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Prayers For Our Patron

~ ITEM: THE GYAPONG– “Won’t you join me in lifting up a prayer for Mark, that his health problems will be resolved, that he will feel the peace that passes understanding from the Prince of Peace?”

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn Needs Our Prayers

~ THIS BLOG was named in honour of Mark Steyn, and was prompted by his speech-criminalization over a Maclean’s article by Canadian Islamofascists.

It is then with prayers and best wishes to Mark that we note his latest blog-hiatus, as he says,

“Rather boringly, I have some health issues that demand somewhat more attention than I’ve been able to give them.”

May God richly bless Mark & his family during this time of healing & rest. ~

Happy Belated

~ ITEM: Thanksgiving to all

~ ITEM: RIGHTEOUS & GENTLE? JDL Chanukah Party To Support Blazingcatfur

Saint ‘Em Now!

~ ITEM: Christians of the Holy Land appeal for the canonisation of Iraq’s Christian martyrs


~ ITEM: Logan’s Warning: “I Have a Small Request“.. please send along some shekels!

Splenda: Not Splendid?

~ ITEM: Scary Side-Effects; Pick Your Poison: Aspartame, Diet Soda, Splenda

~ ITEM: Sugar substitutes and the potential danger of Splenda

~ ITEM: Splenda (Sucralose) Health Effects; Splenda (Sucralose) Toxicity Exposed; The Potential Dangers of Sucralose

~ SO I SPENT THE MORNING at the doctor, getting an EKG, having blood drained from my arm, and telling the doctor about the heart palpitations. Then, once home, I got to thinking.

This elf drinks a lot of Diet Orange Crush with Splenda (Sucralose, a.k.a. chlorinated sugar).. because of my prior bad reaction to NutraSweet (Aspartame) pops. 3-4 cans a day, plus flavoured water. Huzzah! I thought.. better than that other stuff.

Not so much, akshully.

When I got home from the MD & hospital, I went online and Googled “Splenda + health”. Bingo. But it gets a lot worse. Can you say:

headaches & migraines
memory loss

reduced gut bacteria (the good kind)
weight gain
diabetic problems
dizziness and numbness

The artificial sweetner market is big money– it’s how Dick Cheney first got rich & famous– by pushing Aspartame through the FDA process.. and it’s never been reviewed for possible user side-effects ever since. Nor Splenda.

“Nine out of ten Americans currently eat artificial sweeteners whether they know it or not.  Forty-five thousand manufactured foods currently contain sucralose (Splenda’s chemical name) and that number is growing exponentially.”

And gazillions of gallons of these products are pouring through people, especially the overweight & diabetics. It’s like trying out crappy software on the public.. except in this case, many people are getting ill on an individual basis without understanding that it’s a “safe, tested” product which is poisoning them, or worse. ~

Canuckistan & The Sound Of Suckitude

~ ITEM: Death of a Diplomat: Herbert Norman & The Cold War

~ ITEM: Giacomo Vigna Sends Me Libel Notice?

~ IT’S EASY TO BLAME past P.M. Pete E. Trudeau & minions for everything that’s wrong with Canuckistan today. He & pétomanie certainly deserve a lot of the blame.

Canucki Commie Hideaway

However, I’d go back a little farther to Saint Lester “Peacekeeper” Pearson, protector and friend of known Canadian Communists & suspected KGB agents like the National Film Board’s Hazen Sise, or security risk & diplomat Herbert Norman.. who one KGB Soviet spymaster later identified as “One of ours.”

When it came to security-checks, background details, and the clear trail of Communist associations in a time of Cold War, Pearson lied to the Americans, the Parliament, and anybody who asked about his young protege Herbert Norman. Then he lied later, in his official statements on the matter. The full tale of this official cover-up has yet to be told, and the reason it’s not is because of smug Official Canadianism, and not wanting our heroes & Ottawa mandarins to look bad. The ugly truth? Why, it might hurt our feelings.

Some Judge Says

So Ezra Levant is tagged for $25 large by a court because he mocked one of Canada’s official speech-polizei members, Giacomo Vigna. What a country.

Ezra didn’t say, for instance, that “Giacomo Vigna molesters kittens and puppies behind his local Tim Hortons”, nor that Mr. Vigna was a criminal, a transvestite, a mafiosi, or a terrorist. Those would all be untrue, and malicious statements. No, Ezra mocked Vigna for his odd performance during a marsupial court episode in the Great White North.

The Lesson Derived Therefrom

Self-important speech-police members may not be mocked in Canada. They may not be questioned. They are sacrosanct, and any grubby little peasant who peeps out of his thatched hut to hoot at the high and mighty will know wrath, and pain, and lots of legal expenses. Better to just tug your forelock, bow, and back away slowly not making any eye-contact.

The effect of such rulings is not to defend free & true speech, it is to chill all speech whatsoever, true or fair comment, or unfair or untrue. Self-censorship R Us.

Canada needs a First Amendment style law, because without one, it’s a matter of Vigna & Warman & Kinsella & Hall & Lynch & Elmasry & Soharwardy & the rest patiently wearing away the little and the big by lawyers, legal tricks, bureaucratic foot-dragging, and perseverance. Official Canada, in the 21st century. Yay.

Plus Ça Change…

Despite all the talk of de-normalizing, and that the HRC speech-police were done for, the Steyn & Levant & related cases have not yet changed one jot or tittle of Section 13 and related laws, nor have the poll-wary Tories done anything serious or definitive, nor are we really anywhere further along than we were in 2006– except for awareness of the problem.

Heck, even foreigners like George Soros can shut down our flaccid Canucki free speech by threatening lawyers against SunCorp news, even if not one fact of the article in question was challenged in court with real evidence. Lawyers! Booga booga booga! OK, we fold.

Is that what we want to be? Is that the toxic heritage & future we want to pass on our children & grandchildren? ~

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose.”

~ Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849 ~

Happily Ever After?

“I find that traditionalists have a sort of inferiority complex about the present, and conversely, tend to idealize the past. But if each epoch of history is in some sense providential, then the question is, what is the metacosmic purpose of the present time in which we are living?

~ One Cosmos ~

~ BACK WHEN I WAS a polyester-clad movie usher, one of my duties was to keep people going into the movie before the previous show had ended. Oddly enough, a lot of folks tried to get in, or peer through the window, to see the finale of the show. To my mind (never having been an end-flipper in books) this was a kind of stealing from yourself, and missed the point of the story, the uncertainty, the adventure. It’s like having a friend who’s seen the movie already sit beside you on your first time to see it.

But we kinda want to know how it ends up– and most of us generally (unless we are global warmists) hope for the best. We want some happily ever after– especially in dark or uncertain times.

The Golden Age.. Before or Behind

Loosely speaking, conservatives look backwards to an ideal past; liberals look forward to a perfectible future. Looking back is a temptation because we see (in part) how it worked out: how the undetanglable threads of God’s providence, the human spirit, accident, and blind luck combined for good in the end.

However, worshipping the past as golden is an illusion, except for the golden bits we’re focussed on. Losta churchgoing in some eras of the past– but how much was for show? Or in a crisis? Or as the fulfilment of social obligation & appearances? Mind you, I’d rather consider the good of the past than joyfully dream of the imaginary goods of some impossible future a la the Human Rights Cops or Euroweenies or Obama– let alone Mao or Adolf or Stalin.

The hard part is we generally don’t get to know how it works out for us, or our side, or ultimately.. even the glimpses given by Judaeo-Christian revelation tell us Who wins, but not how, or in any detail. That’s because we all have our parts to play in time and space and love, and most of that part is improvised fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda stuff, requiring courage, patience, and humour.

Our Big Questions

How do the Islamo-Wars work out? The problems of freedom & greed in Western economies? The American centuries as a Superpower versus other & worse global powers?

