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Fountain Of Freedom, 2

Matilda Of Scotland

~ ITEM: Part 1 — Freedom: Ad Fontes

~ ITEM: Matilda of Scotland (AD 1080-1118)

~ ITEM: The Charter Of Liberties of 1100; and The Magna Charta

~ THE SECOND PART of the story of Henry I’s freedom and law for the English world is remarkable and worth remembering.

The motive forces behind the spread and survival of the The Charter Of Liberties of 1100 were Henry’s wife & queen, “Good Queen Mold”, and the church in England.

(Edytha) Matilda of Scotland was of the old Anglo-Saxon royal line (through her mother), and Henry sought to legitimize his reign through marriage to her. Nonetheless, “She was much loved by her Anglo-Saxon subjects as she tried, in her quiet way, to alleviate their hardships.” She upheld the liberties of ordinary people not least through her constant support of the 1100 Charter, alongside St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury.

After her death, it appears that Henry had most of the 100 copies of the AD1100 Charter Of Liberties throughout England rounded up and destroyed– but the Church has a long memory, and deep archives.

Uppity Christian To The Rescue

In AD 1213, Archbishop Stephen Langton was the key figure in the disputes between the Pope, the barons, and King John– and a fierce advocate of the liberties granted by the old Charter, against unjust laws and exactions imposed by the crown. He produced a hidden surviving copy of the old Charter promoted by Good Queen Mold– it reminded the English barons and people of their existing God-given rights and freedoms under law. The old Charter galvanized the barons into holding the Crown accountable and directly led to the events at Runnymede and the composing of the Magna Carta.

Ordinary people protected under law; royal government preserving liberty; due process & accountability. While big-idea statist radicals seek to disassemble our liberties and laws and ancient hard-won freedoms throughout the West, it is more important than ever to remember the ancient sources of our Western tradition,and what the absence of those freedoms might mean.

Real Lives, Real Gifts

After all, real people suffered and served and fought for these Charters– still other ordinary folks suffered oppression and injustice and sought redress and justice. Good Queen Mold and Stephen Langton and many others helped build English common law and the strongest civilization in the history of the world; the Church was instrumental in creating and preserving society; and brave and good men and women handed on to us this costly and precious treasure and heritage of law, freedom, the status of the individual, due process, and protection from tyranny.

The alternative is not some brave new perfect world arisen from nothing, but some brave new form of slavery, with new and fancy shackles.

That, as they say, is the rest of the story. ~

Stinking To Highest Heaven

~ ITEM: Nobody Can Fire Andrew Breitbart

~ ITEM: Sherrod Says She’ll Sue Andrew Breitbart; plus Breitbart to Sherrod: Go ahead

~ ITEM: Anderson Cooper Says He Was Wrong to Let Shirley Sherrod Smear of Andrew Breitbart Go Unchallenged

~ ITEM: Real Sherrod Story Still Untold; Eric Holder and Race Privilege

~ CAN’T SAY I’VE got all the details of the Sherrod/ Breitbart war down except to say: it stinks of White House. The Obama club is stuck on watching the right-web for news & views (too much kiss-ass leftweb is just more of the same). So stuck, they “reacted” to Breitbart with all the precision and care of a carefully executed special operation, maybe to try and bag one of the bigs of the Right.

Why? The smell. This smells of Chicago, Rahm, smarter-than-thou liberals trying to play their endless race-baiting game. Only this time, it seems to have backfired, and more questions are being raised about hat Sherrod knew and when and how, than about the alleged KKKness of non-Obammunists.

Could it be? Could the Right be de-kneejerked when it comes to race, without falling into the equal and opposite error of actual racism and intolerance of a complex and messy society? Used to be the Pavlovian response of everyone was pretty predictable– the self-immolating and apologizing Right was a sad sight indeed.

