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January 26, AD2010

Blogger Recoverating

~ ANDREW LAWTON: News via Mark Steyn.. Andrew “is now out of his coma and out of the Victoria Hospital, and, as he says, there was no brain damage, so he’s still a conservative. Thank you for all your good wishes. He emerged from the coma to a room full of cards from around the world.” …. (fivefeetoffury)

Bringing Bad Things To Life

~ ITEM: Obama names GE CEO as head of new economic board

~ ITEM: CRONY CAPITALISM– ‘Is GE betraying its customers and its country?’… How GE Is Arming China to Compete With Boeing — and America

~ ITEM: I SAY SCREW (or, perhaps, UNscrew) GE and their twisty-bulbs of doom.. and their curly-bulb minions trying to ban incandescent!

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex

~ ITEM: Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

~ WELL, GENERAL IKE DID try to warn us.. about the military indistrial complex. It’s hard, though, because so many ‘brand-names’ are associated with our daily life.. who can hate the people who make blenders? Eco-loving light-bulbs?

General Electric is, after all, teh inheritor of Thomas Edison’s utopian/ industrial project. Thing is, the consumer-friendly vision of the GE company is so 60 years ago. Now, GE is more actively immoral than Google or MicroSoft when it comes to undercutting America, aiding & abetting evil.

GE: Generally Evil

“All-American” GE now partners with China; it makes secret deals with DC insiders to get a monopoly on toxic bulbs, made in unhealthy chinese factories. Recent revelations have GE arming China.. for future possible conflict against America. Multinational corporations benefit on all sides, right?

Thing is, Obama can’t wreckify remake America without big money, infiltration of the economy, and exploiting the existing corporate/ political betrayal of America to the Chinese which accelerated under the for-sale to the highest bidder Clinton administration. To that military/ industrial/ political treacher, Obama adds submisssion to Jihad, his bizarre socialist EUtopianism, and a desire to ruin America as a world power forever.. and now POTUS’ letting GE start advising the White House about running America.

What To Do

Boycott? A good start. Start noting the sell-out to China? Better. Making the connections between the sellout of the Republicrats and two Democratic presidents over the last 20 years? Political and civilizational gold.

It starts with your credit-card, in part: simply refuse to buy GE appliances. Don’t buy their curly toxic monopoly-bulbs. Tell others. This is not the 1950s.. GE is a malevolent corporation screwing over America, the voters, the cause of freedom, by selling their corporate soul to China & the highest bidder.

I Like Ike

As Ike warned wisely in 1961,

… This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.


We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together….

America faces many challenges, and requires an ongoing renewal and refreshing of her original vision, or else the nation for sale– already indebted to China for her economic future– will be enslaved once and for all to masters within and without who are enemies to freedom, a responsible citizenry, and the future of the free folk of the West. ~

FreeSpeecher Kicks Some

DANGER: An Opinionated & Uppity Denizen of Academia

Via The Infidel Prof., Mark Mercer in Halifax, NS:

HE WRITES-– “ has just posted this report: … Sadly.. local media haven’t carried the story, despite the news tips I sent around.

My Cranky Professor column this week consists in a couple fantasy memos to the university community 1) apologizing for the order to remove the sign and 2) promising to do better next time. The PDF of The Journal is here; my article is on p. 4. You might be interested in the two short articles by a member of the Women’s Centre on the topic of freedom of expression on campus that appear on p. 5.

Here’s how the story goes, just in case you want to know:

1) At 9 am Tuesday 30 November, members of the student society Students for Life set up a pro-life display on a table in the Loyola Building. This was all in accordance with SMUSA and university regulations about displays and demonstrations. The display did not impede traffic in Loyola or cause noise.

2) Other SMU students occasionally spoke with the students manning the display, either to debate abortion with them or to register their offense at seeing pro-life literature and signs.

3) Around 1 pm, Sidarth Tikoo, the SMUSA Society Coordinator, came to the table and ordered the group to remove a particular sign. The sign said “Women Do Regret Abortion.” (I’ve seen a photo of it. Neither James Urquhart, who published in the Journal a criticism of SMUSA’s order, nor Matt Anderson, who published in the Journal a letter partially in response to Urquhart, got the sign right. I don’t think it matters in the least what the sign said, though Mr Anderson does.) The people at the table complied. At around 3.30 the members took down the rest of the display and went home, as they had planned to.

4) SMUSA president Matt Anderson and Mr Tikoo have said that they had received complaints about that sign. (Mr Tikoo said something to the effect of not wanting to have to deal with any more crying girls, a remark originally attributed by the editor of the Journal to Alwyn Gomez.) Mr Tikoo acted on Mr Anderson’s request and authority in ordering the students to remove the sign. Mr Anderson attempted to explain and justify his decision in a letter to the editor, printed in last week’s edition of the Journal.

5) An incompetent piece of reporting describing the incident appeared in the December 8 – 14 edition of the Journal. That’s when I first heard about it. I immediately sent email messages to SMU president Colin Dodds and SMU vice-president academic David Gauthier, thinking from the report that the university had issued the order. On 10 December, once we all knew that it was SMUSA and not Saint Mary’s that had interfered with the expression of opinion on campus, I received an email message from Colin saying that he takes the incident very seriously. He didn’t say whether he was for it or against it or what he intended to do.

6) David Gauthier told me early last week that he is having discussions with SMUSA (what’s to discuss?, I asked him). Still, as of today, the administration has said and done nothing.

The continuing important story, then, is the administration’s implicit refusal to comment on the matter.”

Pass the word. This is primary material for the fight for free speech, academia, and open debate in Canada.~

Dire Straits: A Reign Of Hate

~ NOW THAT THE TRUTH IS OUT, exactly who hasn’t Mark Knophler & his ragtag band of hatemongers tried to belittle, insult, and demean?

Since “Money For Nothing” is the current issue, let’s take a closer look, shall we? We shall see that Dire Straits is all about creating a hostile thought environment for many minority groups, indigenous peoples, women, and even our animal friends.

Now look at them yo-yo’s that’s the way you do it
You play the guitar on the MTV
That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free
Now that ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
Lemme tell ya them guys ain’t dumb
Maybe get a blister on your little finger
Maybe get a blister on your thumb

Here, under the predictable excuse of “satire”, hard working musicians (often in need of arts grants) are attacked as “yo-yos” who don’t really work, unworthily earn a great deal of money, and copulate frequently with women of low self-esteem. This is a caricature, as is the ignorant “working man” motif, into whose mouth these diatribes are placed.

We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these colour TV’s

Here indeed is the enslavement of the working class as enablers of a consumer culture– their work demeaned by the lyricist as moving goods for the well-to-do, enabling and exploiting the oppressive class system. Such lyrics drip contempt.

