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Got Locked Out Of My Own Blog Again Last Night

UPDATE TEH 2NTH: Thanks to all you generous pre-dead minion donors, we now have enough via PayPal & cheque for THREE years of self-hosted Binks; plus offers of webspace (thanks Ken, Mitch), donated nerd-help to set up the new digs, and all sorts of good suggestions on decent ISPs which won’t shut me down. Thanks from the bottom sub-cockles of my elfly heart, you guys & gals. In response, I’ll work to have shorter but more frequent postings, and ever more of the Binks-stuff you love. Stay tuned for developments!! Oh, and there’s even weirdly good news about the guy who’s been after me, MAD, Blazing, SDA, MitchieVille, Jay Currie.. more later today (this is a sleepless in Elfville posting)….

UPDATE: Button coming: PayPal addy =… plus a volunteer has offered to help me migrate the thing to the new server & set things up.

~ SO TEH SHAIDLE has been nudging me towards getting a self-hosted WordPress blog, just so the pinheaded mini-fascist “support staff” prompted by online censors can’t lock me outta here again.

Any of you IT weenies wanna help migrate this thing?

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Lemme know.

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Dear Anthony:

Thanks for releasing my blog.

I will review my comments in a timely manner in the next 24 hours– and remove all regarding A*** R*** (my presumed repeat-complainant/ stalker) except for the e-mail sent directly to me by A*** R*** in which he included his own e-mail address, since he directly published that himself (which implies permission to publish by any fair interpretation of the facts).

You folks really need to stop playing the unfair mother in his “Mommeee! He breathed on me!” game, which has caused me days of wasted time & irritation. Can’t you flag his name as a serial frivolous complainant or something?

Seriously– I’m being reasonable here, and have complied with every request you’ve made thusfar under your TOS.



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No Apologies

~ TEH BINKS IS a narrow-minded humourless conservative Christian white male elf, pro-life, anti-Jihad, non-libertarian, willing to see both sides of an argument until the argument is reasonably settled. He generally opposes weasel-words, blind leftardism, elitist bullying, injustice, ranting, and feckless cowardice. He favours piquant and saucy ways of putting things, sometimes mocking his targets (and himself), but only when deserved, in his view.

This blog has NOT been vetted by the editorial board of the Toronto Star, CBC op/ed writers, or the David Suzuki 9th Level Maggot Appreciation Society. All my stupid opinions & mistakes are my own.. or those of the linked-to authors, and commenters.

You’ve been warned.. if you can’t deal with that sort of thing, turn back now, pretty please. If you’re one of those Leftis or Jihadis who likes to compulsively outrage yourself, don’t blame me for what you read here, since it’s not compulsory. ~

Saith The Binksmeister…

Join Elisabeth’s Voice, and fight for free speech in Europe!

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn Joins Elisabeth’s Voice

~ ITEM: Support Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf Against the Austrian Inquisition to Eliminate Islamo-Realism

Out Of The Digital Bunker

The Secondary Binky Bunker

~ ITEM: Hayward Lectures 2010 (.pdf)

~ A MEATSPACE MEET— As a webizen, I’ve got lotsa friends online.. but have yet to meet most of them socially or otherwise. Ezra.. Damian Penney.. NSScott, church-friends & former PBSC fans.. and some Binks-fans, but that’s it. Until recently.

Someone I’ve liked & admired since the 90’s came to the area recently to give lectures at the local Undiversity. We lunched (Mmm.. pumpkin beer!), and, oddly enough, got to know one another as face-to face friends. Heck, in the past she’d even co-dedicated a book to me, but our paths had never crossed in the non-digital world.

Teh Glowing Screens

Much is made of how online life is a form of unlife that keeps folks indoors and unconnected form their local world. Fair enough. The tyranny of the glowing screens of all sorts is much with us, and not always to our benefit. Like human nature, the web is a mixed place of dark and light, good and evil, all mixed together sometimes. Teh Binks has ranted on this before, as you no doubt have memorized and rhapsodized upon.

But for people who don’t travel, for folks who fall out of touch or move away, for sick & shut-ins, the web can also be a freeing and fulfilling thing, to reconnect or connect when that’s otherwise unlikely or impossible.

At Long Last

Meeting Dr. Humphrey was awesome; her lectures were inspiring & thought-provoking; and now I hear her whilst reading her books, papers, and articles. Yes, it would be great to take a course from her or live nearer, but such is God’s provision despite distance, and through such technology.

The abiding question for me is– as someone not raised on digilife or e-culture, but using it in my own late-Boomerish way to augment & improve my thinking + doing– is whether people raised this way, by TV and not a lot of reading or slow-grow culture, are intellectually hampered by scattershot digital fragments via e-mail, text, cell-phones, and the rest.

The upshot? I thank God for the good aspects of e-life, by which this lowly unworthy elf has tried to fight for the good, speak out for the truth, love my neighbour, and leave the world better than I found it. ~

Londonistan, Ontario?

“The reason offered by the LCC [in a Tuesday morning phone call] was that they had received pressure from local Islamic groups, and they didn’t want to alienate their Muslim clients. It’s interesting to note that the LCC is owned by the City of London, and is therefore a government operation,” wrote Strictly Right’s Andrew Lawton at the website”….

~ ITEM: Lori Da Silva hides pro-Muslim position behind “business decision”

“….looking at their events calendar, I see no Muslim related events booked whatsoever. It is bad enough when groups, individuals or organizations begin to self-censor for fear of offending the easily offended, but when they take steps to censor others – especially when government organizations, do so – it is beyond the pale. The Board of the Convention Centre has overstepped it’s boundaries and they must be held accountable.”

