Steynian 434

January 13th, AD2011

BINKS COMMANDS IT – Please DONATE to the 2011 Kaffir Kanuck Coffee Club “Buy a Soldier a Coffee” Campaign! Let’s beat the $760.00 raised last time, and show our forces a little love …. (

A Message From A Canucki Blogger

~ SAITH a recuperating Andrew Lawton: “Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. It’s been humbling to see all of your cards and messages and I look forward to getting out of here and seeing you all again!” …. (strictlyright)

Via E-Mail From A Trusted Correspondent

Maybe you heard about the Assises Contre l’islamisation that were held in Paris on December 18, 2010. One of the guest speakers was Tom Trento, director of the Florida Security Council. You can listen to his speech here.

Tom is one of the authors of the Team B 11 Report on Sharia, the threat to America.

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