The Belatedly Sometimes Brave Binks

~ SURE IT WAS possibly gonna hurt, but the young neighbourhood psycho-bully and his ragtag minions encircled my little brother on his way home from school. I ran down the street towards danger. The local kids called the bully-gang “The Gurfs”, but the proper name was Longaphy, I think.. plus various other miscreants.

The psycho in question had a short length of two-by-four in his hands (he or his brother grew up to spend not a little time behind bars). I got my bro behind my back, and backed away homeward from the ten or so in the mob. Got shoved in the chest a few times with the 2×4 for my intrusion on the fun, but whatever.. but only a big brother was allowed to pick on a little brother, after all.

So we escaped. We stopped shaking with fear and adrenaline only after the door was safely locked and bolted behind us.

Chicken Big

After all: whatcha gonna do? Though a large kid, I’d always backed off and skulked away from fights for years, not seeing the point of such, and generally having little desire to make other people miserable as entertainment (until later).

No teen saint at all, I preferred occasional vandalism,  petty theft, exploring forbidden urban places, shoplifting, and the like. Hurting and bothering people indirectly. So much better.

But that day, something changed. Forever.

Fr. Backwards Collar

Much later as a cleric in organized religion, I was given endless chances to be an advocate, encourager, and fighter for the sick, mourning, ignored, troubled and suffering.  It was a great honour, and a humbling thing to try and help save lives and souls. Making amends, and redeeming the days, for they are evil. Leaving everything and everybody better than I found them.

It is to my shame that I didn’t always get to everyone or do right by them and Jesus, but as a fallible imperfect sinner, I’m not The Saviour, right? Lord have mercy: judgment day will tell the whole sorry tale for each of us.

A Webelf Is Borned

Along with all that came the interweebs, around 1994 for me (thanks, Binks-Dad). My adopted Anglicanism was going the way of the world, clergy and people being silenced and ignored and ridden roughshod over by cruel and progressive wolves in shepherd’s clothing. Hence in 1995-6 onwards came The Prayerbook Society of Canada Web, CrouseWeb, & CaNN (Classical Anglican Net News), and 11 years of fighting to make a difference, informing and encouraging the sheeps and faithful shepherds, and holding the leadership accountable.

The Big Fuzzy

Then, along came Mark Steyn & the Maclean’s/ Sockpuppets thing. I’d linked to his stuff often enough, in the mix of links on the old CaNN/ WebElf Report. Then came the news about the silencing Steyn thing here in Canuckistan, and the rest is the stuff of legend, myth, false modesty, and much rampant  elf-worship.. first called Free Mark Steyn, and now Free Canuckistan.

The inner impulse was like that day on the street-corner with the diminutive thugs. Inwardly it was “What the F–?! Oh no you don’t! Incoming!” Something had to be done. Like that scene in the 10-star movie Aliens where Sigourney Weaver must protect a little girl, and so confronts the giant alien queen and says “Get away from her, you bitch!”

Marginalized? Indeedly!

So with the blogger Action Dino the other day– I’d glossed over his earlier first e-mails (being busy & self-important as usual, but also sick at the time), but once this clueless elf finally “got the gist”, I clapped on my virtual great kilt, broadsword, targe & dirk and ran to do battle for a beleaguered online buddy (we’ve never met nor shared a wee dram of The GlenLivet together, but he’s got  great stuff, a tough ‘tude, and quality links to post on the FMS/ FC blog).

It’s not entirely a choice, because it’s what I have chosen and been called by God’s mercy and grace to be– despite my many sins and fears and failings. General Ezra provided cheering legal encouragement, but we simply cannot let threats overpower us, nor cooperate in the filching and squelching of freedom for fear of owwies and inconvenience or even worse. So sue me, Doctor PantyWaist— and good luck fighting with Ezra, and with the banks from whom we rent “our” stuff in somehow taking it away.

It’s A Big Thing

I’m just this mostly harmless guy, you know? Yet we should all grasp that by-standing and rubbernecking and allowing other people to be thrown to the alligators first is not the best in us, the best of the West, nor the example set for us by saints and heroes like Moses, Leonidas, Scipio Africanus, Jesus of Nazareth, the martyrs, by Byzantine General Belisarius, the heroic monks of Egypt & Ireland and Italy, by Charles “The Hammer” Martel and the later crusaders, by William Wallace and The Bruce– and by all the heroic ordinary and unsung men and women and youth from those days to this, we cannot allow evil and injustice and lies to conquer: not in our own hearts, or the world.

I  hope one day soon Dr. R wakes up and understands that we are all children of God, and that The Father of light wills his sons and daughters to be saved and set free from sin and death and hell; from the chains of the world, the flesh and the devil and our own folly and fallibility and faithlessness.

So there you are, and there it is. ~



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