Fun With Baglow & Delic

~ ITEM: Recent news-links– Delic Dissed, Muslims Pissed; plus Catfur: “Canadian Islamic Congress’ “People’s Man” speech cancelled at Department of National Defence“; and JihadWatch: “Canada: “Moderate” Muslims outraged by disinviting of Islamic supremacist imam“; actual moderates: MCC welcomes Minster Mackay’s decision to bar CIC Imam…; also Wahida Valiante Of The Canadian Islamic Congress Says Muslims Are the New Jews (And Jews are Sorta Like the New Nazis)…


Junkyard Dawg



Although there are many kind and reasonable non-conservative folks out there, the horde of name-calling clevers over at Dr. Dawg’s Blog [a.k.a. John Baglow] inspired me to respond in the comments to his “In which Islamophobia becomes official government policy.”


Binks, “A Hater”

P.S. Yes, I know it’s generally a bad idea to feed the trolls. Especially on troll-sites.

Binks, WebElf
Dear Dawg-Bloggers & Co.:

Please put me on your hate-list, and call me names, too. I confess to the following public and deliberate thought-crimes:

.. and in the last entry, even dare to ask Dr. Dawg to answer a hard question. Remember: points will be deducted for swearsies, name-calling, or hyperbole.

IMHO, distinguishing between Delic & the CIC is a red herring. Nobody forced him to head things up, and so presumably he stands behind their stated positions. If not (and if he’s really the super-nice guy portrayed in one comment below), he should quit the hateful CIC, or publicly disassociate himself from Jew-hating, the proposed OIC global muzzle-law, and the cast of doubtful characters– all approved of by the CIC.


[Not a Jew, Never Been To Israel]

Yesterday, 9:19:55 PM
Always nice to have my theories confirmed. Thanks for stopping by.
Yesterday, 9:50:45 PM
Binks, WebElf
Dear Baglow & Bunch:


It’s always sad when folks who loudly defend their “reasonability” refuse to answer the simplest & most obvious questions. If you won’t visit the link, then I reproduce the relevant bits here:

“The CIC advocates for the notorious Islamist sponsored anti-free speech UN resolution promoting the ”Prohibition of the public defamation of religion” which is a soft-jihad lawfare effort by the Organization of Islamic States [OIC] to make any criticism of Islam illegal worldwide.”


“That is, the CIC supports proposed laws to muzzle everybody else everywhere and forever– when it comes to free speech about anything negative having to do with their religion– but Imam Delic & Co. have the brass to go on TV complaining about his infringed free speech due to the cancelled DND event. Interesting, no?
Dear Professor Dr. Dawg: why not stick that in your Hypocrisy Files, and give us some easy boilerplate answer justifying how & why Mr. Delic approves of such an anti-democratic double-standard?”

It can’t be stated more plainly than that. If you dismiss the issue because of your contempt for me, that disproves nothing, but rather indicates that some “progressives” may be prejudiced and unreasonable.



P.S. Dear KC– Points deducted for name-calling. Bad form. And “there’s” [there is] likes to be seen in public with an apostrophe.

Today, 10:53:27 AM


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LOL I don’t think theres ever been any doubt that “Binks” was a hater.


3 thoughts on “Fun With Baglow & Delic

  1. Jebus. I tried it once too. It’s like trying to train an ANA chap high on heroin tar. They show up an Jay Currie’s site as well and give non-answers, cry bigot, and refuse to engage or debate the facts, relying Alinsky doctrine to seize the win, empty of substance.

    Sites like that should have WHIMIS data sheets for it.

    Hope you took a shower after.

    your fellow hater,

  2. I think it was wrong not to have the iman talk at the CIC. It is very important for the people at the DND to know the “many faces of the enemy”.

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