE— Public school bus driver blasts little girl for discussing Christianity …. (winteryknight)

~ NOTED IDIOT COMMENTS ON TERROR FLEET— Analysis of Michael Ignatieff’s statement on ‘the attack of the flotilla in the Gaza region’; More on the Gaza goons ‘peace’ flotilla …. (

~ MISS MARPRELATE’S HAT compares Canada to the rest of the world. Miss Marprelate unavailable for comment …. (winteryknight)

~ DANCING WITH With Devils, by Bill Muehlenberg– Why leftists bow to the torturers of mankind …. (frontpagemag)

~ BAD GUYS KEEPING BUSY— Connecting Some Communist Dots: The Free Gaza Movement Flotilla, Illegal Migrant Workers, May 1st Coalition and Organizing for America …. (therealbarackobama)

~ ACTON BLOG— Eritrea: Remember the Prisoners …. (

~ TORSTAR, IPSOS, on abortion. Never mention physical and mental consequences, By Alphonse de Valk; Plus “Panic strikes Canada’s anti-life, anti-family Left. Why now?” …. (catholicinsight)

~ THE BIGGEST PROBLEM Facing Kids is Christianity?– Hollywood thinks the year is 1610 …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ ADVANCED Techniques in Journalism– How Facebook’s (flawed) privacy settings can help your reporting …. (americandigest)

~ THE GO-BAG: “What does one wear to a truly stunning natural disaster?” AmDig on being ready  …. (americandigest)


~ SON OF HAMAS book author & Christian convert? Bad. Islamist nutbars galore? Good. Welcome to Obamarabia, where the good guys face Homeland deportation as “threats” to America …. (sonofhamas)

~ THE BLEEDING-OUT OF AMERICA CONTINUES— “With the DOW dropping 376 points today and nearly 900 points for the month, what a better way to re-ignite market confidence then with a corrupt Chris Dodd bill to takeover Wall Street!” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CRACKED EGGHEADS— “The Obama administration is loaded down with academics and lawyers who have spent their lives theorizing about things like economics, markets, social order and crisis management–and criticizing methods with which they disagree–but who have little practical experience in doing.” …. (theanchoress)

~ HIS PET-MEDIA? “You’re certainly free to ask the question,” Obama told the reporters in the room. “I won’t be answering, I’m not doing a press conference today, but we’ll be seeing you in the course of the week.” — …. (americandigest)

Gaza Fauxtilla Co-Captains?

~ TERRORIST & BAMA-BUDDIES Ayers, Dohrn top activists in Gaza flotilla group. Oh yes, it’s a small world after all …. (therealbarackobama)

~ OBAMA’S A Wanna Be Dictator, Not a Leader …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ COMMIES GALORE— Director at Marxist-led institute joins Obama government. Soros-funded group urges more government control of media …. (therealbarackobama)

~ SOMETHING Prescient: “Let’s name names and take no prisoners.” …. (

~ FIGHTING BACK— Aaron Klein vs the Anti-Israel Pro-CodePink CAIR-Supporting “Human Rights Official” on Al Jazeera …. (therealbarackobama)

~ THE ANCHORESS WARNS: “Pray for Nancy Pelosi” …. (firstthings)

~ PRESIDENT Obama and his administration are acting like people who really have no plan of action on dealing with the Gulf Oil Spill …. (weaselzippers)

~ WITH THE NATIONAL DEBT tripled, and his approval rating lower than a skunk’s at an aromatherapy session, he’s pushing out ObamaCare’s “benefits” ahead of schedule. Still Buy Now, Pay Later …. (canadafreepress)

~ LIES, DAMNED LIES, and Politicians: High Crimes and Misdemeanors at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (Part 3: The Crimes) …. (newsrealblog)

~ KATE @SDA— Is There Nothing That Obama Can’t Do? …. (sda)

~ SURVEY SAYS.. Obama’s popularity hitting rock bottom – still room though for it to fall even lower!; Peggy Noonan has lost her school girl crush on The One …. (theblogmocracy)

~ THE EVER-VARIABLE Obama Celebrates the “Immeasurable Contributions” of Homosexual/ Bisexual/ Pansexual/ Polysexual/ Asexual Americans …. (firstthings)

~ BP BUSSED IN 400 temp workers to clean an area for Obama’s photo-op …. (winteryknight)

~ FIFTH COLUMN— Former President Bill Clinton Rips Birthers, Pities Terrorists …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ AH! THE ONION— It would appear Obama is losing some of his cachet with our Chattering Classes …. (


“So let’s get this right. Israel kills Islamic terrorists who are trying to lynch its soldiers by clubbing them to death, stabbing them with massive knives and firebombing them – and according to Sir Jeremy Greenstock, this shows that Israel must now start talking to Hamas…”

~ Melanie Phillips ~

~ FUN WITH THE FAUX FLOTILLA FOLLIES— ‘Hitler was right’, and other rational responses; A global pogrom in the making; The truth about the Turkish terror convoy; ‘Peace convoy’? This was an Islamist terror ambush …. (spectator)

~ GAZA FAUXTILLA FOOTAGE— More Mavi Marmara video released by the IDF …. (lgf)

~ COMMENTS FROM THE GOOD GUYS— MCC urges Ottawa to add Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood to list of terrorist organizations …. (

