News Coming…

.. though the Binks is currently only drifting along at 1/4 speed.. prayers please. Posting in the next 24-48, the weather permitting and the crick don’t rise.

Your Somewhat Wobbly Servant,

Teh Binks


One thought on “News Coming…

  1. Mark I just have to say that I listen to you on Rush’s show just about as much as I listen to Rush…it seems that you’re there more than he is lately.
    I actually look forward to Rush being away now because you’re such a great fill in, or substitute for those in Rio Linda or whatever the damn place is. To the “undocumented anchorman” of Canada, where we desperately need you back, DITOS’ Mark.
    As a point of interest and just to let you know I’m a Private Sector Business man who has recently been charged under Bill C-45, a.k.a. the Westray Act after the Westray mining accident in Nova Scotia 18years ago. This is how they treat employers in this country, an accident happens that is way beyond your control and a people face life in prison. This is what the unions fought for and this is what the Liberal’s gave them in this socialist utopia of day dreamers called Canada.

    Dave Selvers Sault Ste. Marie Canada

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