Stay tuned, but you are not a passive observer of a glowing screen: you and I are actors in history, too– with a great or small part to play, in the long river of time, and under divine providence and the laws of intended and unintended consequences. The tiniest act may change everything; the simplest duty done, or promise kept, or friendship nurtured has and does change everything else.

It’s not our business to know how it works out, but to know that we & other matter for good and evil, and if we don’t do our part for good according to the needs and opportunities of our times, then our place cannot be filled by another, because we are a unique singularity of thought, action, and love in all the long history of everything.

This present will be someone else’s past– how are we working for or against the good, the beautiful, the true, and the bettering and redeeming of all things?

Don’t just sit there, think & pray & choose, and then do something. ~

Shaidle: Loser?

~ I DIDN’T WANT TO point it out, but Shaidle herself has spoken thereof– why can’t she get any hate action? A protest, sit-in, burning in effigy, a TV-shooting, mob-riot? Has her site even been hacked? Heck, even her hubby’s been pushed around by anti-semitic Islamo-scum. Is Canada’s leading blog-queen an also-ran?

I mean, even this lowly elf gets death-threats, right? I’ve received lotsa hate and been smeared by The Dawg & minions– mind you, SLAPPer Warren Kinsella once sent me best wishes, so I’m not sure if that cancels it out.

Clearly the Left isn’t doing their whole-hearted part to spread the hate around, to be equal-opportunity barbarians, and to show the rest of us other than Steyn, Coulter & Blatchford the full nasty. Is that all you got?

Just pretend she’s a Jew @ YorkU. Or a Christian in Mecca. Or a conservative @ an NDPer conference. And remember: as a former Lefty, Shaidle knows that hard Leftardism is a kind of laughable brain-rot. You know you can do it. ~

The Time Is Short

~ ITEM: Michelle Obama on a second term: It’s important for Barack to finish what he started

~ ITEM: Good-Bye Freedom – Hello Police State… Napolitano Announces Next Steps for Naked Scanners Involves Trains, Boats, Metro

~ ITEM: More Hope & Change… Feds Are Now Using Mobile X-Ray Vans On U.S. Streets

~ A LITTLE WHILE BACK, I warned that the 2010 Midterm elections– to a totalitarian like Obama– will not serve as a rebuke, caution, or reminder. He will see it, rather, as a need to accelerate his project of demaking America, destroying freedom, and punishing whitey.

Think of it in terms of our own softard totalitarians in Canuckistan– whacking away at Lynch or Warman or the rest of them doesn’t make them go all soft and apologetic, but into self-defence mode, with hatches battened down, and anything permissible to defend the status quo. None so defensive & wronged as the offending.

Busy Little Beavers

Obama, Napolitano, and all the nasty anti-freedomists in the current American administration feel their time may be short– if 2012 goes south at the polls, then it could be years before the Socialist/ Communist minority who want to get America submitted to the new masters get their next chance.

What next? X-Ray vans, TSA scans & gropes for trains, boats, subways are already in the works. America– say if a financial crisis hits– can be essentially taken over by the President & Congress under a state of emergency. Whaddya suppose we’re gonna see some handy-dandy non-wasted crisis come up in the next 18 months?

Hoping Against.. Hope™

As Mark Steyn has argued, America is the last best hope for global freedom against the global Jihad, and socialist master-plans in Europe & America itself. Ordinary Americans will have to stand fast against the TSA, Obama, and the would-be police-state that some would use against them to preserve law & order (i.e., the proposed revolution & deconstruction of America).

A mere 18 months.. the time is short. An angry & stubborn Obama can be counted on to do what he can to get what he wants. ~

Get Stuffed, Sir Fascist

“… this is what the whole debate about the re-definition of marriage is all about. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “homophobia,” but with a prudent appreciation of the profundity of the issues involved — i.e, not with homosexual “rights” but with heterosexual duties. It’s like performing a needlessly radical experiment on a body that is already taxed and trying to maintain its health and equilibrium. Except the experiment is conducted by a handful of lawyers instead of doctors, so we can’t even sue them for malpractice.”

~ Gagdad Bob ~

~ ITEM: UK councilor objects to Ian McKellan in-school gay talks, gets suspended

~ ITEM: Ian McKellen’s bible vandalism catches on; Ian McKellen, Bible Destroyer; McKellen Admits to Ripping Out Hotel Bible Sections Against Homosexuality

~ ITEM: Gay lobby’s media ‘crusade’ revealed.. yes, a gay conspiracy

~ SIR IAN McKELLEN– the very talented Shakespearian butt-kicker; a mighty King Lear; the X-Men bashing Magneto; the Gandalf of all time; and a Bible-destroyer who apparently sometimes uses Holy Writ for toilet-paper.

He’s also a gay homosexual who is gay. For most of us, that’s his business, and between him and God– for him, it’s been about conspiring & bending British society and laws to suit his views, and celebrate his chosen sexual behaviour. And hating on the religion which has made the modern world a relatively safe place for ‘lifestyle choices’– including the one where he’s not hung by the neck by a backhoe, unlike, say.. as happens in Iran; and societies where he’s free to say any old thing, unlike, say.. in China or Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.

Not All The Vandals Use Spraypaint

The only thing worse than folks immigrating to our society to tear it apart are people born here who hate and undermine it from within. The same sort of people get their jollies here in Canuckistan by sucking up to the Khadr Khlan, or who like to tongue-bathe the evil clown & Scots git George Galloway. They are the hidden rot, the mad-clown worshippers, the persecutors of the good & true.

Sad how– as Camille Paglia has noted– ‘liberal’ same-sex activism can quickly become fascistic in theory, ways, and means. Fabulous fascism? Rainbow jackboots?

After all, do you suppose Sir Ian McKellen has the wit or stones to– say– publicly declare that he loves to tear up Korans? Maybe uses pages thereof in the washroom in lieu of TP? Would rather live in a Caliphated UKistan where tax-funded & hook-handed al Qaeda ex-bombmaker Abu Hamza & his ilk make & execute the laws?

Not So Much, Ackshully

Really? Just pipe down & stick to acting, and enjoy the international fame you’ve gained playing a character in a Catholic novel by a deeply Catholic Catholic author– you know, J.R.R. Tolkien? Guy who loved the Bible & the Church & Her teachings? Maybe you need to start ripping pages out of the trilogy now.. and allowing critics to be punished in your name. Sauron & orcses ain’t it.

Strange to say it, but some talented actors don’t even have the qualities and good character of the parts they play– in this case, Tolkien’s imagined Gandalf is a better and more interesting person than the orcish wrecker who played him in the movies.

Finally, I don’t know the personal and private history of the man, or why he may be the way he is– and he is still God’s child, however sinful he or any of us may be. I am not his judge, jury, or hangman, and he will be fairly and perfectly judged On The Last Day. It is the Christian duty to pray for our enemies, and those who disrespect, persecute, and attack us– may God indeed have mercy on Ian McKellen, and bring him at last to his true self, in the bright and better land beyond this veil of tears. ~

Remembrance, Big-Time

~ ITEM: Japanese war crimes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Google result

~ ITEM: International Military Tribunal for the Far East

~ ITEM: Veterans Day: E.B. Sledge and The Old Breed; the NYT bestselling book– With The Old Breed

~ BRAVO TO Tom Hanks. While his acting & voice-over skills deserve him fame, the abiding cultural remembrance work he has done in the twin HBO TV-series Band of Brothers, and The Pacific is his abiding claim to fame, IMHO.

I’ve just watched The Pacific– like BoB, it features real stories of real men, plus interviews of the veterans– and found it gritty, gripping, and a fitting tribute to The Other War on the Pacific. Nazis may be the chosen enemy of the Left, but the Japanese nearly won so many times that this writer considers it a matter of direct divine intervention that the Allies survived, fought back, and won.

