Robert Darwin Crouse, 1931-2011

R.I.P. A Great & Faithful Canadian

~ ITEM: Memorial Service for Dr. Robert Crouse‘; and another obit

~ ITEM: The Recollected Pastor: Dr. Robert Crouse

~ I REJOICE that I knew him; I rejoice more that through him I better know the God he loved and served and proclaimed.

The Rev’d Canon Professor Dr. Robert D. Crouse died the other day, at the age of 80. He was a country church organist, gardener, priest & preacher, beloved prof and counsellor, a serious academic, world-class Dante & Augustine expert, a friend of popes and archbishops.. and of countless students and colleagues, and all the folk in his own Lunenburg County domain. As one former student wrote me, “His sermons had such a formative influence on my spirituality as a King’s student. The Chapel was always full Thursday nights!”

Dr. Crouse was a quiet, witty, cultured, humble and observant man, with a kind & generous heart. In his own mind and heart, he wrestled with the Great Tradition, Christianity, philosophy, and the issues of the day without surrender to the Zeitgeist, living in a past past, or becoming obscure. It felt like that in his quietness, you could hear the laughter of God.

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