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February 17, AD2011

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Wrecker On A Rampage

~ ITEM: LifeSiteNews Canada has been hit with a lawsuit – by a Catholic priest of all things!

~ ITEM: Father Raymond J. de Souza: “Gravel is a poseur who has made a very successful career for himself filling a niche that no publicist can resist, namely the Catholic priest who goes about slagging the Church

~ ITEM: Father Raymond Gravel in News in Brief

~ ITEM: Search For “Raymond Gravel

~ EVEN AN EVIL OR CLUELESS PERSON with a match can destroy a massive cathedral: the work of centuries ruined in moments. Any idiot will do: it takes no special talent or quality. is one of Canada’s premier pro-life, pro free-speech, and pro-religious freedom sites on the web. Now an ultra-liberal human toothache named “Fr.” Raymond Gravel has hit them with a SLAPP lawsuit– for their ceaseless and effective reportage of his actual Morgentaler-loving pro-abortion pro-gay words and deeds.. all of which Mr. Gravel terms “libel”. Now Gravel wants to kill the messenger.

As we’ve seen with HRC mock-trials, even a false accusation can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight: thankfully at least, LifeSite is being taken to real court, so actual laws & rules and stuff like that will apply– less marsupial madness. However, like many conservative organizations, LifeSite runs on donations and a tight budget– even lawyers fees over a couple of years could seriously undercut their work and budget.

LifeSite needs donors and extra support right now. Our dollars may be tight, the economy down, but let’s do our part to make sure LifeSite Canada– a real beacon of truth & light– is not taken out by someone who claims the right to dissent for himself, but not the right of others to critique & dissent from his loud, long, and very public dissent.

Free speech.. but ONLY for attention-seeking liberals & radicals, right? Not so much, akshully. ~

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

~ ONE STRANGE aspect of modernity– seen in plastic Communistic smiling about Dear Leader & the glorious revolution– is the banishment of all the seasons & moods of the human soul.

Modern-style worship is particularly guilty of this, with relentlessly up-beat music, rictus-like smiles abounding, and no allowance in prayer for anything but happy. No kneeling in the Novus Ordo mass or its copycats, for fear of introspection, sombre recollection, or any depressing mea culpas.

Unreality Check

But is it always Easter? Not in the actual church calendar, or the Bible, or life. Easter arises from the deepest depth of Good Friday and Passion Week. Weeks of Advent longing, and then Christmas immediately recollects saints and martyred babies and Wandering Wisemen.

The Psalms– the daily diet of monks and nuns and prayerful Christians, also the prayerbook of Jesus himself– is prayer and worship in all modes: in anger, fear, despond, joy, sorrow, thankfulness, persecution, wonder. All of it is part of our human condition, and all of it can be brought before God in private prayer and public worship as well as via music, art, literature and thought.

A Wee Bit R.I.P.

Last month, super-talented Scots musician Gerry Rafferty died. His most famous song– Baker Street– like Dire Straits’ Sultans Of Swing, is a urban-sophisticated song on a darker, thoughtful tone. The famous sax solo is even off tune– a little flat says Raphael Ravenscroft, the sax-man himself– but that only added to the depth of feeling and richness of sound.

The disconnect between modern “permissible feeling” in worship and reality was brought home to Teh Elf when one of his seminary classmates died of cancer, after coming to classes and writing her papers week by week even as she was painfully dying. Two weeks after her last paper, and a week before convocation, she died. Carloads of us– most of the school– travelled north to her home parish for the funeral. Shoulda just stayed home.

A funeral = the ceremonies & rites involved in burying the dead: properly. Such should give scope for sorrow & grief, remembrance, finality, farewells, regrets, thankfulness for a person, pondering our own mortality, the afterlife, God, and all that. Big doings, all that.

The service for our dead classmate? A neon “Thanksgiving For A Life” type thing, with relentlessly cheerful hymns, upbeat homily, and no room for the fact of her life, effort, example, or what she actually went through or meant to us, or that we were all heartbroken at what had happened.

