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~ STOP STOPWAR.CA— is sponsoring the visit to Canada of the British extremist George Galloway. claims to be a “Peace/Anti-War coalition” that “oppose[s] the use of war as a means of settling international disputes.” But George Galloway is not a man of… peace. He provides financial support to the mass-murdering Islamist terrorist group Hamas, supports Hezbollah and the genocidal Iranian regime of Ahmadinejad, and sides with the perpetrators of genocide in Darfur.. Please email as many of these individuals and organizations as you can to ask them why they are supporting an organization that is sponsoring this ambassador of hatred, violence and repression, George Galloway …. (



Feelings.. Nothing More than Feelings.. Up

“The Terrorists Have Won!”

~ ITEM: XANTHIPPA– More on airport ‘security’ procedures.. and pedophiles…

~ ITEM: THANKS, SPLODY-MUSLIMS! TSA = Sexual Assault, a.k.a. new enhanced full body patdown search procedures: “I have an incident to share that occurred late Friday afternoon, November 12, 2010, around 5:15 in the Dayton International Airport.”

Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up

~ ITEM: Interview With Meg McLain, Ejected From Airport After Questioning Body Scanners

~ ITEM: Full-body scanners are waste of money, Israeli expert says; “Al-Qaeda practises beating body scanners

~ ITEM: Minnesota: Rape Survivor Devastated by TSA Enhanced Pat Down

~ ITEM: Nudie-scan CEO an Obama ally; The TSA and the full-body-scanner lobby

~ ITEM: The Anchoress– The Picture of the Day


~ ITEM: A pilot from Skywest was going through security in Denver with his 18-year-old daughter and overheard a TSA officer saying into his headset, “heads up, got a cutie for you.”

~ ITEM: Jeffrey Goldberg seems to agree with Celeste’s assessment that those who refuse the scanner are made into object lessons; ‘Are Any Parts of Your Body Sore?’ Asks the Man From TSA; TSA Opt-Out Day, Now with a Superfantastic New Twist!

~ ITEM: California Man Tells TSA: ‘Don’t ‘Touch My Junk or I’ll Have You Arrested’

~ ITEM: TSA: YOUR ATTITUDE HAS BEEN NOTICED; John Tyner, the young man who resisted the TSA’s groin-grope, will now be probed; TSA to investigate body scan resister. Oceanside man took a stand against security, went viral; Airport Security Under Fire as ‘Don’t Touch My Junk’ a Web Hit

~ ITEM: This Obsession With Air Security is Going to Kill People, for Real

~ ITEM: Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany

~ ITEM: — Opt Out Of The new Nekkid Body Scans? Then It’s the new enhanced full body patdown search procedures for you, perp!

~ ITEM: Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening | Washington Examiner

~ ITEM: Rush: Napolitano ‘Feels You Up’ But Lets ‘Mohammed’ Straight Through; TSA Defends New Full-Body Screening Rules

~ ITEM: EDITORIAL: Obama’s hand in your crotch. White House denial of Islamic threat to blame for TSA groping; Freedom fades as we grope for answers; GOP Starting To Question Heavy-Handed TSA Procedures

~ ITEM: A Mere 100 Leaked Body Scans

~ ITEM: Do New High-Tech Scans at the Airport Violate the Fourth Amendment?; plus TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants

Child suffers emotional meltdown as TSA employee ‘pats her down’

~ ITEM: X-rays Are Cool, Full Body Scans at Airports are Not; Grope Children for Caesar! The pay is great and you can even punish those who resist!

~ ITEM: Sorry Muslims – Religion No Excuse to Opt Out of Screening.

Oh, I guess I’ll be groped for the holidays,
‘Cause you know I’ve got to fly a long way home,
So I’ll pause at security and stand in place:
Since the TSA won’t let me if I don’t.

I’ll walk right by the naked scanner with my hands above my head
Like the victim of a mugging or some crime,
And down the hall someone’ll look right at my figure without clothes:
It’s degrading and insultin’
Gee, you’d say that it’s revoltin’

But I guess I’ll be groped for the holidays,
‘Cause no matter how far I have to roam,
If I won’t let the TS Agents have their way,
For the holidays, I won’t be going home.

What’s that you say about the Constitution? Fourth Amendment? Well,
If you want to fly those rights don’t mean a thing,
See, the terrorists might win if TSA can’t cop a feel
Even Granny might be sittin’
On some C4 in her knittin’,

So let’s all just be groped for the holidays,
Like good mindless little sheeple-bleating drones,
We’ll put up with abuse in a million ways,
For the holidays, if it means getting home.

~ Erin Manning, Via Mark Shea

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

~ BEWARE WHEN ‘CRAZY‘ becomes the new normal. When Binks & Teh Binklings went stateside in the Summer of ’09, I wrote about the security procedures so encountered– the Canadians not so bad; the Americans over the top.

We were heading home. There I was at KC Airport, middle-aged elf with a cane, two kids in tow– and simultaneously attempting to (1) unshoe & devest myself, (2) whilst getting tickets & boarding passes out, but NOT whilst (3) losing kids, (4) dropping cane or baggage or papers, (5) falling over sideways, (6) losing luggage or other valuable personal property accidentally or otherwise. It being a pre-roosterish 5:25 in the ante meridian, I was vaguely awake and rumbly in the innards, and thence broke into a sweat. A-HA!

Pulled aside to the special cubicle, where unfriendly woman gives me evil eye, grills me again, and uses beepy-wand to check if my body is concealing contraband, explosives, or undocumented aliens. Decides I’m a sleepy & sweaty middle-aged guy with two kids & cane and too much stuff to do at once. Quel surprise.

Coulda Been MUCH Worse

Under the radar, new search protocols went into place in U.S. airports on October 29th. Happy Hallowe’en indeed. The creepy kind.

Blogger & author Erin & her baby went to the Airport in Dayton Ohio to take a usual flight, but got some free sexual assault a.k.a. “new enhanced full body patdown search procedures” along the way. Word is, hundreds of ordinary Americans have been recently attacked this way by airport TSA security officials.. and if you complain? Congratulations! You’ve just been upgraded to the full body cavity nekkid room, strangers with rubber gloves treating you like a convicted criminal, and no candlelit dinner & a movie beforehand!

Fun With Make Believe

The War On Terror as it relates to post-9/11 airport security is a kind of meaningless pantomime, where we foot the bill via taxes and ticket surcharges. Hundreds of millions of people lose countless hours and dignity and privacy so governments and airlines can claim they are “doing something” to prevent another 9/11 kamikaze-style event by enthusiastic members of a non-specific religion.

It would be nice if profiling would work– but no system is foolproof. Still, feeling up or taking naked body-scans of Granny instead using them on, say, Ahmed from Yemen does seem beyond idiotic.

After all, if the profile was middle aged elves with canes, I’d just have to take my lumps. But since the modern profile is everybody with a heartbeat, we all have to do the little dance of make-believe that such indignity, assault on the person, and foolish intrusion on privacy makes the world a better and safer place.

Ask yourself: do the Israelis use the bodyscan machines? Nope. They aren’t foolproof, and give you a false sense of thoroughness & security.