Alongside that, the stubborn willingness of ordinary American GIs to keep on the offence, hold the line, and to defend home and family and country and the freedoms of the West from the Axis totalitarianisms that threatened more than 1/2 the globe from the mid-1930s and beyond.

Tom Hanks & the others have done a good thing. Abidingly good. He’s a hero for having looked beyond himself and given of his time and talent over a decade in the planning and execution of these miniseries. Hanks has told the stories that too many veterans couldn’t tell; and that with the passing of that generation, priceless stories which are passing away.

The other gift Hanks & Co. bring to these projects is great casting, and very talented actors & actresses who can inhabit the 1940s in a living way, and make the past come truly alive in an uncaricatured way. All those folks had lives and loves and passions– and because they are now only fading memories in black and white photos or old folks suffering the ravages of years should not cause us to forget what they suffered and lived and sacrificed.

Skipping Teh Ugly

The only major fail in this series is the downplaying of Japanese atrocities, and a little ‘moral equivalency’ against the American Marines– sure, we see some ugly scenes, but no accounting is made of Bataan, slave-camps, prison-camps, sex-slaves, and all the rest. That’s consistant with post-war realpolitik: the Japanese War Crimes trials were sketchy and underreported affairs compared to the Nuremberg trials, because of the need to remake a defeated Japan into a bulwark against Stalin & Soviet imperialism– and because the post-war boss of Japan, General Douglas MacArthur, granted immunity to many war criminals.

With that proviso, buy The Pacific, enjoy it, and even though they show the U.S. side of the war, let your teens see these films to begin to grasp what war is, what freedom costs, and why those ever-thinning ranks of old guys march on November 11th. ~

Binks’ Odds & Ends

~ WARNER BROTHERS is going to remake The Wizard of Oz from the original script with Zemeckis directing. Dream up your fantasy miscasting …. (captainyips)

Proof that heaven doesn’t have to be quiet as a library

Job Interview – You passed the test!

from the Peter Serafinowicz Show

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Natalie MacMaster & Thomas Dolby: Fiddling in reel time

Slayer Christmas Lights: this holiday house decoration totally shreds

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Louis Prima – buona sera Signorina

Climate Death Cult

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~ AMERICAN DIGEST— The Intellectual Insanity of “Green Investments” …. (

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Mark Steyn

“I know the on-again off-again nature of SteynOnline in recent months has sorely tried readers’ patience. Rather boringly, I have some health issues that demand somewhat more attention than I’ve been able to give them. So rather than keep driving you nuts by showing signs of life on the home page for a day or two and then lapsing back into sleep mode for a week, we’re going to close up shop for a while.

I very much regret having to do this. SteynOnline opened up just before Thanksgiving 2002 and, usually at this time of year, we’d be doing a big old anniversary bonanza. In recent seasons, late November and December have found me out on the airwaves plugging Jessica’s and my annual Christmas offering. But our instant disco classic will have to make it without my help this year. I would be remiss in not adding that it and many other delights remain available at our bookstore.

We will return before the end of the year. You can take that to the bank (and stick it in the vault next to your credit default swap).


~ ED DRISCOLL— Mark Steyn’s latest Christmas CD …. (eddriscoll)

~ A MARSHMALLOW WORLD – DISCO FEVER! Dennis Miller announced it, Hugh Hewitt premiered it, and Alan Colmes demanded to know what exactly is a marshmallow world. And now it’s here! The Seventies disco sensation of the 21st century is available, via download or CD, from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and, of course, the Steyn Store. British music lovers can find Mark & Jessica at Dress Circle, Amazon UK and iTunes UK. The Pundette says she never saw it coming …. (steynstore)

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: THREE YEARS ON– Freedom of expression remains under threat in a craven culture …. (steynonline)

~ STEYN ON FOX: GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME A GROPE! — Mark’s appearance with Sean Hannity and Lanny Davis on Fox News …. (foxnews)

~ RETURN TO THE DERANGED DOMINION! — “I had a great time on my mini-Canadian tour, and I thought it worth preserving a few highlights in this space. We began in Ottawa on October 30th with my big dinner for my fellow freespeecher Ezra Levant at the Crowne Plaza” …. (steynonline)

~ BICULTURAL BYE-BYE— Greatest hits: “Half a decade ago, many of the themes subsequently addressed in America Alone were beginning to percolate through my writing. In this Daily Telegraph column from 2005 – the year of the London Tube bombings and the explosion of French riots – I look at Europe’s experiment with theoretical “multiculturalism” …. (steynonline)


~ THE MOMENT Zorro [Justin Trudeau] declares for the Liberal leadership, I’m chipping in …. (Ez)

Zero Zorro Rides Again

~ THE EZ IS Off to Fort McMurray (and minus 30 degrees!) …. (ezralevant)

~ VIA KATE @SDA— Ethical Oil: A Debate …. (sda)

~ CANADIANS don’t trust Greenpeace. TorSun link …. (ezralevant, torontosun)

~ EZRA LEVANT— Heavy-handed university presidents are the problem; University threatens to sue rabbi over anti-Galloway email …. (

~ YORKU LOVES JEWS— or at least their money – Ezra Levant …. (ezralevant)

~ SERENITY NOW? Judge orders Ezra Levant to pay $25,000 …. (nationalpost)

“Vigna didn’t file this suit to salvage his reputation. A prosecutor who would beg off from trial by whining about his inner feelings will have no reputation to save once word gets out. Vigna filed this suit to stifle Levant’s legitimate criticism of his agency and his methods. To make an example of Levant, and to warn more timid souls who would dare to criticize the censors of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. To censor an inconvenient critic who couldn’t be silenced by the usual accusation of hate speech.”

~ ~


“.. [O]n a very deep level, secularism tries to impose a religiously anti-religious lowerarchy on the rest of us, which is what liberal intolerance is all about — diversity, moral relativism, multiculturalism, political correctness, etc. Each of these, at its root, elevates division to an absolute.”

~ Gagdad Bob, One Cosmos ~

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~ NO MORE Appeasement of Radical Islam …. (FT)

GLAVIN TO The Galloway Fetishists— “If you don’t get it by now and you still fancy yourself to be all progressive and leftish when you go and give Galloway the standing ovations he craves, there’s no hope for you. If you read this and get it and continue to have truck or trade with Galloway and the cult he’s built around himself in this country, then you are my enemy, and all I will say to you for now is: Hey, nice boots.” …. (nationalpost)

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~ RIGHT GIRL— Let’s start rioting and burning shit!; Girl arrested for Koran burning; Are we still allowed to call it “Black Friday”?; Blogging Sucks; Teach your children well; I cry when dogs die; The rise of Britainistan; If the TSA wants to touch me like that, they’re going to have to pay me; But but but… He’s a peaceful preacher!; Unbearable Lightness …. (girlontheright)

~ LIBERAL CHURCH AS GULAG— ELCA council proposes changing rules to make it harder for congregations to leave …. (freerep)

~ SAVING OUR BETTY— Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff & Making the Rule of Law Inoperative; Freedom in the Dock; The Trial of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Day 1; Robert Spencer DUCKS OUT?! WTF, dude? …. (

~ THE SCARY Washington Post: Judeo-Christian Ethic Is a ‘Problem’ to Be Solved …. (spectator)

~ GHOSTLY FLEABAG— The People vs George Lucas; Queen of Hammer horror Ingrid Pitt dies aged 73; The perfect gift for a goth; Do not let my death be known; Nonsuch Palace; Alex Roman: Above Everything Else; London 80 Gigapixels; Michael Caine: Five Favourite Films; Family Guy: It’s a Trap; Tanks, that will do nicely …. (ghostofaflea)

