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Save Mousab Yousef!

~ ITEM: Geller: Yousef’s Fight is Our Fight

~ ITEM: TORONTO JDL Rally in Support Of “Son of Hamas” Mousab Yousef June 29 7:30 PM; dedicated website– Help Keep Mosab Yousef in the United States

-Mosab Yousef is the son of one of the founders of Hamas.
-He worked for Israeli Intelligence as an undercover agent in Hamas.
-The ISA credits him with saving many lives.
-In 2007, he came to America to live.
-In 2007, he requested that Homeland Security grant him asylum because he was under two sentences of death for having spied and for his conversion to Christianity.
-In 2010, Homeland Security declared him a ‘security threat’.
-His deportation hearing is scheduled for 30 June.

-If he is returned to the Middle East, Mr. Yousef faces torture and death.


Imran Ghafur

~ ITEM: Imran Ghafur— On July 1, 2009, Pakistani police arrested Imran Ghafur in Punjab province after Muslims accused him of burning pages of the Quran. Write to get him freed! ~

Some Post-Mortem Justice For Aqsa

~ ITEM: Aqsa Parvez Murdering Father and Brother Plead Guilty in Islamic Honor Killing; ‘I killed my daughter. . . with my hands’.. Domineering father and son plead guilty to strangling rebellious teenager

~ ITEM: Memorial University Psychiatrist: “Honor killings” on rise in Canada

~ ITEM: On Aqsa Parvez; Further thoughts on Aqsa Parvez; Aqsa Parvez’s father, brother plead guilty in death; Parvez family admits to honour killing. Mom just wanted to break arms and legs

~ ITEM: Whether Canadian judges should give those who commit “honour” killings a break to help the Caliphate

~ ITEM: Montreal Mom Machetes Daughter: “Honor Killing” Thwarted

~ ITEM: College Kids Giving Up the Hook Up Culture

~ FINALLY, Islamo-murdered teen Aqsa Parvez has some justice.

Despite what both secularists and militant Muslims assert, the Western legal tradition is grounded in God, reason, and due process. Secularists would divorce religion and law; Muslim Brotherhood types would collapse law into religion.

Law must be grounded in the divine if it is to accord with justice, the will of God, and human dignity and freedom; yet it must accord with law and the built-up common law of precedent and principle if it is to be free of tyrants, the whim of mobs, and arbitrariness.

Hidden Slaves of Allah

In the case of hundreds of thousands of Muslim women living in sharia-zones in the Western world– including Canada– they are victims of Islamic supremacism, even though they live in a nation with laws and rights. Militants Muslims who consider the West evil, her laws infidel and inherently illegitimate, her freedoms mere chaos and anarchy– must refuse to integrate, according to their assumptions.

It’s good that Aqsa’s father and brother are facing serious jail-time, possibly without parole, for a so-called honour-killing. Far better if Aqsa still lived, and if Canada– like Germany and the UK– took the issues of forced marriage and honour killing seriously, and had resources available for the daughters of Muslim families who are at risk of abuse, violence, and murder.

Far better still if the mutated Muslim Brotherhood version of a twisted and woman-dominating religion founded by a man with a taste for children and concubines and slave-girls were not allowed to dominate 500 million women around the world. Aqsa is another victim of Muhammed.

Physician, Heal Thyself

Sadly, in our Western confusions, the social chaos of the last century does mean that our freedoms can tend to anarchy, our families tend to disintegration, and our adult-produced youth-culture tend to hook-ups and degradation and disease. Never mind Muslims criticizing us from the outside– our own best moral and legal and spiritual inheritance already judges us, whether we like it or not. Slavery, blood, and consequences pile up.

We have squandered the moral and spiritual inheritance of Western civilization over the past 100 years: whether we end up in dictatorship, chaos, or being conquered, the signs are all around us. But that’s our business– their insistence on submitting and judging us according to sharia is a case of not minding their own business, or the poverty, ignorance, and tyranny in their own home-countries.

In any case, thankfully the politically correct justice system in Canada– while it does not punish terrorists or would-be terrorists seriously, does still consider violence and repression of women as a bad thing.