Let’s Get Real

Anybody with a little trial and error and forward planning could get into an airport behind the scenes and do all sorts of bad stuff.. or figure out how to do bad things on or with a plane. The modern security sideshow, likewise, is a joke insofar as a serious & skilled & organized bunch of bad guys could do all sorts of bad and dangerous things to society– or to airplanes, of that matter– if they were truly serious and careful about it. You know, like making or stealing a nuke, let alone taking down a plane. Or hiding weapons where the sun don’t shine. Or bombing giant backed-up crowds at airports, all waiting for nudie scans or groping.

Thankfully to this point, most of the people attempting to redo 9/11 have been mostly noobs, nitwits, wannabes, and failures.

Assume The Position!

Some mindless TSA drone feeling up a blogger– after checking if the baby-bottles for her baby are actually grenades or otherwise some fiendish concoction– does not make you or me or the world a safer place. It makes us proto-slaves for an all-powerful security-state, where freedoms and human dignity are whittled away at, using terrorism as an excuse. This new TSA Airport Groping/ Naked Pictures of Granny program just makes clear the insanity.

You bin warned. ~



Apples & Bananas

~ ITEM: Lunatic Transgender Bill sails through committee, By Alphonse de Valk

~ ITEM: Tell your MP to stop the transsexual “Bathroom Bill”

~ ITEM: FIRST-PERSON: Confused about gender? Sadly, some are

~ ITEM: if you’re open to an opposing viewpoint on what this bill actually does and on transgender and transsexual people in general, you may be interested in this

~ ITEM: What “Julia” said

~ ITEM: A VERY peculiar engagement; Charles blames his ghastly predicament on the UK’s then top expert on transsexualism, gender psychiatrist Dr Russell Reid; Whoops! Bizarre story of a double-sex-change patient

~ ITEM: Transexuals are mentally ill castration fetishists who need treatment, not ‘tolerance’; Transgenderism: another fad for rich, privileged elites

~ ITEM: Aristotle’s well-known definition of truth (Metaphysics 1011b25): “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true.”

~ IN RESPONSE to a page I posted about an NDP-sneak bill in Parliament, came two swift replies. So-called trans-genderism has entered the militant rights-game, it would seem.

There are two basic issues here: first, how to deal kindly with people who suffer genetic, hormonal, mental, identity, or other problems. Secondly, to insist on truth: or as Aristotle & Plato taught, “to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true”.

Where Binks Gets Told

Our second correspondent, “Julia”, says:

“I’m a transsexual woman.
I’m legally a woman in Canada. It says “F” on my birth certificate.
Therefore, I can use the woman’s washroom, a legal right given to me, along with all other women.”

When a baby is born, what does the doctor say? “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl”; “to say of what is that it is.. is true”.

A genetic but surgically mutilated and hormonally treated man who dresses and acts like a woman, and legally changes his name to a female name is.. a man. That the LGBTQIXYZ political movement has mutated Canadian or provincial law to attempt to redefine reality, and to rename one thing as another because of medical excess, or the psychological assertion of “gender identity”? War on reality. Denial. Teh “Not So Much, Akshully”.

Remaking Unreality

That government enables such things by altering birth certificates and other documents is a remarkable sign of the enslavement of our ever-busy bureaucratic do-gooder class to the ever-changing demands of political correctness. When is a family not a family? When is a marriage not a marriage? When is a girl not a girl? When is a duck not a duck? Apparently all-powerful government defines or undefines that for us lowly mortals, and the new truth is law, and disagreement is bigotry and illegal and you’re a Neanderthal troglodyte!

Whatever Bill C-389 may be, (1) it’s an NDP thing, so look out; (2) it’s redefinitional of reality, so it’s insane; (3) it’s government telling us what to think and do and tolerate, by legislating on the rest of us about people’s surgical or psychological choices & behaviour. If it’s untrue or unjust, it may be a law, but that makes it an evil, or immoral or mistaken law.

The Devil’s Workshop

That 10% of Canadians are working in government is a scary statistic. Civil servants masters, bureaucrats, lawyers must keep busy, after all, and frigging around with stuff is the name of the modern political game. Most people want to “make a difference”, but when 3.2 million of our fellow Canuckis are do-gooding and saving the world through new rules and bylaws and programs and suchlike, we have a problem.

Then you’ve got the “let it all out/ live your truth” psychological class, also hyper-sensitive to political correctness, and the winds of the spirit of the age. Soul-care and truthful and compassionate counsel? Not so much.

Add to that our professional Left radical liberation class– often funded by the taxpayers– and you have new rights and wrongs practically inventing themselves. But we are– as ever– messing with holy mysteries, and the truth cannot simply be erased.. “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false.” Or as I’ve put it elsewhere about our techne, despite our overweening power to impose through technology, just because you can do something doesn’t answer the question of whether you should do it.

So Many Haters, So Little Time

Dear Julia– while you’re making your bigot-list to threaten with lawyers, add famous people like transgenderites Renee Richards (remember him?), and UK millionaire “Charles Kane” (a.k.a. Sam Hashimi), and a guy now called Danielle Berry.

Richards: “I receive letters from people who are considering having this operation … and I discourage them all.”

Kane: “People who think they are a woman trapped in a male body are completely deluded. I certainly was,” Kane told Britain’s “Daily Mail.” newspaper. He continued, “I needed counseling, not a sex change operation.” ~



Champagne Burps & Caviar Dreams

~ ITEM: Harrison Solow: Today’s generation, too lazy to follow their dreams up with work

~ AS A TAIL-END BOOMER, our generation has taken a lot of well-deserved grief for the current mess in culture and society. But I’d look back to ‘The Greatest Generation’ before that, many of whom swore that after the Great Depression & Great Wars, their kids and grandkids should never want for anything. 60 years of plenty ensued. When older habits of frugality, saving, and paying in cash faded, you get the current debt-crisis, with a side-order of narcissism and greed.

Some young-ish couples coming to me for marriage preparation (such couples got older year by year) even made it clear they were deferring kids (and having fewer) so as to pay off old debt and have a large house, vacations, and all they felt necessary to live a minimally tolerable existence. That is, all the stuff & goodies & square footage their parents had built up over 30 years of marriage, except now, all at once, when they were ‘starting out’.

Starting Out Small

Inflated notions of comfort and deserving and what is needed to live– plus no sense of history or reasonable expectation– leads to this sort of young uber-consumer. The She-Binks & I started out in a sparse student apartment with mostly gifted or handed on stuff, living on 10K a year. We didn’t own a car until almost our 4th anniversary, and that a tiny Subaru Justy. Coupons & sales and discounts are still a way of life 24 years later, and saving/ scrimping/ paying off debt a priority, not that we’re always successful.

The current debt-crisis has a sliver-lining: perhaps a sense of perspective, frugality & saving, living within your means will return to all of us. Nobody ‘deserves’ a particular level of domestic comfort & pleasure; credit card companies and easy credit need to be reined in; all of us should remember that all we enjoy in terms of our nation and infrastructure and culture and laws was built up by many generations of toil & effort & sacrifice– to the tune of $435 000 per newborn or newcomer Canadian. Living for the future is a sign of hope; babies are about the generations that come after us, even as we come after others before us. The greed-glut and birth dearth are all about despair, me-first, joy-now. Having lost any hope of heaven, or of better days for our kids, too many folks escape into excuses, this-worldly excess, and neglecting the most basic human impulse of passing on life even as we ourselves received it, and leaving things better than we found them.

