On Such A Day As This…

~ LET’S REMEMBER what we’re talking about, here.

9/11– when the world witnessed evil live and in colour.

Nine years ago today, Jihadist Islam struck a blow for world domination.

September 11th Twin Towers – Falling Man

More here

That war is ever unfolding, within a collaborationist White House and State Department, and on the local level world-wide by triumphalist militants and their supporters. The radicals may be 10% of the Muslim populations, but that ‘s still 100 million people, with many more sympathizers.

Europe is trapped on the one side by a militant secularism and relativism, embodied in bureaucracy, and new immigrant populations who are less peaceful or integrationist than past generations of Muslim immigrants– so we see older or more peacefully-minded co-religionists ignored by appeasing governments, and silenced by their militant brethren.

This is a day of remembrance, of 2,977 innocents slain for the crime of working in two signature buildings in Manhattan, for working in the Pentagon, and for flying on Flight 93.

United 93 trailer

What Binks Saw

That day I’d been in a bit of a rush– a dying parishioner, plus hospital visits to be made– oddly enough, I’d not even turned on the radio on the drive.

Arriving home, there was not time to check e-mail or anything.. then a Fed-Ex guy came to the door.

“Quite the thing in New York”, he said to me. I probably looked blank.

“What happened in New York?” He looked at me “Airplanes hit the Twin Towers– one of them fell down.” What was this guy smoking? “Really?”

“It’s all over the news.”

CNN.. and the sight of the first tower collapsing. I snapped the TV off, stunned at what I’d just watched. How many deaths at that moment? one, two, ten Titanics? I knew the buildings could hold up to 10 000 people each.

To the web– and the slowest day ever.. CNN went to text.. Drudge was totally slow.. I posted links on my news-blog CaNN as I could. The jets started to land everywhere– Halifax airport had 10 000 stranded travellers, and 44 jetliners parked like cars on the tarmac… the same all across Canada.

We held a vigil service– people in the town brought strandees home.. loved ones checked on friends and family in New York and Washington. Still others travelled to New York to try and help.

The Fallout

Though we did not know it at the time, 9/11 was the greatest emergency rescue outside of wartime, with more than 7000 evacuated.. at the cost of many rescuer’s lives: EMTS, police, firemen, clergy and all the rest. Here was the very difference in civilizations: mostly Catholic firemen rushing in, while Islamist terrorists had rushed to kill, hijack, and turn airplanes into flying bombs to the glory of Allah. Heroes & monsters, laid clear for all to see.

I still agree with Rudy Guiliani when he said there is no moral equivalence between the attacks of 9.11.2001 and any imagined crimes of America. Expansionist “official” non-liberalized Islam is an inward supremacist death-cult, enviously seeking to steal or deface or ruin what others have built up. That’s what Muhammed taught. That’s what the neo-traditional Wahhabist and Muslim Brotherhood and militant Iranian Shi’ites stand for. That’s what they’ve spread throughout the Middle East and Africa and Asia and now Europe and North America.

And the attacks and bodies pile up world-wide to this very moment. It’s a world-wide war. You are a target– even if you’re Muslim.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11 What Next?

The deeper issue is our willingness to live and die for what we are and believe and have inherited: all the good things of the West. Behind that is the Christian faith which created, built, and preserved Europe and the West, as the inner motive spiritual power and understanding which has created who we are. A loss of faith leads to a loss of confidence, certainty, reason, and principle. What is unfolding in the West now is a slow death by political correctness.. death by a thousand cuts from interlopers using our own laws and radical politics against us.

The conspiracy theorists, Jew-blamers, and deniers show in part the moral and intellectual insanity that is crippling the West from within.

Enough from me– the rest will be memorial links from the best of the web, served up in loving memory of the victims of 9/11 and the worldwide Jihad.