~ Letter To London, ON Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best ~

~ ITEM: Some local Muslim leaders have said they won’t protest Steyn’s appearance

~ ITEM: Blazing Cat Fur: Meet Mohamed H. Amery Of London Ontario

~ ITEM: Who’s Whom at the London Convention Centre

~ ITEM: Sharia is incompatible with our principles of democratic freedom and liberty

~ THOUGH THE LONDON venue for Mark Steyn’s speech has changed again, we’re still left with the mystery of whether he was booted due to pressure from “local Muslim groups” as one spokesminion said in an unguarded moment.

To the aggressive Muslim crowd, Steyn is not merely persona non grata.. more like.. a walking & mocking dirty diaper: an uppity infidel kuffar who was not humbled via the grinding process of public vilification, Marsupial tribunalism, and the best think that Khurrum & Mohamed could thunk. And he came out writing and swinging and fighting for changes to the law. A walking mocking STUBBORN dirty diaper.

It’s a Southwestern Ontario university city of almost 500K, with not a few Muslims and related organizations around. It’s the birthplace of famous bandleader Guy Lombardo.

Scoping Out The Local Scene

So who’s in & around London Ontario, Islamical & Islamicalistly-speaking? First up?

It’s Fizzy!

(1) Faisal Joseph, lawyer to the Steyn-bashing Sockpuppets, who fronted for Elmasry and the other complainant. He wrote a “We’ll show them kind Muslims!” letter to the Leftward jihad-editing London Free Press. Gee, Fizzy, too bad you didn’t show that kindness 2007-2009 towards Steyn, huh?

Groups & venues galores!

What A Big Mosque I Have!

(2) There’s the London Muslim Mosque (Imam Jamal Taleb) & School, the Islamic Centre of SouthWest Ontario, The Muslim Education Council of London, the Muslim Students Association of Western University, the The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration; the Muslim Association of Canada – London Chapter.. well goodness gracious, that’s rather a lot right there, some of whom are directly connected/ interconnected to the planetary evil of the Muslim Brotherhood itself. Mosque, school, MSEL, MSA-WU, MRSSI, and MAC-LC.

Mr. Muslim Brotherhood Canada, Elkassem

(3) Looky there! Speaking at the London Mosque is none other than Dr. Munir Elkassem.. a speaker at the 2005 RIS Islamapalooza; a board member of the Canadian Islamic Congress/ Islamic History Month thing, ISNA-CAN speaker, Muslim chaplain at the University of Western Ontario and Imam for the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario. Word has it Elkassem loves the Muslim Brotherhood (via MAC), is keen on racist Muslim Louis Farrakhan, and gets tingles up his leg over the Taliban. He’s one of the controversial names which caused the editorial battle between The London Free Press and journalist Rory Leishman over that article about home-grown Islamic extremism in Canada.

Islamic Centre & Mosque, London Ontario

Muneer ElKassem– also involved with 2000 “Establishing Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Unity in the United States of America and Abroad”. Supremacist.

The What-Now?

“One might suppose that moderate and peaceful Muslim leaders would repudiate the Muslim Association of Canada as well as all other organizations inspired by Banna. Yet among the speakers in a recent series of lectures presented by the London chapter of MAC were Sheikh Jamal Taleb, Imam of the London Muslim Mosque, and Dr. Munir El-Kassem, Muslim chaplain at the University of Western Ontario and Imam for the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario.” (Rory Leishman)

Saith Blazing CatNip:

Dr. Munir El-Kassem’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate – MAC – Muslim Association of Canada [ in Ottawa ] was a focus of the spiked article by Leishman. As I have pointed out previously, El-Kassem has publicly praised the racist Louis Farrakhan and also has written a sick-making apologia on behalf of the Taliban. I have also pointed out that this same El-Kassem sits on Imam Zijad Delic’s Islamic History Month advisory board, along with a number of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated individuals such as Jamal Badawi.”

In this case, anything with ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ on it is basically about as morally neutral as.. say.. the Khmer Rouge, eco-bombers, the KKK, or the eugenics movement.

The Plot Sickens

That’s seemingly a lot of militant-tinged activity, of groups & people all interconnected in one town… though for the local Mosque-related ones of them you can’t find a listing of board-members online– possibly because it’s the same group of people. The MSU & MAC are radicalizing supremacist groups in their own right.

At a slight distance Toronto-ward is the Canadian Islamic Congress/ Canadian Charger/ Mohamed Elmasry empire of Islamism in Waterloo, Ontario. Lovely people, really.

Unfortunately for law-enforcement and for the alleged “moderate Muslim” voice in Canada, the dividing line between legitimate versus pro-Jihadist sharia and pro-terrorism is hard to define, with people like ElKassem & Sheikh Jamal Taleb straddling both sides, and moving back and forth depending on the moment. These are the very “mainstream” individuals who draw people in to that darker world, as if the mosque is the storefront, and the real darker business is hidden in the back.

The same folks have white hat & black hats, depending on the audience. Silly infidels get the multi-culti happy treatment.. the mouthy ones get the pushback, or worse.

As Rory Leishman says,

“Home-grown radicalization is a real threat. It is confined mainly, but not entirely, within the Muslim community. Surely, Parliament should shake off its complacency and conduct urgent national hearings into how all loyal and law-abiding Canadians can best combat this serious and growing menace to our national security.”

Finally, In Conclusion

The Jihad is here, and London & Waterloo Ontario are two Canadian hotspots– no wonder the London Convention Centre felt no little compulsion to ban Mark Steyn, given the local and abiding atmosphere. “Muslim pressure” indeed: SouthWestern Ontario & London have a number of articulate, demanding, media-savvy, culturally insistent Muslims to pressure folks over causes they dislike. No middling facility wants to be labelled “racist” or “islamophobic” or “unfriendly to local minority concerns.”