The Magic Cure

Work hard, above and beyond the bare minimum. Pay cash, or save until you can do so. Save above and beyond that just in case of a rainy day. Don’t eat out a lot, give or expect extravagantly, nor use plastic credit, or take 6 months no money down deals.. unless you’re already saving to pay it all off at 6 months. Give to charity. ~



Beauty & The Buttfloss

~ ITEM: Paulina Porizkova Blasts Nicole Kidman Over Plastic Surgery; plus: ‘Madonna No Longer Looks Like Madonna

~ ITEM: Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek

~ ALL I WANTED was a club sandwich & milk– but instead I got buttfloss.

It all started with my delayed late flight into Detroit (later under tornado-watch that night), and the airport hotel. The airline put us up with hotel & food-tickets, so a number of us went to the hotel restaurant for supper.

For some strange reason, there was a lingerie show which began just after our supper arrived, not far from the tables. Lingerie. On living chicks. Buttfloss and clubhouse sandwiches don’t go together.

We mostly all turned around, and ate our meal without almost-naked strangers parading about in front of us. Awkward.

Mrs. Beckinsale

Last time around I linked to a video of English actress Kate Beckinsale, via Ghost Flea. It was.. a lot like the Butfloss Incident. Here’s an Oxford-trained student of French & Russian Litt and a married mother squirming about on a marble counter, then beside a swimming pool.

Kate Beckinsale

The fact that she’s smart and funny– but also eye-wateringly beautiful is– in a strange way– beside the point. A person’s beauty or other admirable qualities are a gift from God, and in another way, it’s their business, too.

This elf has been married for 24 years.. and dating the same chick before that. Some of my friends are variously inwardly or outwardly attractive, but so what, exactly? It’s their business. My teen self was full of the usual passions– but now, and thankfully, my eyes & heart and imagination are pledged to another till death do us part. Optical adultery is not on either, says the Saviour.


Objectifying people and ourselves is one of the great temptations of life– being an idol in some way for others, an idealized creature. The cult of beauty– with the surgeries and chemicals and creams and billions of dollars? Not so much.

In fact, one has to admire the award-winning, lovely & talented Cate Blanchett for appearing mostly without makeup in the 2010 remake of Robin Hood.. it’s called aging gracefully– even if she’s only 41 years old. Brava!

A Plain Speaking Beauty

Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova (married to Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek) has blasted actress Nicole Kidman for choosing plastic surgery versus graceful aging. Porizkova comments:

“She annoys me because I think that she was one of the most beautiful women ever and one of the greatest actresses; I really looked up to her… I’ve definitely had the desire (to remove wrinkles) and I battle with that desire on a daily basis because nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego.” Ouch.


Finally, Mrs. Beckinsale

So– you look great, Kate, and I hope that Underworld 4 does well for you, and more than that I hope you get to heaven, where inner and outer life will be one, and our bodies and souls shall shine with eternal life. But I shan’t be watching any more of your buttfloss moments, thanks. It’s a little awkward, unless I totally dehumanize you into some sort of abstraction.

If you’d like to have tea sometimes, sure. ~



The Google Gobble

~ ITEM: Google says its cars grabbed emails and passwords

~ ITEM: What The Hell Is Google Doing? And Why Is Obama Permitting Them To Do It?

~ ITEM: Obama & Google (a love story) – Oct. 22, 2009; Watchdog says Google has “unusually” close ties to Obama; Obama Administration Hypocritical on Internet Privacy

~ ITEM: Rep. Joe Barton alleges Google’s ‘Wi-Spy’ breach was intentional

~ ITEM: FTC Drops Investigation of Google Less Than a Week After Company Exec Hosts Obama Fundraiser

~ ITEM: Editor-At-Large: Plans to invade our privacy make Street View look discreet

~ IMAGINE YOU’RE a do-goody inventive kinda guy. Then, imagine you get a massive world-spanning internet corporation with which to do good, influence opinion, and suchlike. Sure, you make arrangements with foreign states so they can better oppress their restless people, but that’s business, it’s not personal, right?

Next, imagine your company helps a Senator become President. A cuddly relationship ensues. In fact, when your company gets caught vacuuming up private data such as e-mails, URLs and passwords of unencrypted Wi-Fi networks, and you are facing a possibly embarrassing investigation, why not host an Obama fundraiser.. and less than a week later, the investigation magically disappears?

Obama has tried to erase the line between public & private– hence his hiring Wall Street insiders, then attacking the Wall Street class, and summarily firing the CEO of Chrysler, and forcing banks and corporations to take bail-out loot. Why not use Google to bolster his Presidency? What’s good for The One is Good for Onemerica is good for Google.

Oopsie Dasies? Or…

What if this was a test-run? A way of seeing how easy it might be to exert more supervision & control of the intertoobs? This POTUS has already expressed his desire for a Interweb Kill-Switch (for emergencies only.. trust him!).. the Internet has been a thorn in the side of the liberal ruling class ever since people figured out you could get around the usual means of legacy media news, command & control of information, and fact-checking what people say.

Imagine the state of politics & news without blogs. No PJMedia, Instapundit, Drudge, or any of the rest. News corporations rejoice, government & liberal elites re-establish primary control, fact-checking and whistle-blowing becomes an isolated and hidden affair.

Google is not a force for good in the world– and their desire to interpenetrate your life, your online & computer activies with their products, is not a good thing. People showed MicroSoft what they thought of Nerdocratic bossiness and market domination– hence FireFox, Open Office, and countless other free or open-source software projects that don’t help Bill Gates and his motley crew (or Steve Jobs at Apple) get richer.

Some Suggested Alternatives

It’s time for people to revolt against Google, and to take the time to find other e-mail, browsers, desktops, and search engines.

  1. Instead of spyware-loaded Google Chrome, try free non-snoopy browsers like SRWare’s Iron, or FireFox, or Apple’s Safari.
  2. Instead of Google G-Mail, use any one of the endless free online e-mail sites, or Mozilla’s Thunderbird (for computer-based e-mail), or anonymous e-mail sites.
  3. Instead of Google-chat, try Skype, or MSN Messenger, or whatever new interesting chat-engine is out there.
  4. Instead of Google-Maps, try Yahoo maps. Right now Google Earth is the best of its sort around.. no work-around there.
  5. Instead of blog-income via Google AdSense/ Ad-Words, get other companies & sites to sponsor your blog.
  6. Above all, delete Google cookies & info mining on your computer.

Just by listing the above, you can see how much computing has become Googling, and the intertoobs become The Googleweb. Is that really a good thing?

Planet-Sized Money & Power

With great power comes great responsibility, and Google as not been acting like a good corporate or international citizen to this point– why should we expect change in the future? Getting caught and embarrassed into doing the right thing is not reassuring behaviour. The closeness between the least freedom-friendly President in American history and the most powerful internet company on the planet should alarm anybody with half a brain or more.