~ GO WITH GOD: An open letter to young Christians on their way to college, by Stanley Hauerwas …. (firstthings)

~ SAUDI GOOD GUYS— ACPRA Calls For All Saudis To Participate In A Public Sit-in To Demand Political Reform: The Intended Sit-in Will Take Place On December 23 2010 In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia …. (

~ MOOSE & TREE-RAT— ‘How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat’; Questions you never hear asked of female liberals; Hard knocks: Actions have consequences; REAL conservatives should ensure Fantino is NOT elected: James LeCraw; Yikes — It’s Jihadi Squirrels!; Happy Thanksgiving, America… Now, go “West” in 2012!; David Suzuki: Greatest Canadian hypocrite; Perverting Bob Rae; Left-wing hero George Galloway in Canada; A national disgrace: The targeting of Gary McHale by the PM’s BFF …. (

~ TOMORROW MORNING the first hearing begins in the Austrian state’s “hate speech” case against housewife and mother Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff …. (SDA)

Men Hurt Too

~ THE SANE LGF— Nov. 30th in America: “Buy Israeli Goods Day”; The ongoing dismantling of Judeo-Christian society; Why don’t they just call it “Death to Amrikka! Death to Israel!”; The BUYcott Effect; Children in Britain are being taught brutal Sharia law; Those wacky Swedish Baptists are at it again …. (LuGruFru)

~ TSA GROPE ‘n’ grab agents whinging about fatties and people who smell …. (phantomsoapbox)

~ BIG EDDIE DRISCOLL— There Goes the Neighborhood; ‘We Redistribute the World’s Wealth by Climate Policy’; Of Homegrown Terrorists and Holiday Splodidopes; Mark Steyn’s latest Christmas CD; Say, When did Jack Torrence go into Real Estate?; Revising Jane’s Law; ‘None Dare Call It Desperation’; ‘Sink the Deutschmark!’; Yet Another Presidential Metaphor; “Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong”; “Texas is the only state to have added jobs over the past four years”; Sleepwalking Through History; The Discovery Channel Throws Warm Water on Thanksgiving; Happy Thanksgiving; Did the TSA End-Run National Opt-Out Day? …. (eddriscoll)

~ POPEHAT IS Thankful for 1st Amendment, given state of ‘free speech’ in Canada …. (

~ FUN WITH WALKERISM— The latest at the Lynch Mob; Yes, there are still blasphemy laws; The latest at the Victoria Politics Examiner; Corrupt Quebec.. Well this certainly doesn’t look good; The latest at Defend Geert Wilders; Because Neil Gaiman is awesome; Fun with copyright; Stephen Duckett’s cookie monster moment; The problem with public-private partnerships; And now, a message from the Electronic Frontier Foundation: HTTPS Everywhere; Shelly Glover v. Michael Ignatieff …. (Walker)

~ GOOD NEWS INDEED— Five more companies stop funding Planned Parenthood …. (

~ JAY CURRIE BRINGS IT— Smart People; Damned Anglicans…No, Wait;  Moose & takes a stand as first conservative blog to resign from Blogging Tories over Fantino candidacy; The Flea has all the coolest stuff; Canada In Palestine, fascists on campus; “A little to the left, harder… Oh God!”; Forget Sarah Palin; Mark Steyn On The Decline of The West And Israel On The Front Line; Queers Against Israel Apartheid surely has a position on this; The whole thing is getting that Oscar Wilde tingle up my leg; George Galloway’s Appearance At U of Alberta; In an preliminary bout, Mr. Serenity has won against Ezra; York U Prez Threatens Rabbi; Cherniak… a gift which keeps on giving …. (jaycurrie)

~ IRANIAN COURT Sentences Converted Christian Pastor To Death By Hanging For Apostasy …. (teaandpolitics)

~ FIRST THINGS— Journalism’s Philosophes Surpass Poseurs on the Pope; Happy Thanksgiving; Joe Carter writes In defense of the TSA …. (FT)

~ BRINGING THE AWESOME— My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice …. (

~ MACADAMIA— comments at the Globe are way more informative than the articles; Remember when you were a kid; “I have people touching my private parts all day long,” Michael Ignatieff said; The bodies keep piling up; I wonder what Aqsa Parvez would say; What’s a little radioactive peekaboo between friends, huh?; Ignatieff.. coming down on the side of convicted killers; El-Gamal allegedly cursed at Vassiliev; Jane Taber tongue-bath… must be Tuesday; What if you called 911… and nobody came? …. (

Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

~ GEORGE JONAS: Free speech? Depends. What do you want to say? …. (nationalpost)

~ THE AWESOME KATE @ SDA— Marketing Campaigns Of The Apocalypse; it is important that justice be not just blind but also sober; Whatever one might think of Canada’s Afghan mission; The EU Crisis in One Sentence; How Many Deaths Is Walt Disney Responsible For Worldwide?; Your Children Are Being Taught By Crazy People– School retracts ban on pencils …. (SDA)

~ GIVE ME A Break: Dalton McGuinty’s Electrical Bait and Switch. The Dalt giveth and the Dalt taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Dalt …. (godscopybook)

~ STEM CELLS— amniotic, not embryonic …. (theinterim)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— ‘Unmentored’ Somali Young’un Gets Up to No Good; The Thunder Bay Hair Affair; Brit O.J.s Pathetic, Self-Defeating; Debunking the Myth That There’s No Jew-Hate in the Koran; “I Snookered the Brits“?; Queen Elizabeth “dhimmis down in Abu Dhabi“; Next Target for P.C. Campus Fascists?; Israel Does It Better; On the wrong side of history once again, eh, sardine-lovers?; Robert Spencer’s Thankgiving Message; Pat-downs at Canadian airports will be polite …. (

~ SOCIALIZED MEDICINE— “The family of an elderly Quebec woman who died in hospital after waiting six hours in the emergency room to see a doctor has filed a complaint with the facility” …. (

~ SOWELL: Airport ‘Security’? …. (

~ GIZMODO— So Maybe Getting Molested by the TSA Isn’t SO Awful …. (gizmodo)

~ A SALUTE TO Stephen Harper, by Prof. Efraim Inbar and David M. Weinberg …. (

~ TERRY GLAVIN: The Lies Of George Galloway (And The News Media’s Habit Of Trafficking In Them); plus Canada In Palestine, George Galloway In Canada, Fascists On Campus …. (

~ PROPOGANDIST— Who Is The Bully Here? The Irony Of Omar Shaban; More Death Threats For Lars Vilks; Pro-Nazi Iranian WebSite Becomes World War Two Website; George Galloway Calls 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists “Insane”; A More Reasonable Approach To Terrorism; Hariri’s Ghost Cries Out From The Grave; Media Repeats StopWar and George Galloway’s Lies; Preserving Blasphemy Laws Intact Into the 21st Century …. (propagandistmag)

~ DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL Stands Up for Persecuted Christian Teachers – in America, by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)

~ REX MURPHY: University of Waterloo ignoramuses accomplish their doltish goal …. (nationalpost)

~ STAND YOUR GROUND— Historic Worldwide Prayer Vigil For Unborn Happens Tomorrow; Children’s Day vs. “Transgender” Remembrance Day; Sidewalk Counselor Arrested Outside Toronto Abortion Facility; Help Pro-Life Students Who Have Been Arrested; Just Let Men Be Men; Something Is Very Wrong With Canadian Campuses These Days; Work Harder, Youth Criminals Need Your EI Dollars; Death Threats For A Letter Condemning Abortion …. (

~ DOING IT PROPERLY— “Like the Mossad, tank drivers, and air force pilots, Israeli airport security have that super hero, no-nonsense, get to the point directness and efficiency” …. (SDA)

~ STRICTLY RIGHT— Some Weekend Humor; Brilliance from the CBC; Bobby Jindal is Right on the Issues; Conservative government still awesome on foreign policy; Whoopi Goldberg Makes Her Case for Dumbest Person on the Planet; Rush Limbaugh: The True Story of Thanksgiving; An Appreciation of William F. Buckley, Jr.; The Presidency is too Big for Barack Obama; Freedom’s Enemies See Weakness in Obama; The China Threat …. (

~ GO FIGURE— Children’s Day vs. Transgender Remembrance Day …. (noapologies)

~ FAIL, BRITANNIA— A spiritual hollowness overtakes the United Kingdom. By George Weigel …. (firstthings)

“Fertilized by the warm manure of left-wing culture, flowers of hideous hues bloom in the groves of academia, from anarcho-terrorist black to eco-fascist and Islamist green, while helpless taxpayers and hoodwinked philanthropists fork over fortunes to the gardeners.”