Let’s hope the collapse of the racist game– at least for the conservatives– allows for more freedom of movement, and less BS. Because in 2012, America, the stakes couldn’t be higher. ~

Takers, Keepers– Neener, Neener

~ ITEM: Wiki: Charles Martel

~ ITEM: Open letter to New York mayor criticizes ?interfaith? mosque

~ ITEM: Heroic Defenders of Western Civilization

~ ITEM: Where In The World Is Imam Feisal?, by Claudia Rosett– Questions multiply about $100 million Islamic center planned near Ground Zero; plus The Case Against The Ground Zero Mosque

~ ITEM: Gingrich Aide: “Building a Mosque at Ground Zero Like Putting a Statue of Mussolini or Marx at Arlington National Cemetery”; plus Gingrich: No Cordoba at Ground Zero

~ ITEM: Ezra Levant– Monument to jihad: Ground Zero mosque no joke

~ ITEM: Other ‘Brilliant’ Ideas a la a 9/11 Mosque

~ ITEM: Bin Laden/Al Qaeda Funding Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf

~ THE THOUGHT OF an “Infidels Suck” victory-mosque beside Ground Zero should simply outrage any reasonable person.

Aside from a gold Hitler/ Himmler statue-pair outside Bergen-Belsen, or perhaps a Nanking ‘Thanks To The Japanese For The Big Massacre‘ Memorial Center, such a defiantly evil proposal is pure jihad.

But, it’s consistent: all that was ever conquered for Allah is still theirs; all that is yet to be conquered for Allah has been promised to them by Allah. A mosque is not a church or synagogue– an outpost of heaven– but a military outpost, a property-marker, a dog-pee spot on a bit of turf, marking it forever.

Click For Big Map

Almost all of the Iberian peninsula was invaded and taken over from the Byzantines in the first Jihad, up to the mid-700s. Charles “The Hammer” Martel turned the tide in the middle of France at the Battle Of Tours (731). Barring that, the jihad was headed for the English Channel and then into the remainder of Europe. God bless the Carolingians.

Later, the native Iberians (later called Spain) fought back in the Reconquest (Reconquista) until the conquered Muslim territory was reclaimed. But– you see– once Muslim, always Muslim. Finders? pah– takers, keepers! Hence the originally proposed name– The “Cordoba” Center. Cordoba, Spain– it’s still Allah’s. Cordoba Center = it will be Allah’s. Even if the invading Ummayyads actually plonked their Cordoba mosque on top of a Christian cathedral, that doesn’t count, because everybody else is simply and forever evil and wrong.

Fast Forward 1300 Years

For modern Jihadists, America is The Great Satan– the ultimate target and aspiration for the Sharia Supremacy Project. Each mosque is a bit of enemy territory, for the jihad-minded, and the present law and constitution will not stand if Shariacs have their way. Due to the politically-correct mindset, and the multiculti madness, America is intellectually crippled in this clever new form of jihad by lawfare, the alphabet soup of ‘legitimate’ terror & jihad supporting organizations, by theft and embezzling and stealth-funding and double-talk– and by inflitrating the establishment under a half-muslim radical President.

It’s a different age, but the same spirit of domination & dishonesty, conquest and cruelty. Remember: the relics of the risen Christ are a conquered tomb, and a baptising Church. The relics of the still-dead Muhammed are a militant cult, a perpetual state of war, a full tomb and a rack of swords.

I love and respect many Muslims for their honesty, good will, desire for the right, and decent humanity– but those things are not exclusive to Islam, nor essential to the mind of their founder. But many other Muslims– at home and abroad– wish for destruction to the modern world they fear and envy and resent– sometimes for understandable reasons.

Speaking Plainly

The proposed Ground Zero Mosque is an outpost of Mordor, make no mistake, and a threat of more and worse to come. It’s a crime against justice, against the 2900+ dead, it’s a provocative insult and– it turns out– the imam behind it is actually getting Bin Ladin money, besides.

After all, Al Qaeda and other have been trying to repeat 9-11 ever since, and it is mostly because of hard men and blind luck that it’s not been repeated. The ultimate victory is not about avoiding such attacks, but combatting jihadism at home and abroad, and taking the harshest measures possible for those who would aid & abet terror and treason against their adoptive lands, in the name of a religion prone to hate.. and remembering who and what we are, and fighting for that.