A Plague Upon Us All

Modern Liturgists (whom I’ve always considered a form of terrorist busy-body) have so reacted against the real or imagined maudlin, funereal, or self-indulgent grief of past generations, that they literally banned sorrow, and replaced it with canned & obligatory joy on all occasions. While we’re at it, sin is depressing, too; and fancy or beautiful buildings or music or ye olde golden hymns may get people musing about God and beauty & truth & the good, and not the canned joy & socialist politics & do-goodery oozing from the pulpit, so down with that sort of thing.

Nah. If Scots band The Proclaimers can do “I Would Walk 500 Miles” alongside “Sunshine On Leith”, or “My Old Friend, The Blues”; if Dire Straits can have “M***y F*r N******g” as well as “The Sultans Of Swing”, then the human soul seeking God and knowing itself will do so in sunshine and shadow, in sorrow and rejoicing, in contentment and restlessness.

Aliver Than Alive

After all, the Christian claim is not that Jesus came to make us glib smirkers, but that in him humanity is fully alive, and by partaking of the divine life through his life and death and resurrection, that we are united to God, and all modes of human thought and feeling are redeemed in him. In Him, we are infinitely bigger on the inside that the outside.

So the Psalmist says what all of us have felt (Psalm 30:5):

“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life:
weeping may endure for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning.” ~

When Binks Wins The Lottery…

~ SO ONCE THE MULTI-BILLIONS start rolling in– aside from an adult-sized tree-house, and a refurbished bunker– Teh Binks would like to get really good movies made– including a proper run at The Passion, minus the superfluous Mel-odrama. Other projects?

  • The Fall Of Byzantium. World-sized story, well-documented, lotsa visuals, religious message, flashbacks, clash of civs. What’s not to love? No whitewashing The Religion Of Peace, though.
  • The martyrdom of Perpetua & her companions. The martyrdom of Polycarp. Other great & well-recorded moments of Christian decision and difficulty in the face of persecution.
  • A proper all-CGI version of Lord of The Rings, with no Peter Jacksonism. Now with 100% more Tom Bombadil, elves, music, and poetry & songs. Definitive double-trilogy.
  • The Gulag Archipelago, filmed in English & Russian. 10 part BBC-type thing. With the biting humour included.
  • A realistic & unexpurgated Life Of Muhammed, with the “I think I’m possessed”, pedophile, and bloodthirsty bits left in.
  • A redo of BraveHeart, this time with real history & locations.
  • The Last Ever WW2 Nazis From Mars Movie, in 3-D. Giant over the top magnum opus, then we start paying attention to 2011 and jihad & commies & Obamunism & stuff.

And that’s how the old mind wanders on various topics. I will also hire hitmen with instructions to take me out if I become like George Lucas, James Cameron, or Peter Jackson. ~

Binks Blames It On Teh Gairdner

~ ITEM: The Trouble with Canada… Still, by William D. Gairdner, 2010

~ ITEM: Why the ‘price of sex’ is at an all-time low. Sociologist Mark Regenerus on hooking up, marrying down, and the effect of women’s success on our sex lives

~ ITEM: American teens: We want our virginity back— Study shows majority rethinking pop culture’s love affair with casual sex

~ ITEM: The historic decision by Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone will end the legal definition of marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman

~ ITEM: The polygamists make their move; “Monogamy, in my opinion, is a failed experiment.”

~ DURING MY SLOW de-tox from Trudeaupianism, William Gairder’s original 1990 The Trouble With Canada woke me up. With facts, footnotes, and compelling arguments, this passionate Canadian articulated the problems, how they were all connected, and offered some solutions.

So for those of you who dislike my sometimes addled mix of socon Christian whatnot, Gairdner is partly to blame. Now, I’m reading the 2010 rewrite of the original book: The Trouble With Canada.. Still. Heady, awesome stuff.