Aqsa deserved it, and more– as do all future victims of the same in Canada and around the world. ~

A Parade Of Disneytutes

A Girl & One Of Her Exploiters

~ ITEM: ABC Pulls Ads From Perez Hilton Following Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo

~ THAT MILEY CYRUS is another in the line of Britney-Lindsay-Hillary Disney & Parent-exploited young women is hardly a surprise, given the general fate of child-stars since the advent of Hollywood and pop music. Can you say Joe Jackson?

With the Disney tarts, it’s how we roll: productize a young virgin, sell sell sell, buy buy buy… and ignore the burnout wreckage in the glittery glow of the newest Disney sacrifice. Shame on the parents, and on Disney, and on all of us for buying into it.


The truth leaked out on Miley a while back when her one-hit-wonder Dad/ manager/ pimp Billy Ray Cyrus let a controversial photog take grown-up pictures of the young lady for a magazine. Lotsa apologies and explanations ensued, but it all boils down to marketable talented girl as super-exploited product, headed for burnout, then leftover/ gossip mag cover. How sad to exploit fatherhood and a daughter’s love and desire to please into a business.

Indeed, such famehood is the highest good some people can imagine these days– witness the would-be stars crowding YouTube.. no thanks. That’s why I’m Teh Binks– partly for security, partly for privacy, but mostly because INAM. It’s Not About Me— in the real universe, and online, and in my own work and life. It’s not really about any of us, no matter our wealth or fame or qualities or lack thereof.

The Real Question

Long ago, Jesus put the matter simply– “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul?” What price Britney? Lindsay? Hillary? Miley? Are we our brother, our sister’s keeper? Are they not souls of infinite worth to their heavenly father, first and foremost?

Pray for the famous, especially the young, for their souls hang in the balance, and they are in the midst of a battle, and very many and great temptations. ~

Signs Of The Times

Rosett– “Whatever the final shape of history’s arc, right now it is bending toward an Iranian nuclear bomb, and a rising Iranian-centred axis of trouble that extends not only to Syria, Venezuela and North Korea, but to Turkey and Brazil (with China and Russia arranging for their cut of the action).”

~ ITEM: Victor Davis Hanson– Our incoherent foreign policy

~ ITEM: And Now, Ahmadinejad Goes to Istanbul; Iran Now Has Fuel for 2 Nuclear Weapons

~ LIKE SO MANY DANDELION seeds aloft, trying to keep track of all the big and little schemes and crises and Obama plans and Jihadi dreams and economic cracks in the West are impossible to keep in view.

Thankfully, despite the lunacies of the chattering and professorial classes, teh interwebs expose us to a wide range of wise, worthwhile, interesting, and informative voices. That’s why– despite my own opinions– I sort through and link to good sites, because so much of the whirlwind besetting us today is crisis overload mixed with info overload.

Party Polarities

The other problem I see is polarization– news and views over-filtered through political loyalties. For this news-digester, the Right– as a minority media voice– tends to fact-checking and a little less Leftolatrous ideology. Team-loyalty should never trump the love of truth, fairness, and remembrance that no matter how unlovable, tyrannous or blinkered, our opponents are still humans, to be won to a better way, or passionately opposed without dehumanizing them.

There are many and serious things unfolding in our world; things are not always as they seem; the evil in us and others is ever active; and yet if we seek to know and love in the midst of our wars and confusions, we shall at least leave the world better and brighter than we found it.

Utopians and Jihadists and all the other orcs are ever-busy: it is their religion, and their hope. Therefore, may all true men and women of the West be vigilant, alive, joyful, and deadly serious. For we are– even as in World War II– in the midst of a fight for the future of all we hold dear. ~

Duns Scotus Ad Roma

Caravaggio: The Martyrdom Of St. Peter

~ ITEM: “How did the Roman Catholic Church maintain its grip on European hearts and minds for so long?”

~ ITEM: Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Toledo Museum of Art, and I only wish I had visited the place earlier

~ ITEM: Nova Scotia Scott; Magic Statistics Blog (his first blog)

~ SOMETIME-BLOGGER NS-Scott & his Spoose Judy are back from weeks cavorting through Italy, including time with the Shroud of Turin, during this year’s special exhibition.