(See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy that’s his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he’s a millionaire)

What can possibly be said to this vile caricature of the same-sex lifestyle? Gender-transgressive clothing, hair, jewelry is all an accepted part of the freedom the LBGYTXZY should enjoy. Again, is Mr. Knophler insisting on certain “norms”, and that all persons of various sexualities shouldn’t be allowed to make money, but remain in the lower echelons of society?

I shoulda learned to play the guitar
I shoulda learned to play them drums
Look at that mama, she got it stickin’ in the camera
Man we could have some
And he’s up there, what’s that? Hawaiian noises?
He’ Bangin’ on the bongoes like a chimpanzee
That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
Get your money for nothin’ get your chicks for free

As if by stealth, here the Dire Straits cabal mock the patriarchally oppressed women who are sometimes left with no choice but to exploit their own sexuality for the degrading entertainment industry. The nightmare of ugliness unfolding in this song continues with a mocking of the captive Hawaiian indigenous population, enslaved to the imperialist American hegemony, and now depicted as amusing figures of fun for their native music, a surviving cry for freedom from within their oppression.

Next, it seems the sneering Hawaiian motif is combined with actually comparing native persons to chimpanzee-Americans, as if both have no greater dignity than performing in a neo-colonialist monkey show. This reference to Chimpanzees is also a slight against animal-rights workers, as well as a slur on our noble peace-loving chimp friends, who share 98% of our DNA. Given the previous stealth-motifs, the reference to “chimpanzees” no doubt also refers to the old racist trope comparing persons of African origin to apes.

Forget banning one song: this band should be forbidden to play, travel, or continue to reap millions from their hate. ~

Next Time: Our House, by British 80s band Madness: heterosexist propaganda or homophobic hate?

In Limited Praise of Teh Interwebs

~ ITEM: Are social media destroying society?

~ ITEM: Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child

~ THERE’S SOME reasonable worry out there that kids raised on glowing screens have different brain-works than previous generations. For Teh Elf– raised on books and little TV in childhood– the web is a rich blessing.

Here’s how I roll. Reading a book like Nigel Tranter’s Robert The Bruce trilogy, I also go online to look at pictures of the battlefields, statues, Wiki info, the history (or portraits) of various characters. Or again, I come across the amazing and eyewitness Scot’s poem by John Barbour, The Brus; then you can Google Earth the sites mentioned in the book; pictures via Flickr of the ruined castles or abbeys of the time.

It make a book come alive in a way that simple reading doesn’t; plus, you can read original details and see where an author added or omited detail or characters, and how he used his sources.

Real Things Are Best

Mind you, real things are best.. fresh air, books, music, paintings, bicycling, shooting, camping.. plus computers & teh interwebs. As the title of Anthony Esolen’s new book puts it, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, the death of play, imagination, literature, healthy family life, beauty as replaced by glowing screens and repetitive data-flickers can damage, stunt, or derail the human soul– especially in the crucial years of childhood, and the teen years. ~

God’s Mercy Unto Egypt?

~ ITEM: Egypt: Egypt’s 1960’s Remarkable Virgin Mary Sightings, Egypt

~ ITEM: The Apparitions Of The Blessed Holy Virgin Mary To Millions In The Coptic Orthodox Church Named After Her, In Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt (1968-1970)

~ ITEM: Muslim Brotherhood foments uprising in Egypt

Virgin Mary Zeitun Photographs

~ ITEM: The jihad against Egypt’s Copts

~ ITEM: The jihadist war-cry of ‘allahu akbar’ (God is great) could be heard as over one hundred Christians lie either dead or wounded

~ EGYPT HAS been a hotbed of civilization and conflict and faith ever since there was an Egypt. It’s no different now, and Egypt is the hotbed of the toxic new “reform Islam” known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The ancient population of Christians in Egypt– dating back to St. Mark, and the 50s AD– still survives, as the Coptic Church. They endure daily abuse, neglect, persecution, rape, forced conversion & marriage, discriminations minor and major, including bloody massacres like the one a few weeks ago.

In 1968-9, in Zeitoun, a district of Cairo, a vision of a woman was seen hovering over a Coptic church– not by a few individuals, but by hundreds of thousands of people over a period of weeks. As it turns out, local Muslim militants had been planning for a mass-murder of local Christians– the visions pre-empted those attacks, and saved hundreds of lives.

Eventually the visions stopped.

How Odd Of God

Why Egypt? Indeed– why Nazareth, or Bethlehem, or Jerusalem? Why? God is particular in his choices.

As for Egypt, as the New Testament makes clear, the Holy Family lived somewhere in Northern Egypt for several years, to avoid the persecutions of King Herod The Great. As a general contractor, Joseph could find work anywhere, and there were Jewish populations in the Delta area.

Again, why not Egypt? The persecuted most need divine help and comfort, as the Holy Family did– and in 2011, anywhere militant Muslims are, Christians will suffer and die.

The First Occurrence

The 1960’s supernatural events at Zeitoun were covered by local and even the international media, including the BBC. Given the nature of modern media, any vision today can be seen not just by a few, but by billions of people– even when the international media just isn’t interested, or is actively anti-religious.

40 years later, in December 2009, the visions of St. Mary began again: same church, same way, seem by countless local people.. and on YouTube. Why Egypt? It’s the seat of the Muslim Brotherhood, of the ongoing suffering of Christians and other folk under Militant Islam, of the past apparitions in a timely way– for the Coptic Christians are at the very front in the great jihad now troubling the world.. like the Jews in Nazi Germany, they are the canaries in the coal mine for what comes next, if we don’t win.

10 December 2009

Danger, Surrender Monkeys!

Any Leftist or accommodationist or coward who thinks it would be better to surrender needs to realize that Militant Islam wants only slaves and converts and soldiers, but not Christians or Jews or secularists or people who believe in freedom, the rights of women, minorities, culture, history, literature ..the list is endless. An Islamic victory would mean a second Dark Age overtaking the earth– and not the good kind, with Roman and Greek and Judaeo-Christian people and principles building a new world and a new West, whose children we are.

May God help us continue to stand, to renew our faith & courage, and to use this time as the means of standing for the true, the beautiful, the good, and all the best things of God, the human spirit, and Western civilization. And let’s help the persecuted in their time of need. ~

It’s TEOTWAWKI*, And I Feel Fine!

*(The End Of The World As We Know It)

My Little Ponies Of The Apocalypse

~ ITEM: Apocalypse Wiki

~ OVER THE YEAR PAST, I’ve sought to address apocalyptics as a cultural, religious, and real-world issue. It’s big news.

Aside from all the money-making opportunities in movies and video-games, apoca & post-apocalyptic imagery and ideas and theories are all around us, and have been particularly in the last 50 years. What’s with that?

The Actual Apocalypse

The final book of the Bible is not ‘The Book of Revelations’, but The Apocalypse according to John. An Apocalypse (Greek: Apokálupsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is the curtain being raised on What’s Really Going On, Things To Come, and most importantly, What It All Really Means.

