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~ WHAT ARE THE sources of freedom handed on to us from English common law? Pride of place is often reserved for the Great Charter (Magna Carta) of 1215; but that document itself derived and built upon an earlier declaration: The Charter Of Liberties of 1100, issued by Henry I on his coming to the throne.

The earlier Charter cleaned up the mess of 1066 and later, especially the big-government approach of Henry’s brother Red William, who never met a new tax, empty church see, or unreasonable exaction he didn’t like. Henry instituted circuit courts, orderly means of good government, and ruled fairly but firmly.

Far from being a dry 900 year old irrelevance, the Charter of Liberties (like the Magna Carta) are worth reading and pondering precisely because the same issues are ever with us, especially in the claims of government and rulers to be all-powerful and arbitrary. Henry hit rewind, and reaffirmed the laws and practices of his father (William the Conqueror), and (skipping King Harold) of Edward the Confessor before that.

In Their Own Words

The Charter was issued from the Norman Chapel in the Tower of London in 1100– but read and you can find echoes of our present concerns and debates:

Henry, king of the English, to Bishop Samson and Urso de Abetot and all his barons and faithful, both French and English, of Worcestershire, [copies were sent to all the shires] greeting.

1.) I, Henry, by the grace of God having been crowned the King of England, shall not take or sell any property from a Church upon the death of a bishop or abbot, until a successor has been named to that Church property. I shall end all the oppressive practices which have been an evil presence in England.

2.) If any baron or earl of mine shall die, his heirs shall not be forced to purchase their inheritance, but shall retrieve it through force of law and custom.

3.) Any baron or earl who wishes to betroth his daughter or other women kinsfolk in marriage should consult me first, but I will not stand in the way of any prudent marriage. Any widow who wishes to remarry should consult with me, but I shall abide by the wishes of her close relatives, the other barons and earls. I will not allow her to marry one of my enemies.

4.) Any wife of my barons, who becomes a widow shall not be denied her dowry. She should be allowed to remarry according to her wishes, so long as she maintains the integrity of her body, in a lawful manner. Barons overseeing the children of a dead baron shall maintain their land and interest in a lawful manner.

5.) Common seigniorages taken in the cities and counties, not in the time of Edward I (Edward the Confessor) shall henceforth be forbidden.

6.) I shall remit all debts and pleas which were owing to my brother, except those which were lawfully made through an inheritance.

7.) If any of my barons should grow feeble, and give away money or other possessions, these shall be honored, so long as the heirs are properly remembered. Gifts given by feeble barons under force of arms shall not be enforced.

8.) If any of my barons commit a crime, he shall not bind himself to the crown with a payment as was done in the time of my father and brother, but shall stand for the crime as was custom and law before the time of my father, and make amends as are appropriate. Anyone guilty of treachery or other heinous crime shall make proper amends.

9.) I forgive all murders committed before I was crowned. Subsequent murders shall stand before the justice of the Crown.

10.) With the common consent of my barons, I shall maintain all the forests as was done in the time of my father.

11.) Those knights who render military service and horses shall not be required to give grain or other farm goods to me.

12.) I impose a strict peace on the land, and command it be maintained.

13.) I restore the law of King Edward and the amendments which my father introduced upon the advice of his barons.

14.) Anything taken from me after the death of my father shall be returned immediately, without fine. If it is not returned, a heavy fine shall be enforced.

Witnesses Maurice bishop of London, and William bishop elect of Winchester, and Gerard bishop of Hereford, and earl Henry, and earl Simon, and Walter Giffard,and Robert de Montfort, and Roger Bigot, and Eudo the steward, and Robert son of Hamo, and Robert Malet. At London when I was crowned. Farewell.

Yours & Mine

Our common legal heritage belongs to and is the responsibility of all. The Christian and reasonable principles upon which that inheritance stands cannot be abolished by activist or kangaroo courts, nor via fatally flawed modern constitutions or the whims of the moment. This treasure is yours, as an heir and guardian of freedom and duty under good government, and deserves to be remembered and taught and handed on. ~

Conservatives Are Sometimes Imperfect!