Which actual London group or representative did the anti-democratic free-speech-crushing pressuring? Pick one. Or all. They seem to be fronting the same small crew anyway. ~

Protestantism & The Tyrant-State

James Graham – Martyr & Snappy Dresser

~ ITEM: Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquis of Argyll, c.1607-61

~ ITEM: James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose, 1612-1650; James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose; The 1st Marquis of Montrose Society

~ ITEM: Mark Napier, The Life & Times Of Montrose

~ SOMEWHERE ON my recent travels on the interwebbings, somebody somewhere wrote of disagreeing with someone else about the protestant roots of the modern tyrant-state. Hmph.

Seems to me that the Puritans did not liberate but rather intensified the state uber alles aspects of English life under Cromwell, even if they inherited the bureaucracy & secret police from the Tudors. Rules governing opinion, church attendance, public morals, fashion, the abolition of royalty, the Anglican Prayerbook, bishops, popery.. the list gets very long.

Meanwhile, in Haggisland

While England was under that theocracy, matters in Scotland were hardly better– except under the Presbyterian label, and with the unique flavour of clan & internecine battles for power in that sad and riven land. The parliament was hijacked by the Covenanters under the Marquis of Argyle (Archibald Cambell) and his party, who played a cynical game of cat and mouse with King Charles I, whilst double-dealing with the radicals in the English Parliament for the abolition of the King, and imposition of hyper-Presbyterianism across the British Isles.

The record of how Argyle and company dealt with dissent and royal loyalists reads like the show-trials, persecution of political opponents, disappearing prisoners, falsified evidence, and police-state tactics of later totalitarian regimes.. but supervised and made superficially holy by the all-powerful church and radical state in Scotland, and the machinations of ‘King Campbell’.

Montrose Awakens

The only thing the Presbytyrants hated worse that Papists and royalists was a turncoat. Enter James Graham, the dashing young Earl of Montrose. He was a signatory of the original and moderate Covenant, but as things went crazier and a second– ‘Solemn’– Covenant became the official test of loyalty and Scottishness, Graham and other nobles banded together.. and then suffered for it by being tossed into prison for 6 months. Documents, letters & public records reveal the depth of the conspiracy, injustice and radical politics used against opponents of the new regime, including the fearless James Graham.

Eventually released due to royal intervention, Graham became the leader of the royalist army in Scotland, and won almost every battle he fought, usually against much larger Covenant forces. Due to the peregrinations of fortune, the parallel war in England, and the toll of civil war, the Scots hero was exiled. He returned to fight for Charles II, but was betrayed by all sides, captured, bounced through a final show-trial, and hanged to death.


After the Restoration, Auld Archie himself was executed, the dismembered Earl of Montrose was recollected and re-interred with full honours, and recognized as a loyalist, royalist, martyr, and outstanding general & hero of the age, and of Scottish history.

The point stands– whatever the flaws of Roman Catholicism and politics, the powers of the new post-medieval modern state were first bent to repressive ends in the name of the Protestant churches– of Germany, the Low Countries, the infamous rule of Calvin in Switzerland, the Tudors & Cromwellians, and the Covenanter movement in Scotland.

These are matters including my own denomination, family religious background, and political life, so it’s not just “them over there”.

Discuss. ~

Montrose Tomb

Getting Used To Madness & Horror

“I say, terribly sorry old chap, but we’ve got to sink your ship, you see.. so if you wouldn’t mind, could I trouble you to take to your boats so we might get on with the job?”

~ ITEM: Intellectual freedom in the United States: Commentator fired due to willies about “Muslim” dress

~ TOTAL WAR, civilized-like? That’s how it started, in both WW1 & 2, especially between cousins Britain & Germany. No u-boat warfare against liners & neutrals & only after proper warning, assistance with lifeboats, and a proper interval before finishing a ship off. Very civilized indeed.

No bombing of cities or war against innocent civilians, either. They no doubt meant it, on both sides, but war has a way of getting you used to ramping things up, crashing through civilized restrictions, and sweeping aside good intentions.

So eventually zeppelins bombed London in WW1, as later Germany first bombed civilians in Spain & once the Second War erupted, the Low Countries. So Hitler bombed London again, then the allies bombed Germany back in WW2, not just industry or military targets, but cities. Then there’s the U-Boat war.

World War IV

By now, in the bizarre new form of war we’re in, we’re getting used to the new dispensation of things. Death-threats, bomb plans, screaming and protests, public antisemitism, butchered teen girls, silenced critics, lawsuits, self-censorship. It’s easy to forget that the new normal in the West is not normal in any healthy sense of the word.

People and nations can get used to, adapt, put up with all sorts of weirdness– but it is best to remember that unless we’d like to lose, we also have to remember and fight for getting back to rights (in reality, a new, reaffirmed and better way than the mess that got us into the mess right now).

Music, Please

Think of the WW2 song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn– “The White Cliffs Of Dover.” It’s not about the war, but afterwards, when it will be bluebirds flying over the white cliffs of Dover, and not Hitler’s bombers and fighters in the angry skies; and “I remember well as the shadows fell / The light of hope in their eyes“; plus love & laughter and no deported kids, and things put to rights.

Hope in our eyes

We are fighting in Canada for a time when neither aggressive progressivism nor militant Islamism will clamour to conquer Canadian law & society.. aided and abetted by the supine fearfulness of vote-seeking and politically correct politicians & the fearful chattering classes. That better Canada must be more than “nobody can tell me what to do” or “all I want are my rights”. Islamism is an opportunistic infection, but we got ourselves sick in the first place.

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see…

This is also about our hope for a better world & far green land, not subject to change and decay and conflict– heaven, indeed– which cannot be created in this world, but the light of which can transform our living and doing into redemptive & hopeful work, not the joyless militancy of the totalitarian, or the theocrat. ~

What Binks Commented @

~ ITEM: Islamists, Iran, and the RCMP’s “cultural diversity”

Dialogue with militant Muslims: “Great religion you got there.” “Yup, great religion we got here.” The international & Canadian Left got used to weasel-words and denial & aiding/ abetting evil as they explained away Russian & Chinese Imperialism in Korea, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central America, Vietnam, Cambodia, North America and elsewhere 1925-2010. The names have changed, but the useful if sincere idiocy remains. Aggressive Islamists want to enslave the West under sharia law, by any means necessary– preferably peacefully. Why is that so impossible to imagine or comprehend, especially since they fess up to it amongst themselves? Whether it’s Mohamed Elmasry’s CIC, ISNA-CAN,CAIR-CAN, The Muslim Students Association– all approve or are motivated or affiliated with The Muslim Brotherhood program for a one-world Islamic superstate, via aggressive Islamic self-assertion & expansion against a weak and uncertain West.