The Googleplex guys are minding your business in a big way, and without some pushback, have some scary plans for the future. Google is not your friend; they cannot be trusted to defend free speech and open discussion; if a regime at home or abroad starts censoring the net and controlling e-mails and forums– or even just reporting what people are up to– Google has in the past collaborated with them.

Time for some serious investigation of the cosy relationship between the ObaDems and Google. I’d wager one of my pointy elf-ears that we’ve only seen half the ugly these guys are up to, or capable of, given the dangerous opportunities.

Enough is enough, and laziness is no excuse. ~



Contributed Via NSScott

“I don’t know if either of you has followed the distressing case of Elaine Campione, who has just been convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of her two young children. I hope you don’t mind my bringing this up, but I– and others– have been shocked by the judge’s statement following the jury’s guilty verdict, so I feel compelled to pass these links on.

Christie Blatchford says the judge implicitly repudiated the jury’s verdict:

This great column is by Rosie DiManno in The Toronto Star argues that the judge pinned the crime on the dead kids’ grieving father (and society in general), based on no evidence more than the word of the word of the convicted murderess. ~



A Rampaging Gazillionaire


~ ITEM: Soros Exposed: Research on the Progressive Puppet Master

~ ITEM: JONATHAN Kay bashes Soros-critic Beck. Is Kay slowly morphing into a slippery con-sniper like David Frum?

~ ITEM: Soros Group Wants Obama to Rule by Executive Order

~ ITEM: Soros-funded group: Progressives won midterms. Calls on Obama to govern via executive order to push radical agenda

~ ITEM: Glenn Beck’s Horrific Lie; Glenn Beck Explains George Soros Conspiracy Theory On ‘O’Reilly Factor’ (VIDEO):

~ ITEM: George Soros: Communist China a “Better Functioning Government Than The United States”…

Glenn Beck Part 1 – The Puppet Master Soros

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~

~ ITEM: Should Soros and the Holocaust Be Off Limits? No way.

~ ITEM: The Jewish People vs George Soros

Wait Until Glenn Beck Sees This!


Do Some Good

~ HYGIENE kits in high demand as cholera spreads in Haiti …. (

~ HELP for the Cholera Epidemic …. (merecomments)



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~ SO MUCH FOR OBJECTIVITY— Oxford professor throws hissy fit over Ordinariate.. but having read some of his recent books, I’d say objectivity went out the window years ago …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ ACTION DINO— Obama equates the laws of ethnically cleansed countries with that of the USA; Ignatieff admits playing the diversity card is just a game; Don’t let the CHRC lot find out; Naming Muslims behind the burning of a giant poppy unmasked today by The Sun; Tony Blairs half sister in law converts to Islam; Stand Up For Freedom Canada warns Canadians; CHRC paid Hill & Knowlton $167,000 to know where to put glasses and avert negative publicity; Top 10 reasons to not burn a Koran!; Linda Gibbons Still In Jail for Illegal praying …. (MAD)

~ A MUST-READ— A Faustian bargain, by Prof Gregory A Petsko: “An open letter to George M Philip, President of the State University of New York At Albany” .. “Just 30 days ago, on October 1st, you announced that the departments of French, Italian, Classics, Russian and Theatre Arts were being eliminated” …. (

~ THE LEFT’S DELUSION over Islam is baffling to Middle Eastern Christians …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ BLARING CATFUR— Random Furball Links; I Say We Hang Louis Riel A 2nd Time; Only at York would an anti-semite tell a Morrocan Jew to “Go back to Poland”; Galloway Is Nothing More Than A Clown & York University Is His Circus; The next night Muslim X lies in wait for Gellerwoman; UTS: …..the “chemical substance” requested was potassium cyanide.”; Sick. Radical Leftist Jews Protest Against Israel’s Existence; Mark Steyn’s Gift To The Masses – Marshmallow World – The Disco Mix!; Support The Pigs Man!; Christie Blatchford: If the suspect wasn’t white, the police learned to walk away; Daniel Pipes & Jorg Lau – “Islam, Islamism and the West“; The University of Toronto’s Department of Jew Hate and Psychobabble …. ()

~ THE DEBLATCHERS— “David Suzuki, take a bow.” What’s the opposite of diversity? Consensus; A letter to the President of Waterloo University …. (SDA)

~ BLOGGERS WIN PRIZES?! Telegraph blogger James Delingpole wins Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ PROFESSOR MARK MERCER— A lost opportunity plus more Mercer on the Rehbergs’ hate-crime convictions; National Post editorial board: Canada’s universities, bastions of censorship …. (

~ GHOST FLEAS— Brian Eno interview: Small Craft on a Milk Sea; Quark: May the Source Be With You; The counter-revolution starts here; The Sopranos in Middle-earth; One must commit acts of the highest treason only when dressed in the most resplendent finery; Expose and confront proxy of Iran George Galloway; Save Ark Royal and her Harriers; Cult film impresario Dino De Laurentiis has died aged 91 …. (ghostofaflea)

~ NEW REPORT WARNS Islamist groups seek ‘parallel society’ in Canada; Document: Islamist extremists and the promotion of a parallel society …. (NP)

~ THE DUBYA OF EVIL! “I have long wondered about the animosity that the younger Bush has attracted, when he hardly governed as a conservative, and when, by all accounts, he is personally a likable enough fellow”; With What Measure Ye Measure …. (merecomments)

~ ROYAL NEWS— Does Prince William really want his wedding to feature music by a man who refuses to honour our war dead?; The Royal Wedding will show Archbishop Rowan Williams at his pastoral best…. (blogs.telegraph)

~ JAY CURRIE— Buy This T-Shirt And Commit A Hate Crime!; Neo Nazis 12 – Islamofascists.. 143,456; Maxime Bernier has a blog; The Left Embraces Free Speech; The “Oldest Hate” in one of Canada’s oldest Mosques; Warman has gone from collecting scalps of anti-Semites to collecting scalps of Jews and righteous Gentiles; Dr. Dawg has an interesting and sensitive post up this Rememberance Day; Canuck Kicked Out Of Cambridge Union For Defending Israel; Canadian mortgages- 500K plus borrowers on the edge; That new state can’t come soon enough …. (jaycurrie)

~ GRIM REAPER KEEPING BUSY— US and Canadian Charities turn into anti-life social work By Alphonse de Valk…. (catholicinsight)

~ CLOSET CON— We are so afraid of everything that we don’t make jokes; “It Doesn’t Matter What Works…”; Celebrate Diversity in the UK!; “Go back to Morocco” just doesn’t resonate; Hey America: Here’s What You Get For Your Money; Prager: Such a Smart Jew; The Islamic-Green Alliance; I’m Offended! Actually, I’m not; the liberals’ praise is a warning bell you must heed; Men? Whe Needs Men? Toronto Star goes to bat for turkey basters; “We haven’t learned the difference between feeling good and doing good.”; You would think that these people would have some mild understanding …. (ClosetCon)

~ OH THE CONTORTION We Go Through… because it’s Politically Incorrect to Profile …. (

~ CONTROVERSIAL conservative Winnipeg radio host silenced — “Red River College Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM” page on FaceBook …. (