When it comes to the Ground Zero insult, or ISNA, CAIR, and all the rest, always presume they are up to no good because they are. It’s their religion.

Feel free to disagree. Comments are open. ~

The Obama Hustle

~ ITEM: Tiger Woods scrutiny versus Barack Hussein Obama coverup

~ ITEM: Judges evade Obama birth-certificate query

~ ITEM: The Manchurian President Blog

~ THE WORLD-CLASS FRAUD that is the Product Known As Barack Hussein Obama abides. A mediocrity wrapped in mystery, surrounded by dirty diapers.

We still don’t have his medical records, GPA, academic work/ CV, birth-certificate, or honest biography. He’s not offered up full & properly verified list of his donors, ACORN ‘help’, election connections, or any of the rest. Girlfriends/ boyfriends? Pharmaceutical & psychiatric history? Substance abuse? His mentors & donors? Childhood buddies? His full finances & tax records? The missing 20 years in the pews of his hate-filled racist pastor Wright? The guy is an enigma, wrapped in lies, delusions, cover-ups, and sleaze. And the lamestream media does nothing.

His official bio gives a bad name to tissues of lies. As Robert Bowen puts it,

“A significant percentage of the American public continues to doubt the official version of Obama’s origins and his curriculum vitae – too many to write off as crazy. Every time another piece of evidence surfaces that casts doubt on Obama’s official bio, the mainstream media and even the quasi-conservative media downplay the issue, pretend to debunk it without actually debunking it, and ridicule anybody who expects a better answer than that.”


That such a world-class and utter fraud has been allowed to take place and then continue is a statement about the Democrat political establishment, the power of George Soros, and the willingness of otherwise good people to abide evil and bamboozlement.

When the history of this strange period is properly written up, both the swindle and the willingness to accept it will have to be accounted for.

And in the meanwhile, Hilary Clinton abides in the background. ~

The T-Rex In The Living Room

~ WE ARE, ALMOST all of us alive in the West, children of The Century Of Blood. The 19th century was the Era Of Empire, and of terrible theories which would become curses to hundreds of millions of slain, and hundreds of millions more lives changed forever.

The Great Germanic War (a two-parter) held a mirror up to us of a civilized peoples who chose theory over basic humanity, and anti-Christ over the Real One. Doctor Joseph Mengele was one abiding example of a society serving evil, but so were the countless civilian ‘willing executioners’ who looked the other way when dissidents, Jews– name the excuse– were rounded up. The consequences of all those choices and events and missing lives are still with us, and active– even if we’ve grown used to the T-Rex in the living room.

Far greater a toll via the Soviet Imperial experiment, 1917-1991, when at least 100 million died for The Revolution, and countless useful pro-Soviet idiots betrayed God, nation, family and self to be a part of it. The monster Stalin once commented that one death was a tragedy, but a million deaths a statistic. Not so: each snuffed-out life was unique, precious, created by God, and with an inherent dignity and destiny. Think of that the next time you see “Made In China”… and that for the love of money, we ignore the evil of that Soviet-made bought & paid-for regime.

The Consequences

We’re partly immune to truth and horror, in a way that would make the theorists of the 19th and the dictators of the 20th century proud indeed. A few examples may suffice.

Bringing The Evil

Some clergy have laid down the eternal Word, and sold themselves to Holy Zeitgeist and a practical atheism– blessing and every every acceptable evil and madness of the past 100 years and more. The North American Anglicans are the self-caricaturing sell-outs I know best, but the necrosis has hit every church– so faithful God-adoring Christians within each denomination often have more in common with each other than they do with their own brand name and fellow religionists. As goes the church (or lack of it) so goes the civilization.

Some doctors– like little Mengeles– lay down the heavy and serious Hippocratic oath and serve the culture of death, bigpharm, and perverted science, and human-resource management. People of conscience and humanity become the enemy, whether doctors or nurses or pharmacists or chaplains. Lives hang in the balance.

Some professors follow the example of Soviet academics and seek to force-feed ideology and soul-killing poison to their students, all in the service of The Current Big Lies. Such high-priced sophistries have given Europe and North America freedom-hating establishments & chattering classes, the results of which we cannot yet foresee. The truth has become unpopular, and wrongthink is punished.