Dear Hugh– What The—?!

~ ITEM: Official Segal Site

~ ITEM: The IHMC Advisory Board includes senators, public figures, academics, inter-faith activists and Muslim community leaders. They include…

~ ITEM: MCC approves MacKay’s decision on speaker at IHMC; RCMP Outreach Fails to Distinguish between Radical and Non-Radical Muslims

~ ITEM: SALIM MANSOUR– “CIC promoted Islamic History Month Canada is as slanted and bigoted as is the promoter. Here is my response though somewhat edited. Canadians and others need to know how the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics are duping Canadians about Muslim history”

~ OK, LET’S BE FAIR— maybe he’s just a nice guy, one of those soft-hearted Jewish politicos who likes dialogue and all that, so he said yes to the request, without vetting it too closely. Maybe he’s never even been to a meeting, but just let them sign him up.

Still, why is a media-savvy author and commentator Jewish Canadian Conservative Senator like Hugh Segal– who heads up the new May of 2010 Special Committee on Anti-Terrorism— sitting on the board of Islamic History WhiteWash Month, that sharia-supremacist pretty-picture of Islam created by the extremist Canadian Islamic Congress? Especially given the anti-semitic, pro-extremist track record of the Elmasry-created CIC, under current honchos Wahida Valiente and Zejad Delic. Let’s recap, shall we?

The CIC:

Dr. Munir El-Kassem’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate – MAC – Muslim Association of Canada was a focus of the spiked article by Leishman. As I have pointed out previously, El-Kassem has publicly praised the racist Louis Farrakhan and also has written a sick-making apologia on behalf of the Taliban. I have also pointed out that this same El-Kassem sits on Imam Zijad Delic’s Islamic History Month advisory board, along with a number of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated individuals such as Jamal Badawi.”

  • The CIC has honoured Islamist hatemonger Zafar Bangash as a “Community Leader” a relationship they maintain to this day.
  • The CIC publishes work by notorious Jew baiter “Greg Felton” author of the vile “The Host and the Parasite”, CIC representatives also happily shared a stage with Felton at a CIC event.
  • The CIC has been linked to the distribution of Anti-Semitic election flyers
  • The CIC has promoted anti-semitic essay contests
  • The CIC was responsible for the infamous Maclean’s / Human Right Commission Free Speech Witch Hunt, which Imam Delic endorsed.
  • The CIC advocates for the notorius Islamist sponsored anti-free speech UN resolution promoting the “Prohibition of the public defamation of religion” which is a soft-jihad lawfare effort by the Organisation of Islamic States to make criticism of Islam illegal. Showing much fortitude Canada voted against this effort to subvert our fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression, causing CIC President Wahida Valiante to reveal the true nature of the CIC’s Islamist agenda against free speech and Canadian values in her denunciation of our government. The “defamation of religion” resolution is considered so dangerous a threat that even normally soft-headed members of the lib-left, such as John Ralston Saul, have denounced it.
  • The CIC’s current president, Wahida Valiante espouses a particularly vile strain of 911 Trutherism ” “By associating the words “Islamic terrorism” with the unknown attackers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
  • CIC Shocka! Imam Zijad Delic’s Islamic History Month Advisory Board Includes Mohamed Elmasry, 911 Truther, Louis Farrakhan Fanboy, Muslim Brotherhood Member

So What About Hugh?

For Senator Hugh Segal and the other conservative and/ or Jewish members of the Islamic History Month board, they are lending their good names and credibility to the CIC, this “slanted & bigoted” project & other very doubtful board-members, perhaps partly out of good will, or misunderstanding. This Canadian thinks they need to take a hard look at the CIC & IHM, and resign their positions, given the fact that the CIC is an anti-semitic extremist group not representative of the mainstream of Canadian or Muslim-Canadian life. They are, in the words of journalist & professor Salim Mansour, “Muslim Brotherhood fanatics… duping Canadians about Muslim history…”.

No doubt Hugh Segal & the others were understandably taken in by a whitewashed feel-good supremacist PR-operation. ~

Mayor “Stop The Gravy-Train”

Michael Coren on Rob Ford’s victory

~ ITEM: Heather Mallick Call Your Pollster; Kelly McParland writes the far and away funniest commentary on the Rob Ford election
~ ITEM: Ultimately for Toronto, it has to be Rob Ford

~ ITEM: An Example For Stephen Harper To Follow

~ ITEM: I think Margaret Wente voted for Rob Ford

Is it possible to like Rob Ford even more?

~ BINKS WOULDN’T KNOW Rob Ford if he tripped over him. But one thing I read online somewhere told me a key thing– he answers his messages, and teh pleas of ordinary folks.

Smothermen and Pantzone the rest of the candidates for mayor of Toronto didn’t seem like the kind who’d deign to do stuff for the little persons who pay the bills and vote and suchlike. Their people have people who have people who have people who.. don’t do that little stuff.

Whether he’s a great or good or middling mayor, Rob Ford can’t do much worse than the cabal of leftard dollar-burners who’ve run the circus up till now. It will also be interesting to see if the new mayor of Calgary can bring the freshness and get-it-done attitude to office that he portrayed on the election trail.