~ WEASEL-WORDS APLENTY— The 911 Mega Mosque Imam’s Jihad: “We need to take the 9/11 tragedy and turn it into something very positive.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE TOOTHLESS watchdog called the IAEA has finally barked about Iran’s 2 Tons of Enriched Uranium, Enough for 2 Nuclear Warheads …. (weaselzippers, blogmocracy)

~ DRAW MUHAMMED— everybody draw …. (MaD)


~ WHENEVER THE NEWS MEDIA deign to mention violent jihad, their attention is generally focused on Hamas (in Gaza), Al Qaeda (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan), the Taliban (Afghanistan and Pakistan), and the terror masters of Iran …. (

~ A LITTLE Political Realism- Kill the Jews! …. (

~ TERRY GLAVIN— Massouda Jalal, Jose Maria Aznar Win UN Watch Human Rights Awards …. (

~ A SHORT HISTORY of Israel and its fight for survival’; The spirit of Hitler lives on, and the world is run by Neville Chamberlains …. (

~ MASSACRE SLOGANEERING— “Remember Haibar Oh, Jews” …. (SDA)

~ DELIBERATE INSULT/ PROVOCATION— A mosque at Ground Zero? Insane; El Cid writes to say that the New York Ground Zero mosque is to be completed on the anniversary of September 11th. I hadn’t realized that. Talk about salt in a wound …. (beliefnet)

~ SOMALI TERRORIST on the loose in Texas? …. (americanthinker)

~ A REMINDER— Islamic Law Vs. Free Speech: It’s War …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ FATWAS GALORE, M.A.D. gets blasphemous! It’s make fun of Mohammed time! …. (MaD)

~ FORMER MEDIA-DARLING and Imam from Dar Al Hijrah Virgina Mosque Calls for Killing Of Americans …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ RADICAL ISLAM on university campuses across the world …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ PROMINENT Moderate Muslim Who Worked with Law Enforcement Agencies Arrested for Exporting Computer Equipment to… Libya…. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EVERYBODY Draw Mohammed Day Facebook Page Back Up After Death Threat; Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Redux …. (

~ A HUGE CONTRAST in treatment of Muslims compared to Christians …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ WHY I WON’T Be Participating in ‘Draw M******* Day’; Draw Mohammed? Zombie picks a winner! …. (americandigest)

Click for big version

~ 9/11 FAMILIES REJECT Towering Mosque Planned for Ground Zero Site New York; ABC World News Tonight Gives Non-Muslims Short Shrift on 911 Mega Mosque at Ground Zero …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EGYPTIAN CONVERT Endures Life at a Standstill – on the Run …. (christianpost)

~ ISLAMIC JIHADISTS Coming Over the Arizona Border …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ “TARGET AMERICA”: The Attempted Christmas Day Attack on Northwest Flight 253 …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ WORLD WAR IV, V, VI.. UN to allow Iran to get nukes …. (MaD)

~ AN INTERESTING New Book on the Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, By Douglas Farah …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ TERROR-BUDDIES? Chávez and Hezollah – The Relationship Revealed; Iran and Venezuela: Taking it to the Next Level …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ CHARMING Muslim Teenager Jailed over Meat Cleaver Attack, Maiming Two Schoolboys …. (atlasshrugs2000)

…those who work
to spread the gospel
of Jesus Christ in
Islamic countries face
the threat of arrest,
deportation, aggression
and death ….

~ CRACKDOWN on Christians as fears of conversion from Islam increase; BBC documentary highlights the challenges faced by Christian Missionaries in Islamic Countries …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ IRAN BEGINS to exert its military might on the region …. (vladtepesblog)

~ RADICAL CLERIC Freewheeling in Jamaica; Jamaican Cleric Shaykh Abdullah al-Faisal Alleged To Have Inspired Times Square Suspect …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ THE HOBBLED Toronto police would have threatened to arrest him if he didn’t hide the flag and leave …. (lumpygrumpyandfrumpy)

~ PRAISE FROM His Overlords: Islamic Supremacist Universal Caliphate Group, OIC, Lauds Obama’s Submission to islam …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING: Blocking Terrorist Financing and Its Impact on Lawful Charities …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ MEDIA STUNT HOME-RUN: World Regrets Deaths of Jihadists, Vilifies Israel …. (frontpagemag)

~ ISRAEL FURIOUS with Obama administration over Middle East nuclear policy …. (winteryknight)

~ MORE PROOF & documentation of flotilla planning violence against Israel; Unusual ‘humanitarian supplies’ found on flotilla ship …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SYMPOSIUM: The World’s Most Wanted: A “Moderate Islam” …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ HEAD OF Anti-Semitism Watchdog Group Targeted in France …. (vladtepesblog)

~ US NATIONAL SECURITY is targeted by al Qaeda and Iran’s strategic threats, By Walid Phares …. (

~ SURRENDERISM! Pakistan lifts Facebook ban after total capitulation by Facebook …. (vladtepesblog)

~ XANTHIPPA WONDERS— Are the Taliban ‘freedom fighters’? …. (xanthippa)

~ BLOOD & DEATH— Here Are 30 Islamic Jihad Terror Plots Against U.S. foiled since 9/11, Eleven in NYC (video) …. (atlasshrugs2000)

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