Binks’ Special Report

FRESH UPDATE– meeting with municipal bullies is ‘disappointing’.. looks like it’s time to get even more busy on this, folks 28.08.AD2010

UPDATE– Forget elections and party politics: go after bureaucrats.. Shaidle & Levant on the matter

Evil Bureaucratical Lawfare

~ ITEM: Jaworski Family News Blog

~ ITEM: A press release Peter Jaworski put together

~ ITEM: What price liberty? Up to $50K

~ ITEM: Kevin Libin: Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat

~ ITEM: National Post editorial board: Save the Liberty Summer Seminar

~ ITEM: Oshawa This Week: Pro-freedom group runs up against Clarington property rights rules

~ ITEM: Toronto Sun: Bureaucracy stomps on liberty seminar, by Brian Lilley

~ ITEM: ReasonMag– Hit & Run: Sorry, But Our Zoning Regulations Forbid You From Celebrating Your Freedom

~ I DO LOVE CANADA, but sometimes my fellow Canuckis really burn my biscuits. Read on, if you dare.

An ordinary family home.. targeted by municipal bureaucrats. Surely it must be a house of ill repute; maybe a mafia HQ; or a crack-house; possibly a terror-cell den; perhaps a Hell’s Angel hideout; a pot grow-op, perhaps? WRONG.

Worse than any of those: it’s a nest of ordinary freedom-loving immigrant Polish-Canadian libertarians who have like-minded friends over yearly to their 40 acres for BBQ, beverages, and bold chat about freedom and liberty and free speech. It’s called The Institute for Liberal Studies. Here’s actual proof of the kind of extremism, free-thinking, and mob-mentality they host:

More here

Get Barb Hall on the line! Call the exterminators! Call the Toronto PD G-20 innocent civilian harassment squad! Get the SWAT ready!


The Renegade Perps

Teh Binks Is Steaming

Back in mid-December ’07 I first head about the attempted silencing of Mark Steyn. Outrage ensued, this website resulted.

This new needless politically correct pestering of the Jaworski family should warn all Canadians that our freedoms exist– according to some officials and intolerant Canadians– at the whim and permission of The Authorities.

It gets even more worser.

Turns out the Jaworskis are actually immigrants to this land from violently former-Communist Poland:

“Our family escaped Poland for fear of reprisals in 1984 after my mom and dad handed out pro-democracy and pro-freedom literature from under my baby carriage,” said Peter Jaworski. “It’s ironic and upsetting that they may now be facing charges in Canada for allowing me to host an event in support of those very same principles.”

Ironic. Sputter, twitch. Dad Jaworski says:

“I will always let my son use our property for what he believes in, and for the freedom we came to Canada to find. If he wants to host a seminar to support more liberty in Canada, we’re not just happy, but proud to let him do that. That’s what you do as parents.”

How horrible and unCanadian, huh?

We’re Not Going To take It!

So, the Binks has some suggestions for freedom-loving folks everywhere (after you read the links above to get all the details correctly, and to get yourself properly worked up).

(1) Read, link, and pass on the link for their news-blog far and wide ASAP. Other blogs, talk-radio, family, e-mail, whomsoever.

(b) The Clarington municipality contact info: The municipality’s main switchboard phone number is 905-623-3379. The mayor is Jim Abernethy. The councillor is Gord Robinson. The contact webpage. Be detailed, polite, and determined: let’s get this municipal harassment stopped. Plus:

Human Resources
Municipality of Clarington
40 Temperance Street
Bowmanville, ON
L1C 3A6

Fax: (905) 623-0608

Telephone Inquiries: 905-623-3379 Extension 258

Be sure to CC your emails to:

Mayor Jim Abernethy

Patti Barrie, in charge of bylaw enforcement

(iii) Donate to support the Jaworski Legal Defence Fund. Period.

(4) Write to your Provincial representative, Member of Parliament, Prime Minister, and newspapers. The local paper is the Orono Weekly Times, P.O. Box 209. Orono, ON L0B 1M0..

(e) If you’re in the area, call ahead & stay at the Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast. Show your support of freedom & democracy-loving newcomers and hard-working refugees to this country. Orono, Ontario, is a small village about an hour’s drive East from Toronto, between Oshawa and Peterborough. View Large Map

(vi) This is now a frontline in the freedom-war, and fighting for ordinary sensible decent Canadianism, versus the petty bureaucracy and politically incorrect Big Brother stifling the voice of liberty-loving people in this land. Do something about it. That some other local hotelier might have called the red-tape police is only a secondary cause.

Unapproved by the government‘? Then petty bureaucrats and pettier rules and red tape get stuffed.




4 thoughts on “Binks’ Special Report

  1. I’d almost be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the LSS complainant isn’t even a resdient of that community. Probably some leftist organization afraid of the ideas discussed there.

    Although hosting Marc Emery there was a mistake. Newsflash, Marc. You aren’t going to jail as a martyr, you’re going because you’re a criminal.

    1. I agree, Padraig. It’s the old faulty logic: “Martyrs suffer.. I’m suffering = therefore, I’m a martyr!.”

      Plus, we now know too much about the serious health & psychiatric side-effects of pot to get on the let’s all get stoned bandwagon.


  2. While I may agree that Marc Emery is no martyr, you both seem to miss the point of his being invited to venues of this sort. His mission is not about getting stoned, it is simply about the freedom of choice that individuals in a free society are supposed to have.

    That and…well I suppose I should leave this can of worms sealed armed only with a blackberry keypad…but the notion that pot is dangerous to one’s mental health is a misguided one and derived of a rediculous misunderstanding of exactely what a scientific survey that contains phrases such as “may cause” and “is possibly linked to” is actually able to explain.

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