He noted the 2000+ year span of art, architecture, Christian sites, and amazing world-class sites all over the place in Italy– products of a Christian and Western culture, of good things created and enduring in fame because of their transcendent and innate power, beauty, and meaning.

Each cathedral, statue, painting, is a captivating reminder of better things, and an invitation to the mind & soul to awaken to beauty, goodness, and truth. Because the mind and soul live, we can reawaken to good things at surprising times and unexpected ways. As Scott said as we conversed on his trip, simply remove Christianity from Western arts & music, and there’s not much left.

That’s perhaps one reason why the Communists and Ottomans and Taliban-types liked wrecking-balls so much. To erase beauty, competing thoughts, any wrongthink.

I’ve written before on the importance of beauty and good books and culture as the things which feed the soul. Culture-wars are not the same thing as feeding on those good things; endless battlings dry up the soul of even the happiest of warriors, if time is not taken to enjoy, ponder, pass on the treasures which belong to us, and which utopians and Jihadists would erase– and with it, attempt to mutate and destroy human nature itself. ~

Leftard Jew-Hating

~ ITEM: Stanford political scientist Neil Malhotra and Columbia University’s Yotam Margalit recently conducted a study intended in part to “determine how anti-Semitic sentiments might relate to the ongoing financial crisis.”

~ ITEM: Glavin– “Something wholly new is emerging in Canada, in all the spaces where the Left used to be, in its activist constituencies, its traditional institutions, and its lexicon. Whatever name you want to give the thing, its noticeable features include a betrayal of progressive internationalism, a pathetic weakness for conspiracy theories, and a routine apologetics for antisemitism and terror”

~ ITEM: Weathering the approaching storm

~ ITEM: Fun With Racist Tricks– “the new anti-Semites cloak themselves in aggrieved counterclaims that supporters of Israel just seek to stifle legitimate debate about Israel

~ ODDLY ENOUGH, THE ENDLESS Lefty bashing of Nazism (as opposed to Commie-murderer loving) may have precipitated keeping the idea of “The Jews DidIt’ and “The JewsDeserveIt” in front of pop culture, and conspiracy theorists. That and the Nazi & Islamic roots of modern Middle Eastern Jew-hating fevers.

Whatever the source (and official human-rights Jewdom does bear some blame), the tide of ‘acceptable’ Jew-hatred seems to be rising, or at least coming to light again. And guess what?.. as with racism in the U.S., the Left & Democrats are in the lead.

In the politically incorrect re-writes of history, the Left are the nice guys who fight the tide of racist homophobic anti-semitic Rightwingness. In reality, the political left (socialist Germans or Lefter than Left Bolsheviks) and the Southern racist Democrats were the ones with blood on their hands and hate on their side. Retroactively, all the bad was put on the account of the Right, and the endless sermons of blaming the Right as the font of all evils ensued.

As this commentary has noted before, the Left & Islamism see many things eye-to-eye, not least Jew-bashing and the Protocols of the Elders Of Florida stuff. The rising tide of the oldest hatred is all around us in this already ugly century and millennium, and all Jews and their supporters and friends and supporters of Israel do well to keep an eye out for haters, and violence, and ugliness.. and be prepared for the politically correct police and authority to look away and do nothing. ~

Bang Bang, You’re Alive!

~ ITEM: Insty get yer gun: Instapundit reveals at what point he will haul out his guns. I happen to agree with him about the “signal” and what it would mean. And I say get your guns while you can.

~ ITEM: Did Kagan Compare the NRA with the KKK?

~ READY, AIM.. As a Bible-clinging bitter conservative gun-nut, I do think there are good reasons for families to be armed and trained in the use of same, self-defense but one.

Ultimately, freedom is not something given by others, or bestowed by government, but a gift of God, and taken in hand by our own willingness to fight and if need die to protect freedom and free societies– as well as free homes and communities.

Never let a crisis go to waste says Obama– and you know he wishes he didn’t have to pretend to go through the motions of American constitutional government to do his will and imposer his utopia. And in Canada, a pair of useless opposition parties and a Canadian tax-tit “Separatist” party let Canadian Tories rule in a rather high-handed way– since a weak opposition can be the prelude to a downgrading of democratic freedom.