~ Via Closet Con ~

~ CLOSET CON— A human rights violation?; As Kathy Shaidle asks; Hold onto your hats; Economy Tanks, Lesbian hotels hardest hit!; Hey Tasha, Why Don’t You Shut Up, Too?; “I Wake Up Every Morning With A Song In My Head“; My Friends Are Funnnnnnnay …. (

~ BARBARA KAY: Maclean’s owed an apology over anti-Asian racism claims …. (nationalpost)

~ POSSIBLY THE LAST WORDS on the TSA grope/ porn protocols.. gun-toting & beknifed U.S. soldiers.. have safety razors & nail-clippers confiscated. Then there’s the Peanut Butter problem; Today’s letters: Airport security “really is a farce” …. (ricochet, nationalpost)

~ PROF. MARK MERCER— Groups across Canada are bent on silencing people whose views or feelings they don’t like, but their tactics ensure that lots and lots of Canadians become aware of those views or feelings …. (ottawacitizen)

~ WHY WE CAN’T HEAR Wagner’s Music– It used to change lives. Now we hear it as mood music for stage magic …. (firstthings)

~ WINSTONIAN— Canada leads again; The Iranian regime is like a rejected tumor within the global community’s body; Topless Feminism …. (

~ IRELAND BAIL-OUT: British banks hit as Irish rescue falters; Borrowing costs for Portugal and Spain have surged to danger levels on fears that Europe’s leaders are losing political control of the Irish crisis …. (telegraph)

~ BOOZE, BEATDOWNS, AND FROTTAGE— A new generation clashes with old-school morality …. (nationalpost)

~ BEARING Better Witness– Evangelicals need to rethink what they do and say about gay marriage. By Ron Side …. (FT)

~ BRITAIN— The Tories are sending cavalry to rescue schools. If only they had come in time for me… By Katharine Birbalsingh …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ FOR EUROPE’S Future, Spain Is All That Matters …. (

~ THE EFFING KILT POLICE?! The time-honoured practice of wearing nothing beneath the kilt has been condemned – by an organisation dedicated to upholding Scottish traditions …. (telegraph)

~ WELCOME TO Sociopathic airport security …. (nationalpost)

~ A TANGLED MESS— In remaking Rapunzel, Disney has substituted formula for faith …. (firstthings)

~ FALSE PROMISES— “For us, the modern world is so alluring that we can forget all about transcendence. It gives the illusion that it can fulfill us, but this is a promise that it can never keep. Unconsciously, this attachment to the world probably just makes us feel less secure. In a perverse way, the more secure we actually are, the less secure we may feel, because we expect things to go perfectly. We can come enticingly close to controlling most of the variables in our lives — which only makes it more maddening that in reality we are promised nothing.” …. (

~ IDIOT MOB MENTALITY— Throw the book at university types who try to assault free speech, says Michael Coren …. (

~ CHINA IS TOO BUSY trying to get rich to bother with human rights …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ BARBARA KAY: Stoning rooted in tribal honour code …. (nationalpost)

~ ACTON BLOG— Debate: The Source of Human Morality …. (

~ CANADIAN Native chiefs earn more than PM …. (nationalpost)

~ THE SCANDAL of Gendercide — War on Baby Girls …. (albertmohler)

~ WATCHING QUEEN JENNY— The Lynch List, 26-Nov-2010; BC Human Rights Tribunal dismisses one complaint, leaves room for more; Mark Steyn: “three years on”; The Lynch List, 24-Nov-2010 …. (missnixon)

~ WARNING POLYPHOBES— BC Polygamy Case May be used to Test Polyamory at Canadian Supreme Court …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ RELIGIOUS Liberty, Obama’s Surprising Soft Spot …. (FT)

~ GATE RAPES! The NYT sees the RC Church as a threat but not the TSA?; kick the TSA goons out of your airport immediately and hire a private security firm; Oh, the poor baby who just has to work for the TSA …. (lewrockwell, americandigest)

~ MARK SHEA— Fave Rave New TSA Slogans …. (

~ CAESAR’S THUMB— Europeans should not forget their most pressing moral issue: abortion …. (FT)

The P*nis Visualizer of the TSA

~ MORAL CRIPPLE Peter Singer Claims Children Do Not Possess Full Moral Status Until Past Two Years-Old …. (FT)

~ THE MCJ— “It pains me to admit this but there is one argument against the existence of the Christian God that is almost unanswerable. If God is truly good and truly cares about His creation and everyone in it, how could someone as bone-crushingly stupid as Kathleen Parker possibly get both a syndicated column and a CNN gig?” …. (

MEP Nigel Farage Tells EU Parliament:
“Who the Hell do You Think You Are: The Euro Game Is Up”

~ DAVID WARREN— as the bankrupt Nanny State collapses over us; The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month; The expression “church and state” still carries a vague echo …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK— Your “Progressive” Justice System at Work; Beware the Canadian Coalition Government; Getting the Oil Sands Facts Straight; Catty bitches in a parlour … what passes for TV these days; “F*ck, Fight, or Hold the Light!” …. (

Get Your Bard On– Richard III

~ STEYN WARNED US ALL— Spoiled UK Students riot, destroy property to force other people to pay for what they want …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CANADIAN UNIVERSITY college reaches out to Omar Khadr– King’s University College profs prepare to tutor former Gitmo prisoner …. (

~ THE BATTLES of Vaughan & Julian Fantino’s Caledonia Legacy …. (shotgun)

Snopocalypse Smites Seattle!

~ SAVING MONEY— US House of Representatives? Considering the size of the Obama deficits, it wouldn’t save all that much scratch but defunding these douchebags would be a good start …. (

Terrorism against Jews applauded at the UN

~ SEVEN HUNDRED billion minutes. That’s how much time Facebook’s 500 million active users spend on the site every month. 700,000,000,000 minutes. Let that one sink in for a moment. Every month we spend the equivalent of 1.3 million years on Facebook; the equivalent of nearly 18,000 lifetimes …. (firstthings)

~ FEDERAL government warns that Ontario could become prostitution mecca …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ FBI’S ‘HATE CRIMES’ Report Once Again Dispels Myths By Bruce Hausknecht Good news: Hate crimes went down in 2009. Better news: It’s the lowest number of hate crimes since the FBI began reporting …. (noapologies)

~ ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER: A Conversation with Robert Bork …. (

~ THE TRAITORS and the Spendthrifts: A coalition of sorts …. (shotgun)

~ BOING BOING— Why did OMG TSA WTF suddenly go viral? …. (

~ CLUELESS ALERT— The Guardian reports the consternation of the Archbishop of Canterbury over the resignation of five Anglican bishops who are entering the Catholic Church; in completely related news, “Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual bishop of the Episcopal Church, has announced his retirement at the age of 63″; Archbishop Of Canterbury Abducted By Aliens …. (catholicculture, CMR)

