Links Update

Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:

Do check out some of the new names over on the Binky Blogroll, because I said so.

This list isn’t a “Every Single Blog Ever” compilation too long to read or use or even comprehend (you know who you are), but a mix of the best out there, including some smaller blogs worth checking out.

Throw some traffic around, and whilst you’re at it, why not….

  • Tipjar Ezra & Teh Shaidle & The Jaworskis & Kaffir Kanuck’s Koffee Fund
  • Leave some encouraging comments.. blogging can be thankless
  • Buy one of the books I link to and learn some new stuff.. right now I’m reading (& can heartily recommend) Robert Royal’s The God That Did Not Fail

Thanks to all the private e-mailers & commenters for their support during the recent razzings of this blog– but remember to drop a note to Jay Currie, also MitchieVille, and drop a comment below to the currently pestered offline & MIA Marginalized Action Dinosaur.. who’s much in the throes of trying to migrate his entire blog to a new ISP. Oh joy, oh bliss.

So saith he who is verily

Teh Binks, Webelf


6 thoughts on “Links Update

  1. Hi Binks,

    I would like to thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it, but importantly, you make such great points and you make them well! I’m probably different from your support base. I’m a Canadian from Egyptian heritage. I’m a Christian however.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and God bless

    1. Hey Shady: Thanks for the encouraging words– are you a Copt? Any suggestions or links on things in Egypt would be welcome if you have suggestions. I also link betimes to Sandmonkey [a secular Muslim in Egypt] for his wry and insider views of an ever-exciting regime in your homeland. Cheers, Binks

  2. i’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I’ve mightily missed the mighty Binks. And I’m glad to hear MAD’s still kickin’. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was actually trying to comment on the Henry VIII post – he’s popular for the break with the Pope in England. In fact the Pope only just dared to show up again this month in the UK, and he was surprised to find that he was welcome!

  4. Thanks again again again for floggin’ the fund. Natasha intends to run the campaign again in teh new year for teh last half of the tour.

    Weather hear is damn hot with dust and a spattering of rockets.

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