A Gun Is…

A gun is a tool, not a toy– and the fact that Americans have been buying up .45ACP ammo and guns and all the rest shows that they recognize the threat to American freedoms posed by the ruling classes in Washington, whatever the party. The threat of gun-hating socialist lesbian Elena “NRA=KKK” Kagan as Obama’s latest offering to sit in the Supreme Court should alarm all freedom-loving Americans.

Canadians are more peaceable, and I sometimes wonder if we recognize the economic and political freedoms we’ve already surrendered in the last 75 years, let alone in the last 25. A disarmed populace is a passive and dependent one. Connecting criminal use of guns with law-abiding trained firearm use is political gamesmanship aimed at infantilizing us ever more in the cradle-to-grave nanny-state we have demanded and our elites have provided using our wealth.

Just sayin’ is all. ~

Denzel Does Right

~ ITEM: The Book of Eli Movie

~ POST-APOCALYPTISTAN— in another movie. But Mad Max this isn’t. Back in the day, one of those post-nuclear war movies mad for TV had a scene of a partially wrecked church with a pastor and a few people in the pews going on in an ineffectual manner about God’s comfort or something. The message was clear– end of the world? Where’s your God now? Duh, stupid Christians.

I always thought that sort of neener-neener despair was unfair as an account of what the Gospel is, how it transforms people, and– indeed– how Christians actually operate in the face of disaster and need. Welcome to a better take.

It’s post-Apocalyptistan, and Eli is a walker headed west, bearing a message from The Time Before (the end of the world as we know it).. the last Bible. Thankfully the movie is un-preachy and hard-hitting and the performances (including Gary Oldman as the antagonist) are well-done. That is: it’s a movie and a great story first, not an apologetic thinly clad in a script.

As C.S. Lewis once put it, the redeeming of culture and society comes not only through explicitly ‘Christian’ art and movies and books, but through serious Christians doing their best in whatever fields they find themselves, and redeeming the good things there.

For example, Christian music should be good music first, not either (a) rewarmed pop, or (2) bad music with religiously correct lyrics. Sincerity does not cover a multitude of musical or lyrical sins.

Denzel Washington is a Christian himself, and so is his character of Eli in the powerful hit movie The Book Of Eli. If this doesn’t get Denzel an Oscar, it’s because Hollywood doesn’t want to get it, and hates deliberate religiousity, even when done right, and very very well.

Rent, buy, and enjoy. ~

Begging To Differ

~ DANISH PARVEZ really doesn’t like this picture at all, and takes some time to comment. Binky takes time to respond. Feel free to comment below … (Steynian)

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In Case Of Zombies

Sneak Peak: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Official Trailer

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The Progressive/ Utopian/ Jihadi Dream

“As we have repeatedly warned for years, the federal government is desperate to seize control of the Internet because the establishment is petrified at the fact that alternative and independent media outlets are now eclipsing corporate media outlets in terms of audience share, trust, and influence.”

~ Paul Joseph Watson ~

~ VERY VERY VERY BAD IDEA— “Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has drafted a bill that will give the President the power to shut down parts of the Internet during any action he deems a national security threat…. The point of this bill is preventing opposition to an illegitimate government from being organized in any way.”; Internet ‘kill switch’ would give President power to shut down the web …. (

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June 2010

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~ HOW DID WE EVER SURVIVE? Jungle gyms, diving boards, and seesaws seem relics of some past civilization.. Never mind the dreaded burning-hot metallic slides. Saith Binks– seems to me it taught kids how to play, and that even play could be dangerous (like real life) so you had to take care. Imagine what our current nanny-ninnies would make of one episode, where Teh Young Binks was on a very tall metal slide which actually fell over sideways once I’d climbed it. No problem: I rode it down and jumped off before it hit the ground. Are over-protected kids really so safer in the real world because of over-protection, safety-signage, and sissified super-safe ‘play environments’? …. (classicalvalues)

Perlious Playground Death-Slide Of Ultimate Evil

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~ MORALLY INSANE Lawsuit Seeks Order Forcing Canadian Blood Services to Accept Blood from Homosexuals, because the 2% of Canadian people engaged in sexual behaviour which exposes them to fatal and/ or debilitating blood-carried diseases which potential donors would then pass on to others have.. erm– well, a right to.. uh …. (lifesitenews)