Municipal politics is an often thankless and grinding calling– especially in a megalopolis like Toronto. Let’s send along prayers and best wishes to Hizonner Mr. Ford, that he keep the human touch as he rises to power over a lot of people and a pile of money. The downtown eleets and the Toronto Red Star will not cut him any slack– but it’s they who kept all those other characters in power to this point, so shuddup for a while– you had your chance.


This ordinary person-to-person kindness is why I like Ezra Levant– who invited me and another blogger out for eats* while he was here last week. He’s a big international figure, known in media and politics and bookwriting and has a speed-dial connecting him to the Who’s Whom of Soviet Canuckistan, the U.S., and beyond. And yet he takes time out of the insane whirlwind of his current booktour for two ordinary schlubs, to talk this and that and his current doings and whatever. Does that not say it all?

As I’ve said before, Ezra’s a national treasure, a real Canadian hero, and– whatever his imperfections and hate-crimes and hanging around with known Jews– a real mensch, despite all the temptations otherwise. ~

* P.S. Yes, Binks is obviously a bought & paid for blogger. I sold my soul for steak & salad. So ashamed. Praise the Ez, praise the Ez. Amen.

RightThink, Theocracy-Style

~ SO A COMMENTATOR name Imran wrote Teh Binks to note how terribly, terribly wrong I was to say that Muhammed married a 6-year old girl named Aisha, and deflowered her when she was 9 years of age. I wrote back with chapter & verse of the hadiths (Muslim tradition about the life of the prophet, amongst other things) which indicated otherwise.

Silence ensued. Then this week I got a link to some video, which Imran explains shows that some hadiths are questionable or wrong, therefore the Binks is still terribly, terrible wrong.

[ sound of logic-sword being drawn from scabbard ]

Dear Imran: (1) Are THE AISHA hadith mistaken? (2) If so, is the correcting tradition demonstrably more accurate & ancient, versus being, say, less embarrassing? (3) By whose authority are these/ any/ all hadith being ruled in or out of court? (4) Undermining hadith & Islamic tradition is a dangerous matter, since without it, much of the life of Muhammed, the history of early Muslims, and the extra-Koranic stuff simply vanishes. (5) If these Aisha hadith are suspect, why are any others sure & certain? (6) Other Muslims believe otherwise: why is your Imam or featured YouTube speaker right, and they wrong? (7) There is a common custom in many parts of the Muslim world to emulate your prophet in marrying & deflowering children.. clearly they base this on the life of Muhammed as passed down in the Koran & hadith.

That is, if we try to say “But That’s Not Original”, the problem then is not Muhammed’s alleged paedophilia, but the authority & believability of all of Muslim tradition– and whether or not any of the ancient commentators & witnesses should be believed on any topic. If we choose to believe them on non-controversial matters, that’s clearly picking & choosing according to a presupposition (i.e., “Muhammed was perfect” or “That’s wrong, so Muhammed would never have done that”). It’s like claiming “All birds fly, so clearly penguins & ostriches & emus aren’t really birds”, when the question should be instead “Do all birds fly?”

But it gets worse. Since Muhammed was unlettered, he did not himself write the messages of the Koran down– some passages are believed to have been lost, and it was only a last-ditch effort by one or two people that rescued the words of Muhammed from obscurity. If Muslim tradition is suspect, WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE THEY PASSED IT ON ACCURATELY?

In any case, I will watch your video, Imran, and comment further later. Thanks for responding, and I hope you understand that this is about truth, not about who wins, loses, or has bragging rights. Many millions of Muslims around the world have come to know the truth that sets us free in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is (as he says) the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Long before white Europeans came to know him, Arab and Middle eastern people heard the good news, and followed him.

This is your true and original and better heritage. ~

A Murdered Medic

~ ITEM: Soldier remembered for Courage, Humor, Faith

~ ITEM: Murderer Omar Khadr will be on the streets of Toronto by next Christmas

~ ITEM: OTTAWA – Canada’s foreign affairs minister insists that he is not calling lawyers in the Omar Khadr case liars, but Lawrence Cannon maintains there is no deal to bring Khadr back to Canada

~ ITEM: Canada’s Guantanamo problem

~ ITEM: what do Justin Bieber and Omar Khadr have in common?

~ ITEM: Slain soldier’s widow blasts Khadr

~ ITEM: Fallen Heroes of Operation Enduring Freedom

~ PEOPLE WHO hero-worship teen terrorists are evil. That they do so because they hate the West, and deplore the fight-back against Islamofascist terrorism at home and abroad only makes them more evil. Consider the following.

How about looking up to this guy: a year old 28 Airborne medic who in 2002 walked into a minefield to rescue two trapped Afghan kids. He then bandaged one and applied a life-saving tourniquet on the other. Later that tour he received a head-wound during a search of Ab Khail village, from grenade shrapnel. The attacker was shot and nearly killed, but Speer’s medic colleagues fought and saved that teen’s life– a Canadian al Qaeda member named Omar Khadr.. who had deliberately targeted the medic. Speer was med-evaced to Germany, but died 11 days later. Khadr– al Qaeda grenade-lobber, spy, bomb-maker, and Canadian citizen– spent 3 month recovering from his wounds under U.S. care.

That the Airborne medic crew acted that way is a sign of basic humanity; the same generally shown to enemies by civilized people, even if those enemy are brainwashed evil minions of dehumanizing cults like Communism, Nazism, or Jihadism. Indeed, while al Qaeda and the Taliban had turned Afghanistan into another circle of hell, wherever Western troops went, they tried to learn local ways, help & build & repair & teach (and, incidentally, there’s no oil in Afstan, so shuddup “War For Oil” idiots).


And the “child soldier” trope? OK, he was a young kid in the grip of an inhuman ideology & a bullying father. Then, sticking him in Gitmo made him worse. As opposed to what, exactly? Former Hitler Youth or the Soviet/ Chinese equivalent may be able to escape full adult moral culpability, but in this new kind of war, it’s still hard to know what to do with evil youth who do evil things. And from all accounts, Omar considers his life as a terrorist as a high point– no signs of regret, amendment of life, or healthy humanity in that. Can such a person be deprogrammed?

