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February 10th, 2011

A great big thanks to all who donated to the Kaffir Kanuck Koffee fund, and to those who linked to the cause out there in the blogosphere. The men and woman of B Crew (above) are grateful and hoist a cup-a-joe in a toast to all of you!


Further Thoughts On David Cameron’s Speech

“There is a very interesting word psychology going on here, implanting in the consciousness an unquestionable state orthodoxy and narrative of enlightenment. It is ‘spin’, but of such an Orwellian subliminal manipulation of the vernacular that any contrary utterance strikes a chord of jarring dissonance, and the speaker or writer is cast into political, social or spiritual oblivion.

Norman Tebbit, Simon Heffer, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Peter Hitchens, John Redwood, Melanie Phillips, The Freedom Association. These are inter alia ‘fascists’ of ‘the right’; they exist at the periphery of social acceptability….”

David Cameron’s Munich speech – an end to multiculturalism and an end to Islamic extremism

~ ITEM: CRANMER BLOG WARNS US— Cameron’s concept of religious freedom— “In calling for ‘muscular liberalism’ (as opposed to liberal Conservatism), the Prime Minister has subjugated holiness to his form of social contract, and relegated the peace of Christ to the absence of civil strife”; What are British ‘core values’?; and “Writing propaganda for the EDL

~ MOTHER HILARY, The Mitred Abbess of Orwell’s Picnic Blog took Teh Binks to task today as being not in his right mind in saying nice things about David Cameron’s latest speechifying on MultiCulti. Fair enough– but Binks never claimed to be in his right mind, right? Wiser minds than mine have cautionary second thoughts on the Brit PM’s remarks, and what worse stuff might replace mushy MultiCulti. Read & ponder.

After all, a harsh secularist regime might well exclude militant Islamists — and all other religious ‘opinions’– in a bid for a kind of social peace. After all, secularists in England, the EU, and North America are already trying to silence, penalize & mistreat vocal orthodox Christians in speaking out for what has been 2000+ years of Judaeo-Christian moral and anthropological principles. ~

The Red Cross Sucks

~ ITEM: Red Cross abandons long-time employee Sayed Musa, a new Christian, accused of ‘apostasy’

~ ITEM: Bishops issue urgent appeal to save Afghan Christan

~ ITEM: On May 24, Said Musa was arrested by government authorities in Afghanistan following a television broadcast that showed Christian baptisms and worship, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts

~ ITEM: DIANA WEST: The Daily Mail is reporting that the Afghan Christian I wrote about here is scheduled to be executed for leaving Islam — “apostasy” — on February 10

~ ITEM: Afghan Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity

~ ITEM: Groups work to save two Christian converts in Afghanistan

~ ITEM: Binks– Save A Life This Christmas

~ WHEN WE THINK of ‘benevolent’ International Non-governmental Organizations like The Red Cross (helping people in the name of Christ), it’s all happy good, right?

Except for someone who finally gets it, and responds to the example of Christians and the call of God, and decides to turn from Islam– which is a death-penalty thing in most seriously Muslim nations. One man in Afghanistan who lost his leg 15 years ago worked through the Red Cross to help other Afghan amputees… converted, and now?

“Said Musa, 45, has been held for eight months in a Kabul prison were he claims he has been tortured and sexually abused by inmates and guards.

Mr Musa, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s, has worked for the Red Cross for 15 years and helps to treat fellow amputees.

He was arrested in May last year as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy following a crackdown on Christians within Afghanistan.”

Torture, prison-rape, a death-sentence. Now, Jesus promised the hatred of the world and martyrdom to his followers– but Muslim nations are a special category of antiChristianity.

AND THEN HE WAS ABANDONED BY THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS… who wanted to cover the whole thing up, kept letters from him, and apparently haven’t made any efforts to help him. Like this guy:

Reto Stocker, Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

“In a final meeting with Reto Stocker, head of the Red Cross in Kabul, Mossa’s friends were again told that ICRC is neutral and would not intervene. They were also asked to not make the case public.

In another breach of the Red Cross’ mission, they refused to deliver hundreds of letters addressed to Mossa. Westerners organized the letter-writing campaign to both encourage the Christian and to publicly display the international community’s concern over his plight. “They won’t deliver the letters to Sayed. The Red Cross does not have the right to keep the letters from him. It’s their responsibility to ensure he receives letters written to him via the Red Cross address,” said an aid worker in Kabul who helped organize the campaign.”

For shame. FOR SHAME. The International Red Cross out of Geneva is aiding and abetting Taliban & militant Afghans in the persecution of an employee. To add insult to injury, they’re ignoring a person in need, whom they threw to the wolves, and violating their own mission. That’s evil. And needs to be exposed.

As David Cameron, Angela Merkel and others are now shouting from the rooftops, there can be no accomodation with Sharia, Jihadi, or Islamic supremacism. It’s a death-match, not a multiculti picnic.

Complain about this via Other contact info here. Then send copies to your provincial & federal representatives, the media, and friends. ~

All Hail Dear Leader Binks!

GagDad Bob

~ BINKY THE WEBELF AS false god– it’s a joke, but with a reason. The whole “Ever-Growing Legion Of Pre-Dead Minions” thing, the Binky-Bunker, the pool, the mansions, the Super-Secret HQ, the control over your taste, interests, thoughts; that my wish is your command… it’s a joke. Because there’s been rather too much of the real thing in the 20th Century, inspired by the dark creepery of 19th century inhumanist “thinkers”, and the nasty revolutionists before them.

This introduction is by way of praise for one of my favourite bloggers, GagDad Bob of One Cosmos. He writes theologically and metaphysically, and then ties it in intelligently to current events, problems, and personalities. He’s not a big fan of Leftism, which he considers a false religion, but he’s always got good reasons and a fair take on matters.