~ ITEM: Terry Glavin begs to differ— Hats Off To Jonathon Kay: Against Denialism

~ ITEM: On the “Fascism and Communism Are the Same” Meme: Why We’re All F*cking Doomed; and “Because Invading Their Countries, Killing Their Leaders and Converting Them To Christianity Is Harder Than It Looks

~ I REALLY LIKE Terry Glavin’s stuff, and Skippy Stalin has received lotsa links from this website over the years. However, I’m a little worried that they’ve got bash conservativitis on the brain.

OK, the conservatives can sometimes be as addled, inbred and misinformed as anybody else. Conservativeness isn’t infallibility. However, we’re comparing apples and hand-grenades.

Consider: the Western LibSupremacy in media, politics, academia and the whole utopian world-gov thing means that conservatives are coming from behind in terms of market-share, commonly accepted wisdom, and real-world power. Free Mark Steyn is not a multibillion dollar media-conglomerate with a staff of thousands… nor is Mark Steyn himself. Whatever her imperfections, Anne Coulter won’t soon have the power to turn of the internet at her say-so, unlike Obama.

Yes, we need to fact-check, and beware partisan group-think, and the easy echo-chamber repetition. No, all American conservative talk-radio folks are not infallible pundits. FOX TV can be embarrassing. So?

Your Alternative?

The alternative is not some magic world of ideologically pure superhero conservative saints, but more Liberal domination, group-think, and silencing of any and all opposition– so they are free to do what they want to their victims.

Anti-con sniping as a way of avoiding the real issues– utopian progs taking over the planet by hook and crook, rewriting history, criminalizing freedom and dissent– turns out to be slavish naiveté at worst, if well-intended cautionary commentary at best. Pot-shots at conservatives who err– or who are perhaps a bit off– doesn’t redeem the cause.

Anti-cons should look around them and ask if they really want to be on the same side as Francois Houle & Allan Rock and The Screaming NDP Girl (in the Coulter thing), or on the side of neo-marxist academics when it comes to apologia for the Soviet Union and Communist China. Really? REALLY?

Facts are facts and truth is truth– let’s not be embarrassed by the fight-back against progressive utopianism unless we have a reasonable alternative way of going about it. Not so much? Then get on board, or get on the other side if that’s where the argument leads you– sitting on the fence with both ears to the ground is an uncomfortable place to sit. ~

Bink’s Bookshelf

~ ITEM: The Gargoyle

~ JUST FINISHED an amazing read: The Gargoyle, by Canadian author Andrew Davidson.

It’s an ambitiously written Dantesque poetical medieval modern story about a burn victim– an atheist and former pornographer– who is brought back to inward life by a mysterious and beautiful sculptress, Marianne. It includes some truly stunning revisiting of Dante’s Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, in a modern vein.

Part classical, part spiritual journey, part historical mystery, it’s a hauntingly beautiful romance– without being a chick-book. Check it out. ~

P.S. Binky is now finishing Antonia Fraser’s Cromwell, half-way through Thomas Costain’s The Conquerers, and is awaiting Boswell’s Life Of Johnson.

Links Related To The New GG

~ ITEM: Ontario academic David Johnston will become next governor general

~ ITEM: Following the uproar over University of Waterloo professor Mohamed Elmasry’s controversial comments

~ ITEM: University of Waterloo Muslim Students’ Association

~ ITEM: New Canadian Governor General Spearheaded Pro-Gay Adoption/IVF Report

~ IT LOOKS LIKE the new Canadian GG = Typical academic liberal: pro-death, pro-Multicult (though the MSA is a hardcore sharia-supremacist group in agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood). Exactly why is Stephen Harper considered a conservative, anyway?

Was there NOBODY else out of 33 million people who might suit? A patriot, and possible pro-monarchy type? Reasonably conservative? ~

Crazy Gibson

~ TO ANYONE familiar with the signs, Mel Gibson is mentally ill. Probably needs Lithium, counselling, and support along with detox. Mel is a deeply sick but amazingly talented man who has probably suffered manic depression and some psychoses for decades, but whilst his crazy entertained us, who cared if he thought he was a chicken?– we enjoyed the eggs.

Now, ever since he defied Hollywood and liberal wisdom with the very Catholic and unforgivably successful movie The Passion, it’s feeding-frenzy time. Since he’s not a gliberal, there’s no Roman Polanski-ish chorus of sympathetic defenders banding together to plead mercy and understanding.