Ultimate Hopes

Yet with all this, I despair not– for God so loved the world that he sent his Son to save us; and because God is not mocked, and each will be held accountable. Against the staggering burden of The Century Of Blood, the Cross still tips the balance, and the promise of resurrection can still exhume hope and the human heart and each individual life.

There- now that I’ve laid this burden down, I can get back to some sleep– for it’s the middle of the night at the time of writing. ~

Those Crooked-Noses

~ ITEM: A Difference of Opinion; Cameron the Croc Feeder

~ ITEM: PM Cameron obviously hasn?t been briefed

~ ITEM: Wiki– Taillear Dubh na Tuaighe

~ AN APOLOGY.. on behalf of the Clan Cameron and all Camerons everywhere for the idiot now serving as dhimmi Jew-endangering UK Prime Minister. Teh Binks is patrilineally part of a Cameron-sept, via 16th-century Scots Rambo ‘Taillear Dubh na Tuaighe‘, a ‘natural’ son of the Clan Chief of the Camerons of Lochiel (that’s him on the crest above, with his famous axe).

Maybe PM Dave’s one of those ‘other’ Camerons.. there’s always hope. Otherwise, this flaming idiot is doing for English and international Jewry what Edward Longshanks & Richard Lionheart were to medieval English Jewry.. i.e., being evil to them.

Let’s hope this apparent amadán (eejit) gets a blanking clue before he does any real & abiding harm. Or maybe he’ll surprise us all, and wake up to reality. ~

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~ HARVARDITIS— Ignatieff thinks independent thoughts are bad; Will The REAL Michael Ignatieff Please Stand Up? …. (actiondino)

~ CHUCK TODD: Embarrassed By JournoList or Not? …. (gatewaypundit)

~ GEERT Wilders is “Very Pleased”; An Open Letter to Queen Beatrix …. (

~ INDIA: CHRISTIANS FALSELY ACCUSED IN CLAN-FIGHT MURDER— Hindus opposed to pastor?s evangelistic efforts name him, three others …. (

~ A NEW CONSERVATIVE— The Conversion of David Mamet: “American theater is a one-party town, a community of like-minded folk who are all but unanimous in their strict adherence to the left-liberal line” …. (commentarymagazine)

~ OLIVER STONE: Jews Control the Media and the Holocaust was Overrated …. (strictlyright)

~ SCIENCE TURNS Authoritarian …. (

~ REDEEMING HIMSELF— Elton John didn’t mince words in slamming his fellow musicians for boycotting Arizona over the controversial SB 1070 immigration law …. (

~ WINTRY KNIGHT— The connection between terrorism and illegal immigration …. (winteryknight)

~ DECENT BRITISH REVULSION towards bullfighting, in the land of the lunchtime abortion …. (anglican-mainstream)

Julian Assange, Monster & Twerp

~ THE ARROGANCE OF BRILLIANCE— How many will die from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s reckless self-absorption?; Why the leaked Afghan war documents will prove politically devastating to the President …. (frontpagemag)

~ JAY CURRIE— MohammedCard Update; Blood on the Wiki; Jack and the CBC and wikileaks are owned; Canadian Dhimmi – Subscribe Today!; Phyllis Lambert and Serge Joyal defend the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of freedom; Mastercard Canada Offers Halal Credit Card; Warlogs, Journo-list, Climategate …. (jaycurrie)

~ CRAZED HATEFUL Christian student loses case with Eastern Michigan University …. (winteryknight)

~ CONRAD BLACK – Folk Hero? Also “One need look no further than Patrick Fitzgerald, prosecutor for Northern Illinois, to see the bitterness and lust for revenge against Black” …. (godscopybook)

~ LIBERTARIANISM: Mike Brock vs. Stephen Taylor; “I had no idea libertarianism was so exciting…” …. (shotgun)

~ GETTING A CLUE— Dawkins, Gay groups, Buddhists and others drop relativism for a moment …. (vladtepesblog)

