Upside The Head!

~ A COMMENT, in which the saucy Binks visits the din of inequity over at Dawg’s Blawg, and makes some remarks of various kinds.

~ LINK UPDATE– Pam Geller at Atlas2K links to the story…; CTV gives the matter some attention.. ALSO: More CatFur– “Imam Zijad Delic gets dumped from own event! rofl + Muslim Canadian Congress welcomes Minster Mackay’s decision to bar CIC Imam”‘ XANTHIPPA brings the funny; then Backseat Blogger comes out swingin‘….

~ ITEM: Blazingcatfur Gets Results! MacKay Cancels DND Speech By Canadian Islamic Congress (lotsa comments ensue); and Jay Currie weighs in; plus Scaramouche, and Teh Shaidle. plus more Shaidle– the ‘soft jihad’ inside Dept of National Defence

~ ITEM: MUST-READ Moose & Squirrel: Dispatch 24: The Canadian Islamic Congress’ Soft Jihad at NDHQ

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn: “I regret to say that the Government of Canada has chosen to reward the Canadian Islamic Congress for its attempt to constrain what freeborn peoples can say. This year the Department of National Defence is celebrating “Islamic Heritage Month” with the very group that tried to criminalize my writing in the Dominion  and force Canadian liberties to submit to the strictures of Islam. There is barely any point in complaining about this. You can measure the state of Her Majesty’s northern dominion by asking yourself this: Who’s more likely to wind up in the Order of Canada – Ezra Levant or Imam Zijad Delic? Come to that, who’s more likely to end up as Governor-General?”

~ ITEM: Imam slams MacKay over speech cancellation; Ottawa Defence Minister cancels Islamic leader’s speech; Lying Imam lies through his lying teeth; more news-links via Google

~ ITEM: Canucki Jihad, a blog by Binks

~ ITEM: Comment via Just Right: Here’s an account from Daniel Pipes in 2008 as a reminder of some of the background behind [Ottawa’s] DFAIT involvement with the Muslim “community”. One of his observations: “The only person yet to be charged with an offense under Canada’s new Anti-Terrorism Act is Mohammad Momin Khawaja; and he was, at about the time of his arrest, a computer consultant for DFAIT.”

~ ITEM: Useful Eejit weighs in, utters the usual boilerplate, which any blogger even stupider than I am could compose verbatim whilst comatose.. “In which Islamophobia becomes official government policy”blah blah blah, Islamophobia, wah boo-hoo sniff,  cuz if you stoopid FreeeSpeach Warriorz akshully support free speech, then you are poopy-head hypocrites for opposing anti-semitic jihadists, yada yada yada… So barks and whines Dr. Dawg

~ ITEM: Canadian Armed Forces Celebration of Islamic Heritage Month Dishonours Fallen Soldiers

~ AND WHO SAYS Canucki Bloggers don’t get results? Woo hoo!

Through the mighty Blazing Catfur™ and others, an IslamoFascist brainwashing Muslim cultural event will NOT be happening at the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND)– also thanks to the cojones-enabled Minister of National Defence, Nova Scotian MP Peter MacKay (here’s his e-mail).

The Elmasry-created CIC (Sue Mark Steyn!™, All stinking dog-ape Jews Israelis over 18 are great for target-practice!™) a.k.a. the Canadian Islamic Congress (a big name for a small but influential pro-terror stealth-jihad group) was to hold a special food & dance & hate-imam event by the CIC-created ‘You Will Be Our Slaves Islamic Heritage Month‘ observances at the Department of National Defence headquarters in Ottawa.

Oh NO You Don’t!

Some attentive & quietly heroical member of the forces got the official e-mail regarding said event, and fired it along to several bloggers. That got online, which got to the Minister in charge by various routes, and that, dear readers, got the CIC dumped & the event cancelled ASAP. Victory dance ensues!

This Means War

That’s how real conflict works– moments, incidents and accidents, a brave or wise or lucky person with information, and everything changes. For example– in the real events depicted in  the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, 101st Airborne Major Dick Winters is ordered to assault a crucial German artillery emplacement at Brécourt which was wreaking havoc with D-Day landings on Utah Beach.

