David Cameron: Getting It?

Enstrangling By Serpents

~ ITEM: David Cameron’s* Munich speech – an end to multiculturalism and an end to Islamic extremism

~ ITEM: Dr. Roy: Failed Multiculturalism

“Any expansion of Sharia law in the UK would undermine society and alienate other communities. We cannot permit two codes of law to work side-by-side: one must give way to the other. We cannot have different laws for different communities: all citizens must be equal before the law, under the ultimate jurisdiction of English (or Scottish) law.”

~ IN ENGLAND, where the fatal ‘blood & group’ logic of secular Multiculturalism is strangling democracy and individual freedom, the other serpent of Islamism is doing the same, but from the opposite direction of a false religiosity. Two absolutes, crushing the 1500 year tradition of “liberty under law and God” that is English tradition & gift to the world.

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