~ PROPAGANDIST— North Korean Soccer Coach To Be Executed?; Cowardly Yesbuttery Does Not Help The Taliban’s Victims; If The West Abandons Afghanistan; Week in Review and a Message to Our Supporters; Microlending In The USA. Saving Capitalism; Google Ads We’d Like To See; Watch Lebanese Visa Requests Go Through The Roof; Ahmadinejad Comes Out Of The Closet; A Coppendium of WikiLeaks Weirdness; Scandalous Headline Revelations From Taliban Documents In WikiLeaks; Human Rights Tribunal On The Way Out? …. (

~ WOMEN ‘BISHOPS’: now no one can deny that the Church of England is Protestant …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ FRESH GOODNESS— The Lynch List, 30-Jul-2010; The Lynch List, 28-Jul-2010 …. (missnixon)

~ COURT COULD DESTROY California Catholic Schools– Anti-Catholicism in California …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ SEMI-FASCIST Quebec shuts down French private school over partly English curriculum …. (vladtepesblog)

~ GET THIS INTO YOUR thick skulls, liberal hacks: Mel Gibson is not a Roman Catholic …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Turkey & Poodle in a mirror?; Weep for Britain: 1940 this is not; The pathological hierarchy of humbug …. (melaniephillips)

~ XANTHIPPA— “I am saying is that we ought to think very hard about exactly how we got into the current state where we consider it ‘normal’ that the State suspends our civil liberties in order to take from us whatever amount of money it has unilaterally set” …. (blog.xanthippa)

~ CIVITAS CLAIMS White Christian Britons being unfairly targeted for hate crimes by CPS …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ NUNS WITH MUSIC Deal Get Death Threats …. (freerepublic)

~ TIT FOR TAT? “If Richard Dawkins can set up a school free of religious dogma, can I set one up free of Marxist indoctrination?” …. (blogs.telegraph)


“Here is what I am trying to tell you: the country is not ready for conservatism. It flirts with it, as it did with the Bushes and Reagan, but doesn’t fight for it. It sits in a stupor while some goofball from Chicago openly and consciously kills the constitution.”

~ Via American Digest ~

~ THOMAS LIFSON, American Thinker on the book “The Post American Presidency”; Front Page Magazine Interview …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ LIAR, LIAR, POTUS ON FIRE— Despite Barack Obama’s claim that he was “surprised, disappointed, and angry” over the release of the Lockerbie bomber – who blew up Pan Am flight 103, killing 270 people (including 189 Americans) – a previously secret letter has been revealed that shows his administration pre-approved the bomber’s release to a hero’s welcome in Libya …. (

~ MALICIOUS OLD MASTERMIND Soros Plots Plunder of 2012 Election …. (cfp)

~ THE TRENDY GOD-VOTE: Democrat Outreach to Religious Left — “Aggressive” and “Not Diminishing” …. (

~ MUST-READ: FBI records show Howard Zinn was a communist …. (winteryknight)

~ WHILE OBAMA VACATIONED— Mexican Drug Cartel Places $1 Million on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Head …. (weaselzippers)

A Mafioso-type Style Government?

~ OBAMA– A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR THE LADIES!.. late stage breast cancer patients do not fit into the cost-benefit analysis of the Obama Administration …. (

~ HUGH HEWITT— The JournoList Question …. (hughhewitt)

~ WHILE OBAMA GOLFED— Russia’s Ongoing Covert-Influence-Ops War On The Free World …. (

~ PRESIDENT OBAMA chose to fly to New York, and appear on The View, to bask in the gushes of the Upper West Side, rather than spend any time at a special-event Boy Scout Jamboree that he could drive to …. (theanchoress)

~ STEVE McCANN: ‘The people have awakened, and revolution, albeit peaceful, is in the air.’ …. (realbarackobama)

~ THE SPREADING STINK— Democrat says he’d pick Hillary, Satan before Obama …. (

~ MEA CULPA: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Says He Was Wrong to Let Shirley Sherrod Smear of Andrew Breitbart Go Unchallenged …. (instapundit)

~ FROM THE WHITE HOUSE to the Big House: 25 Impeachable Crimes and Counting …. (canadafreepress)

Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles

~ THE CLAMPDOWN— Shirley Sherrod & Ken Howell …. (firstthings)

~ THE PARALLEL U.S. GOVERNMENT— Fed Proposals to Counter “Deflation” Are Misguided …. (firstthings)

~ BOOK REVIEW— The Post-American Presidency, by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)

~ UNVEILING THE VOLT: G.M.’s Electric Lemon; also ?You paid for this thing. Why not pay a little more?? Like $41 grand?!? …. (instapundit, hughhewitt)

~ A BENT LIFE— Barack Obama, Adult Child of an Alcoholic …. (americanthinker)

~ WORRIED DEMS TRY OUT ObamaCare repeal — in part …. (

~ SIGN THE O’S BIRTHDAY CARD — Bumped with “Actual Messages” Honest …. (americandigest)

~ DEFEATISM— Nixon not only undermined himself… but, says Republican Jerry Scott, cost America victory in Vietnam …. (

~ DOING THE RACIST MATH— “If there are only 39,697 African-American farmers grand total in the entire country, then how can over 86,000 of them claim discrimination at the hands of the USDA? Where did the other 46,303 come from?” …. (americandigest)

~ THE SALESMAN— Obama sells out Arizona — Sells himself on The View …. (canadafreepress)

~ IN DENIAL: Terror and Candor: The administration’s denial of “radical Islam” is dangerous, dishonest, and demoralizing …. (nro)

~ QUOTA-JUDGE— Kagan: Abortive Ethics. Sessions: Steady Hero …. (spectator)

~ TALES OF THE TABS: Presenting “The JournoList President”; JournoList: 107 Names Confirmed (with news organizations) …. (

~ JONAH GOLDBERG— A Crisis Gone to Waste! President Obama failed to use the Gulf oil spill to advance his agenda …. (article.nationalreview)

~ SOME RISING TALK of Impeachment …. (canadafreepress)

~ 6.5 MILLION People Watched Obama On ‘The View’ …. (newsbusters)

~ CAPTAIN KICKASS Takes Another Day Off From Kicking Ass to go Golfing …. (Wz)

~ GOD’S COPYBOOK— The Declaration of Independence in American …. (godscopybook)

~ QUICK, Someone Tell Obama: They’re locking up onshore oil, too! …. (

~ ARIZONA– ONLY the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Trial; Arizona Immigration law, gutted, tarred and feathered …. (canadafreepress)

~ THE OBAMA Administration?s Answer to Everything: More Government, Less Freedom …. (

~ OBAMA’S Lockerbie Problem …. (frontpagemag)

~ GULF SPILL– DID THE U.S. government cause the Gulf spill? …. (

~ UNDER THE BUS: Obama finds Rangel charges “very troubling,” hopes he ends career “with dignity”; and Summer of corruption: The enablers of Charlie Rangel; Update: Obama?s kiss-off …. (hotair, michellemalkin)

~ HOW WOULD MEDIA Have Responded If Sherrod Worked For George W. Bush?; and Was Shirley Sherrod Fired from USDA for Other Reasons Than Race Speech? …. (newsbusters)

~ SLIGHTLY BLACK Obama calls black people ‘a mongrel people’ …. (americanthinker)

~ SEE THE USA!! In your Government Motors Volt!! At 40 miles per charge? …. (

~ SLUSH & SLEAZE! Lobbyists Give Millions to Dems As Obama Smears “Special Interests” …. (gatewaypundit)

~ APOLOGIZING Conservatives are Simpering Morons …. (

~ CHEVY VOLT! It?s Barack Hussein Obama and his dog spot!; plus Chevy Volt Slogan-Mania …. (sondrak, michellemalkin)

~ TONGUE-BATH TV: Questions the president should have been asked on The View; Video: The television event of a lifetime …. (americandigest,

~ CHARMING Dem: My Opponents Taking Jooooo Money!!!!! …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ SO WHERE IS Bill Ayers when we need him? Where’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Cat got your tongue, gentlemen? …. (

