Just How Evil Is Mark Steyn?

… Steyn’s so evil he got banned from an upcoming venue. After all, if he wasn’t evil incarnate, they wouldn’t have banned him, right?

~ BREAKING: Conference facility caves to pressure from Islamic groups, bans Mark Steyn from speaking

~ London Ontario Conference facility caves to pressure from Islamic groups, bans Mark Steyn from speaking

~ Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech

The good news? They’ve moved the upcoming speech to another, bigger venue. Please donate to Strictly Right via PayPal (or buy The Steyn Shirt) to help defray the added costs. ~

UPDATE: Just wondering exactly WHICH ‘local Muslim groups‘ spoke against Steyn… Londoners got feedback?


3 thoughts on “Just How Evil Is Mark Steyn?

  1. Rather simple really. The more they try to stop him the more publicity they generate for him and against them. Are they so stupid?

  2. Let us be open and honest about Mark Steyn. He has determined that free speech, expression and debate in Canada will not be stopped by Canadian and other Islamists no matter what they do to stop us from speaking freely on any subject. The LCC has been just one venue the Islamists have used to thwart freedom of speech. We have been stifled of freedom of speech, expression and debate because of our Liberal legislators and the Supreme Court of Canada who gave full impetus to a parallel law system with Human Rights that violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of every Canadian. Our liberal-leftist inspired universities, colleges and schools also have determined that freedom of speech, expression and debate should only be for those who are willing to follow their liberal-leftist values.

    Most Canadians are ignornant of how the Canadian Liberal governments over the last 50 years turned Canada into a liberal-fascist nation with the assistance of the liberal-leftist movement to deprive us of our Canadian democracy. Point 47 in the Amendments Section reads that the “House of Commons can make any resolution without the consent of the Senate.” If you look further into the Amendments Section you will not find “Public Binding Right of Referendum” or what is called “Direct Democracy” that we once had under the BNA Act, 1867.

    In short, the (dictator) Prime Minister Pierre E.Trudeau could make backroom legislation with a Liberal majority party without any other political party, a party to that legislation. So long as he controlled a majority by whip vote he created a third world banana republic that he could force any legislation that he desired. Jean Chretien, the Liberal party calls “The Legend” was no less a dictator than was Trudeau, and that was obvious after Gomery exonerated him and Paul Martin from any wrongdoing in the Adscam Affair. What we should have done was to bring Chretien to trial for something entirely different. We should have tried him for treason to the Canadian nation for demanding the release of the notorious Ahmed Sayed Khadr from a Pakistani prison. Khadr who has a son on trial, Omar, was one of the worst Islamist terrorists to live in Canada. He was a principle founder and financial officer of Al-queda and fund raised for Al-Queda in Canada. Had the elder Khadr not been released from a Pakistani prison perhaps Omar would not be on trial for murder and would not have been in Afghanistan. While this might have been it is sure that the Khadr family is the first terrorist family of Canada, and should have been deported long ago if not for the Liberal party. It is the Liberal party that calls repeatedly for this terrorist to be returned to Canada; even though most Canadians would rather he and his family were deported and loss of citizenship for all of them. It is the Conservative party that does not want Omar back in Canada under any circumstances. It would be an effrontery to our Canadian soldiers to repatriate this young Muslim man to Canada. He was not a child soldier at the time since he was fifteen as the oldest age for a child solider is fourteen. Semantics this might be, but we have to draw the line somewhere. CAIR in Canada, MAS, CIC and other Muslim organizations want the Canadian government to repatriate him solely because he is a Muslim and only Muslims, as stated in the Koran, have rights and freedoms. Killing of non-Muslims is acceptable in the Koran because we are the worst of people and have no rights and freedoms within the Koran. And the Liberal party want these people to live among us. Nothing would scare me more than a another Liberal party government.

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