Traditionally, the Judaeo-Christian idea is that time has a direction, a beginning and end, a meaning & purpose, and is God’s creation and servant. The End is not one of endless deaths and rebirths, or a neverending world, or a meaningless existence– all things return unto the God who made them, in a consummation of God’s working in and through creation and humanity.

As this Big Idea has faded with the decline of Western Christianity, the form remains, even if emptied of content. Hilarities ensue.


Together with Progressivism, Socialism, and other Perfect World’s A-comin’! ideologies, worrying about and predicting environmental disaster has become very popular in the last 50 years. A coming ice Age, no oil, Global warming & famine, mass extinction, death of the rainforests, melting glaciers, and various other signs of change in the world are taken for never-before seen signs of man-made utter & impending doom. Mother earth is weeping and dying, type thing.

Indeed, we are to be stewards of God’s world– individuals can and should make a difference against the various forms of exploitation and destruction of the human and natural envoronment: but making a religion of the environment, with the designated good guys and bad guys, various dooms, and lots of rushing around screaming (and spending)? It’s a cult.


There are those both in the Christian and secular “Apocalypse Now!” crowd who seem to think that The Bad People should get some comeuppance, and that the sinners/ human virus will burn/ die off, muwahahaha. This is called joy in the sufferings of others, or in the German, schadenfruede. Apocaplypse? Very unpleasant. Nobody untouched. Don’t be wishing for it, nor rejoicing in destruction.

Why do evil people not get immediate suffering and punishment? Divine mercy, time for repentance, and because each life has an ending, long before the world does. A universe in which God constantly intervened would be a puppet-show, not a form of paradise.

The loss of the sense of death & judgement & The Last Day may have let some people shrug off responsibility & guilt, but that loss has not been a good thing in public & private morality, responsibility, and due caution. Beware of God.. in the good sense of fearing the Lord.

Once More, On Sheepdogs

Whether or not the world ends before the end of this sentence, or we suffer plague, or pestilence, or famine, or death, or whatever Horsepersons of the Apocalypse trot up to the individual or human door now or in the future, we all must live not as those born dreaming who die dreaming, but as awake & alert, responsible, leave it better than we found it kinda people. The times are never so bad that good people can’t be good; nor so good that they might not be made better.

Perhaps all these movies and doom-mongers and fears are a warning of bad things ahead; perhaps a reminder o the shortness and uncertainty of human life; perhaps a brain-fever.. perhaps a little of everything. I dunno.

We’re all doomed: so cheer up, get over it, and do what you can. Seek God’s will in each time & place to be ready– and even if you’ve little or no faith, try to live up to the best things. ~

They & Them; We & Us

~ ITEM: Suicide bomber kills 31 at Russian airport

~ ITEM: Death Threat– Fatwa Follies! Syed and the Shaikh v. Tarek Fatah!

~ ITEM: Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

~ ITEM: Muslim, Alleged Leader of Plot to Bomb NY Subways and UK Targets, to Be Extradited

~ ALTHOUGH INFINITELY KITCHY, all those 50s-60s monster movies were about monsters.. and Communism.. and nukes.. and stuff. Godzilla, 50 Foot Woman, Them!, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Of course, that sense that ‘They” were subtly taking us over later got plastered on the Left’s favourite whipping-boy, Senator McCarthy. As it turns out, HUAC and McCarthy actually uncovered Soviet spies and traitors and collaborators, and unveiled the cool-Leftism of the 50’s and Hippy years as a anti-Western phenomenon inspired intellectually by The Frankfurt School.

By The Numbers

The new Them is still socialism– but even moreso, Jihadism. Fine, maybe 1% of Muzzies are of that sort. That’s 10 million– i.e., a world-sized army of destruction-minded folk. 30% support or agree with them– maybe 300 million.

That is, 10 million willing to die, 300 million cheering them on. Then you’ve got legal, illegal and stealth-money and political cooperation from most Middle Eastern nations. It’s an atypical asymmetrical world war. Call it WWIV, if the Cold War was WWIII.

Here comes the however.

However, WWIV is a bit like the Cold War, and a bit like Vietnam, and a bit like Soviet subversionism 1930-1980’s style. With the passion, conviction, and ultimacy of religion added in. That’s why militant Mohammedans keep mentioning the Crusades– the pre-modern mind is less obsessed with the moment and itself: like Dante’s all-encompassing vision of 3000 years of art, literature, poetry, Scripture, and all the rest, militant Muslims view the prophet & first Jihad as yesterday, the present as today, and the next 1000 years as tomorrow.

Some Modest Proposals

The first issue for us is to keep on ringing the alarm-bells, no matter what the fraidy-cats and would-be collaborators– or very noisy militant Muslim minority– would have us not notice all around us, and around the world in this ongoing war.

The second issue is insisting on our laws and first principles no matter what– sharia supremacism is not just another patch in the quilt of diversity, but a virus that will kill the West and turn it into something else entirely. Just as the Byzantine Empire, The Persians, and the pre-Islamic Arabs.. amongst many, many others.

The third issue is to keep blogging, reading, letter-writing, informing jounralists & politicians of what’s at stake, and repeating ourselves endlessly about what’s going on– without sounding too crazy. We also want to work with friendly Muslims who don’t want sharia and totalitarianism.

Finally, we must return ad fontes… to our Scriptures, our faith, our thought, our good and beautiful and true things. We can’t fill ourselves with sloth, idea-stew, and awareness only of ourselves and the passing fads and fancies of the moment. If nature abhors a vacuum, so does supernature. Nothing cannot replace something.

If we let our civilizational immune-system get emptied and run-down, opportunistic infections from inside and outside will attack us. If we will not fall out of love with death & despair, we shall harvest just that. Nanny-state will not make this all better: it’s about restoring the roots, and each person is a soldier in this crisis, a brick in the foundations, a pane in the stained glass window.

It’s All Newfangled

This war is not far away, as in the past: like WWIII, the enemy is here at home as well as abroad. The barbarians are inside the gates, getting government funding for their groups, abusing and exploiting our laws to their own ends, and setting up outposts in our larger cities, universities, and elsewhere. Read about what’s happening in Europe, but also how radicals have been invited into inner circles in Washington DC, and are seeking to make the Great Satan as weak and pro-Islamic as possible.. in addition to all the official loot, oil-money and funds siphoned out of the U.S. to support international terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood radicalism here and abroad.

Not all Muslims are terrorists: but most terrorists & suicide bombers in the world today are Muslims. Deal with it.

The war is here: the enemy are abroad in London, Paris, Amsterdam, DC, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa. Saying “But I know a nice Muslim” or “Surely that can’t happen here” is perhaps understandable, but still terribly, terribly wrong-headed.