Young Boy strip searched by TSA

~ FEMINISM VS. ACCURACY— “New NIV Bible Still Draws Criticisms Over Gender-Related Passages” …. (christianpost)

~ 200 STUDENTS admit cheating after professor’s online rant. Well done, then, Professor! …. (various)

~ ACTON BLOG ON Secular Waste Lands and Hollow Men …. (

~ MERE COMMENTS— Legislating Morality; A Personal Prayer Request; On Not Being a Christian Muslim; The Cube, The Cathedral, and the ‘God Box’; No Right to Solipsism; The God Who Turns the World Right Side Up; The radical push for egalitarian self-expression does the work of the demonic; Book Review: Evening in the Palace of Reason, by James R. Gaines; Malaysia Watcher: Anwar Ibrahim is No Aung San Suu Kyi …. (merecomments)

~ MISEDUCATION— “In Ontario, Canada, the provincial government insists on schools teaching that same-sex “marriage” is valid and equal to normal marriage. Catholic Insight publishes a short exchange of correspondence” …. (catholicinsight)

~ PRO-BABY groups in Spain fight back over new law …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ CRAIGSLIST CRACKDOWN: Government Moves Against Human Trafficking …. (

~ MARPRELATICAL— Quote of the Day; Money, Money, Money by the Pound; Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out; Caledonia Part 2; Fix the United States Budget; Marmalade’s Report on the FTFF …. (

~ VERBOTENISM— UK councilor objects to Ian McKellan in-school gay talks, gets suspended …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ SOME HISTORIANS are teaching that history began some 10,000 years ago …. (americandigest)

~ TRAVELLER RE-ENTERS USA without passing through a pornoscanner or having his genitals touched …. (boingboing)

~ THE PRIEST’S SERVICE provides what the world can’t provide itself …. (

~ CANADA & PRE-BORN KILLING— Just think about that one for a second, replay the words in your mind, vomit, cry, and consider in your kind the kind of evil we’re up against …. (CMR)

~ THE LOGOTOMIZED Always Lie: “With dumb-as-a-postmodernity, much of Western civilization has undergone a spiritual logotomy that results in the removal of one’s higher spiritual sense” …. (

~ CANTUAR BLOG WONDERS Does the Vatican Understand the Internet Age? …. (

~ A DYING BIOETHICIST warns of the peril of euthanasia …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ THE 50 MOST HATED Characters in Literary History …. (librarysciencedegree)

~ HERE’S THE REAL STORY Behind the Bailout of Ireland .. “it’s a bit like Europe’s version of AIG: a backdoor bailout of invisible financial players who failed to manage their exposure to a shaky borrower” …. (cnbc)

~ THE POTABLES POLICE— “Soon, it may be easier for Bay State residents to score pot than to obtain the fruity, canned malt beverage called Four Loko.” …. (

~ FORGET MULTICULTI, What polygamy looks like from the inside …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE AWESOME ONE COSMOS— Inward Christian Soldiers! “Interesting that early Christianity spread in part by virtue of the sadistic violence visited upon its adherents. This is in conspicuous contrast to Islam, which metastasized primarily as a result of sadistic violence perpetrated upon others.” …. (

Michael Coren on the Islamic guide pony

~ TERRY GLAVIN: Canada In Palestine, fascists on campus …. (nationalpost)

~ PUNDEETER— the illusion of NATO’s seriousness about dealing with Pakistan-instigated terrorism; North Korea shells South Korean Island; Pentagon comes up with delightful word; Russia gives USA a Thanksgiving present; Pundita weeps about names proposed for Vladimir Putin’s sheepdog puppy; Next to God, humankind’s best friend; Convergence, Part 5: Epidemic and Civil Unrest …. (

~ FRODO and the Marshes of the Great War …. (greatwar)

~ WIKI-RAPIST? Once Again Sweden seeks detention of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange …. (nationalreview)

~ HAPPY COMMIE Thanksgiving! (From Fidel and Che), by Humberto Fontova– Remembering the death and destruction narrowly avoided on Black Friday, 1962 …. (frontpagemag)

~ ICY KNIGHT— How many ACORN employees have been convicted of voter fraud this year?; Should it be illegal to coerce a woman to have an abortion?; Court says nurse who was forced to perform late-term abortion can’t sue; New study shows that children of divorce twice as likely to have a stroke; British Columbia Supreme Court considers striking down ban on polygamy; British Muslim cleric jailed for molesting his 15-year-old student; Does enforcing immigration law really reduce violent crime rates? …. (winteryknight)

~ THE DAILY EXPRESS becomes the first national newspaper to campaign for withdrawal from the EU …. (vladtepesblog)

~ PICTURES LEGAL— Call the TSA’s Office of Strategic Comms when you’re threatened with arrest for airport photography …. (boingboing)

~ FATHER Raymond J. de Souza– How Caledonia was betrayed …. (

~ 1,000 ATTEND bishop’s burial Mass for aborted children found in trash …. (catholicculture)

~ FAUX ABORIGINAL NEWS— Sweet: Lefty Hero Ward Churchill Loses Court Appeal to Save His Job at University of Colorado …. (weaselzippers)

~ COMMENTARY MAGAZINE: The Anti-Semite’s Pointed Finger …. (commentarymagazine)

~ WINSTON Churchill — Paul Johnson’s Worthy Biography …. (albertmohler)

~ PONDERING Airport Scanners and Marxist Criminology …. (americanthinker)

~ SAITH IMAO— Conservative TV shows …. (imao)

~ IOWAHAWK FREE SPEECH SUSPENSION CRISISGATE— “I have just received a memo from me informing me that I have suspended myself without pay, for alleged violations of the Iowahawk Code of Ethics” …. (iowahawk)

~ THE AWESOME MITCHIEVILLE— Inside Mitchieville; TSA Bumper Stickers; The Reality Map; MENSA Teaser; GM, GE & The Obama Administration; Outrage on the Morning Commute; Ice Age, Wolf Age, Sword Age, Fire Age; Green Shoots & Leaves; Gingers – They DO Have Souls; Inflation By Stealth; For Lexophiles; Outrage on the Morning Commute; Green Shoots & Leaves 2 …. (mitchieville)


“At the same time that the federal government is mandating the physical and constitutional violation of air travelers at our airports, they are prohibiting law enforcement officers in Arizona from asking for proof of identity and citizenship from those they suspect as being illegal aliens for ‘constitutional’ concerns.”

~ Doug Hagmann ~

~ BE AFRAID— Thanks Barack… CHINA & RUSSIA QUIT DOLLAR! …. (gatewaypundit, atlasshrugs2000)

~ MORE HOPE & CHANGE… Feds Are Now Using Mobile X-Ray Vans On U.S. Streets …. (gatewaypundit)

~ GOVERNMENT report calls for end to homosexualist ‘safe school czar’s’ office …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ SENDING A MESSAGE— UN Human Rights Council adopted nine anti-Israel resolutions this month; Obama’s U.S. delegation opposed none of them; in other news, Spencer: No Freedom of Conscience for Afghans, Mr. Obama? …. (jihadwatch)

~ A FULL BODY SCAN of American Corruption …. (

~ WELL DONE, THEN— “Big Hollywood has the story that Lou freakin’ Ferrigno and Steven Seagal have joined Sheriff Joe Arpaio in cracking down on illegal immigration” …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ THE AWESOME RBO— Grandma: ‘I prayed for Obama to convert to Islam.’; Which Came First — The WattStation or the PEV?; California now becomes the first American state of the union to fail; RBO Classic: ‘Barack’: This year’s Tickle Me Elmo; a tidy construction in the conditional voice of a thrilling Borg warning; Iranian-backed Hezbollah plotting havoc for Lebanon; Obama bestows nation’s highest honor to socialist activist …. (therealbarackobama)