~ SAYS IMAO— Barack Obama has called for Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY/15) to “end his career with dignity.”; plus “Obama has officially made it OK to call black people mongrels“; also “So when do we officially declare that Obama has broke race relations in America?” …. (

~ IOWAHAWK— Drove My Chevy Off the Levee; plus “Won’t You Please Sign This Completely Innocuous Birthday Card To My Mother, America?” …. (iowahawk)

The Funny Papers: Hope n’ Change


“Think about this. The duplicitous Imam erecting a triumphal mosque in the shadow of what were the world’s tallest buildings for a time, is funded by the very same Islamic supremacists who attacked and brought down those two buildings that housed a small city. 50,000 people worked in the buildings, while another 200,000 visited or passed through each day. The complex had its own zip code, 10048.”

~ Atlas Shrugs ~

~ HISTORY TIME: The Jihad against Greeks (AD1450 to AD1853). Lots more here …. (, historyofjihad)

~ FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN? Bin Laden/Al Qaeda Funding Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf; ADL belatedly Opposes Ground Zero Mega Mosque …. (atlasshrugs2000)

It’s A Small World After All

~ TERRY GLAVIN— One Picture Is Worth 90,000 “Secret Documents” Published By WikiLeaks; also “No Compromise With Fascism Or Mysogyny, Clerical Or Secular”; “WikiLeaks Documents Turn Into Death List”; Hamid Gul: “His fingerprints are all over 9/11 and 26/11″; WikiLeaks revelations and Obama’s policy on Pakistan …. (Various)

~ WRONG-HEADED Policymakers are looking for ways to accommodate a nuclear Iran …. (commentarymagazine)

Hirsi Takes on Progressia

~ DAMIAN THOMPSON— Islam may not be a cult, but cult-like Islam is flourishing …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ WHAT’S HIDDEN, what’s revealed– Michael Coren writes about burqa bans …. (

The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

~ VIA AL MOHLER: An Interview with the Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef …. (

~ INVENTIVE Shareef Abdelhaleem plotted to make money off a stock market crash that would have followed a terrorist attack in downtown Toronto …. (

~ BLOOD-SOAKED WIKILEAKS— Assange will go on to the standard celebrations of his treason. I can almost here the Nobel Committee buzzing now; Army Announces New Assignment for Wikileaker …. (

~ REALITY-CHECK: Graph of the Day for July 27, 2010. Binks notes– in all fairness, since Muslims are only 0.6% of the population, 7% is a big amount– but given the easily-provoked nature of some complainants– and the touchy nature of immigrants and militant Muslims– the figure may be over-inflated …. (americanthinker)

~ INHUMAN & HUMOURLESS British Islamist Cleric Predicts “Rivers of Blood on the Streets” After TV Host Cracks Burqa Joke (claiming Muslim women wear G-strings under their burkas) …. (weaselzippers)

~ GEEZER ROCKERS GET IT— Pink Floyd’s anthem “Another Brick in the Wall” has become a hit for Iran’s resistance movement; Hey, Ayatollah, Leave The Kids Alone …. (gatewaypundit,

~ ENTERTAINING Gaza Friday Sermon on Al-Aqsa TV: Muslims Should Wage Jihad to Liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Filth of the Jews, the Brothers of Apes and Pigs …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HE SAID IT— Muslims “Expect No Criticism”, by Lennard James …. (

~ THE LIMBAUGH: “Anti-women’s rights is a cause of the left. That’s who’s pushing Sharia in this country: The left. It’s the left that wants a mosque at Ground Zero.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WHY IT’S ALL Bubblegum and rainbow coloured gumdrops in the peaceful moderate land of Indonesia …. (

~ LOVE-ADDLED Taliban Spokesman says They Will Hunt Down and Kill Afghan Informants Outed in WikiLeaks Documents …. (gatewaypundit)

~ INSANITY— Canada: Air security won’t ask Muslims to lift veils to prove ID …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WE’RE AT WAR— It’s About Sharia: Newt Gingrich has crystallized the essence of our national-security challenge …. (

~ THIS MEANS WAR— “President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday he wanted to strip French nationality from anyone of foreign origin who threatened the life of a police officer, in a crackdown after riots shook two French towns this month” …. (