Thankfully, ordinary Canadians know better. Those who don’t march and think according to CBC & hard Leftist talking points understand what is at stake, what freedom costs, and that while the battle for the soul of Afghanistan has been hard, much good has been done.

Mrs. Speer, at the funeral.

Leaving aside the geopolitics, I’d rather my kids grew up to be like Sgt. 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, than the smirking Omar, al Qaeda royalty & hero to Gitmo terrorists, who cheerfully exploits Canadian leftist naiveté, the fawning CBC, and pandering from self-hating Jews like Judy Rebick. That alleged feminist & women’s rights activist seems to have no room in her heart for Tabitha Speer, or her two fatherless kids Taryn & Tanner. Such Kadrites are, as Tarek Fatah has put it “Sharia Bolsheviks”.

We are better than that– and better than an unrepentant murderer who deserves multiple life sentences without parole. ~

George Soros, Global Busybody & Sugar-Daddy

From Our “Some problems only get solved by the Grim Reaper” Dep’t.

Glenn Beck EXPOSES Public Enemy — GEORGE SOROS

~ ITEM: The danger George Soros’ “Open Society” represents to a free society; The open society and its enemy– Saith Binks– clearly, being stoned will make you more like Obama, and will also make you like Obama more

~ ITEM: Soros-Minions– Media Matters Keeps Fear of Fox Alive This Weekend in DC

Binky’s Stray Links

Hairdressers’ Ascent up Mount Everest

~ ALL SAINTS’ Day & the Calendar …. (merecomments)

Dawn of the Ted

Pumpkin Skull

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5


“Wind power companies would never be allowed to set up shop in the first place – and could not remain in business – if they were shamed and penalized in the same manner as oil companies for the bird deaths they themselves cause.”

~ Via Celestial Junk ~

~ DEAR MEDIA HYPOCRITES— stop counting Oil Sands ducks, and ‘fess up: how many birds & bats have been kill world-wide by wind-turbines? 30 000+ birds in the U.S. alone in a year. And read Ezra’s book: how many people were killed by fascistic countries selling oil? No, count the cost PROPERLY …. (, windfarms)

Death In Altamont

~ GLOBAL Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Oct 28th 2010 …. (dailybayonet)

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Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn = A burning stick/ torch

~ SAITH MARK OF EVIL— “Greg Van Moorsel of The London Free Press thought Steyn in London didn’t love up to the hype – and, speaking of snoring, his colleague Jonathan Sher files the usual snoozeroo, while wondering “Does pain know no bounds?” In related news: “Mark Steyn started off with some great digs at the London Free Press.” There’s more from the Closet Conservative, and Blazing Cat Fur” …. (steynonline)

~ TUNE IN! Strictly Right will be streaming the post-election panel with Mark Steyn, Fred Thompson and some guy named Howard Dean tonight at 7:00pm Eastern. If you want to watch, you can do so here …. (sr)


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Steyn Interview– the “Preemptive Cringe” of Western Liberals

Part 2

~ STEYN & EZRA— “My tour of the Deranged Dominion got underway on Saturday in Ottawa. Barrel Strength reports on my big dinner for Ezra Levant at the Crowne Plaza. It was a capacity crowd, and the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies put on a great show. CFRA’s Rob Snow emceed, Father Raymond de Souza did the invocation, Floralove Katz sang “O Canada”, Dr Roy gave the Loyal Toast, and I did my best to provide some red meat. Folks came not just from Montreal and Toronto, but from New York and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Blazing Cat Fur, Free Republic, Deborah Gyapong and Five Feet Of Fury have various lurid pictures. Lisa MacLeod, MPP, who invited me to testify at Queen’s Park last year, notes some of her colleagues in attendance. I was also grabbed for a quickie video interview re the latest of the new Europe’s ever lengthening number of apostasy trials.” …. (Various)


~ THE FRONT LINE …AND THE HOME FRONT.. Mark talks to The Jewish Voice & Herald about nuclear war and ideological war …. (

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Mark Steyn Joins Elisabeth’s Voice

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Mark Steyn on Newsworld


~ LAST NIGHT’S GALA TRIBUTE to Ezra Levant in Ottawa, with keynote speaker Mark Steyn …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ EZRA ON KHADR— Stop Obama from using Canadian neighbourhoods as his garbage can; No conjugal visits at Guantanamo Bay? Pity, says Canada’s press gallery …. (ezralevant)

~ BARREL STRENGTH reports on last night’s big dinner with Ezra Levant at the Crowne Plaza in Ottawa. It was a capacity crowd, and the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies put on a great show. CFRA’s Rob Snow emceed, Father Raymond de Souza did the convocation, Floralove Katz “O Canada”, Dr Roy the Loyal Toast, and I did my best to provide some red meat. Folks came not just from Montreal and Toronto, but from New York and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lisa MacLeod, MPP, who invited me to testify at Queen’s Park last year, notes some of her colleagues in attendance …. (barrelstrength)

~ WOOPTY WOOP! Ezra gets 5,000,000 unique visits …. (ezralevant)


~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— “I knew something was up when I saw a piano onstage”; The “governmentalization” of American life– Mark Steyn; Fr. Raymond de Souza on the Church’s “Israel problem”; Mark Steyn on modern day blasphemy trials; I don’t know if I should be laughing or not; Pictures- Mark Steyn at the Ezra Levant Tribute Dinner; Sorry. I never drank the Obama Kool-Aid; Sorry for the light blogging! But I was busy; Converting to Islam through a boyfriend; Blazing Cat Fur is being sued; Hilary White goes all Hilary White on a certain venerable newspaper; A theology of the ordinariates; I know it’s Sunday but I can’t resist posting this; Family pictures– lots to be thankful for; Arrests of the Carleton Five– not great publicity for Carleton …. (

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November 2010

October 2010

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~ SASKATCHEWAN Human Rights Tribunal To Be Dissolved …. (SDA)

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~ FACEBOOK is getting the heat (once again) over privacy. If you use Farmville, expect that your name and your friends’ names have been sold to advertising and Internet tracking companies …. (

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End the CHRC

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What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law


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Actual U.S. Defecit, 2010 =
$200, 000, 000, 000, 000.00?