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~ WARM FUZZIES— The difference between Right and Left, By Donald Sensing– JammieWearingFool posts, “Aspiring UK Labour Leader: Hey, Wouldn’t It Be Cool to Go Back and Assassinate Thatcher?” …. (

~ DOUG GILES— Purple Hearts and Jersey Shore Tarts …. (

~ THE NEO-KGB KEEPS BUSY— Pre-Crime laws are coming to Russia. Next up: You’re All Guilty Until Proven Not Proven Guilty Yet laws …. (xanthippa)

~ EXPENDABLE CRIPPLE Andrea Bocelli Was Worth The Risk; and Bocelli: A Story About a Mother and Her Baby …. (,

~ THE ATHEIST-DOMINATED National Academy of Sciences — Scientists assume the truth of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution without having the empirical evidence to prove it …. (humanevents)

~ SHE BEGS TO DIFFER— Dawn Eden on Theology of the Body …. (merecomments)

~ A NEW STUDY Shows Males Receive Harsher Sentences for Crime than Females …. (glennsacks)

~ ODDLY ENOUGH— A graduation card sold at local stores has been pulled from shelves after a civil rights group raised concerns about the alleged “black ho” content …. (davidthompson)

~ CLOSET CONSERVATIVE— Just go read everything by everyone’s fave Jewhadi & Community Organizer …. (

~ THE MASK SLIPS— academic whores Prominent professors endorse plan to skew research for “battle with conservative ideas” …. (

~ WHAT DO YOU MEAN “YOUR” KIDS? “There are many things to deplore about the lurid sexual education component of the new curriculum which the McGuinty has proposed for all Ontario primary schools”.. Saith Binks: …not least the always-fail record of Sex-ed, the cheap medicalization of mystery, the pornification of young minds, and the lame and obvious social engineering of the sexologists. Plus: Sex-Ed Ambiguities: The latest research raises more questions than it answers …. (theinterim,

~ ADSCAM Back To Inconvenience Nervous, Fearful Liberals …. (

~ WHAT HATE LOOKS LIKE— “You have no doubt been reading about recent comments made by the NDP’s Deputy Leader, Libby Davies, who stated very clearly at an anti-Israel rally that the occupation of the Palestinian territories began in 1948, rather than in 1967. This kind of rhetoric is tantamount to declaring that Israel has no right to exist at all.”; PM Harper on the brutal anti Israeli sentiments of the NDP …. (transmontanus, vladtepes)

~ WORD FROM THE EXPERTS @ PBS: More Christian Terrorists Than Muslim Terrorists …. (

~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Do beliefs have to be proven scientifically to be true? …. (winteryknight)

~ GOO GOO GA GA— “Darlings! Why aren’t you looking at me? I am in my underwear again. Doesn’t that stimulate you and shock you? Are you not provoked?” …. (theanchoress)

~ ON WATERGATE— “As to why the history of such an important event still remains unsolved after all these years, why, it’s the Narrative Principle at work. The Narrative is that Nixon was bad and evil, and had to be brought down by in a grand political pageant orchestrated by the sainted MSM, by that heroic whistle-blower named John Dean! As to the details, they don’t matter.” …. (classicalvalues)

~ CONRAD BLACK— “Stephen Harper has shown foresight and political courage by turning Canada into Israel’s greatest friend in the world” …. (

~ HINDU HONOUR-KILLING: What a Difference Christianity Makes …. (

~ OPEN SEASON ON JEWS— When hatred dresses up at a dinner party …. (life.nationalpost)

~ PETER SINGER: ‘Why Not Sterilize the Human Race into Extinction?’ …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ AFTER AMERICA, There Is No Place To Go …. (

~ CARDINAL LAMENTS Italy’s ‘demographic suicide’ …. (

Video: “New Threats to Freedom” from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education


So It’s Hussein, Right?
“‘The American president told me in confidence that he is a Muslim,’ said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV.”