Make no mistake– he’s said and done some horrible things if recent reports are accurate. But if Teh Binks is also right about the illnesses involved, then he needs treatment as well as opprobrium and criminal consequences. Otherwise, you’re just battling the symptoms.

Is there anyone who can convince a billionaire Hollywood bigshot to get on his meds, and to stop self-medicating with booze and bimbos? After all, Mel is a human being, and obviously in deep personal crisis. Are we our brother’s keeper, or not?

In any case, the gliberal and media hate-fest makes this culture-watcher boil. ~

Warning Signs For Christians?

~ ITEM: Redefining the First Freedom

~ ITEM: New York Public School Teaches Children that ‘Religion is a Disease’

~ ITEM: Shocking Setback for Religious Freedom in Supreme Court

~ ITEM: Academic Freedom For Christians? No Way!

~ ITEM: To a certain secularist mindset, any mention of God is a danger to public life, and any legal recognition of religion is but a short step away from theocracy; God’s place in Charter challenged

~ THE LEADING TARGETS of radical regimes– after the police, the army, and the professoriate– are the religious folks. The serious ones, not the Episcotyrian progressiver than thou types, who are already happy slaves of the moment.

In North America, classically-minded Christians and Jews are not particularly welcome in the public square. They are, after all, narrow-minded supernaturalist bigots who would take over the country if they could. They deny the sufficiency of human nature under a caring if all-powerful government to attain fullness and perfection by our sincere endeavour and best intentions. They are traitors to the progressive hope, to human rights, to liberation of the human spirit (as approved by The Masters).

It’s not a surprise, but jellified Western Christians will find marginalization or persecution because of their faith a little difficult at first. Those who consider themselves truly ‘liberal’ will have to ask themselves if they really do care about freedom for all, or not– or if some pigs are more equal than others.

The Left will find friends with the Jihad in undermining and semi-criminalizing authentic and serious Christianity– watch for it. Then comes the death-match between Islamofascism and utopian-fascism.

I Told You So. ~

Prayer Rebels!

~ ITEM: Hitchens and the Subversive Liberty of Prayer; The Hitchens/Prayer Debate

~ ITEM: Christopher Hitchens on his memoir, Hitch-22

~ HE WAS UTTERLY ADAMANT— though baptised an Anglican, he wanted me (the parish priest) to deface the baptismal register by removing his name, because he was now a Jehovah’s Witness.

What The?– I pointed out to him that such a defacing was illegal, since baptismal records are also used for state records; and that whether he liked or agreed with his baptism or not, it had happened for reals. If it was invalid, some pen-scratches wouldn’t make a difference; if it was valid and real, then scribbling it out couldn’t change the spiritual facts, even if he rejected his new birth in God for a cult (I didn’t say cult).

So should we pray for acerbic atheist pundit Christopher Hitchens? God loves him whether he likes it or not, and we can pray for all sorts and conditions of men, even those who might rather we’d not. The Anchoress nails it: behold the subversive liberty of prayer, a power and mystery of God’s cooperation in and through our beseechings to change hearts and minds and the world. Even praying for someone (or quietly believing in God) is offensive to some anti-theists.

Um.. well– tough titty. Christopher Hitchens was baptised, and is not– as a creature of God– cut off from the life of God in him and through him because by definition (as St. Paul quoted the old pagan poets) In Him we live and move and have our being. If he was literally cut off from God, Chris Hitchens would literally cease to exist.

If prayer is fantasy, then praying for him is an exercise in well-wishing. If prayer is what it is, then praying for Hitchens is a salutary exercise– first, that he be healed, and through that, come to believe and be forgiven his sins. God is not done with any of us yet– possibly including remedial grace in the front porch of the world to come.


What would be interesting to ask some former noted British atheists is: would you wish folks had prayed for you during your unbelief? Not in-your-face nenner-neenerism, but genuine askings for God’s enlivening mercy and grace on a soul in need of it.

Such I was once upon a time– and indeed my grandmother prayed for me to return to God, as later I did. She wished the best for me– not the best as I conceived it myself, but as God intended, which is our beginning and ending and return to him. ~

Big Screen: Toy Story 3

~ ITEM: ‘Toy Story 3’: Barbie’s words on ‘the consent of the governed’

~ ITEM: Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs

~ THE LATEST Toy Story is great. Unlike TS2, it returned to some of the darker themes of the ground-breaking first movie. In an era when we pablumize kids books and ban slides and consider failure to recycle the greatest moral failing, it’s a welcome return to authentic story-telling.