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~ CANADIAN Heritage Minister orders showing of controversial film Iranium; National library theater attempts to cancel movie because of ONE complaint …. (, ifpscanada)

~ WORD FROM TAREK FATAH— “Canadian Imam issues thinly veiled death threat, accusing me of “viciously attacking the Quran” and Prophet Muhammad” …. (

~ WILL CONSERVATIVE Media Elites Defend Lars Hedegaard? (Including, “A Guide for the Islamically-Perplexed”) …. (

Two Gun Control Enthusiasts

“Nothing can be solved with a gun, any time, anywhere.”

~ Michael Ignatieff ~

~ MICHAEL IGNATIEFF has said, in response to the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, that “Nothing can be solved with a gun, any time, anywhere.” …. (actiondino)

~ THIS IS SUPPOSED to be a counter-argument? PZ Myers, the militant anti-Christian science blogger, is totally not impressed with images of aborted fetuses …. (

~ CLOSET CON— Are We Giving This Schmuck Asylum?; Celebrate Palestinian Diversity! ; Let’s Talk About the Climate of Death; Sick Munchkin-Slim Pickings Today; Heritage Minister James Moore has a pair!; Democracy Doesn’t Need America?; Celebrate ‘Asian’ culture in the UK!; Pass the brain bleach!; And then Civilization Ends …. (

~ WILLIAM GAIRDNER: The Trouble with Canada…Still – The Agenda …. (ifpscanada)

~ SON OF THE MESSIAH, Justin Trudeau visits Yukon, dispenses New Age bafflegab to students, goes mushing– “A capacity to believe in Canadians is the one thing my father gave me.” Saith NSScott– “If that’s the only thing that young Mr Trudeau got from his father, he got nothing. His father believed in Canadians only as long as they agreed with his pronouncements. He scorned them when they didn’t. The major achievement of his political career was removing effective power from the hands of the electorate and bestowing it on a cabal of unelected, unaccountable judges. Thanks to PET, robed masters rule. On the other hand, I must admit Justin is very cute.” …. (

~ SUCKTASTIC CANUCKISTAN— “His surveillance cameras caught the attackers lobbing at least six Molotov cocktails at his house and bombing his doghouse, singeing one of his Siberian Huskies. But when Mr. Thomson handed the video footage to Niagara Regional Police, he found himself charged with careless use of a firearm.” …. (shotgun)

~ ANGLICAN BLOGGING 101— Or why it’s becoming next-to impossible to write about the Church of England; Telegraph: the ‘mean-spirited’ Church of England …. (themcj,

At the 2010 March for Life the media set new standards for journalistic fraud

~ CAN-SENTINEL: Is Obama Resurrecting Nazi Fascist Economics?; Harper calls Canada stronger, safer than five years ago; Let’s Blame Left-Wing Trash Show For Gay Bashing!; Farty Drunk Guy Gets Slapped, Goes On Deadly Stabbing Rampage …. (

~ MICHAEL COREN: “Toronto, just like any other city or town in this country, is not compassionate at all” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ MORE ON MORTGAGE rules and the nanny state …. (eyeonthehill)

~ THE MAN WHO RISKED everything to oppose the culture of death …. (lifesitenews)

~ CHINA IS A POWDER-KEG that could explode at any moment. And if it does explode, chaos could ensue …. (

~ BUT NOT NECESSARILY DEATH-PENALTIES— Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gone on record as saying that he favours the death penalty in certain cases, but also acknowledges that this will never happen in Canada again; Conservatives have failed Canadians on taxes …. (wernerpatels)

~ THE CANADIAN WAR-FRONT: RCMP outreach or outrage? “Hindy’s mosque made headlines this week when the National Post learned that Salaheddin has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Middle East donors since 2009“.. reeks mighty high of Muslim Brotherhood, don’t it? …. (vladtepes)

~ THE SNOOPING STATE— “Who owns your data?” …. (

~ U.S. DEFENCE EXPERT tells Canadian MPs: No way to know how much your F-35 program will cost; Aerospace industry slams Liberal attack ads …. (

~ CANUCKI Conservatives – as opposed to partisan Tories – have been given a meagre diet these last five years. It hasn’t been gradualism or incrementalism, it’s been bread and water …. (shotgun)

~ HMMMMM— “What is the Judge Going to Find Me Guilty of, Quoting the Koran?” …. (

~ ROMAN CATHOLIC WORLD DOMINATION CONSPIRACY WATCH— In a speech billed as a discussion of the Bush and Obama eras …. (themcj)

~ EU CRITICIZED over ‘Christian-free’ school diary …. (life.nationalpost)

~ EYE ON THE HILL— “I love this quote from James Moore, the heritage minister, about his conversation this morning with Daniel Caron, librarian and archivist of Canada (that’s his actual title), at Library and Archives Canada. Moore phoned up after LAC cancelled a screening last night of an anti-Iran documentary” …. (blogs.canoe)

~ DER GUTMENSCHEN— How many people in Britain make a living from multiculturalism and “community cohesion”? …. (americandigest)

Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control

~ FOREWARNING— Europe’s marginalised Christians– Are intolerance and discrimination against Christians a real problem in Europe? An Austrian lawyer says ‘Yes’. …. (

~ DEFEND GEERT WILDERS— Wilders’ trial judges unprepared for media pressure; Europe’s main far-right parties …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ A MUSLIM ASKS that Denmark reprieve herself from being cast in the verdict of history as an “executioner” of free speech – by Salim Mansur, PhD; The self-mutilation of Europe continues, now even Denmark lives in shame …. (ifpscanada)

~ IN THE CROSS HAIRS of the Speech Police …. (

Klavan — The History of Western Culture

~ MUMBLE, DISTRACT, IGNORE— “Expect the Kermit Gosnell story to be quickly buried because it seems to have badly thrown the left. Slate’s William Saletan is clearly queasy about the Katherine Ragsdale “it’s only a person if you decide that you want it to be and not before” philosophy” …. (themcj)

~ PETER KREEFT— Why a Christian Anthropology Makes a Difference …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ WHEN DRAB IS a Favorite Color, by Anthony Esolen …. (insidecatholic)

~ SOCIAL NETWORKING under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US. Twitter and Facebook don’t connect people – they isolate them from reality, say a rising number of academics …. (guardian)

~ MINISTRY OF TRUTH— All state employees to be asked about sexuality and religion, and ‘monitored’ …. (

~ EXPENDABLE MEN— “Is it fair that every human society treats males, especially young adult males, as utterly expendable? Is is fair that men die at higher rates at all ages than women? Is it fair they live shorter lives? Is it fair that for every high-status elite male that feminists want to emulate, there are hundreds if not thousands of men who labored and died in obscurity? On what scale to balance the sacrifices that evolution has imposed on us?” …. (

~ CRANMER BLOG— The state imposition of Satan worship …. (

~ RIOTS PRESENT & FUTURE— In City Journal Dalrymple concludes, “The recent unrest in Tunisia and Algeria could well come to Western European nations” …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ KIDS PUT ON A ‘hate crimes’ list for schoolyard taunts– Teachers required to report ‘homophobic’ jibes on permanent record …. (wnd)