~ SO DOES ANYONE know what Michael Ignatieff is talking about?; Mr. Wile E. Coyote Ignatieff …. (,

~ CLAIRE BERLINSKI— Wounds Sustained, Oblivion Avoided …. (davidthompson)

~ BIRTH CONTROL HAS affected adversely the internal population balance of all Western nations. So-called Catholic nations such as Italy are no exception …. (catholicinsight)

~ SUICIDE SPENDING— “There is almost universal agreement that the US Fed pumping money into the economy via QE2 is going to cause hyper-inflation down the road” …. (

~ WAR & REMEMBRANCE— “When the Lord returns and ushers in the Peace to end all wars, he will reign, supreme over the nations, and every veteran eye will see him, every veteran tongue will confess Him as one of their own, the Archetype, the Ancient of Days, the Lord mighty in battle, who laid down his life for his friends.” …. (merecomments)

~ SHOTGUN— The term “nanny state” is rather misleading. Has a bureaucrat ever given you a hug? Would you want them to? It’s more like the hall monitor state, overgrown juveniles given a small bit of authority, which they then abuse …. (shotgun)

~ AT IT AGAIN— One Toronto Catholic High School continues to indoctrinate students into accepting same-sex relationships as normal …. (catholicinsight)

~ LUGRUFRU— Moody, pretty men in dresses; Philippe Karsenty on the Michael Coren Show; Thug rule Canada; How the Israelis do it; Those pesky Mennonites and Doukhobors are at it again; “The porpoises were unavailable for comment“; I hated “Jules et Jim“; Lest We Forget …. (

~ DAVID MILLS reflects on the secularist critique of belief and what seems to be the secularist’s premature claim of victory in claiming that religious belief is merely human. “Secularist Cheating” …. (firstthings)

~ GLAVIN BEGS TO DIFFER— Theatre Of The Absurd: Are These Liberal MPs “Terrorist” Supporters? …. (

~ THOUGHTS ON UGLY CHURCHES— Architecture and Aesthetic …. (merecomments)

~ TREATING VOTERS Like Adults: Mad Max– Speech by the new Canadian Conservative voice … Max …. (

John Robson speaks on the nature of ‘hate crimes’ laws

~ ED DRISCOLL— Gray Lady Down!; As Lorne Greene Would Say, That’s More Like 127 in Web Years; Whom the Gods Destroy, They First Transform into Anita Bryant; The China Syndrome, Starring Tom Friedman as Jane Fonda; ‘Here in Canada, We love Government and Can’t Get Enough of It’; NYT Down: Women, Children, Olbermann Hardest Hit; Racist Nostalgia at the Village Voice; Ed Asner, Truther; ‘Ben Bernanke’s Made-Up Money’; The WaPo Shivs The One; ‘Has The Left Gone All Fire and Brimstone?’; Next freedom of choice to be hacked at by San Francisco? Circumcision!; See, He Told You So …. (pajamasmedia)

~ LARWYN’S Linx: Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling …. (

~ CHRISTIANS Savagely Attack Mus…. Oh. Wait. Nope. It’s another story of Muslim barbarism from backward Islamic lands …. (

~ SHOCK SHEET ON CANADA— William D. Gairdner, The Trouble with Canada … Still!; plus The Trouble With Canada … Still! – In All Bookstores Now …. (williamgairdner)

~ A LETTER to Waterloo prez Re: Blatchford event; Christie Blatchford event shut down …. (takebackyourschool)

~ HORRID BULLY BISHOP wins all.. for now. Dissident Anglicans can’t keep churches, B.C. court rules …. (nationalpost)

“Then is it nothing to thee?
Open, see Who stands to plead with thee.
Open, lest I should pass thee by, and thou one day entreat My Face
And howl for grace,
And I be deaf as thou art now,
Open to Me.”

(C. G. Rossetti)

~ TOTALITARIAN SINKHOLE NEWS— Carleton University beware: the Charter empowers students’ free speech rights on campus; Carleton Lifeline told by Student Union it must change its Constitution; Carleton student association bans anti-abortion club; Carleton pro-life group has funding cut off …. (Various)

~ PROPAGANDIST— Where Is The Media Attention?; A New Vision For Canada’s Role In Afghanistan; “Death To America!” A Declaration Of War By Traitors?; The American-Zionist Plot To Destroy Iran With Facebook; The Afghanistan That Once Was; Righteous Condemnation; Suu Kyi Not Quite Free; So Much For Religious Freedom; Free Abdel Karim Suleiman; Press Freedom Already Dead In Russia; We Shall Walk The Path Of Martyrdom …. (propagandistmag)

~ REX MURPHY: Great art can’t be rushed … or mass-produced on demand …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ MOOSE & SQUIRREL— Against Fantino: “Go get him, Gary”; Dispatch 10: The Claw is Back – Part 7; Dispatch 34 – Letters; Carleton U’s “pro-choice” crowd is anything but; Paying parents when their children commit crimes? WTF???; University of Waterloo apologizes to Christie Blatchford; Blazing Catfur at the anti-Galloway protest; Phil “Climategate” Jones wants to be “remembered for the science”; Proud fascists chalk one up for censorship …. (

~ NEGLECTED ruins of Pompeii declared a ‘disgrace to Italy’ …. (guardian)

What We Believe, Part 6: Immigration

~ MISS MARPRELATE— Fix the United States Budget; Marmalade’s Report on the FTF Festival; On Remembrance Day; Shock in Oklahoma …. (

~ UNELECTED RUMPY BUMPY— The head of the European Union warned on Tuesday that the 27-nation bloc will not survive if it fails to overcome a debt crisis plaguing euro currency governments; Europe: ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’; Sudden Financial Emergency Strikes EU Zone …. (, theothermccain)

Michael Coren on Christie Blatchford Protest

~ SCOTT STINSON: Fight goes on after doctor leaves House …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ STRICTLY RIGHT— Speaking at a Canadians for Language Fairness Luncheon; American Hero Darth Vader Returns; It’s time for Joe Miller to throw in the towel; Coming Soon: The Jihadi Sales Tax; What is the TSA Doing?; Harper Government Kills Potash-BHP Billiton Deal …. (

Strictly Right Radio episode 71

~ PRINT THE FUNNY-MONEY! STAT! Ireland leaves door open to £77bn EU bail-out; First the potato, now the euro: how Ireland has been destroyed again …. (telegraph, dailymail)

Michael Coren & Melanie Phillips, poppy burning mustards

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~

~ NATIONAL POST— “Is there such a thing as an authentic digital life?” …. (life.nationalpost)

~ DALRYMPLE— There’s no fool like an old fool: “We are about to encounter the first generation of geriatric adolescents, or adolescent geriatrics: that is to say, those people who have never really put their youth behind them, refuse to acknowledge the ravages of time, and do not believe that it is ever time to put adolescent things away.” …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ LIBERALS ACCEPT Free Travel From Terrorists To Meet In France …. (