There are scary characters– who yet have choices to be redeemed or not. There is a kindergarten-cum-stalag where the toys must escape, and a very Dantesque scene of the main heroes plunging to their dooms in a giant fiery pit. The flip side? Choices matter; character matters; self-sacrifice may be needed to do real and lasting good, and evil must be fought.

One of the most telling moments– in what may be an anti-Obama shot– is when Barbie (yes, THAT Barbie) speaks out for freedom for herself and the other toys with the Jeffersonianish line “Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

Bigger Than We Thought

What I find interesting about such real stories is how they escape the dominant nicey-nice world-view. Like the much-maligned 1998 flick What Dreams May Come, the new-agey happy version of heaven is not the entire story– the universe turns out to be bigger and more complicated than originally thought. The main character (played by Robin Williams) must descend into hell to rescue his wife from her hellish prison of despair.

The writers of the TS3 script seem to understand the actual world kids live in, the real threats facing us, and the fact that the line between good and evil runs through each individual heart. We all have choices to make.

Go see Toy Story 3– it’s a solid 9.0. ~

“Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

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“Freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility. Americans know this from experience – almost every town in this country has its monuments honoring those who sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom, both at home and abroad. The preservation of freedom calls for the cultivation of virtue, self-discipline, sacrifice for the common good and a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate. It also demands the courage to engage in civic life and to bring one’s deepest beliefs and values to reasoned public debate. In a word, freedom is ever new. It is a challenge held out to each generation, and it must constantly be won over for the cause of good.”

~ Benedict XVI ~

~ POPE BENEDICT XVI on Freedom …. (

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~ TO A CERTAIN secularist mindset, any mention of God is a danger to public life, and any legal recognition of religion is but a short step away from theocracy; God’s place in Charter challenged …. (nationalpost)


America: Where even someone who’s probably not American can steal the Presidency!

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~

~ BLOCKBUSTER— Obama seems to have abused the electoral process; Democrat’s Documentary: Evidence Shows Obama Stole Election …. (youtube,

~ HATEFUL BOOK— ‘Manchurian President’ on New York Times Political Best Sellers List for July …. (therealbarackobama)

~ OBAMA GETS 3 UNDER PAR— Meanwhile, Via Foxnews: the new containment cap appears to have stemmed oil flow from BP Horizon leak. Keep your fingers crossed …. (SDA,

~ OH NO HE DI’I’N’T! The President of the European Commission said the new era at the White House was in danger of becoming a “missed opportunity” for Europe …. (angilbertpress)

~ A TEN STEP PROGRAM for Obama by Victor Davis Hanson …. (

~ SOCIALIST International Works on ‘Global Governance’ agenda, Obama allies in attendance …. (realbarackobama)

~ MYPETJAWA— As Transparent As A 55 Gallon Drum Of Crude …. (mypetjawa)

~ RACIST LAW-BREAKING— Justice Department and Media Ignore Black Panther Case; also Black Panther Gives Bin Laden a Hand …. (, strictlyright)

~ OILED DOLPHIN cries and then dies …. (uppitywoman08)

~ GARY CLEMENT on the growing oil-spill estimate …. (nationalpost)

Important Reminder

~ KUHNER: Why Obama is a cultural Muslim – Washington Times …. (

~ WHAT’S UP, EXACTLY? New START and Obama’s Mysterious Trip to Russia …. (blogs.investors)

~ ED DRISCOLL— Why Do the New Black Panthers So Hate President Obama? …. (eddriscoll)

Pensacola Beach Daily Spill Report–July 8, 2010

~ THE AMERICAN EMPEROR— It’s like he’s not even trying, anymore …. (theanchoress)

~ WHITE HOUSE dismisses critics, defends Obama’s golf outings during Gulf crisis …. (bloviator)

~ STRICTLY RIGHT— Obama vs. the People …. (

~ CONVICTED FELONS, ACORN pet project may determine country’s leadership …. (RBO)

~ PENSACOLA Councilman says BP is dumping white sand on beaches to cover up oil …. (uppitywoman08)

~ GERALDO TAKES ON New Black Panther Party Leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz …. (therealbarackobama)