~ SSHHHHHH! — Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff says U.S. government debt is not $13.5-trillion (U.S.), which is 60 per cent of current gross domestic product, as global investors and American taxpayers think, but rather 14-fold higher: $200-trillion – 840 per cent of current GDP. “Let’s get real,” Prof. Kotlikoff says. “The U.S. is bankrupt.” …. (theglobeandmail)

~ BOW UNTO LEVIATHAN HOPE-N-CHANGE! Obama Administration Threatens Independence of Catholic Colleges …. (

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~ ASKING FOR FRAUD? UT Voting Machines Left Unattended Overnight in Office Building Lobby; DOJ To Send Election Monitors to 18 States …. (weaselzippers)

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~ MARK SHEA— “Speaking of False Peace and the Disasters Wrought by Secular Messianists.. they’ll all be back tomorrow, remembering everything and learning nothing. Tomorrow’s election will not change one thing” …. (

~ ANOTHER POLL you’ll never see (Obama numbers bad; tea party numbers good) …. (P2BC)

~ WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE? Obama the uniter insults half the country, repeating same lines at least 20 times.. That’s: sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee.. sippin’ on a Slurpee .. are they buying it yet?…. (

~ DEMON RISING— Obama loses his cool and yells back at hecklers in Connecticut …. (

Terminator Identifying Target

~ THE DEM RULES— Election Fraud Uncovered by Patriotic Citizens … Who Promptly Get Sued …. (pajamasmedia)

~ PRINCE UNICORN— The magical thinking of Barack Obama; Plus Stealth socialism: Obama’s past as the key to his plans for our future …. (pajamasmedia)

~ OBAMA’S HENCHPERSONS— Did you know that the SEIU represents the voting machine technicians in Clark County? What could possibly go wrong? …. (link)

~ SCREEDIST Mo Dowd Down On Obama “Dude”- Lib columnist blasts Obama for behaving more like an actor on a TV-set, and less like a real-world President…. (

~ UNCLEAN! ABC Newsroom Miffed That Andrew Breitbart to Give Election-Night Analysis…. (weaselzippers)

~ SIDESHOW BARACK went on the The Daily Show to try to bring back the youth vote magic, but he ended up the butt of the joke …. (pajamasmedia)

~ ELECTION MANNERS— SF Shyster Lawyer ‘Slime’ Serra Exemplifies the “Civility” of the Left …. (americandigest)

~ OBAMA’S Attorney General meets with unindicted co-conspirator ISNA for tea & crumpets…. (creepingsharia)

~ VOTER-FRAUD Whitewash– Democrats are accusing citizen watchdogs of racist scare tactics. Michelle Malkin …. (

~ COMEDY CENTRAL RALLY– -Because Nothing Says Restoring Sanity Like Hitler Signs; Stewart-Colbert ‘Sanity’ Rally Hosted By Radical Muslim Singer Yusuf Islam; Jon Stewart’s DC Rally To Restore Sanity And Conservative Derangement Syndrome …. (weaselzippers)

~ JUST POLITICS— Hypocrite-In-Chief: Obama “Troubled” By GOP Rhetoric…. (weaselzippers)

~ NO CHARMER— No Charmer Obama’s electoral psychodrama…. (spectator)

~ IMAGINATIVE Obama adviser blames economy for negative perceptions of Islam…. (creepingsharia)

~ WHITE HOUSE announces President Obama’s itinerary in India.. Obama flip-flops, made in China, sold in Mumbai …. (

~ BARRY O, He Go: the Cargo Cult Presidency of Barack Obama …. (pajamasmedia)



Udai Saadallah holds a photo of his slain brother, Iraqi priest Fr. Thair Saadallah, during his funeral in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.

~ LIONS VS. CHRISTIAN MARTYRS: Death toll rises to 58 in Iraqi jihad attack on church: “The Mujahedeens raided a filthy nest of the nests of polytheism, which has been long taken by the Christians of Iraq as a headquarter for a war against the religion of Islam”; Islamic jihad siege of Baghdad church ends with 52 people murdered, including 37 Christians …. (

~ CLARIFICATION— This Newsweek article confirms the valuable role played by the Muslim Canadian Congress making non-Muslims sift through the confusion of Islam vs. Islamism …. (newsweek)

~ MURDER DEATH KILL— Maximum Carnage: scouting Washington, DC Metro system for bombing targets, and the planned death toll for 26/11… intended to kill 5,000 people, not a few hundred …. (

~ WORLD MEDIA YAWNS as Muslim students in Malawi desecrate New Testaments, cuz of reverse racism & the bigotry of low expectations (they’re barbarian darkie infidels, what would you expect?) …. (vladtepesblog)

~ PONDERINGS BY Spencer: The Yemen/Chicago Bomb Plot: Islamic Antisemitism Metastasizes…. (

~ YET ANOTHER TERROR-THREAT? Britain’s still-flowing river of denial …. (spectator)

~ RACIST ISLAMOPHOBE Spencer to speak at Killeen, Texas, event to honor the fallen of the Fort Hood jihad massacre; In related news, Spencer to speak at Texas A&M, Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association declines invitation to debate.. Cuz he knows their schtick & religion better than they do …. (jihadwatch)

~ MISUNDERSTANDER 1— Sweden: police arrest suspects in terrorist bomb threat …. (winteryknight)

~ MISUNDERSTANDER 2— Virginia man arrested for plotting attacks in Washington, D.C. …. (teaandpolitics)

