The Plot Sickens…

~ SINCE THE the whole DND & Islamic History Month thing came up, people have wondered where the IHM itself came from. Well you may ask!

It turns out that none other than the Elmasry-Valiente nexus, the cheerfully Steyn-hating and anti-semitic Canadian Islamic Congress itself, created IHM in Canada. So no wonder they were “invited” to the event at DND-HQ: they invented the entire Public Relations touchy-feely exercise to immerse Ottawa in stealth-radical Islamism in the first place! Very clever marketing, to create a need & then fill it.

Imagine that! Oh, and they`re also seeking to soften up the Ottawa PD:

Dr. Hussein Amery (IHMC Chair – Alberta),
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub,
Prof. Dr. Jamal Badawi,
Prof. Dr. Pierre C. Bélanger,
Imam Dr. Zijad Delic (Chair IHMC – Ottawa),
Prof. Dr. Muneer El-Kassem,
Salam Elmenyawi (Chair IHMC – Montreal),
and Dr. Bachar El-Solh, (Chair IHMC – French Language Committee).
Prof. Dr. Tim Goddard,
Dr. Naiyer Habib (Chair IHMC – British Colombia),
Prof. Rick Haldenby,
Dr. Soha Moussa (Treasurer),
Uzma Ashraf (Secretary),
Prof Dr. Anthony Hall,
Prof. Dr. Sheila McDonough,
Prof. Dr. Judith Miller,
Dr. Youssef Mroueh,
Prof. Dr. David Nobel,
Prof. Dr. Andrew Rippin,
Haroon Salamat (Chair IHMC – Toronto),
Senator Hugh Segal,
Dr. Taufik Valiante, MD, PhD, FRCS,
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif.
Dr. Mohamed Elmasry (past Chair),
Ayub Hamid (past Treasurer),
Dr. Sawan (past Secretary).

And knowing is half the battle.



10 thoughts on “The Plot Sickens…

  1. What’s all the ‘Professor Doctor’ stuff? I thought only the Germans did that. I haven’t seen so many professor doktors since the last Odessa reunion in Paraguay.

    Saith Binks: That’s Herr Professor Doktor to YOU, infidel wench!

  2. “The origin of the whole Islamic History Month thing– A CIC PR-gig from the get-go!”

    Gosh! You mean to say that an organization called the Canadian Islamic Congress is actually trying to promote awareness of Islam in Canada?

    Well, THERE’S a shock.

  3. Well the organized Muslim brotherhood propaganda that the “Natives were Muslims” fell flat on it’s face, so did the Islamists’ propaganda that all black slaves in the US were muslims thus why not create a festival giving Islam a heritage in Canada. The left eat that kind of propaganda and fake history up, the truth who needs the truth the left love Islam and hate other faiths. I guess our skin isn’t beige enough or brown enough for the progressive left?

  4. Yo Binks, Dawg is dense. (really, if you’re going to be an attention whore, trying to herd cats is NOT the way to do it.)

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