~ NASA Outreach Program ‘Confirmed’ Despite White House Denial, Rep Says …. (fox)

~ DEEPWATER Horizon Reporting Deep-Sixed; Batchelor: Gulf of Despond 2 …. (therealbarackobama)

Obama Beach

~ GULF OIL Spill Ethics …. (

~ WHILE OBAMA GOLFED— Scientist Says Oxygen-Depletion Problem in Gulf Is Real …. (

~ OBAMA’S RATIONER In Chief: Rationing For Thee, Not For Me …. (

~ MERCATORNET— The real story of the suburban spies …. (

~ ARE THERE Racial, gender quotas in U.S. financial bill? …. (ideasinactiontv)

~ OUR FIRST American Chairman: America’s Blind Fuhrer…. (

~ DIANA WEST— Steele’s Trap and Petraeus’ “Human Terrain” …. (dianawest)

~ RED INK RISING: Nation’s Deficit Soars Above $1 Trillion Mark …. (abc)

~ KAGAN’S cookbook: The joy of tyranny …. (WaTi)

~ WEIGEL, Rest of the Left Change the Facts on the New Black Panther Case …. (

~ HE AIN’T HEAVY, he’s my genocidal, hallucinatory, two-faced ‘ally’ …. (

~ THE MEDIA CULT of the personality surrounding Obama is trending into self-discrediting territory …. (americanthinker)

~ COVERUP! “The Obama administration’s rapid release of 10 Russian intelligence officers removed the prospect of a public trial revealing embarrassing facts about Russian influence operations, like the targeting of a key Democratic Party financier close to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton” …. (WaTi)

~ CLASSY New Oba-Tax on Amputee Vets …. (

~ THE MOOCHES— It is no secret that the Obamas are advocates for free handouts, but even in her personal life Michelle Obama does not appear to have shied away from accepting free goodies …. (dailycaller)

~ WE TOLD YOU SO— Democrats Block Vote On Amendment That Would Have Allowed Press Access To Gulf Oil Spill …. (Wz)

~ PROFESSORS believe Obama is among the 15 best presidents, better than Reagan; George W. in 5 worst, 10 below Carter …. (politico)

~ CBS SHOCK POLL: 13% believe President’s policies have helped them …. (cbs)

~ WOULD HRHR KAGAN ban the Catholic Church from Harvard Law School? …. (SomeLink)

~ FUN WITH SPEECH CODES— Democratic Underground proposes new rules to deal with leftists who’ve fallen out of love with Obama …. (

~ UPPITY Black Conservative Brow-Beaten Into Silence by Chicago Machine? …. (townhall)

Empty Store Shelves Coming to America?

~ MEDIA TYCOON Mort Zuckerman, who recently admitted writing Barack Obama’s speeches in the past, has come out with an article, “Obama is Barely Treading Water” …. (mitchieville)

~ AMERICAN DOJ won’t purge dead or ineligible voters from roll.. We’re guessing that’s all about the Democratic Zombie-American and Non-American American-communities …. (winteryknight)

~ AN ILLUSTRATED, Multiple Choice Test for Eric Holder …. (directorblue)

~ REALITY & REAL ESTATE— “Hope & Change” hits the housing market — few survivors left …. (Wz)

~ LOOKS LIKE THE NARRATIVE of our “National Conversation” is “SHUT UP!” …. (classicalvalues)

~ NEXT UP in Washington, a Media Czar? …. (claudiarosett)

~ WHY WON’T OBAMA sue “sanctuary cities” for breaking immigration laws? …. (winteryknight)

~ OBAMALAND— Illinois Is Broke – So Let’s Spend Spend Spend! …. (mitchieville)

~ LINKORAMA VIA Larwyn’s Linx: Despite Low Poll Numbers, Obama Plows Ahead …. (

~ FIRST OIL RIG leaves USA for Egypt following Obama’s talk of drilling ban …. (winteryknight)

~ NO, THE PROBLEM Is Not Obama’s Middle Name …. (claudiarosett)

~ BY THE POWER OF POTUS! Al Qaeda Is In Trouble Now…. Obama Accuses Them Of Racism …. (

~ AN OPEN LETTER to Burak Obama on NASA’s new role …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CRIMSON SKY— Fenris Badwulf is on fire as usual: “I had a moment like that when I first read about the NAACP denouncing the Tea Party as racist. Maybe the brain trust behind the NAACP thought that making whitey angry and hostile was good for publicity” …. (mitchieville)


