New Shirt You Shall Buy

Dear Minions:

Buy shirt.

Binks of Elvendom together with Alexander of Hollywood are proud to present the  LIMITED EDITION official shirt for the 2010 Mark Steyn re-invasion of Canada, a rare appearance at an Ontario campus: walking hate-crime™ Steyn explains why everything in your world is doomed at Western University on November 1st, 2010.

Buy shirt.

Sponsored by, Mark’s speech will be entitled Head For The Hills: Why Everything In Your World Is Doomed.” Following his speech, Mark will be answering questions in a Q&A period, then signing copies of his two most recent books, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, and Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech and the Twilight of the West.

Buy shirt.

Why not Head For The Hills in style in this Old-West inspired t-shirt, as you cheerfully ponder the doom of the Western world? This shirt brought to you by the noted hate-mongers who gave the world the as seen at riots & on TV ‘Coulter Over Canada™’ tee. FREE SHIPPING across North America, even!

Buy shirt.

That’s right, every shirt is guaranteed to have a sprinkle of Binks The WebElf™ elf-magic, and a dose of hate-speech.. don’t miss out!

Buy shirt.

You will love it. You must buy it. So it has been written, so let it be done!


P.S. This shirt goes to support Mark’s trip, and the worthy work of ordinary businessman Alex of Hollywood. In a time of tight belts, make every penny count. Plus, you make Binks feel even more self-important than ever. Buy shirt. ~



2 thoughts on “New Shirt You Shall Buy

  1. no student discount on that? 🙂

    Saith Binks: Hmmmm.. what, you want to stinge Strictly Right, or HollywoodLoser do ya? I forwarded your comment to Alex of Hollywood. We’ll see.

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