Dear America:

Please help save yourselves & Western civilization (again) by stomping the bad guys– this time, the anti-American Democrats– at your 2010 elections.

We’re all counting on you– a lot. Future generations are counting on you. Don’t consider it old-time Republicrat politics, but death & dearth versus hope and freedom.

So please don’t stay home, or spoil your ballot, or give Obama one more chance. For the love of God, yourselves, and your great nation, vote the party George Soros bought & paid for out of office in the congress. Even the old-timers, the worst corruptocrats like Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and all the rest.

Last of all, pray, and put your trust in God, not politicians or handouts or earthly treasure. Obama has been a judgement upon your greed and self-satisfaction: hear the word of the LORD.


Binks, WebElf



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