Kathy Shaidle Is Evil..

.. but in a good-for-Canada and good-for-free-speech kinda way.

That’s why after sending a few coffees to our troops via Kaffir Kanuck, you will go overt to Teh Shaidle’s page and read:

When you help Ezra Levant, you help me and other bloggers fight government censorship

.. and then donate to her legal defence fund, to help beat down Richard Warman and his malicious lawfare, and continue to uphold free speech in this good land of Canada against the petty bureaucrats, bottom-feeders, and people like Warman and Lynch and Ontarian human rights Ubergauleiter Barb Hall and all the rest.

Because you get it, and because I asked nicely– and because it’s the right thing to do.

Teh Binks

The Steyn & The Shaidle, Oh My!

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