~ LOOKS LIKE a coming war in the Middle East involving at minimum Israel and Iran; Poll: Americans Favor Israeli Military Action to Take out Iran’s Nukes By a 56% to 30% Margin …. (, WZ)

~ EVIL CORNELL— Female Genital Mutilation Performed at Cornell University …. (vladtepesblog)

~ MOUNTIES FEAR more Canadians taking up jihad …. (

~ THE EVIL ISRAELIS! Summing up for a legal lynching …. (spectator)

~ HONEST NASA Director Thrown Under The Bus …. (

~ THE 9/11 ‘SCREW U, KUFFARS’ mosque by any other name: Ground Zero mega-mosque group ditches name redolent of Islamic supremacism; Hamas-linked CAIR leader charges Islamic supremacist Ground Zero mega-mosque opponents with “Islamophobia”; Spencer: A Landmarks Commission hearing, and much more; Ground Zero mega-mosque renamed …. (Various)

~ WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE… Chicago-area United Methodists last month voted to divest from companies doing business with Israel. A few weeks later, the Islamic Society of North America appreciatively gave the Northern Illinois Conference of United Methodism its Interfaith Unity Award …. (

~ A NEW BOOK— “What Berman shows up so brutally about Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al Banna, is that he is the direct heir – both familially and intellectually – not only to the ideologues of jihadi Islamism but also to the axis of European fascism” …. (spectator)

~ BATTLING A culture of honour and shame …. (

~ FIRST AMENDMENT? Where’s that in the Koran? Christians charged with disturbing the peace for evangelizing Muslims …. (winteryknight)

~ SAD BUT STILL SHOCKING: NBC, CBS Refuse To Air Ad Objecting To Ground Zero Victory Mosque …. (

~ THE LOVELY LAND OF NO JEWS— Jordan’s Queen writes children’s book about tolerance and openness — but not for Jews …. (

~ LE CARBEQUE— French Minister: “We Won’t Tell You How Many Cars Get Burned Tonight”.. crackle crackle crackle, sizzle sizzle sizzle   …. (

Fun With Islam: Acid Burns Edition

~ PAKISTAN— Good Work Of Two Strong Women: “In Pakistan, many of these women – often Pakistanis solve their family problems with the medieval brutality” …. (

~ FUN-LOVING Muslims attack unarmed Christians in India and Turkey …. (winteryknight)

~ GUTLESS AIR CANADA perfects security procedures that don’t offend Muslims …. (

~ FIRED OHIO HOMELAND SECURITY official Omar Alomari didn’t inform agency he had worked as top official in Jordanian government …. (mypetjawa)

~ BARRISTER Sara Hossain of Bengladesh, a true heroine …. (

Fun With Islam– Uganda Episode

~ GENOCIDE! ICC adds genocide charge against Sudan’s president …. (

~ JUST REMEMBER: July 11th – International Day Against Stoning …. (xanthippa)

~ PAM GELLER— Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SPEAKING UP— “I want to be a journalist, like Ajmal. I am a good storyteller” …. (

Honour-Murdering ‘Jabba The Mom’

~ THE DEATH OF JUSTICE.CA— scot-free Sharia Law in Canada: Honor Killing Mom Gets off: Daughter Strangled by Mom, No Time in Prison …. (atlasshrugs2000)

Stupid Strangled Muslim Teen-- Her Life Only Worth Suspended Sentence & Probation
Stupid Strangled Muslim Teen– Her Life Only Worth Suspended Sentence & Probation

~ JUST WONDERING, BUT.. What Muslim Scientific Achievements? …. (

~ A CITY HEARING yesterday on the historical significance of the downtown Manhattan site of a proposed mosque quickly turned into a raucous — and at times ugly — debate; Opponents pack hearing on mosque near ground zero …. (nypost, breitbart)

~ TOP OBAMA officials worried U.S. terror attack by Al Shabaab may be next after Uganda bombings …. (

~ PORNISTAN No.1 in the world in pakigraphic internet searches …. (

~ CUDDLING IN POTUS-BED: The confluence between the Obama administration and the journalists who cover it can leave news consumers wondering if they’re getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth …. (