~ THE PROPAGANDIST— Human Rights As Political Weapons; Reward For Anti-Semitic Incitement; A Working Definition Of Islamophobia; The Show Will Go On Despite Iran’s Intimidation; Hamas Tries To Stop Firing Of Rockets?; Canada Smacks Down Iran. Stands Up For Free Speech; Looks Like The Anti-Imperialists Were Wrong; Left-Liberal La Repubblica Tags Jews …. (

~ WRECK THEM KIDS! MTV Continues Crossing the Moral Line, Selling a Casual-Sex Teenage Soap-Opera to Tweeners Eager To See Themselves as “Adults” …. (

~ DR. HELEN— Is college making people dumber?; plus Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School …. (

~ THE DEATH OF SATAN: How Americans Have Lost the Sense of Evil …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ SANGER WOULD BE SO PROUD! Abortion Doctor Charged With Eight Counts Of Murder – 7 Babies and One Mother; Abortion Provider Arrested for Murdering Babies with Scissors …. (iowntheworld,

~ CONRAD BLACK: Individual responsibility and the welfare state …. (NP)

~ UNDER THE HEADING “Offensive words”.. the writer adds: “Too bad they edited this quote from the CBSB Vision TV ruling: The entire “lesson” was purely didactic and tonally monochromatic; Ahmad did not even raise his voice to make his point. He merely referred to the different modes of sacrifice or struggle, one of which appears to be physical. Even there, the call is not to violence; the sense is more of struggle in a cause, specifically in the cause of Allah, and then only “until there is no more Fitnah and worshipping of others along with Allah.” …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ DOUG GILES— Jared Loughner Was a Tea Partier (and I’m an Atheist River Dancer Who Hates Hunting) …. (townhall)

~ REX MUPHY NOTES THAT Seal hunt pieties die at the Chinese border…. (nationalpost)

~ NEUTERING GOD, by Mark Tooley …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ ANTHONY ESOLEN has posted a personal list of his Rules to guide young people into matrimony …. (merecomments)

~ BEING KIND Without A License In Houston …. (

~ FRENCH ATTACKED FOR country’s support of Gilad Shalit …. (

~ NATPOSTIES George Jonas: Who is funding Israel’s peaceniks?; Also, Barbara Kay on how to fight back against the latest anti-Israel campaign: Buy a tree…. (NP)

~ SAVING THE SOUL Of Academia …. (propagandistmag)

On the FCC’s attempt to reclassify the internet

~ THE EMASCULATION of Western Culture Continues …. (

~ THE EVIL HARPER? — ““Hidden agenda” is a sour opinion and a dire prophecy but it’s also by implication a story, boiled down to two words that carry an air of secrecy and dread” …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ BILL O’REILLY Needs No-Spin Truth: Child in the Womb is Fully Human! …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ SAITH CRANMER— “Much is said about equality and diversity. But it seems that some people are more equal than others”; “Religious freedom shouldn’t be used as a cloak for prejudice” …. (

~ CHARLES LEWIS: Stereotyping religion is the result of a narrow mind; Is religion a force for good? …. (life.nationalpost)

~ THE HATEFUL LEFT, by Andrew Klavan – Judging from his website, I would guess that Jared Lee Loughner suffers from schizophrenia …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ LIKE THE SOVIET UNION before it, much of China’s supposed boom is illusory — and just as likely to come crashing down …. (nationalpost)

~ NO MORE FREE SPEECH in UK – Terry Jones BANNED …. (standupamericanow, NP)

~ POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS— Pope: No one has absolute right to a wedding …. (theglobeandmail)

~ WEASELZIPPERS— Will You be my Date For The State of The Union?; Bangladesh: 2.5 Million Muslims Join Mass Pray-In; Israel’s deadly raid on an aid flotilla that attempted to run the blockade of Gaza was “regrettable” but legal; Emanuel looks into the camera with a slight tear in his eye …. (weaselzippers)

~ FOR THE LEFT, There Are No Sacred Texts, by Dennis Prager …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ SHUTTING DOWN DEBATE— “Intellectual combat is bad, and not just bad, ineffective.” That far-too-common notion is addressed by David Mills in his newest piece over at First Things …. (insightscoop)

~ GOVERNMENT: Anything For a Buck! Death tax on a child that only lived for one hour …. (

~ THE BRAIN-DEATH OF BRITAIN: The Christian hotelier found guilty of gay bias looks set to lose her home and asks: So who’s really being persecuted? …. (dailymail)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— And now, what she actually said; Just whose side is Baroness Warsi on?; The Iraq war witch-hunt (ctd); The left’s sleep of reason; Cracks in the Wall of Western Bigotry?; Cultural and moral illiteracy; Back to basics; Psy-war against the west; The jihad against Egypt’s Copts …. (melaniephillips)

~ THE BRIGHT AGES— “Everything You Think You Know About the Dark Ages is Wrong” …. (

~ ISLAMISTS aren’t the only threat to speech critical of Islam. Many European states, for example, have criminalized speech acts through legally enforced “political correctness” embodied in “hate speech” laws …. (

~ JOOOOOZ! Synagogue vandalism in Montreal. Jews probably did it, as part of the Sinister Master-Plan …. (nationalpost)

~ A LOAD OF GREAT BOOKS INCOMING— New Ignatius Press books for Spring 2011 …. (insightscoop)

~ A DYING BREED: a principled Catholic of the left, by Father Raymond J. de Souza …. (nationalpost)

~ THE REAL CHINA— “Hu Jintao is the face of a cult-like gang that does not lead or preside-over or supervise the PRC, rather just drains it of bribes and insider deals while admininstering terror, bullies, slavish obedience and cynical obeisance” …. (RBO)

~ THE NANNY STATE: Then and Now. Before the war on tobacco, there was the war on liquor …. (shotgun)

~ CIVILITY & SCRIPTURE (and a note on sarcasm); Acting Reasonable: Democracy, Authority, and Natural Rights in the Thought of Jacques Maritain …. (insightscoop)

~ STRANGLING FREEDOM— Return of U.S. ‘Fairness Doctrine’? …. (

~ A BUCKET OF EEJITS— “Church Activists Call for End to Terrorism Investigation– Three caucuses within the PCUSA are demanding that the USDOJ cease an investigation of possible material support for Palestinian terrorist groups” …. (

~ MERE COMMENTS— Dechristianization of Britain Update …. (merecomments)

~ THE MIGHTY ED DRISCOLL— Chat Rock or 3CP1? Where Does MSNBC Go From Here?; Racial Epithets to overrun Sunday Television; Question of the Day; Clearing the Browser Tabs; ‘Breaking: Olbermann announces the end of ‘Countdown’”; Victor Davis Hanson on “The Bloomberg Syndrome:”; Pop goes the WaPo; Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, or Drive the Agenda; The Anchoress on Philadelphia’s favorite son, the monstrous Kermit Gosnell …. (eddriscoll)