~ Via Ghost of a Flea, and here ~

~ OBAMA SUPPORTS Sharia Law and Constitutional Change In Kenya. Islamic Killer Bomb Blasts Anti-Sharia Political Rally …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SHARIA— Sharia Law Now A Reality In Obama’s America — Non-Muslims Arrested for Attending an Arab {Muslim} Festival in Dearborn: “Breaching the Peace” …. (, atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE LONG BOTCH— Oilbama’s Waterloo Timeline …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ GET THE BOOK— The Manchurian President; The Pathology of Media Denial …. , dianawest

~ NASTY OPPORTUNISM? Obama using BP oil crisis to fundraise? ‘The thought is mind boggling…who would politicize a national catastrophe?’ …. (therealbarackobama)

~ 57 DAYS LATER— The U.S. Government has apparently reconsidered a Dutch offer to supply 4 oil skimmers …. (mitchieville)

~ DEMOCRAT ROYALTY— Fake apology right on cue, translation: “uh, now that I got caught red-handed assaulting a kid in a video that’s gone viral and can’t be stopped, I’ll pretend that I regret my inexcusable behavior so I don’t get charged with a crime or lose my job.”; Etheridge & feeling ambushed …. (atlasshrugs2000, theanchoress)

~ LOTSA GOODNESS— Larwyn’s Linx: Stuck on Stupid — Obama’s Bizarre Czar Fetish …. (

~ MAFIA-THINK— Barack Obama’s analogy between the Gulf oil spill and 9/11: dirty politics from the Chicago school …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ SCOTUS-WARS: Documents Show Kagan is Far-Left …. (orthodoxytoday)


~ SO JUST HOW BAD will the Oil Spill get? By Donald Sensing– According to this oil industry expert, worse than you have ever imagined; and “The Gulf – It Is Worse Than We Thought” …. (, classicalvalues)

~ ALMOST 2 MONTHS LATER— Karl Rove previews Obama Oval Office speech on oil fiasco …. (mofopolitics)

~ THE BIG PICTURE? Obama Puppetmaster Soros To Profit From Oil Disaster? …. (

~ HEROICAL POTUS Obama Declares War on Oil– The president’s ridiculous Oval Office address; Why does Obama think that cap and trade laws will stop the Gulf spill? …. (, winteryknight)

~ THE QUESTION ABIDES— Is Obama mentally ill? …. (

~ THE OTHER McCAIN— Olby, Matthews, Fineman Notice That Obama’s Rhetoric Is Kind of Nebulous; 9/11 families’ fury as Obama compares BP oil spill to Twin Towers attack …. (

~ O WHAT A TANGLED WEB.. Politically Correct BP and Rahm Ehmanuel’s 5 Years of Free Rent in DC …. (americanthinker)

~ THE ANCHORESS— Obama’s BP Speech Set to Music …. (firstthings)

~ REALITY BITES— Olberman: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.” …. (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— Lazy Laggard Lawyer’s Lawsuit Lust Looms …. (

~ DON’T FORGET ACORN— Employees tell FBI that ACORN “deliberately promotes election fraud” and that it “works” for the Democratic Party …. (

~ INDIANA GOVERNOR says national debt is as big a threat to U.S. as terrorism …. (

~ IT GETS MUCH WORSE — “Good News! Huge Amounts of Methane Gas Spewing Into Gulf From Oil Spill, Called “Largest Methane Eruption in Modern Human History”  …. (Wz)

~ BOLSHIES ON THE MARCH— Obama’s Marxist allies move forward on healthcare, socialist agenda …. (therealbarackobama)

~ OBAMA= VOTE-FRAUD VICTORY? Arthur Furano voted early — five days before Election Day. And he voted often, flipping the lever six times for his favorite candidate …. (FT)

~ MORE UNEMPLOYMENT— Does Obama Have A Clue… as to how much economic damage his ban on offshore oil drilling can cause?; President Obama is using the tragedy of the oil spill to further his political agenda, all at the expense of Louisiana jobs …. (, humanevents)

~ ANOTHER DUMB Redneck Retard that Obama will ignore …. (iowntheworld)