His series on Hitler & Nazism is must-read. The recent loving disassembly of Obamism and other anti-Christian messianisms is a glory. It’s topical Aristotle, who said that all learning was a kind of remembering– after reading a dosed of Gagdad, you feel like slapping your forehead and saying “Of course! How could I have forgotten?”

The greatest compliment I can pay to GagDad Bob is that he strikes sparks in my mind & soul with his reflections & insights; he makes me want to blog, to think on things, to read & ponder– for the unexamined life is not worth living.

Add to that the wordplay, puns, and lightness of style, and the One Cosmos blog is “FTW: For The Win” as my twin boys put it. ~

A Letter: Dear America

~ ITEM: Gallup: Unemployment Up to 9.8%; Underemployment/Discouraged Worker Rate at 18.9%

~ ITEM: Egypt and the Loss of U.S. Prestige in the Middle East

~ ITEM: Somebody take this President’s hands off the wheel immediately. Please.

~ ITEM: Obama Sold Out UK, Giving Details Of Their Deterrent To Russia, In Order To Induce It To Sign Meaningless START Treaty

~ ITEM: Time was when this columnist was a big fan of the United States

~ OKAY, HERE’S THE THING— I love you, America.. but the current bunch in DC are beyond dangerous. If you don’t get a real leader in there by 2012, your future as a great nation will be nailed to the floor. You role in international relations and the great issues of the day has already begun to go FUBAR, and one is left wondering if Obama & company aren’t so much idiots at large, but working the other side.

Since the economic heart-attack of 2007-8, your economy has been on life-support, but not really recovering. Jobs? Recovery? Stable banking system and dollar? International confidence? Soon, you won’t be able to afford your bills, let alone dealing with world-sized problems, war, or an Islamo-nuke on a major city. When you lose your economic maneuver-room, you’ve lost your freedom, and freedom of action, and soveriegnty. Sometimes circumstances will allow some goofing up and goofing around– these are deeply dangerous days, when consequences seen and unforeseen are real & serious.

Whether The American Fuhrer is evil in his own will, he is certainly evil in his effects, as is the religion of socialist/ progressive salvation he has staked the future of all Americans upon.

World-Scale Disaster

America, he’s your nightmare, but he’s ruining the world, too.. we really really need you to vote him out, clean up your act, get rid of the voting fraud and foriegn money and political interference from those who wish utopian Neomerica to rise from the grave of America, and realize that your destiny is to be a force for good in the world, and that without your influence, power, good will, and courage, we’re all screwed. Obama wants all this to happen: he’s self-nuking America as she was, for the imaginary progressive paradise of Omerica that he wants.

No, don’t retreat from the cruel world; no, don’t take the thanklessness of so many as a true assessment of your quality and capacity for good; and no, the interior criticism of Frankfurter School Marxists is not true, or based on the real world. Obama doesn’t understand his adoptive country, root, trunk, or branch.

They Have His measure

Ditch the Utopian and his zombie minions. You’ve already seen where three years of this false dream really leads, in spades. If you let it go on for another 5 or six years, then America is truly, deeply, and monumentally screwed… and the world with her. The opportunistic infection that is The Muslim Brotherhood– along with all the other would-be world dictators and rabble-rousers– are watching very closely, and have accurately judged Obama to be a fool, a back-stabber & unreliable ally, a joke with no punchline, a Muslim sympathizer, a bully to allies and an appeaser to enemies, and a massive fail in the course of America political life and geo-political engagement.

Please, America– this is your War For The Future. Vote him out of office, set aside politics as usual, and thereby decide whether the 21st century is going to be a time of renewal, or a walk to the graveyard of history, of failed empires gone the way of dust & ruins and memory. If Soros & the Clintons & Pelosi have wrecked the Democratic party, then recreate it as it should be: liberal, but not utopian and neo-totalitarian.

It’s Personal

In the last three centuries, America welcomed families from Holland, Moldova, Scotland, Canada, and elsewhere– my relatives and ancestors. They helped build the United States, and tens of thousands of my distant cousins now live across the nation. My Dad was born there– raised then in Scotland and Canada– and now lives in the Midwest: and there are other immediate relatives in Hawaii, Florida, California, New York, and elsewhere. You’re in my blood, and my blood is in you.

Sincerely, your friend,

The Binks ~

Sir Binks The Polite

~ ITEM: a piece Instapundit linked to: My Newfound Respect For Chivalry

~ MY NAME IS BINKS, and I hold doors for teh wimmins.. kids, old folks, whomever. I like to drive slower than needful in traffic to allow other drivers to get in and out of traffic. I say please and thank you, and don’t refer to people older than me by their first names unless so invited. I open the car-door for Teh She-Binks, and help her with her chair when she sits. I let others take food first. I carry the heavy stuff, and as needed, deal with anything poisonous, sharp, possibly explosive, bacterial or bitey or stingy.

All that feminuts stuff about equalitarianism is ideologically about weakening the bonds between men and women, and families. When you remove the expectation that men should use their strength to protect, defend, and serve women and children, you don’t get everybody helping everybody else, but women being prickly, and men being lazy or uncertain.

Further, the “hooking up is better than marriage-slavery” has not led to any glorious liberation of repressed energy, but to shame, disease, abortion, delayed and broken marriages, suffering and uncertainty for children, a birth-dearth, and– strangely enough– boredom. Turns out that when you break the age-old and safeguarded holy power and reproductive gift of sex between man and wife, you don’t get freedom and joy and liberation.

The civilizing fact is that men will give their all for a wife and kids– and, by extension, the wider family & community– for a little respect and authority in return. Heck– work years and years, lay down lives, it can be quite an offering.

The death of politeness is no new & better age, but a cold, angry, uncaring, splintered society. ~


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