~ I’M A DOMESTIC Extremist! If all one has to do to be labeled a “domestic extremist” is oppose current TSA policies; Quit Throwing Airport Security Tantrums and Let Me Fly in Peace; 11 Unusual Security Measures Employed By the TSA …. (newsrealblog, gizmodo)

~ THE BOYS AT MYTHBUSTERS Get Razor Blades By TSA Scanners.. Two 12 Inch Steel Razor Blades That Is; Glenn Reynolds reminds us that we’re citizens, not subjects. We need to act that way; Ron Paul says what I said: the airport groping and x-raying has to stop! …. (rightnetwork, xanthippa)

~ SCREWING THE MILITARY VOTE— Possible Traitor Lema Bashir, Stealth Jihadist at Obama’s DoJ, Sabotaged/Disenfranchised the Military Vote? …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ POLISH LEADER warns NATO of Russian bear– Obama administration’s courting of Moscow worries allies …. (worldnetdaily)

~ MAKE BELIEVE: Obama’s “moderate Taliban” — sort of like a chaste prostitute — does not compute…. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SALIM MANSOUR— People ready to rectify Obama mistake …. (torontosun)

~ DONALD SENSING— “Monarchism has returned to America, a sad development for a nation founded on revolt against monarchy and all it represented. Worse, modern American monarchism is of the Old Europe variety: backward looking, dynasty oriented and focused on protecting the political order so as to hang on to power, much as were the monarchists of Old Europe up to World War I” …. (rightnetwork)

~ THE PRINCE of Peace Continue to Disappoint his Suckers …. (

~ VIA NROTC— “Are Americans Smart Enough to Understand Airport Security?” …. (nationalreview)

~ HAS AMERICAN Foreign Policy Ever Been This Screwed Up? …. (americanthinker)

~ A BUNCHA 7TH century goatworshipers is laughing at you whilst some poor, minimum-wage schlub is gropin’ yer grundle …. (sondrak)

~ DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice …. (canadafreepress)

~ MAN DEPANTSED BY TSA… Woman Singled Her Out Because of Her Big Breasts; TSA Chief Pistole Warns Passengers Against Protesting; Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her v*lva on pornoscanner — Cory Doctorow …. (gatewaypundit, atlasshrugs2000)

~ DOES BARACK OBAMA now look like a loser? It would be foolish to write Obama’s political epitaph, though it would be even more foolish to assume that his 2008 performance before the national electorate offers much in the way of guidance about how he will fare a second time …. (commentarymagazine)

~ WHILE OBAMA SLEPT— North Korea attacks South Korea, as witnessed via mobile phone; The Attack on South Korea; Megyn Kelly: C’mon, you can’t blame Obama for this North Korea situation …. (boingboing)

~ THANKSGIVING DOCUMENT DUMP: U.S. Surrenders E-Mails On Gulf Oil Leak Estimates …. (instapundit)

~ THERE’S NO SORER LOSER than a Democrat and the recent election created a bumper crop of sore losers …. (americandigest)

~ HIGHER TAXES Won’t Reduce the Deficit …. (firstthings)

~ SQUANDERNATION— Obama $50B Roads Stimulus Saves Jobs, Planet …. (americandigest)

~ BLOGMOCRAT— The Obama Boom Proceedeth Apace; A New Theory on Comets; Roll The Tape; The Era of Copyrighted Cocktails? Not So Much; Kobe Bryant and Lebron James: Illuminati Members!; Obama’s Foreign Policy House of Cards Collapses; Canada’s Moral Clarity …. (theblogmocracy)

~ ROGER KIMBALL: Democracy: Use It Or Lose It …. (instapundit)

~ CAN OBAMA HELP Promote Islam on a One-Way Trip to Mars? …. (canadafreepress)

~ OBAMA BUDDY— The Further Narco-Terrorist Ties of the Chávez Government …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ ROGER KIMBALL— Democracy: Use It Or Lose It …. (instapundit)

~ TO INFINITE NARCISSISM AND BEYOND! In the article, “American Narcissus:The Vanity of Barack Obama”, Jonathan V. Last details the ‘gob-smacking’ vanity of our current President …. (

~ THE ADDRESS: Seven Score and Seven Years Ago …. (americandigest)

~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM REASON TV: The Pilgrims and Property Rights: How our ancestors got fat & happy …. (instapundit)

~ ROGER SIMON— Thanksgiving 2010: Is the American Dream Dying? …. (pajamasmedia)

~ HM OBAMA Arrogant as Ever – Thumbs Nose at Voters Who Said ‘Less Government, Cut Spending and Taxes’ …. (canadafreepress)

~ DOUBLE STANDARDS and the TSA Screeds …. (

~ WHILE OBAMA GOLFED— Mexico’s War on America’s Border, By Ryan Mauro …. (frontpagemag)

~ OBAMA’S “Christian” grandmother wishes he would become a Muslim …. (

~ BIG EASY RISING— Five years after Katrina, New Orleanians are showing how to do recovery right …. (

~ A COLLECTIVE POLITICAL PSYCHOSIS— “How far will the politically correct, progressive leftists running the country go in order to continue to deny the Islamic threat to this country?” …. (

~ MOTHER, MAY WE? Thank You Big Mother FLOTUS… Michelle Obama Says It’s OK if You Eat Pie on Thanksgiving …. (gatewaypundit)

Comply With Me, the Video

Comply With Me*

~ IOWAHAWK— White House in Talks With Elusive Taliban Leader; For Your Next Trip Through Airport Security …. (iowahawk)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Progressive Thanksgiving Prayer: Blessing of the Taxes …. (thepeoplescube)

~ IMAO PLAIN SPEAKING— I now pronounce you; Solving the TSA problem …. (imao)


The 1400 Year War

~ JESUS’ MESSAGE to Muslims: I Will Take Your Shame and Give You A New Heart …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ A PROUD MOMENT— Canada Takes the Lead of the Free World in Global Paradigm Shift: Boycotts Durban III in NYC; Canada opts out of UN ‘hatefest’: Kenney …. (atlasshrugs2000, nationalpost)

~ FEDERAL JUDGE confirms CAIR is Hamas– Unsealed ruling reveals ‘ample evidence’ tying group to terror …. (weaselzippers)

~ REPORT: Jihadist Attacks on Iraqi Christians Being Directed From Abroad, by Al-Qaeda …. (weaselzippers)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Saladin, a leader of Muslim forces, riding triumphantly over Washington, D.C.; Muslim arrested in sting to bomb city Christmas tree-lighting; Shariah vs. the Constitution; How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat; expired food to U.S. combat troops; Connecticut roller rink submits to sharia; Nobel-winning writer forced out of Turkish conference by Muslims; UK: Girl, 15, arrested over ‘Facebook Koran burning video’ …. (creepingsharia)

~ REMEMBER— The Jihad against Austrians (1683) …. (

~ THE WAR ON HISTORY— “Palestinian Authority endorses ’study’ claiming Jews have no claim to Western Wall” …. (weaselzippers)

~ DEAR PEOPLE of England, burn a Koran for freedom …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE MIGHTY GLICK— Oops Bibi does it again; Rocking Obama’s World; What will happen if Bibi says no to Obama?; Facing our fears; What the Palestinians buy with American money …. (carolineglick)

~ CAIR = HAMAS! Judge’s ruling on Islamic groups as ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ made public …. (

~ ALLEGED CELEBRITY Whoopi believes that “white people” are just as likely to be terrorists as Muslim fanatics …. (gatewaypundit)

~ MOHAMMED, Mohammed and Mohammed jailed in the UK for child rape; UK: Muslim religious leader jailed for sex attack on girl …. (weaselzippers)

~ THE PERFECT HUMAN— When it comes to Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, your worst fears are true. By David Samuels …. (FT)