Crude Oil, Transmission Fluid, and Diesel

~ YET AGAIN, AGAIN— “Obama’s Speech Raises Question: Where Does He Get the Authority to ‘Inform’ a Private Company That It Must Surrender Its Money?”; and The BP Opportunity-Crisis in “a Formerly Western-Way Country” …. (cnsn, dianawest)

~ OBAMA’S POLICIES hardening positions of allies. ‘Only if you adopt an anti-U.S. stance will the White House pay you’ …. (therealbarackobama)

~ OBAMA-BUDDY– BBC: Venezuela orders arrest of TV owner critical of Chavez …. (IFPS)

~ SURVEY SAYS.. Barack Obama Is Less Popular Than Offshore Drilling: BP News Round-Up …. (

~ SO WHO WAS SAYING what Obama said they were saying? …. (

~ THE ETERNAL SALESMAN— “Once again, President Obama channels Oscar Wilde, who famously said the only thing he couldn’t resist was temptation. So it is with Obama’s attempt to turn the Gulf oil debacle into a reason why America should embrace his cap-and-tax energy policy” …. (

~ OBAMA ANNOUNCES Terrorist Stimulus Plan …. (


~ GAZA FAUXTILLA II— Iranian War Ships Head for Gaza: Media Affectionately calls them “Aid Ships”.. All of this provocation by the forces of evil would not have been possible if there had not been a vacuum caused by the absence of American leadership on the international stage …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CAROLINE GLICK WARNS— Hamas rises in the West; New postings of We Con the World; Defend free speech – support Latma; YouTube silences Latma, removes We Con the World …. (carolineglick)

~ SNARL, HISS— The Guardian ‘Reviews’ Melanie Phillips’ new The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth and Power …. (

IDF troops defend themselves against terrorists

~ MO’ MOTOONS— More, Still, Again? Diana West: South Africa’s cartoon crisis; plus Just not Mohamed’s face book. Diana West on Facebook dhimmitude; and the IFPS– Facebook outstrips Arab newspapers – survey …. (IFPS)

~ BREATH OF THE BEAST— Israel’s Right to Exist- Hypothetical?; and Political Realism- Kill the Jews! …. (

~ TRUTH BE TOLD, There is no Israel-Palestinian problem– American Thinker: Eternal Islamic Enmity toward the Jews …. (

~ DELIGHTFUL ISLAMIC Child marriage still alive in Malaysia …. (CinC)

~ SO WHY IS THE U.S. government threatening famous Hamas informant with deportation? …. (

~ DANISH MEMBER of Parliament Faces Charges for Making “Anti-Muslim” Comments …. (weaselzippers)

~ THE JIHAD FAUXTILLAS: Melding Propaganda with Violence; plus “Lebanese Muslim women and dhimmi Christian women plan Fraud Flotilla 2.0 aboard the “Maryam” …. (jihadwatch)

~ JOIN UP NOW— SIOA GROUP HITS 10,000! “Whoop, there it is…. The Stop the Islamization of America Facebook group hit 10,000 today, June 14th, flag day. What a perfect birthday present” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ UNSPEAKABLE— Deporting ‘Son of Hamas’: A Death Sentence– The U.S. may send an antiterror agent back to the West Bank …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IS THIS AMERICA? Christian activists arrested in Dearborn just for showing up at Arab Festival; 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns lower court’s ruling prohibiting Christians from distributing leaflets at Dearborn Arab-American festival …. (

Fun At The 2009 Festival

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT— “Yep, the Woodrow Wilson Center is Honoring the Foreign Minister of Turkey”; What Kind of Washington Fools Would Honor Turkey’s Foreign Minister? …. (claudiarosett)

~ JUDITH MILLER— New Yorkistan? Initial lessons from the latest homegrown terror plot …. (

Who (What) Is Behind the Peace Flotilla?

“Starving” in Gaza, 2010

~ FIGHTBACK IN FRANKISTAN— Paris: Despite ban, hundreds show for pork and wine party at Arc de Triomphe …. (IFPS)

French Cuisine verboten in Frankistan?

