Steynian 438

February 17, AD2011

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Wrecker On A Rampage

~ ITEM: LifeSiteNews Canada has been hit with a lawsuit – by a Catholic priest of all things!

~ ITEM: Father Raymond J. de Souza: “Gravel is a poseur who has made a very successful career for himself filling a niche that no publicist can resist, namely the Catholic priest who goes about slagging the Church

~ ITEM: Father Raymond Gravel in News in Brief

~ ITEM: Search For “Raymond Gravel

~ EVEN AN EVIL OR CLUELESS PERSON with a match can destroy a massive cathedral: the work of centuries ruined in moments. Any idiot will do: it takes no special talent or quality. is one of Canada’s premier pro-life, pro free-speech, and pro-religious freedom sites on the web. Now an ultra-liberal human toothache named “Fr.” Raymond Gravel has hit them with a SLAPP lawsuit– for their ceaseless and effective reportage of his actual Morgentaler-loving pro-abortion pro-gay words and deeds.. all of which Mr. Gravel terms “libel”. Now Gravel wants to kill the messenger.

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