~ COMING HATE SPEECH Prosecutions in New York? …. (

~ STAND YOUR GROUND— “Students Association” To Pro-Life Students: Renounce Your Views Or Lose The Club Status; Death Threats For A Letter Condemning Abortion; Legislating Morality — There’s No Avoiding That; MP Keith Martin To Retire From Politics; Remembrance Day — The Islamist Way; Global Warming Hoax Stinks; 10 Reasons Why Liberal Catholics Are Doomed …. (

~ “MULTICULTURALISM,” wrote the British scholar Theodore Dalrymple of the Manhattan Institute, “rests on the supposition—or better, the dishonest pretense—that all cultures are equal.” …. (

~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Supreme Court hears arguments on whether to allow Christian campus groups; What does “quantitative easing” really mean?; The best book on government is Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny”; What atheists think about religion and how should Christians respond?; Can government serve the public better than the free market?; Why do conservatives oppose illegal immigration?; Why do conservatives support legal private gun ownership?; In the UK, socialists attack police and lay siege to Tory headquarters …. (winteryknight)

~ ON A LIGHTER note: Semper ubi sub ubi! …. (xanthippa)

Ed Driscoll– Silicon Graffiti: BlogWorld 2010

~ CLASSIC DALRYMPLE: Gooseberries (1999) …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— The last nail; Space hippies are evil; Because it’s just worked out so well everywhere else; I wish I weren’t enjoying this quite so much; “…the perpendicular pronoun“; Kreeft and Spencer discuss Islam; Who does this sound like?; The Adventures of Ensign Toast; Liturgical Awesomeness; A friend says he is “speechless”; Let them live; It is utilitarianism that looks up on human beings as “things”; The blood on the altar makes it clear; Behold A real man; Hands up everyone who always wanted to live in Bag End; Just when you thought you couldn’t like him any more; This is what my weekend sounded like …. (

~ CONRAD BLACK: This is Canada’s moment, despite our minor flaws …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ TWITS & TWITTER— A confederacy of dunces, British-style …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ SOCON.CA— Last straw on bottled-water campaign: Pope weighs in; and Bottled Water Week @ Socon or Bust This Week; I was subjected to D&P bottled-water indoctrination in an Ottawa parish yesterday …. (

~ ON THE UK EDUCATION SYSTEM— One to Watch, Methinks …. (davidthompson)

“The system is broken because it keeps poor kids poor.”

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Songs on the Fly; The “New” Anti-Semitism; Islam’s crunchy deliciousness; All Joking Aside? Nuh-uh; Why Obama’s Pat Down of Your Privates Won’t Keep You Safe; TSA has travel advice a-plenty for Hajj pilgrims; Cross Your Fingers, Keep Your Head Up Your Butt; Napolitano’s Multi-‘Layered’ Bafflegab; The Euro-weenies’ twisted, self-loathing, suicidal worldview; Obama’s Obvious Obscenity; Just Chill, Umbrage-Takers; Lumping Jews in With Muslims Ain’t Kosher; The Hobson’s Choice of Airport ‘Security’ Theatrics …. (

~ THE INTERIM— The Grisly commodification of human life; Incrementalism works …. (

~ CLASSICAL VALUES— “One of the reasons I envy religious conservatives is that they don’t have to live in a constant state of fear the way the rest of us turkeys do”; and “Does freedom to sin violate religious freedom?” …. (CV)

~ WINSTON— Topless Feminism; HRH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran; Totalitarianism thrives on deliberate ambiguity …. (

~ EDITORIAL: Canadian Bishops Finally Admit Development and Peace Funded Problematic Groups …. (

~ DAMIAN PENNY— Lord Ha-Ha George Galloway, free-speech hero, on keeping controversial people out of your country …. (networkedblogs)

~ SAUDI RIGHTS WATCH— Saudi Arabia: Journalist Sentenced to Public Lashing: Reporter Wrote About Protests Over Electricity Shortages November 15, 2010: HRW News …. (

~ GEEZER HARPY SCREEDS AGAIN— On Erica Jong, motherhood, and the madness in Manhattan …. (insightscoop)

~ THE LIBERRY AS Amusement Park: Public libraries betray their mission in embracing video games …. (

~ PUNDITA— A Karakachan sheepdog puppy adopts Vladimir Putin; Cholera outbreak in Haiti, violent protests against UN peacekeepers suspected of spreading cholera; Could a dragged-out economic crisis lead to world war?; The Karzai-Petraeus mess: Why the USA must either become a military dictatorship or stop going to war; A special Veterans Day salute; President Obama’s visit to India …. (

Watch the trailer for “Looking For The King: An Inklings Novel”

~ LISTEN TO or read a chapter from David Downing’s “Looking for the King”; Looking For An Inklings Adventure | An Interview with Dr. David C. Downing …. (insightscoop)

~ HIS GREASY EMINENCE— I can’t figure out why a national newspaper chain like the Sun would pay good money for Warren Kinsella’s opinions just because he elected Michael Ignatieff prime minister and Rocco Rossi mayor; Wrong Again: Warren and Afghanistan …. (

~ NONE OF US SHOULD feel smug about the financial crisis affecting the Western world, but, writing in National Review, Dalrymple makes the case for Ireland as the worst offender …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ SHAKEDOWN ARTISTE Jesse Jackson in 1977: “Abortion is black genocide”.. Jesse “Cut Off O’s Nuts” Jackson today: Abortion is just fine and dandy, but the possible repeal of “Obamacare” is “creeping genocide”. …. (insightscoop)

~ SILENCE THE HERETICS! Dissident Academic Feels the Warmth of “Social Justice” …. (davidthompson)

~ INSIGHT SCOOP— “The attacks on freedom of thought start with language.” …. (insightscoop)

~ A DELIGHTFUL RANT— Harrison Solow: Today’s generation, too lazy to follow their dreams up with work …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

Michael Coren on creeping Islam in the West

~ SOUNDS LIKE LIES— New rights for UK elderly and disabled under Government reforms …. (telegraph)

~ FUREDI— It’s time to stand up for courage and conviction– “Machiavelli and other humanists would have been appalled by today’s bureaucratisation of everyday life that threatens vital public virtues” …. (

~ ON DANGEROUS THOUGHTS— A mediocracy encourages people to react personally. Instead of considering whether something is true, people ask themselves, “how does this affect me? Should I have an emotional reaction to this?” Hence, the petty mediocrities who shut down Christie Blatchford’s public talk at a publicly funded university never asked themselves “Is she telling the truth?”, but “She’s saying things about race: she’s a racist! I must have a threatening and emotional reaction to this.” …. (davidthompson)

~ WALKERISM— Fun with copyright; The Starbucks Party; The latest at Defend Geert Wilders; Tax money at work; Question of the day; Canada’s about to get a lot less private; Canada’s age of consent: relatively worthless; An appeal for funds …. (

~ MYSPACE surrenders to Facebook …. (telegraph)

~ TEH INTERWEBS— It Was Twenty Years Ago Today …. (americandigest)

~ BARBARA KAY— The day I won a Giller prize …. (barbarakay)

~ YET ANOTHER well-deserved spanking for Jonathan Kay, whom I’m beginning to think is rather a lazy-con who dislikes serious social conservatives and ideological conservatives, and takes half-hearted fact-light swipes at people on his own side whom he finds embarassing. I’d predict this guy will continue to drift Leftwards if he keeps on like this, as a CaCINO (Canucki conservative In Name Only) …. (nationalpost)