~ 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS terror attack is ‘highly likely’.. Decades of forced multiculturalism pay off …. (weaselzippers)

~ MERRY KUFFARMAS! Fears Mount of Christmas Islamic terror attack in Europe After Massive Terror Bust; Ten Suspects Arrested in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands …. (atlasshrugs2000,

~ SCHOOLS: Islam…yes! Christianity…no! …. (ruthblog)

~ WHILE THE TSA is groping for an answer to air safety, al Qaeda is laughing …. (washingtontimes)

~ IN BRITAIN’S Saudi-Backed Islamic Schools, Objectionable Lessons …. (nytimes)

~ GRAPHIC DETAILS: Anatomy of a stoning …. (nationalpost)

~ SWEDEN: Pro-Israel blogger attacked for being a Jew …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN to Stop Killing and Stoning Women (SKSW) and Women Living Under Muslim Laws …. (

~ OTTOMANIACS— “Statements constituting propaganda.”.. The tromping of Turkish jackboots …. (

~ INTERNATIONAL Jihadists Use Karachi as Hub …. (

~ SUDAN: Cardinal’s would-be assassin released from prison …. (teaandpolitics)

~ NOT PARTICULARLY “Moderate” Reza Aslan praises jihad terror group Hizballah, appears for Muslim Brotherhood group MSA …. (jihadwatch)

~ STINKING KUFFAR NEWS— UK: Girl, 15, arrested over ‘Facebook Koran burning video’ …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ DID MUHAMMAD massacre 900 Jews in cold blood? Toronto Star reviews “The Jew is Not My Enemy” …. (

~ HAMAS-LINKED CAIR to Muslims: Pat yourselves down in airport security checks.. “It’s all right, kaffir, I have checked myself and found nothing!” …. (

~ FUN-FILLED Jihadists bomb church in Ingushetia …. (

~ ‘THEY WILL KILL US ALL’— The results will be devastating if we abandon Afghans to the terrorists …. (

~ PAKISTANI cabinet minister finds Christian woman ‘wrongly sentenced’ …. (catholicculture)

~ YANKEE–KILLERS: “For a group responsible for more American deaths than any terrorist group other than al-Qaida,… Hizballah enjoys surprisingly open support within…the United States” …. (

~ CHICAGO MUSLIM gets two years in prison for bomb threat to Jewish school …. (jihadwatch)

~ RELIGIOUS Freedom in Afghanistan …. (firstthings)

~ READ MY LIPS, “No Palestinian State” …. (

~ INDONESIA: Islamic cleric jailed for marrying 12-year-old girl …. (jihadwatch)

~ FLAWED DIPLOMACY: The United Nations and the War on Terrorism; plus We Must Challenge the Ideology Driving Terrorism …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ TEACHING BRITISH Muslim Youth Cutting-Edge Sharia; Sharia lessons for pupils aged six: BBC uncovers ‘weekend schools’ that teach pupils how to hack off thieves’ hands …. (andrewbostom, counterterrorismblog)

~ NUKE-WATCH— Shocker: Syria “stonewalling” IAEA on nuke program …. (jihadwatch)

~ GATES OF VIENNA News Feed 11/24/2010; Cowering Under the Bed; Hit and Run Honor …. (

~ ONE OF THE MORE interesting educational efforts going on in the world today is taking place in Sulaimani, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq …. (firstthings)

~ DELIGHTFUL Pakistani Islamists Threaten Attacks If Christian Woman Is Set Free & Not Hanged …. (gatewaypundit)

~ WAH, SNIFF, BOO-HOO! ISLAMIC LIES ALERT: FBI Just Released 2009 Hate Crime Stats…again completely debunking myth of anti-Islamic backlash in the U.S. …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ EVIDENCE links Hezbollah to Hariri death …. (

~ WHY IS THIS STILL NOT NEWS? Professor at Binghamton University Murdered by Islamist Grad Student …. (creepingsharia, terrorismawareness)

~ POST-COLONIAL, POSTMODERN CULTURAL RELATIVISTS AND THE ANTI-FEMINIST, ANTI-FREEDOM AGENDA THEY PROMOTE– In “The Feminist Politics of Islamic Misogyny”, Phyllis Chesler offers a cogent explanation of why today’s leftist feminists turn a blind eye toward the treatment of women under Islam …. (

~ THE HIGH PROFILE CASE of Asia Bibi who faces death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws has prompted renewed calls for legal and political reform …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ UN RACIST Hatefest, Durban III, Comes to NYC on 10th Anniversary of 911 — FDI/SIOA Mega Protest Against Durban Hate …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ YET ANOTHER ONE— Oregon: Feds want founder of Islamic charity to be sentenced for financing jihad terror …. (

~ MUSLIMS IN U.S.A. trying to impose Sharia: report …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ THERE’S A SHOE-BOMBER, so we have to take off our shoes. There’s a plot involving liquids, so we can’t carry bottles of water. There’s an underwear bomber, so we have to have our junk touched …. (

~ INSANITY-WATCH— Rights groups condemn election of Saudi Arabia to UN’s new women’s rights agency, laud defeat of Iran …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ISRAEL’S FIGHT is Our Fight, by …. (frontpagemag)

~ A LETTER: Banning Sharia law similar to ban on polygamy …. (freerepublic)

~ PUNISHMENT— Behenna killed an al qaeda jihadist in self defense, and Behenna is going to jail …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ MARCH IN ENGLAND Dec 15th against legal double standards …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WHY DOES BRITAIN turn a blind eye to these medieval zealots peddling lessons in hate? …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ON THE MUSLIM GENOCIDE of Christians Throughout Middle East …. (vladtepesblog)

~ IS IT TIME to Arm Airline Passengers? …. (americanthinker)

~ A MOSQUE in Montreal’s West Island has been hit by vandals five times.. each time spray painting a number that refers to a Koranic verse that shows what Muslims actually preach and believe …. (vladtepesblog)

Video of Christian Copts being shot in Egypt

~ ‘MODERATE MUSLIM’ Moe the Beheader in Trouble Again …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE ASHBURN jihadist signals a greater danger, By Walid Phares …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ VLAD TEPES— Tundra Tabloids Vs. The Islamic Brotherhood. Round 1; USS George Washington Carrier enters Yellow Sea; Man jailed for 25 years for touching a koran with unwashed hands; Govt. of Maldives protests Jewish doctors …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FIGHT-BACK: Operation Nehemiah Launches Halal Petition …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: The ACN Report is released …. (teaandpolitics)

~ FEMALE genital mutilation is also an issue in Europe, activists say …. (teaandpolitics)

~ THE NEW ENGLANDISTAN— Muslim gang raped white girls as young as 12 …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE CRIMES of the Turkish Cypriots …. (

~ SUPREMACISM— Muslim Woman Demands Roller-skating rink Submit to Sharia Despite Endangering the Safety of Everyone Else; plus Apartheid Swim: “Sister Splash” at George Washington University …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CHUTZPAH— “Developers of the controversial Park51 Islamic community center and mosque located two blocks from Ground Zero earlier this month applied for roughly $5 million in federal grant money set aside for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11th, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter” …. (

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  1. Thanks for your support of Blazing Cat Fur! An attack on any one of us bloggers is an attack on all of us.

    By the way…I don’t drink artificially-sweetened soft drinks, and seldom drink anything sweetened with any form of sugar either. Sugar leaves a bad taste in my mouth and leads to a general feeling of malaise.

    You can get flavored, unsweetened seltzer water if you like carbonation. I generally prefer just plain old bottled water, which gives the environmentalists fits. But where I am, tap water tastes funny and I don’t trust it.

    There’s also tea, iced tea, and coffee, all of which taste just fine without sweetening if you start out with GOOD coffee or tea and decent-tasting water.

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