~ AN IDIOTIC PM? — As David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU, PETER HITCHENS on the disturbing picture of growing repression at the heart of ‘Eurabia’ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ MAJOR NIDAL HASAN, the Killer Shrink of Fort Hood, is having trouble finding a bank that will accept his money …. (

~ IRAQ’S GARDEN of Eden– Restoring the Paradise that Saddam Destroyed …. (

~ TURKEY GONE BAD— The only successful Muslim country in the Middle East undergoes a disastrous transformation …. (commentarymagazine)

~ MEMRI— Egyptian Journalist: In Actual Terms, Gaza Is Not Under Siege …. (

Oh. The Humanity.

~ THEY PESTERED SON OF HAMAS, BUT US State Department Sends Unindicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas-Linked Muslim Brotherhood Front CAIR Official to Mali …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ INDEED— Evangelical Body: Cancel ‘Burn a Quran’ Day …. (

~ DUTCH GOV DENIES Funding Ground Zero Mosque …. (

~ A TIME OF WAR, a time of peace; Americans didn’t lose their compass during the Cold War; they smashed it to smithereens …. (,

~ SAYS MANSOUR Al-Hadj: In My Youth, I Was Taught to Love Death …. (

~ ‘SADDAM SHAME— Abe Greenwald examines the selective outrage of the mainstream media in response to BP’s accidental oil spill, which has turned out to be less-damaging than thought, and Saddam Hussein’s deliberate act of environmental despoliation …. (commentarymagazine)

~ FOR BIASED CRITICS of Israel, even its defensive actions violate human rights …. (

~ MUST-READ: The Boston Cluster and Extended Connections: Case Study on Homegrown Radicalization …. (

~ EVER-ENTERTAINING Pakistan: 5 Christians shot to death coming out of church following threats from “banned” jihadist groups …. (

~ INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Exposing the Cordoba Islamic Center of Manhattan …. (canadafreepress)

~ AS A CHILD, Hirsi Ali lived in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Kenya …. (

~ LAWYER IN IRAN stoning case in hiding to avoid arrest …. (eyeontheun)

~ JORDAN CONDEMNS Israeli moves in Jerusalem, says the city a ‘time bomb’ …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— NO! to Rauf-ie Boy, the Wahhabi, and His Ground Zero Mosque …. (

~ FLASHPOINT Exclusive: Captive Pakistani Intel Officer Threatens to Reveal “Secret Game” Behind Afghan Conflict …. (ctblog)

~ SURRENDERSTAN— U.K.: National Health Service picks up the tab for “increasing number” of hymen restoration surgeries for Muslim women …. (

~ UNIVERSITY LECTURER barred from class after refusing to wear a burqa …. (

~ UK ‘SWAMPED’ with terror-threats after wars, says ex-spy chief …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ NEW GOLDSTONE I Hate Jews Committee Head Charged with Bias …. (

~ TOLERANT PAKISTAN: 102 Honor Killings During First Six Months of 2010 in Punjab Province …. (Wz)

~ SHARIA IN A First Amendment Society …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ HIGH-TECH Hezbollah Spies via Facebook …. (ctblog)

~ THE TRUTH about Teh Fauxtilla …. (frontpagemag)

~ VANDERLEUN— The New Old Barbarians …. (

~ BRITISH GIRLS UNDERGO horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws …. (

~ AN EXCLUSIVE: Video of Times Square Bomber.. with Pakistani Taliban Commander …. (ctblog)

~ FIRE. THEM. ALL. Muslim bus drivers refuse to let guide dogs on board …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ GROVELLING SONG IN THE KEY OF ‘C’.. “Whereupon President Barack Obama, leader of the world’s most powerful nation, and Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the world’s most powerful military, prepare for an audience with General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army” …. (

~ CONGRESSIONAL LETTER asks President Obama to address Islamist Ideologies and human rights In his speech to the “Muslim World” …. (

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Zionist Philip Morris & Pig Blood Cigarettes; and “Pimp My Mosque: Speech Codes of the East and West” …. (thepeoplescube)

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