~ PREDATOR DRONE Techology: Coming to a Neighborhood Near YOU Soon? …. (weaselzippers)

~ SOLDIERS of expression: Hate speech, censorship & ethics– What are reasonable limits on freedom of expression? …. (westernstandard)

Warning: If you are a Leftist, this crosshair-graphic may cause you to go insane and shoot people, and/ or blame everyone except Leftists for bad stuff other Leftists do

~ TALKING ABOUT GUNS— NRO dissects some of the leftist spin on the Tucson shootings …. (shotgun)

Caledonia: Blatchford on The Agenda

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~

~ JOY-KILL: Gender politics a drag on school’s spirit plans …. (life.nationalpost)

~ ARIZONA SHOOTINGS: “We have learned again, from Tucson, that we civilized people cannot constrain the devil that stalks the human soul” …. (

~ THE WALKERISM— Stephen Harper vs. fiscal conservatives; Your computer taken, records copied, all without a warrant; Alberta is taken for granted by the Harper Tories; And then, Hitler walked into the room; Does an increase in inmates lead to less crime?; BC holds up National Securities Regulator; A ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages?; Speak out on copyright; How many senators does it take to screw a taxpayer?; UK: Math, Geography and Science Lessons to “Celebrate Gay Community” …. (walkers)

~ HOORES OF THE ‘POCALYPSE— Charlie Sheen Ruins Everything …. (

~ FORMER Planned Parenthood director and husband converting to Catholicism …. (insightscoop)

~ WAITING FOR GOD? Randall Smith on the Meaning of “Providentially, Just in Time” …. (touchstonemag)

~ GLAVIN SEZ— The Bloc Quebecois Should F*ck Off …. (

~ REMEMBER, KIDS— “Modern liberty means that nobody is allowed to discuss religion.” …. (insightscoop)

~ HILARITY ENSUES— “Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to “turn” a consenting homosexual?” …. (

National Review 2010 Post-Election Cruise: James Lileks

~ THOU SHALT NOT Offend Islam! A firsthand account of the Dutch trial of Geert Wilders …. (

~ DARWIN, DESIGN & Thomas Aquinas: The Mythical Conflict Between Thomism & Intelligent Design, by Logan Paul Gage …. (touchstonemag)

Rex Murphy on “Iranium” & free speech

~ WINTRY KNIGHT: How the government forces Christians to affirm homosexuality …. (winteryknight)

~ MR. HARPER’S ultimate strategic goal really isn’t to win a majority government – it’s to eradicate the Liberal Party as a viable political force …. (shotgun)

PolitiZoid: Greatest Moments in Liberal History

~ SILENCE, SCUM! Halton board adopts new policy to silence critics …. (catholicregister)

~ ANDREW WITHERS on the totalitarian roots of the Fabian Society: These ‘intellectuals’ regarded the working classes as something akin to livestock …. (davidthompson)

~ THE ZANFIPPA— Who is Clare Lopez!; Iranians censor a film – showing in Canada; Thinking about funerals; Is ‘the tide’ in Britain turning?; One Law for All events in London, UK; Debbie Schlussel – 1, CAIR – 0 …. (xanthippa)

~ THE CLIMATE of Depravity– Getting bizzay while your second-grade teacher watches …. (humanevents)

~ BOOTED FOR BAD PR? Eric Schmidt to Step Aside as Google CEO …. (

~ LEFT-WING BIAS? It’s written through the BBC’s very DNA, says Peter Sissons …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE ASTONISHING irrationality of the micro-censors …. (

~ SO WILL MR. Ignatieff call for a snow brush registry too? …. (

~ FRANK FUREDI slams the ‘choice architects’ who bypass public debate in their zealous effort to reshape our minds and bodies …. (

~ DEHUMANISM— You don’t often see the insect souls among us displaying themselves…. but every so often one lets the mask slip …. (americandigest)

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT WONDERS— Parent #1 and Parent #2 — Who’s First? …. (

~ THE PHILLY HORROR— How Mass Murder Got a Pass; At least Dr. Gosnell wasn’t running a Hooters! …. (michellemalkin)

~ RATIONED FREEDOMS— ‘Young Americans’ given free speech 5 days/month.. Preliminary injunction allows some campus distribution of information …. (wnd)

~ NEW STUDY EXPLORES whether atheism is rooted in reason or emotion …. (winteryknight)

~ IRANIUM UPDATE: Canadian Network Host Is One Of Islams Useful Idiots?; Video: Statement by Clare Lopez on the cancellation of the film, Iranium, she was to speak after …. (mypetjawa)

~ OUR CHILDREN are not the property of the state …. (

How Liberal Journalists Think

~ SINCE THE GREAT Wheel has no beginning or end, democracy too must go under the bus. Indeed in Europe it is already a speck in the rear-view mirror …. (americandigest)

~ MEMO TO CONGRESS: It’s called freedom of speech– Defense counsel takes on case of woman arrested for gallery comment …. (

~ CAN CHRISTIANITY survive the decline of males? …. (winteryknight)

~ LIMITED EDITION: Communist Monopoly; plus a song.. “Tribute to Mother Michelle” …. (

~ THE MIGHTY MITCHIEVILLE— A Man’s House Is His Castle – Except If You Live In Canada; Abbey Road – The Rehearsal; Green Shoots & Leaves 1; Unsolicited Junk Mailers; American Gothic Revisited; My friend Jotun eats meat; Green Shoots & Leaves 2; Inside Mitchieville, with Fenris Badwulf; It is impossible to think of a China-America war; Modern Propaganda Techniques; America’s 25 Richest Politicians.. note, 13 of the 25 are Dems …. (mitchieville)

Oh? Bah. Meh.