~ BRUSSELS JOURNAL— Anti-Israel ‘Lawfare’ in Europe …. (brusselsjournal)

~ BAYEFSKY— UN Moves Forward to Implement Goldstone Report: New UN committee members and UN staffer have anti-Israel connections …. (weeklystandard)

~ LEFTIST PROTESTERS and Palestinians clashed with the IDF at the gates of Efrat, south of Bethlehem …. (

~ DELIGHTFUL Moslem Fanatics to Threaten Pope Benedict During Visit to UK? …. (

~ DETROIT MUSLIMS Mourn Terrorist Cleric; What does it mean when thousands of “Americans” mourn the death of a preacher of terrorism? …. (humanevents, jihadwatch)

~ DR ROY ON More despicable jihadis …. (

~ AUSTRALIA— The Leftist love-affair with Islam continues; “Famous” bin Laden: teaching children our fear of terrorism is racist …. (heraldsun,

~ THE FINAL FRONTIER: Muslim self-esteem …. (life.nationalpost)

~ MUZZLE-EMS: The truth about Mohamed now illegal in Sweden …. (internationalfreepresssociety)

Princess Leia Earmuffs, fun for all those special jihad occasions!

~ JIHADISTS IN SPAAAAACE! Was Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan wearing his Princess Leia earmuffs when he opened fire at Fort Hood?; Smirks greet Obama’s NASA outreach to the Muslim world; What Muslim Scientific Achievements? …. (humanevents)

Honour killings and Canada

~ STINKING JEW-LOVING JEWS WHO LOVE JEWY JEWNESS reluctantly abandon Swedish city amid growing anti-Semitism …. (vladtepesblog)

Robert Spencer speaks in Sweden

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~

~ INTEL SAYS Palestinians ‘preparing’ for Israeli strike on Iran. Contingency deals with evacuations, attacks on Jewish state’s home front …. (therealbarackobama)

~ HOW YUCKY— Coming to a UK shopping centre: Squat toilets …. (

~ BASIC FACT— “Islam is not an Abrahamic religion” …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SAME HATE, DIFFERENT DAY— Everybody Draw Muhammad Day Facebook page creator afraid for her life …. (angilbertpress)

~ SO DO CATHOLICS worship the same “God” as Moslems? …. (

~ WED AT 14, ‘adulterous’ girl, Azar Bagheri, awaits stoning …. (

~ STRATFOR: Pakistan intel agency central to Mumbai attack …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— In Britain today, hating Israel has become a valid criminal defense; Fit for the New York Times; We are entering troubling times …. (carolineglick)

~ VLAD TEPES— Gay people and Muslims have minor conflict in England… Minor this time …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE CFSC— New report – Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections– Al-Qaeda inspired terrorism is the greatest national security threat facing the UK; also We have not learnt the lesson of the July 7 suicide bombing …. (socialcohesion)

~ INSANITY: Canadian Muslim Who Honor Killed Her Daughter Won’t Serve Jail Time; More Pavilions At Folkfest …. (Wz, SDA)

~ TENNESSEE mosque board member suspended after terror support revealed …. (mypetjawa)

Finnish TV does show on Cartoons and Muslims. Interesting half hour

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~

~ OK, SO THE LATEST about Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri are that he was kidnapped by the CIA or was a willing defector …. (propagandistmag)

~ TAKING ON THE HATERS: Mahdi Bray, supporter of Hamas and Hizb’Allah, and his sidekick Ibrahim Ramey …. (atlasshrugs2000)

Latma interviews Abu Mazen’s new spokesman

~ RADICALS AT PLAY— ISNA Conference Again Features Conspiracy Theories …. (

~ OK, WELL.. BUH-BYE, NOW! Tragic: Outraged Muslims Threaten to Leave Facebook Forever; Muslim outrage at Facebook: reinstate Islamic pages, ban anti-islamic comments and stop ignoring our feelings! …. (wZ, vladtepesblog)

~ HUMANITARIAN Crisis? No, Gazans Are Bored! …. (commentarymagazine)

More Egyptian Apostates and Christians fear for their lives

~ BOSTOM— the Obama administration‘s lead counterterrorism adviser John Brennan: Witless for the defense …. (vladtepesblog)

~ XANTHIPPA WORRIED— Banning ‘the veil’: the end does not justify the means …. (xanthippa)

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