Surprised & Joyful


This will sound odd, possibly boastful, or just lame– but I suspect you creative types will get it.

I just looked back over Steynian 423st, and honestly, it’s pretty impressive, and it hardly seems like I did it 0r wrote anything or even coded it. How peculiar is that?

The ancients spoke of being bemused, amused, or otherwise under the influence of the 3 or later 9 muses of the arts and mysterious inspiration. So invokes Dante Alighieri, in Canto II of The Inferno:

O Muses, O high genius, aid me now!
O memory that engraved the things I saw,
Here shall your worth be manifest to all!
(Anthony Esolen translation, 2002)

Now I’m not sure if there is a proper muse of blogging– perhaps she is betimes sublime, other times a ranter, and on still other occasions can’t be bothered to post for weeks on end (you know who you are!). In any case, thanks be to The Incarnate Logos & High Wisdom himself, Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of The Father, and the heavenly gift of the Holy Spirit, for anything good written on this blog or anywhere else by this scribbler and sinner.

Often, I surprise myself. I hope it’s also an edifying, amusing, and informative surprise for all of you out there, and around the world.



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