What Everyone Was Akshully Hoping For

~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— Batchelor: Bull’s Eye Keith; Glenn Beck Show, Week of January 17-21, 2011; Looks Like Free Speech 1, Iran 0; Krauthammer: Uncivil Discourse; Beltway Tibet Fear; Dark Horse 2031; Klein: New Ground Zero Imam to Jews: ‘We have more of a right to Moses.’; President’s Ratings Climb …. (RBO)

~ WHILE THE MEDIA IGNORED HER, gunshot victim Gabby Giffords leaves hospital for rehab in Houston; but the White House is making it ugly– Wag the ER team: Notes from “Post-Partisan” America: “ABC News has learned that several members of the Tucson medical team that treated Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in the head will be in Washington this week to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address” …. (worldmag, americandigest)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— “His numbers are UP!” Two Straws in Desperate Grasps …. (americandigest)

~ VIA ED DRISCOLL— ‘The Evil is in the White House at the Present Time’ …. (eddriscoll)

~ DAMN’D YANKEES: The Tucson Shootings and Anti-Americanism …. (shotgun)

~ IT’S MLK DAY— What Radical Revolutionary American Socialists Want You to Know …. (rbo)

~ CHINESE PIANIST PLAYS ANTI-AMERICAN SONG… AT WHITE HOUSE DINNER .. that is, “My Motherland” is the theme song for a famous anti-U.S. movie about the Korean War from 1956, titled “Battle on Shangganling Mountain.” The real thing was The Battle of Triangle Hill, the biggest and bloodiest contest of 1952, in Mao’s cooked-up Korean War …. (alanpetersworld)

~ ROGUE U.S. POLICY: Obama to Sanction Islamic UN resolution Declaring Jewish Homes in Israel illegal …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PROGRESSIVE America Haters and Death-Thirsting Republicans Agree: She Can Never Be President! …. (americandigest)

~ THREE YEARS ON, Old media now curious: Where’s birth certificate? WND report on guv’s interview grabbing attention of skeptics …. (

~ A NEW ILLNESS— RPDS: The New Right Wing Mental Disease …. (

~ DRUNKEN SAILOR ALERT— Obama’s SOTU Spending Plan a New Stimulus Bill …. (weaselzippers)

~ A NEW TWIST in Obama Birth Certificate Mystery… what Obama presented to the American people was a “horrible forgery.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SAME OLD CROOKS— Democratic Party 2012 War Machine to be Headed by Long-time ACORN Operative …. (weaselzippers)

~ O-MERICA in Decline: Slips to #9 in Economic Freedom …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CIVIL MY ASS: How About We DON’T Tone It Down for a Change? “Never, ever accept an opponent’s premise. Get you opponent to accept yours.” …. (americandigest)

~ HOUSE VOTES to Repeal Obama’s Health Care Law; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: OK to kill babies, but repealing Obamacare is murder …. (iowntheworld, senseofevents)

~ U.S. PUSHING Muslim to replace Christian– Threatens sanctions if Ivory Coast fails to comply with leadership change demands …. (

~ BACKDOOR BIG GOV— Americans sent a small-government message in November, but Obama isn’t listening …. (

~ STEPHEN CROWDER and the ‘Tina Fey Doctrine’: SNL Suspends Comedy to Attack Conservatives … Again …. (

~ IT TURNS OUT THAT war-torn Tunisia is a better investment at this moment than the Land of Lincoln; Illinois: Still Circling the Drain Despite Massive Tax Hikes …. (exurbanleague, directorblue)

~ MUD LIBEL, by Ann Coulter– The same people who blamed Sarah Palin for the massacre at the Tucson Safeway then taunted her for her “silence” were enraged when she responded …. (humanevents)

~ OBAMA SHOULD EMBRACE Race and Gender Neutral Initiatives that Outlaw Government Sanctioned Discrimination …. (

~ FUN WITH ACORN: The moochers, looters, parasites and vultures are back with a new mask. Yes, the bloodsuckers have returned — and are quickly back to stealing, looting, robbing the children, the schools, the working man, the poor …. all to line the fat pockets of fat cat statists …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ 100-YEAR-OLD TWINS: Showing Barack where to shove that End Of Life Counseling …. (uppitywoman08)

~ SPENDING ADDICT Promises To Go Cold Turkey. But First, One More Sweet, Sweet Hit …. (

~ LOTSA RECENT Larwyn’s Linx: Murkowski sides with Dems on Obamacare repeal…. (

~ HOUSE REPUBLICANS set to unveil $2.5 TRILLION in spending cuts …. (winteryknight)

~ BIG MONEY— Anti-Beck group funded by Soros, associated with radicals. Demanding Fox News fire host after show deeming philanthropist ‘puppet master’ …. (RBO)

~ OBAMOCRACY— Obama names GE CEO as head of new economic board …. (worldmag)

~ SLUSH FUND accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank? …. (classicalvalues)

~ SOME GUY, Who Didn’t Even Graduate From High School, Presumes To Explain Palin-Hatred …. (

~ MEDIA MATTERS Narrator Keith Olbermann Departs MSNBC–George Soros, John Podesta Hardest Hit …. (

~ ‘YOUR’ PRIVACY— “Last week, California’s Supreme Court reached a controversial 5-2 decision in People v. Diaz (PDF), holding that police officers may lawfully search mobile phones found on arrested individuals’ persons without first obtaining a search warrant” …. (

~ CRONY CAPITALISM— ‘Is GE betraying its customers and its country?’… How GE Is Arming China to Compete With Boeing — and America …. (

~ FORBIDDING HISTORY— “the History Channel wrote and filmed a miniseries…only to have the Kennedy’s kill it before it could air” …. (exurbanleague)

~ PANDERING TO CHINA— Dalai Lama left thru the trash exit and this guy got the parade; Somebody send Barack on vacation again and send Donald in …. (uppitywoman08)

~ LET THE WUSS WIN OR GO TO JAIL? It took 12 stitches to sew President Barack Obama’s lips together after he received an elbow to the mouth during a pick-up basketball game at Fort McNair …. (

~ THOMAS SOWELL On Mascot Politics– There is a pattern to which the Western world has been slowly but steadily succumbing …. (humanevents)

~ LET’S MAKE IT Official: Congress Quietly Working On Bill To Permit States To Declare Bankruptcy …. (

Steven Malanga: Taxpayer Shakedown

~ CONCEALED CARRY— Readin’, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, reloading …. (exurbanleague)

~ NOW OKLAHOMA Challenges ObamaCare in Federal Court; ObamaCare Reaches Court of Appeals with Filing of Brief Challenging Constitutionality …. (

~ NEWSWEAK to Obama: Don’t Let a Good Shooting Spree Go To Waste …. (

~ ARIZONA HATE-STORM: “Now, as they scuttle back into their dark holes, the left is leaving behind the slimy trail of a new narrative that “both sides” engaged in harsh rhetoric until Barack Obama in a “brilliant speech” brought us all together as a nation. Whatever. You were expecting maybe they’d confess and apologize?” …. (andrewklavan)

~ STILL AN ISSUE— Obama’s Birth Certificate: Does It Even Exist?; They lost Obama’s birth certificate; Chester Obama has ruined my chance to be president! …. (, classicalvalues)

~ OBAMA’S America in worse shape than Japan? …. (

~ PRES. SOETERO? What’s in a name? An Obama by any other name would smell the same …. (americandigest)

~ JAMES TARANTO has a piece on the reading of the US Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives …. (

~ CLASSICAL VALUES BLOGGER wonders “if we are a country that distrusts government innately and that is reflected in Hollywood films over the decades, then what’s with the attempt to blame the Tea Party?” …. (classicalvalues)

The Religion of the Submission to an Insect God

“Islamophobia is a prejudice that dominates western political and media elites and the confused and faintly sinister mind of the Chairwoman of the British Conservative Party. It holds that Muslim women want to be oppressed, that Muslim gays want to be murdered, that Muslims want to have their rights to speak and vote denied, and that Muslim dominated countries want to be ruled by sleazy, life-denying and vicious dictators.”

