News Soon…

.. in the next 24-48. Got sidetracked on the CIC thing, and then (foolishly & fruitlessly) wasting time trying to get  straight answer from prog Dr. Dawg & Co. — it was.. an experience. Disconcerting. Rather like trying to get ornery orcs to sing the praises of elves, perhaps. See for yourselves (scroll down).

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the recent links, blog-tips, comments, and traffic. Don’t forget the Amazon Wish List by which you may thank your humble host, and also possibly experience body-wrenching waves of ecstasy at having done a good thing for Teh Binks.




4 thoughts on “News Soon…

  1. Trolling I understand–everybody does it now and again, if some more than others. But why do you insist on lying?

    You asked a question and I answered it directly. Instead of responding, you whined that I and other had ignored it.

    This is why it’s useless to engage with people like you.

    Over and out.

    Saith Binks: Dawg– Thanks for coming over here. People can read the exchanges for themselves, and if they adjudge me clueless, dishonest, or misrepresenting the reception your crew & other commenters gave me, they can say so in the comments below, or correct me where I erred. Fair enough?

    Your “answer” consisted of saying that since Mr. Delic is a nice and moderate and bridge-building guy, and only haters could hate him. This is begging the question, which is– despite his self-portrayal and some good deeds, why is such a ‘good guy’ hanging around with the happy haters of the CIC? If you are known by the company you keep, why isn’t Mr. Delic hanging with the Muslim Council of Canada, or via his own less toxic group? Useful idiot? Dissembler? The CIC is a buncha misunderstood boy & girl scouts?

    Once more, If he’s so nice, why is Delic associated with the hate-filled CIC & their sharia-supremacist, anti-Jewish, anti-Free Speech (OIC Resolution via the UN, Macleans-bashing) pro-terror, pro-Hamas/ Hizb’ullah agenda– misrepresented and soft-pedalled as “mainstream Islam”. If he’s truly a good guy, he’s either not looking around him, or presenting one face to the public, and another to his radical CIC associates.

    And: is it not contradictory (as a principle) to approve of silencing everybody everywhere forever via international law when it comes to criticism or comment on Islam, giving his own religion a privileged place, in violation of free speech and freedom of opinion everywhere— and yet to be upset that his own speech was “restricted” by not being allowed to talk to DND-HQ as NO OTHER RELIGIOUS GROUP has been asked to do? All pigs are equal– but some pigs are more equal than others?

    There’s a profound disconnect & contradictions there, and you simply did not address them. If you can show me where you did address these two issues (free speech & CIC nastiness) and answer my queries, I’ll own myself an inattentive idiot, mmkay?

    Please note that in the above I did not call you a liar, a hater, a phony, a supreme moron, prissy, stupid, a racist, a deranged, deformed monster, a twat, an utter whiner and hypocrite, laughable, an incoherent thug, or any of the other names you & your commenters like to fling about against their ideological opponents.

  2. Many, many years ago I prided myself on being left-leaning. Liberal/NDP voter, the works. However, roughly 15 years ago I woke up to the fact that it is the left that is truly intolerant of divergent opinions, and can be truly mealy-mouthed and downright nasty in their treatment of their ideological opponents. Especially so when they have no rational defence or come-back — and that is roughly 90% of the time (give or take —most usually give— 5% nine times out of ten). “Dr. Dawg” is a classic example. Don’t sweat it.

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