Part 2

With a handful of  men, Winters planned and executed an attack against 60 entrenched enemy troops– with mortars and covering machine-gun nests– and lost only one man killed and one wounded. The Germans were so quickly overwhelmed by the paratroopers that Winters recovered a full map showing enemy positions, bunkers, ammo dumps, and trench-lines.  His attack became part of future military textbooks, and together with the captured intel, Winters won a Distinguished Service Cross.

Sometimes, it’s simply up to you, important things hang in the balance, it gotta get done, and there’s nobody else to do it. We cannot be so scared or waiting for Ezra or Mark or Binks or Kathy & Arnie to do it– we all must risk things in these conflicts, avoid hero-worship and excuses, and be willing to lay it on the line. One person forwarded an iffy e-mail, and now here we are.

The Canucki Front

The point is, that single DND e-mail together with some blog-fuel and an attentive politician has caused some real push-back against the hush-jihad being waged by Islamist & sharia-supremacist groups to ‘sensitize’ our military and other institutions to cringe before the nice Islamists. It’s part of The Big Lie, whereby strategic dishonesty (Islamic war-lying or taqiyya™) permits hate-groups like the CIC to become the ‘official moderate face’ of Muslims in Canada, even though they are very bad people seeking very bad things.

Taking It In Stride

So Imam Zijad Delic & HRH Wahida “The Hutt” Valiente of the CIC may gnash their teeth, but will  likely take this rebuff in stride, and after some huffing and puffing and crocodile tears, be back at the usual soft-jihad quicker than you can say “Admiral Ackbar”. Keep an eye on them, folks– and all the other like-minded groups seeking government money, access, and credibility. They’re deeply committed to a holy war of words and deeds for their deity & prophet: anything goes, and they’re devious & persistent.

With Eyes To See

Speaking of which, having read the comments on Blazing’s posting, it well behooves us all to ask: who else in government, the military, the RCMP, or in Federal/ Provincial/ local politics is wittingly or unwittingly serving Allah & the dreamt-of world-wide Islamo-superstate first, and Canada & all of us last? Those Mohammedans who take the official Muslim position that there are no proper spheres of secular & sacred under God (that’s a Christian idea, remember?), only Muhammed’s rules über alles, and the rest a bunch of godless infidel trash to be tolerated until it can be erased.. are traitors.

What other ‘community events’ are the CIC & their co-radical groups connected with across Canada, making unsuspecting Canadians feel all warm & fuzzy with that multi-culti folk-festival glow– all the while unaware of the real goals and connections of too many of such groups, for whom politics is religion is stealth– once you peel back the surface layer and smiles.

Stick A Needle In My Eye

Taking people at their word only works if people think it`s a good thing to always say what they mean and mean what they say. The same applies to oaths of office, to God & Queen & Canada, as if your very soul and credibility hangs on truth-telling (a Judaeo-Christian principle, right? based on Greco-Roman & pagan ideas about truth & honour, and from the Commandment about not bearing false witness, and on the teaching of Jesus that ‘your yes should be yes, and your no, no’; anything else ‘is of the Evil One’ [ Matthew 5:37 ], who is ‘the father of lies’ [ John 8:44 ]).

Naming Names

“Han, ma bukee. Bargon yanah coto da eetha. See fah luto twentee, ee yaba..."

Only fools and gliberals and Islamo-fawners should ever trust: the CIC & founder Mo Elmasry, Zijad Delic, Wahida Valiente,  Sheema Khan, Khaled Mouammar, Tariq Ramadan, Imam Aly Hindy, Mohammad Fadel, Shahina Siddiqui, as well as CAIR-CAN, ISNA-Can, The Canadian Arab Federation, the Canadian branch of the MSU, or any other of the Muslim Brotherhood aligned/ approved/ sympathetic operatives and groups. These are simply not on our side, nor favour Western civilization or Greco-Roman Judaeo-Christianity– except as something to be  coveted, subverted, stolen, and bent to the purposes of Islam and people like themselves, our would-be theocratic masters.

We’ve been warned, and won a small but important victory. This war is waging all around us, seen and unseen, and the stakes could not be much higher. Canada is a hotspot of this stuff, even if we want to ignore or pretend otherwise– it’s in our government, military, schools & universities, communities and neighbourhoods, especially wherever busy radical mosques and imams and a critical mass of Islamists and Islamo-groups are to be found.

Canada/ Western Civilization: it’s ours to lose. ~


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