Magically Delic-ious!

Imam Delic.. Just Keeps Giving!

“Delic was the CIC’s national helmsman when its Quebec wing imported British Taliban apologist Yvonne Ridley to speak in Canada. He is part of CIC’s sharia gender-apartheid lobbying. And, days ago, he led the CIC’s support for the international Organization of Islamic Conference’s Islamist “blasphemy” initiative — a frontal assault on free speech and human rights.”

~ David B. Harris ~

~ LET’S HOPE the Islamo-cuddly Dawg-squad reads this blog, because the awkward facts just keep pourin’ in on the Canadian Islamic Congress, and Ottawa-CIC honcho Bosnian-born Imam Zejad “Delic-ate” Delic.

Once again, it’s the unpaid pajama-ed schlubs & schlubettes in their parent’s basements getting news & analysis & serious fact-checking out there in a timely manner. Much of the cowersome group-thinking media are more afraid of criticizing the Religion Of Beheading– & the intolerant gods of multiculti– than they are of being useful idiots in the service of lies & sharia supremacism. They may not be misunderstood– just honestly on the other side.

Of course, perhaps Dawg & Co. find themselves largely in agreement with the CIC & CAF anti-Western anti-semitic pro-terror agenda. See my comment at the bottom.

Some fresh links, below.

Enough with the Delic-atessen.
I’m finding it all quite distressin’.
His “interfaith” blarney
Is unctuous and smarmy
And, frankly, gives me indigest’n.

~ UPDATE: The Cuddly Stealth-Jihad Institute Of Personal Success Via Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

~ THE VIOLENT Jihadi Murderers Delic approves of?.. Imam Zijad Delic Refuses To Denounce Hamas On John Oakley Show; CIC advocates on behalf of Hamas and Hizbollah

~ DELIC-ATE Delic assisted in trying to have speaker Bat Ye’or banned from a 2007 Fraser Institute event in Canada (.pdf backup here in case that page gets mysteriously scrubbed)

~ Full text of cancelled Imam Zijad Delic speech now made public.. reads like glossy double-speak when it’s not concealing facts or making stuff up

~ SECURITY EXPERT David B. Harris– ‘We need security probe after DND invited imam”; and ‘Peter Mackay and the cancelling of Imam Delic’; Harris Weighs in on the Delic Debate

~ A Moderate Muslim Not Afraid To Speak Out

“Tarek Fatah, founder of the progressive Muslim Canadian Congress, said Mr. Delic is the “same old wine in a new bottle,” and his hiring was a “whitewash” after the awkwardness brought on by the “buffoon” Mr. Elmasry, “who could not say 10 words without putting his foot in his mouth.”

“There are organizations in Canada that condone armed jihad, and until they renounce it, they should not be entertained by any government agency,” he said, and claimed that the “circles of outreach” created by Foreign Affairs, Department of National Defence, and the RCMP have been——-“thoroughly infiltrated by Islamists——-.”

He said the agenda of Islamic History Month is in line with the goals of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, “to give a very glossy picture of Islamism.”

~ JAY CURRIE– CIC & DND? Free Speech has nothing to do with it; and Blazingcatfur Gets Results! MacKay Cancels DND Speech By Canadian Islamic Congress.. lots of comments ensue

~ Multicultist Libs want Cdn Gov’t to grovel to the CIC because of ‘multiculturalism’

~ An “Open Letter to Peter MacKay” in the South Asia Mail doesn’t exactly help bolster Imam Delic’s case

~ Questioning the defenders of Imam Delic; More on the Immoderate CIC and Imam Delic‘ and Rory Leishman, An Apology, The Muslim Brotherhood… and why Imam Zijad Delic should not be taken at his word

~ Celebrating Islamic History Monthat Queen’s Park (the Ontario provincial legislature).. by invite only!

~ Context, Shmontext, It’s the Sharia, Stupid!; and Islamic History Month Canada’s “education” component is nothing more than thinly disguised da’wa

On Islamic History Month at National Defence

~ Who sez there are no jokes in Islam? Certainly not Mohamed “Elmo” Elmasry, sweet Wahida’s successor at the Canadian Islamic Congress

~ Imam Delic:
the speech he never gave?

~ Canada
Strikes a Blow for Good Sense! (but only just in time!)

~ What Binks said over at Jay Currie’s blorg:

“Dawg cannot & will not deal with the fact that the CIC  is an Islamo-fascist—not Muslim—hate group, connected with & approving of all the usual suspects & pro-terror groups & unindicted co-conspirators, and the supremacist Muslim Brotherhood.

Of course, most unionists & Leftists spent much of the 20th century supporting Russian imperialism & massacre worldwide, and their war on freedom, truth, and humanity—Good old Stalin! Hurray for Mao & Fidel & Che & Ho Chi Minh!—so their support of Islamo-fascism, Jew-hating, sharia speech-codes, terror-supporting groups comes as no surprise.

It is one thing to listen to a deceiver and enemy of our freedoms & institutions—quite another to allow such people & groups access to our military, government, and officials.

They speak honeyed words, but have war in their hearts.”

One thought on “Magically Delic-ious!

  1. “Moderate” is an interesting idea.

    There is a history there and one we would do well not to forget.

    Is the Imam the “Enemy”; perhaps. We will not know until we see him stop the silly inability to say Hamas and Hezbollah are contra Islam. Until then he has to be presumed guilty.

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