~ MISUNDERSTANDERS 3— an Al Qaeda plot involving explosives found aboard cargo planes bound for the U.S, originating from Yemen; The bombs set to go off on passenger jets and synagogues by Muslim terrorists “The bombs set to go off on passenger jets and synagogues by Muslim terrorists “were expertly constructed.” …. (weaselzippers, atlasshrugs)

~ A WEDDING TO REMEMBER— “Ah, the Maldives. So exotic. So romantic. Until you find out what the Islamic locals are saying about you in their own language: Foreign couple mocked as “infidels” and “swine” throughout resort’s ‘wedding ceremony’” …. (americandigest)

~ URGENT— Saudi Arabia: Stop Execution of Domestic Worker…. (

~ I’M BLAMING MARK STEYN— Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain.. “because Muslims are becoming more religious, not because there are more Muslims”? …. (SDA, blogs.telegraph)

~ SITZKREIG— Pakistan is not conducting ‘surgical’ raids in North Waziristan…. (

~ LIBERAL LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER— Islamic supremacist hoodwinks grateful multiculturalists at Episcopal church session on Islam …. (

Uber Alles– Anjem Chaudery, once again, honestly lays out the facts

~ VLAD TEPES— Bomb ‘meant to explode on plane’ …. (vladtepesblog)

CNN video on the banning of sharia law in Oklahoma

~ THE NEW SHARIA MATH: A Muslim’s life is worth twice that of a Jew or Christian, and fifteen times more than that of a Hindu or Buddhist. OK, but what’s that in goats, or AK-47s? …. (

~ COMEDIANS— Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Are They Pro-Islamofascist or Just Stupid? by Roger L Simon…. (

~ INTERVIEW: The Closing of the Muslim Mind, by Jamie Glazov: “Robert Reilly on how intellectual suicide created the modern Islamic crisis” …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ WASHINGTON Culture of Corruption: Harry Reid Staffer Caught in Sham Marriage.. to Keep Terror Suspect in the U.S., Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini …. (pajamasmedia)

~ TURKISH ARMY BOSSES Boycott Ceremony Over Hijab …. (Wz)

~ RADICAL ISLAM KILLS MUSLIMS— 80 Taliban Killed In NATO Outpost Attack …. (Wz)

~ MUMBLE MUMBLE— At Vatican Synod, Middle Eastern bishops muted remarks about Muslim persecution of Christians for fear of reprisals …. (

~ OUR AGE: The Age of Dissimulation, By Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ROGER KIMBALL— Yet more insanity from the Religion of Peace; Plus Islamic Terrorism: The British Connections …. (pajamasmedia)

~ PAKISTAN: US Ambassador Makes First Ever Official Visit to Faisal Mosque …. (weaselzippers)

~ SO IS THIS snack box halal or kosher? …. (prowomanprolife)

~ FUN WITH GENOCIDE— The fifth Teletubbie wins friends and influences people …. (

~ THE USUAL SUSPECT— Hamid Karzai Admits to Taking Bribes from Iran…. (PJBlog)

~ RADICAL Islamists Accuse Egypt’s Christians of… Radical Islam? …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Hamas’ Iranian puppeteer; The open society and its enemy; an unexpected surge in Britain’s economy; Nazir-Ali is the lost leader of the Church of England; The true reason for the Middle East impasse …. (spectator)

~ OFFENSIVE Jihad: The One Incontrovertible Problem with Islam, by Raymond Ibrahim …. (

~ ISLAM FYI— Remember, kids– there’s just nothing worse than a post-coital drunken pig-farming & dog-owning funeral-director kaffir in the washroom, with bits of swine-sweat on him …. (

~ CHURCH SEIZED: Muslim Extremists Kidnap 50 Catholics, at Least 37 Dead UPDATE: 58 Dead …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ OTTAWA— Canadians reacted with outrage in the summer over reports that airlines weren’t requiring all passengers to show their faces before boarding flights …. (torontosun)

~ THE WIKITRUTH About Iranian Murder of Americans, by Michael Ledeen …. (michaelledeen)

~ IF IRAN GETS THE BOMB, by Michael J. Totten …. (PJMedia)

~ FUN-LOVING Muslim Woman Stabbed U.K. Lawmaker Over Iraq …. (creepingsharia)

~ NIGERIA INTERCEPTS 13 Iran missile containers possibly destined for Gaza …. (

~ POTUS OBAMA Sends his Hafiz Envoy.. to Support Global Islamic Supremacist OIC …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IRANIAN PROPAGANDA FORUM— Cancel peace event, May urges Greens… Manoussi –the key conference organizer — works in the IRANIAN EMBASSY BUILDING in Ottawa, and they think MAYBE there might be some people close to the regime involved?; Tasha Kheiriddin: Elizabeth May opposes “Greenwashing” Iran …. (nationalpost)

~ HOLY ERROR— Educating Reuel Gerecht on Islam and the Sharia …. (

~ PEOPLE, GET READY— Texas: 200 imams taught how to run sharia courts …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE NEW JUSTICE— Ground Zero Mosque? Tolerance. Confederate Flag on Private Property? Take It Down!…. (pajamasmedia)

~ A SCARY NEW TREND in Al-Qaeda’s Recruitment Efforts: American Muslims Should Carry the Burden of Jihad in U.S. …. (

~ BILL MAHAR: “Am I Racist to Feel Alarmed About Islam Taking Over the World?” …. (weaselzippers)

Real Islamophobia with Bill Maher (video)


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  1. Re: Online life perhaps disconnecting us from human contact…

    You are right that for some the Internet is a Godsend. My poor ol’ Pops is nearly deaf, which makes phone or in-person conversations challenging. His hearing aids are becoming less effective, though he has learned to read lips somewhat. So the Internet — email, Messenger, Facebook (Yuck) etc — has been his way of staying connected to friends and family. And even making some new online friends.

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