~ IT’S WARFARE via landmark– The Ground Zero Mosque and Conquest …. (americanthinker)

~ BRUCE BAWER — “I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth About Islam” …. (

~ UN CHIEF STILL pursuing international probe of Gaza flotilla clash …. (ICEJ)

~ URBAN INFIDEL— Ground Zero Mosque Protest New York City …. (

~ THE LONDON TIMES provides more details on the Taliban’s recent hanging of a 7-year-old boy …. (timesonline)

~ FROM CONVENT to Mosque… on Staten Island …. (

‘The Three Terrors in Concert’

~ FAUXTILLANESS— “North Korea sinks a South Korean ship; hundreds of thousands of people die in the Sudan; millions die in the Congo. But 10 men die …. (MaD)

~ SHARIA FOR UNCLE SAM? White House Official Endorses Universal Caliphate …. (

~ BOOK REVIEW Q&A: Andrew C. McCarthy, Author of the The Grand Jihad, By Diana West …. (dianawest)

~ RELIGION OF… Intel Memos Warn Radical Cleric’s Call to Kill Americans May Inspire Attacks …. (FOX)

~ THOSE MANLY TALIBAN— The Glorious Resistance Against Schoolchildren …. (

~ VIA NATPOST— Burka redeux: a Pew forum …. (np)

~ FAUXTILLA I REVIEW— Will Turkey’s blockade-running mean NATO’s end? …. (

~ COWARDICE— Censorship Alert: shut down by WordPress …. (antikafirphobia, sheikyermami)

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— the jihad was apparently just fine with eBay and Paypal …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ A NEW VIDEO SHOWS Gaza Flotilla Leader Instructing “Peace Activists” to Throw Israeli Soldiers Into the Sea, Crowd Chants “Allahu Akbar”…; This Article Is Viciously Biased, Manipulative …. (weaselzippers)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Western “Understanding” of Muslim Turkey—Same Rec[e]pe for Disaster?; “Mas-Kom-Ya” Erdogan, and His Ur-Jew Hatred …. (

~ HEARTWARMING Muslim Protesters Disrupt UK Soldiers’ Homecoming; Dr Roy: “Vile pigs. Let all the world see them for what they are” …. (

~ PROXY-WARS: Muslim Student Association (MSA) Banned from College Campus — Ooorah! …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CHOPPITY-CHOP! — This family of immigrants to multicultural Canada was hailed as an example of Islamic compatibility with Western values – up until last Sunday, when the teen girl on the left was stabbed by her motherfor shaming the family by staying out late …. (sheikyermami, JiWa)

~ THE NOBLE ARMY OF MARTYRS— “Get the international community to put pressure on the Afghan government to stop killing, persecuting and executing Afghan Christians” …. (

~ VIDEO: Highlights from the Protest Against the Islamic Supremacist Mega Mosque at Ground Zero: “Not Not, Not Ever” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ DEFINING DEFEAT downwards in Afghanistan, by Melanie Phillips …. (spectator)

The One About Iran

~ WAKE UP PEOPLE! “Andrew McCarthy takes on the mistaken idea our “leaders” keep perpetuating that somehow “islamic extremists” are not following their “peaceful religion” as it was intended by Mo” …. (

~ HECTOR ALEEM, charged with blasphemy in Pakistan for protesting the destruction of a church, disappears from prison after death threats …. (jihadwatch)

~ REAL CHARMERS, THIS AL-Q FAMILY— Sex assault charges mark new chapter in Khadr family saga …. (

~ NOW, CALL IT “.. what you want – terrorists, radical Islamic extremists, man made catastrophes, insert your favorite politically correct term here – destroyed the Twin Towers and murdered 3,000 people on 9/11. They were Jihadists…period. Are we going to let them build a mosque 600 feet from where the towers once stood?” …. (

~ CALIPHATE DREAMS in Chicago and Australia …. (

~ A BALLET From Israel’s Partner for Peace …. (

~ EVER-TOLERANT PAKISTAN May Seek Death Penalty For Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg For “Blasphemy Against Prophet Mohammed” …. (weaselzippers)

~ ARAB MONEY— World Trade Center Investor Controversy: Potential owner has ties to Islamic Middle East …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PRETZELISTAN— UK: Plastic bags to be put over “terror cameras” to avoid offending Muslims …. (jihadwatch)

No Laughing Matter: Hamas


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