The Blog Weather

.. calls for cloudy with a 50% chance of Raza, so presuming I’m not blog-blocked in the next 24-36 hours, there’s a brand new mega-news heap incoming for all of you.


P.S. Can anybody else currently access MitchieVille? Or has he finally been Raza-ed?

UPDATE— Server-issues, says the mayor.. he’s back up.




3 thoughts on “The Blog Weather

  1. Do you mean ?

    What does Raza-ed mean? New term for me.

    Saith Binks: It means blog-harrassment and/ or blocking, via the online pest Asad Raza, who has been attacking this blog, Action Dino, Jay Currie, and Mitchieville, too. Look back in our FC archives over the past month or so.

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