9/11 Links

“Yes, the jihadis and those who support them have grievances against America, Europe, India, and, of course, Israel. But resolving policy differences is not their goal. Their goal is to humiliate, defeat, and subdue the West, and to restore to Muslims the power and glory they enjoyed in the distant past and which, they are confident, they are destined to enjoy again in the not-too-distant future.”

~ Clifford May ~

~ 9/11/01 – CNN Live Coverage Pentagon Attack

~ Mark Steyn 9/11 articles

~ Rex Murphy: Nine years later, tragedy replaced by farce

~ David Warren: “Next year will be the 10th anniversary of “9/11.” Mass planners note: It will fall on a Sunday”

~ David Horowitz: Remembering how the Clinton administration turned a blind eye to terror

~ Nearly a decade after 9/11, the site of the worst terrorist attack in American history has not been rebuilt

~ What I Saw on 9/11 from Brooklyn Heights: American Digest

~ 9/11 events go on in shadow of Islam controversies

~ Malkin: 9/11 remembrance: Set your alarms and steel your resolve; 9/11 remembrance: Spitting on their graves

Lan astaslem: Arabic for “I will not submit/surrender

~ We had a community center on 9/10/2001: Rosett … Never Forget: 9/11 Families Share Memories of Heroes: PJM… 9/11 + 9: Remembering Brooke Jackman And Andrew Golkin: RWN…

9/11 events go on in shadow of Islam controversies

~ What to do on 9/11: Instead of burning the Koran, tell the world about Muslim persecution of Christians

~ Scaramouche; America the Traumatized

~ Cantor.com – Cantor Fitzgerald: Supporting Our Families and Helping Others – Cantor Fitzgerald

~ Bostom; 9/11: Sharia Versus Freedom

~ Sound familiar? Political correctness silences debate on Islam in Germany

~ Roger Kimball: PajamasMedia has provided a terrific smorgasbord of reflections on 9/11

~ Pertinacious Papist: “To remember or to forget?”

~ The 5th Column: 9-11-2001 – The Left Forgot

The big question is how much of Western culture will be destroyed before the remainder comes to its senses and starts thinking seriously — and strategically — about Counterjihad.

~ Baron Bodissey ~

~ 5 Heroes To Remember This September 11

~ The Islam we imagine is nothing like the Islam we have. Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO

~ 9/11 Families on the Ground Zero Mosque

~ Atlas: September 11th Join Us at Ground Zero for Rally of Remembrance; Never Forget– TV Archive

~ Yes to Freedom, No to Ground Zero Mosque

~ NEW YORK POST: Beyond Mourning.  “The attacks were acts of mass murder, committed to advance political goals that were — and remain — antithetical to civilization itself.”

~ ED MORRISSEY: Nine Years Later: The New Normal

~ Islamists calling 9-11 “International Burn an American Flag Day” to Promote Sharia and war against Infidels

~ Spiritual Wars:  Comparing Christianity and Islam

~ Fulford: 9/11: ‘Fear of Islamophobia inhibits discussion

~ WTH?… Barack Obama Marks 9-11 As National Day of Community Service & Soup Kitchens; plus 9-11-2001 – We Will Never Forget


4 thoughts on “On Such A Day As This…

  1. Barack Obama simply refuses to identify the perpetrators as “terrorists” publicly and admit that it is an international religio-terror conspiracy.

    He called them a “small group of people” in his speech, as if they were something insignificant like a local gang of hoods you happened to fall into the hands of.

    But a “small [insignificant] group of people” don’t have the capability to coordinate to such perfection multinational, multi-pronged terrorist attacks on the West, eluding the most sophisticated intelligence organizations in the world.

    Obama is ten times more incompetent than Bush ever was.

  2. Is Obama’s apparent incompetence really deceit. He is practicing the Islamic principle of taqqiya, a concept which most politicians and media personnel either don’t understand or don’t want to understand.

    1. Saith Binks… Taqqiya/ Leftist truth management/ don’t bother the peasants with big-people stuff.. it’s all the same: anti-democratic totalitarianism, whether 7th or 20th century.

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