~ THE AWESOME MELANIE PHILLIPS — Britain’s comic Prime Minister; Jihad of the poppy; Herman von Rompuy has finally stated that the real purpose of the EU is nothing less than to destroy the nation state; Rough beast slouches, police force crouches; Cutting and running? No, Prime Minister; Jews for Injustice Against Jews; Canada’s honest broker; Terror and infantilism …. (spectator)

~ A NEW-MINTED TYRANNY FOUND— “It’s the “hegemony of coupledom,” see? Something must be done. Perhaps we should make room in our catalogue of classic sentences”; plus Glenn Ricketts and Peter Wood on “diversity,” uniformity and things best left unsaid …. (davidthompson)

~ SDA: THE WORLD of Hire Education …. (SDA)

~ THE LYNCH REPORT— Welcome Back Walker Morrow; The Lynch List, 15-Nov-2010; The Lynch List, 12-Nov-2010; The Lynch List, 10-Nov-2010; Campaign Launched to Counter Human Rights Commissions; The Lynch List, 08-Nov-2010 …. (missnixon)

~ ROSETT— You Know Burma’s “Elections” Are a Sham When; Time for a Tea Party at Turtle Bay; Tiananmen Travesty – With UN Credentials; Can the UN Come Clean on Bedbugs?; Airport Strip Search Conundrum …. (claudiarosett)

~ THE ANCHORESS on Marx’s Big Mistake …. (firstthings)

~ DOUG GILES IS Proud to Be a Heretic to the Preening Progressives …. (townhall)

~ THE INTERNATIONAL Day of Prayer: Joining the Souls of the Slain …. (

~ THE FAILING EU continues to try and destroy nationalism in favour of a Soviet-like superstate …. (vladtepes)

~ LIBERAL PARTY questions advertising on soft-porn sites …. (

~ BLOGMOCRAT WONDERS— “Is it about time to remove Chavez in Venezuela, as we did Noriega in Panama?” …. (

~ TERRY GLAVIN— ‘If Ye Break Faith With Us Who Die, We Shall Not Sleep.’ …. (

~ THE PETIT MURDERS: Why You and Yours Need a Gun …. (

~ CHRISTIANS in Vietnam accused of anti-state propaganda for practicing faith. Thanks, pro-Communist international Left, for all you did you make it possible …. (nationalpost)

~ DR. HELEN— “Conservative principles are completely congruent with the value of social justice..” …. (

~ LOTSA MITCHIEVILLE— Frisky The Dolphin; Regular & Decaf Coffee – What’s The Difference?; Fenris – Thinking about the Unthinkable; Green Shoots & Leaves; 10 Centuries In 5 Minutes; Mitchieville’s Mad Manic MesmErizing Mystery Movie; Green Shoots & Leaves 2; McDonald’s Secret Sauce; The Flood Of American Liberals; 800 Created Or Saved Jobs Are Now Officially NOT Saved; Remembrance Day, who cares? …. (mitchieville)


~ ‘MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS’ ALERT— Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers; HHS Buries 111 Waivers Issued For Its Disastrous One-Size-Fits-All Health Care Reform Bill, Affecting Nearly 1.2 Million ‘Workers’ …. (breitbart,

~ SHOCKINGLY, Obama Eligibility NOT Vetted: Leaked Internal Congressional Document …. (

~ THE NEW RACISM— Explosive New Justice Department Black Panther Emails – Big Government …. (

~ MARK TOOLEY— The Religious Left at the White House …. (

~ WHY DID HONCHO Janet Napolitano decline to go through the backscatter machine?; Official TSA Groping Instructions T-Shirt …. (classicalvalues)

~ HAS AMERICA Started to Grow Up? …. (

~ LOTSA Larwyn’s Linx: Waiver-mania–The Obamacare escapee list …. (

~ NEW MEMBER Col. West Goes to Washington …. (theanchoress)

~ GLORIOUS LEADER IN WAITING Obama’s Stunning Anti-democracy Comments…. (

can stand in the way
of economic progress.”

B. H. OBAMA, 2010

~ THE NEW WEAKER DOLLAR will not help the US economy …. (theblogmocracy)

QE2 Explained via Xtranormal

~ MONEY-PRINTING— Bonus Quantitative Easing Chart o’ the Day …. (

~ TEAM OBAMA— Team Obama: No Moderates Allowed …. (

~ TILL DEATH PANELS us do part! …. (classicalvalues)

~ MARK LEVIN: “A Society Has To Be Insane…” …. (

~ SORRY: Nice advice, but we don’t think Barack is capable of it …. (uppitywoman08)

~ PATRIOTIC Student Banned from Displaying American Flag on Veterans’ Day Gets Help from Liberty Counsel; Liberty Counsel Overturns School’s Ban on Student’s American Flag …. (

~ UNGRUNTLED Dems to Pelosi: “You’re the Face of our Defeat” …. (Wz)

~ LET’S CALL ‘EM FLOTUS PAWNS — Federal Workers Making Over $180,000 Jumped 2,000% In Just the Past Five Years…. (

~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— Klein: Obama’s radical pal wants massive grassroots assault; Obamunists & Communists; Democratic Socialist Danny K. Davis Runs for Chicago Mayor; Pelosi for Democrat Agitator-in-Chief; WSJ: A ‘world without American leadership is a more dangerous place.’; Rahm Emanuel’s slow-witted and insider game for the mayoralty of Chicago is a strategic retreat; POTUS parade at G-20 now accepted as a missed opportunity; Alinsky-Axelrod: ‘World As We Find It’; Klein: Obama deal to render Israel defenseless? …. (therealbarackobama)

~ THE BP OIL COVERUP— “These people have oil in their bodies” …. (uppitywoman08)

~ OBAMA Administration to submit to the United Nations …. (

~ THE MCJ— It’s not that Barack Obama is a clueless incompetent who’s in way over his head, claims Newsweek. No, no, no, no. The job’s just gotten too big for one man to handle …. (

~ IKE & JFK: Their warnings were real. Now they are reality …. (uppitywoman08)

~ OBAMA GETS ONE half right, By Donald Sensing …. (

~ FLAG-WAVING KID Cody gets an escort to school; Brainwashing 101 …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HOW CAN Nancy Pelosi continue to use up oxygen on the political scene? …. (

~ THE REAL TOPIC IS: I didn’t notice any mention of the $2.2 Trillion Congress has removed from the Social Security account over the past few decades …. (uppitywoman08)

~ I HAD THE Obama Hormone! Confessions of a former teenage communist Casanova …. (thepeoplescube)

~ VOMIT ALERT: Queen Michelle Makes Vogue’s Top 10 Best Dressed List …. (weaselzippers)

~ JANET NAPOLITANO Unveils New TSA Public Relations Campaign …. (

Obama Without His Teleprompter

~ OBAMA Sings The Repudiation Blues …. (thepeoplescube)


~ CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE? “One of the [Iraqi] parishioners put it so simply, and so beautifully. He said that he returned because the week before he hadn’t finished his prayers. I need to finish them, he said. A woman with a bandage around her knee told a reporter, “We forgive them. We’re not afraid. They gave us blood and we give them forgiveness.” …. (firstthings)

~ OUT OF IRAQ: the Gospel Message Writ Large; Iraq’s Christians unimportant in global politics …. (firstthings, teaandpolitics)

~ PROOF TERRORIST Crossed Mexican Border …. (creepingsharia)

~ HAMAS TRIED to Silence Ex-Minister– “The Gaza Journalists Union condemned Hamas for ordering its former culture minister, Dr. Ibrahim Abrash, to sign a statement promising not to write articles against Hamas” …. (

~ IRAQI CHRISTIANS REMAIN vigilant in wake of increased attacks, Toronto prayer vigil hears; Respect for religion is vital for peace, Pope tells Iranian leader …. (

~ YOUR TAXES AT PRAYER Part 2: Hey Sucker Your Money Supports the Muslim Brotherhood …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THANKS, SPLODY-MUSLIMS! TSA = Sexual Assault, a.k.a. new enhanced full body patdown search procedures: “I have an incident to share that occurred late Friday afternoon, November 12, 2010, around 5:15 in the Dayton International Airport.” …. (ourlittlechatterboxes)

~ U.S. ACTIVISTS lobby against U.N. defamation (of Islam) resolution …. (creepingsharia)

~ JIHAD IN SCHOOLS— UK: 12-Year-Old Student Posts Facebook Comments Supporting British Troops, Promptly Receives Death-Threats From Muslim Classmates; U.S. New Jersey: Boy Suspended For Offending Muslim Student by Saying Word “Taliban” During Conversation With Friend …. (weaselzippers, weaselzippers)

AL-QARADAWI—  “Muslims should acquire nuclear weapons to terrorize their enemies”…. (teaandpolitic)

~ POPPY-BURNING Muslim protesters mar Armistice Day commemorations as millions fall silent to remember war dead …. (vladtepesblog)

~ JIHAD USA: Oklahoma’s Shari’a Ban and CAIR’s Risky Response …. (teaandpolitics)

UK Muslim’s Burning Poppy’s on Remembrance Day

~ VLAD TEPES— The Muslim UK rememberance disruption is far more insidious than it appears …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WEST BANK: Blogger faces potential life prison sentence for “insulting Islam” …. (teaandpolitics)

~ IT’S INFIDEL-TASTIC! Fairmont Hotels Opens a Luxurious New Resort That You’re Not Allowed to Visit …. (

~ ‘UNLAWFUL SEX’: lovers sentenced to 100 lashes in U.A.E. …. (

~ AFGHANISTAN: Former Muslim May Get Death Penalty for Conversion …. (teaandpolitics)

~ DAVID THOMPSON— “Unveiled, New Definitions of Violence and Civilisation. Misogynist violence is unacceptable, but..” …. (davidthompson)

~ EXCREMENT Thrown on Church in Avignon …. (vladtepesblog)

~ ISLAMISTS want to create a parallel society in Canada …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HOW’S THAT multiculturalism working for you now, Great Britain? …. (exurbanleague)

~ SAUDI ARABIA: man condemned to 500 lashes and 5 years’ imprisonment on homosexuality charges …. (teaandpolitics)


~ IRANIAN ISLAMIC LEADER expects Pope to consider Qur’an as holy as the Gospels …. (teaandpolitics)

~ UK WAKES UP: Islam channel censored for condoning marital rape and violence …. (uppitywoman08)

~ SAUDI ARABIA: Facebook blocked for not conforming with values …. (teaandpolitics)

~ SURRENDERIST NATO Caves to Islamist Demands, Won’t Name Iran as Missile Threat …. (weaselzippers)

~ RAW STORY: Geller and Spencer hoodwinked the public into believing that the Ground Zero Mosque is a Ground Zero Mosque …. (

~ TWO MUSLIM BOYS, aged 12, excluded over Facebook death threats to classmate… for supporting British troops …. (vladtepesblog)

~ UK: WHILE “Muslims Against Crusades” insult military, converts to Christianity face persecution …. (teaandpolitics)

~ TURKMENISTAN: Appeal denied for Ilmurad Nurliev, Pentecostal pastor convicted by false evidence …. (teaandpolitics)

~ TEH BOOBIES! Danish M.P. Wants Bare Breasts In Immigration Documentary To Thwart Extremism …. (

~ THE RISE OF Anti-anti-Islamofascism …. (blogmocracy)

~ PIGLET IS EVIL! Banning toy pigs and piggy banks, building huge mosques in prisons, renaming pubs — all this and more done in order to avoid offending Muslims — it is madness embodied; U.K.: Toy pig pulled from farm set “to avoid the risk of causing offense on religious grounds” …. (jihadwatch)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— What the Palestinians buy with American money; Addressing our homegrown enemies; The Tribal Update plans the Negev Intifada; Out of South Africa; Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is playing with fire …. (carolineglick)

~ IRAQ— “Your blood is legitimate for us”, By Donald Sensing– The murder of Iraqi Christians by Sunni Muslim terrorists continues …. (

~ FAITH McDONNELL has recent news on the situation in Sudan– she writes: “Please pray for South Sudan’s upcoming Referendum and for peace and justice to prevail“; On Modern Day Slavery and Genocide …. (frontpagemag, theblogmocracy)

Michael Coren on Turkish hypocrisy

~ MISUNDERSTANDERS of Islam torch Christian homes in southern Egypt …. (

~ FORMER AGENT: “There is no question CAIR supports Hamas” …. (creepingsharia)

~ UNGRATEFUL & AGGRESSIVE— “Fed-up Muslims” “Declare War” on Australian Government …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE BLOGMOCRACY ON How to Answer: ‘My Friend is a Muslim and He’s Really Nice!’…. (

~ CHRISTIAN WOMAN APPEALS HER DEATH SENTENCE FOR BLASPHEMY— Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy …. (vladtepesblog, nationalpost)

~ PRO-SHARIA TAKEOVER CAIR opposes Sharia Law ban in Oklahoma: Investors Daily shines “A Light On Shariah Creep.” Via …. (investors, Tarek Fatah)

~ NEO-IMPERIAL TURKEY’S occupation & oppression of the Kurds continues: 5,000 in prison a testament to the hypocrisy of Turkey’s Gaza Flotilla …. (

~ RELIGION of “peace, fairness, tolerance” watch …. (

~ EVIL ZIONISTICAL Israeli student attacked by Palestinians in Italy …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DELIGHTFUL EGYPT— Muslim Sets Christian on Fire, Murders Victim’s father, Wounds Victim’s Younger Brother …… ‘Cuz He Heard a Rumor; Egypt: Muslim Mob Burns Christian Homes…. (atlasshrugs2000)

One thought on “Steynian 429st

  1. “Liberalism”…the opiate of the masses.
    Welcome to Canastan…the “Socialist Eutopia” formerly known as Canada. We had the third most powerful military next to Great Britain(our mother land) and the United States of America. Now we’re the perfect police state infested with liberalism. Oh woe to the commissars of the NDP and Liberal Party.

    Dave a friend of the Steynian.

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