~ Nick Cohen ~

~ GREEN ISLAMIST BILE— Inspire No. 4 Al Queda Fanboy Mag – download it quick …. (

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Israel as the banana republic; Tribal Update meets the Arab street and sings of Labor’s blues; Tribal Update with German subtitles; Tunisia’s lessons for Washington; The Tribal Update on South Sudan and a new horror film is on its way! …. (carolineglick)

~ RABBLE-ROUSING UK Islamist Anjem Choudary has urged the Muslim community to rise up and issue a fatwa against the Prime Minister. Two words: DEPORT NOW! …. (focusuk)

~ TARGET: RUSSIA— Islamic Terror Attack: Homicide Bomber Kills At Least 31 Human Beings UPDATE: Bomb Packed with Shrapnel …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IS THE BEEB in thrall to Islam because of a Saudi landlord? …. (

~ TURKEY & QUATAR abandon efforts to resolve crisis in Lebanon– Middle East in turmoil as protesters draw inspiration from Tunisia …. (

~ THE TAKEOVER & ROUT of the 911 Memorial and Museum …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ALMOST NUKE-READY Iran ‘afraid’ of new documentary, accused of ‘stifling’ speech. Film’s director fingers Tehran regime for shutting down screening …. (RBO)

~ PETER KING’S “Radicalization” Hearings: Another Barrel of Monkeys? …. (

~ RECENT TONY BLAIR on Islamic Extremism …. (

~ LOVELY & TALENTED— Al-Awaki: Rob Christians, Jews to finance jihad– ‘Those fighting Muslims do not have sanctity over their lives or their wallets’ …. (wnd)

~ TUNISIA NEWS: “Ben Ali flees Tunis as the result of a rolling coup d’etat engineered, according to my information, by the Jihadists of Hamas and the Moslem Brothers”; The Tunisian Model: Crush The Islamists And Liberation Awaits …. (RBO,

~ RELATIVES of a teenage Pakistani girl have apparently electrocuted her for falling in love with a man they did not approve of; in completely unrelated news, “A man threatened to kill his cousin and harm her family after she decided to stop wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf, a court has heard” …. (focusuk)

~ OUT WITH CHURCHILL, In With the Saudi Gift Bonanza — And a Curious List It Is …. (claudiarosett)

~ ISLAMO-HATE IN CANADA Publishes HIZB UT-TAHRIR Terrorist Screed – Islamist Rag Rublished Toronto Elementary School Chair …. (

~ BRITISH JUDGE condemns ‘enormous emotional pressure’ put on Muslim women after rape case collapses …. (dailymail)

~ TERRORISM WORKS: No Freedom of Religion or Speech in the UK …. (mypetjawa)

~ EVANGELICAL GROUP condemns arrests of Christians in Iran; Iran: Evangelical Christians are ‘corrupt and deviant, like the Taliban‘ …. (nationalpost,

~ WHILE FILMING in Leicester a muslim threatens to kill the cameraman if he doesn’t turn the camera off …. (focusuk)

~ SO EXACTLY WHEN Does Saudi Arabia Say Thank You to Israel? …. (claudiarosett)

~ EVER-CHEERFUL Islamists Say Be ‘Cutters of Necks’; Sex With Prepubescent Girls Okay …. (

~ THE SHARIA-VIRUS gets another foorhold when justice takes its side in the U.S.A …. (focusuk)

~ PAKISTANI-ORIGIN Conservative triggers backlash over ‘Islamophobia’ in Britain …. (dailymail)

~ DAVID SOLWAYon Prospecting for Peace …. (

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Students to form Hezbollah as Tunisia slips into sharia state; U. S. gives half of Lackawanna Six new identities; Wyoming legislation targets sharia, international law; Harry Potter star’s brother threatens to kill her; Children of Muslim who beheaded wife describe father as abusive; Newsday editor trains Muslims to influence media; Muslim tries to kill Kurt Westergaard, judge responds by.. censuring Westergaard …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE ISLAMIC ROOTS of the Arab slave trade …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WHINY DIRTY JEW WHINES— A German Islamist has reportedly issued death threats against Wolfgang Seibert, the head of the small Jewish community of Pinneberg, a town near Hamburg …. (focusuk)

~ THE LATEST terrorist tactic: litigation …. (

~ DURING THE LAST two months, all around the world, the Islamists are on the march …. (

~ IN NORWAY, an Awakening to the Islamist Danger …. (

~ MICHAEL J. TOTTEN— On the Brink: Will Lebanon fall into civil war again? …. (

~ VLAD TEPES— Arizona “honor killing” trial set to start; Wikileaks: Americans concerned about radicalization and anti-American views of Dutch Muslims; EgyptGov blames Palestinian group for Copt NYE church bombing; British Muslims threaten UK videographer …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SURVEY SAYS.. Science! Religous Persecution Worse in Muslim Countries than Anywhere Else …. (mypetjawa)

~ ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION – IT IS A GOVERNING DOCTRINE: Sharia law, the Muslim Brotherhood, and U.S. homegrown jihad are where our fight in the US has to be focused …. (

~ BIN LADEN demands France’s withdrawal from Afghanistan …. (worldmag)

~ IT FIGURES: Edmonton Terror Suspect Will Fight Extradition to U.S. …. (mypetjawa)

~ HMMM.. PRESBYTERIANS? Suicide bomber kills 31 at Russian airport; Religion of “Blow Everyone to Pieces” making converts in Moscow …. (

~ IRANIUM: New Documentary Film About Iran …. (therealbarackobama)

~ A SCHOOLGIRL’S Testimony: Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE IRANIAN Embassy’s Demands Are Refused And A “Suspicious” Package Shuts Down The National Library in Ottawa …. (

~ A LOST SOUL— German al-Qaeda Dork Goes to Afghanistan to Fight America; Americans Waste His Sorry Ass …. (mypetjawa)

~ DIVERSITY Lane’s: Islamoterrorist Politics – A Visual Guide …. (

~ CRANMER BLOGGER— “Her ethnic co-religionists say what no white-Christian types may: that Sayeeda Warsi was appointed to the House of Lords and propelled into the Shadow Cabinet to become the Britain’s ‘most powerful female Muslim’ and the most senior Muslim politician simply ‘because of her religion’.” …. (

~ VANDERLEUN IS Connecting the Dots: Islam, Flatulence, and Global Warming …. (

One thought on “Steynian 435

  1. Binks: Note that the Virgin Mary at Zeitoun video (1st one) seems to have intermittent blasphemies (i.e. scribblings on BVM image above church, a monkey…). Just watch it for a few minutes and you’ll see.


    P.S. Keep up the great work.

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