Let’s Remember That..

.. whilst the ‘Free Speech Wars’ are in a lull, serial SLAPP lawsuiter Richard Warman (currently running 60 such lawsuits according to one source) is still after Blazing Catfur, Ezra Levant, and others, in defence of his– ahem— ever more unmistakeable reputation.

Blazing has issued a new request for any of you with mercy & shekels to throw some his way, as he’s out of pocket $10, 000.00 thusfar standing up to this serial SLAPPer.

Teh Binks would also ask you to support Ezra as well, who has 5 ongoing concurrent lawsuits to fight with finite resources, time, and energy, against Warman, Kinsella, Vigna, etc..

These two individuals have done yeoman-service in the free speech wars, the anti-Jihad push-back, and standing up for Canada and Canadians– at no little cost to themselves. We owe them our thanks, prayers, and financial help.


Teh Binksmeister


4 thoughts on “Let’s Remember That..

  1. I gotta question, how IS that toad affording to start all these lawsuits? Back when it was HRC’s I got it, but all these law suits have got to be expensoive on his side.

    1. As a lawyer himself, this is like a hobby for him. It’s unfortunate that his part time employers, the CF where he works as a reservist JAG, don’t see this as political activity and fire his ass.

      For Lucy, it’s not about free speech, it’s about him. It’s purely personal. He doesn’t like it that he was trounced from his personal government sponsored crusade to route out what he believes is hate speech. Now anyone with a personal opinion not conforming to his world view, even linking to his words or others talking about his words, are targets of his perverse lawfare.

      Karma’s a bitch. Eventually everybody gets theirs.

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