One section I’ve just read illuminates the socon/ libertarian/ rights wars phase of The Battle For Canuckistan: the exchange of political & economic freedom for goodies & sexual freedom.

Smooth Vs. Hairy

In the Bible, the twin sons of Isaac & Rebekah are Esau & Jacob. Esau is the elder by being firstborn, and has all the rights & privileges. One day, Esau returns famished from hunting, and begs some food from his brother– Jacob offered to give Esau a bowl of stew in exchange for his birthright (the right to be recognized as firstborn), and Esau agreed. Hence the phrase “he exchanged his birthright for a mess of pottage”.

That is, Esau impatiently & unwisely gave away something of abiding and untold value– the very blessing of God through his family upon him– for something of no real abiding value.

Jacob and the Mess of Pottage
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (designer) – Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co (maker)

Pottagey messes come in various forms. Gairdner’s contention is that since the mid-60s, most Canadians have done just this. Under Trudeau & since– in exchange for a tempting stew of nanny-state ‘goodies’ and a hands-off approach on sexual & moral matters– we have the rise of Canadian statism, and the loss of our birthright: real political, legal & economic freedoms, plus the future consequences of those losses for generations yet to be born. What a deal.

In our new situation, modern sexual freedoms replace the older political and legal freedom, rights, and freedom of the spirit. Writes Gairdner:

“Consider how many of the radical egalitarian claims made in the name of democracy have to do with the body: abortion rights, homosexual rights, conception rights, single-parent rights, transgender rights, cohabitation rights, in vitro rights, and so on. We could say that the primary site for democratic dispute in modern times has shifted from conscience to body, from morality to personal appetite, from very public debates over general moral rectitude, to personal will and sexual desires.”

Bored & Horny

Forget protesting punitive taxation, judicial legislating, debt financing, property rights, religious freedom, English-style liberty under law, and a functional representative democracy– we demand our state-protected, defined, and funded pan-poly-uber jollies. Two words: Mess. Pottage.

Indeed, when the legally enshrined age-old conscience rights conflict with the new Jolly Rights, neither jolliness nor hilarity ensue: ask a Saskatchewan marriage commissioner, or a pharmacist, or a gay conservative, an OR nurse, pro-life politician, or outspoken pastor, or B&B owner, or anyone on the bleeding edge of societal mutation. Jollies Uber Alles.

Gairdner concludes, at some (worthwhile) length:

“The people tend not to complain about the historical losses of their political and economic freedoms, or of being controlled in their speech and inner attitudes, as long as they get complete sexual and personal bodily freedoms as a substitute. We no longer crave an escape from the body (the objective of so many in the past who saw human beings as slaves to their own appetites), but rather the opposite– immersion in its functions and pleasures as a democratic right.

“Accordingly, the past century has been a perfect correlation between rising taxation, government regulation, and citizen dependency, paralleled by increasingly open sexual expression and claims of “sovereignty” over the body. The old spiritual ecstasy in contemplation of transcendent spiritual meaning (an ultimate meaning higher than, an out of reach of the state) is a goner.”

Therefore, Gairdiner argues,

“Instead, we may think of the sexualized democratic State as a political entity that strives through the offer of substitute physical ecstasy to incorporate transcendence into itself. That is to say, by means of a generalized and open sexualization of the masses (which must include a vigourous moral and legal attack on the former restrictive biologically based natural sexual order as “discriminatory” and “anti-democratic”), the democracies of the West have sought to answer the great political problem of the missing moral and spiritual transcendence in secular societies. This was a move that entailed a certain loss of our real freedoms.”

ZZzzZZzzzz — *

Wham, bam, yawn. So the free world ends not in fire and ice, but in the bored and despairing exchange of de-natured and de-heavenlied Precious Bodily Fluids? Messy pottage.

Seems to me Gairdner is on to something– however much other parts of his book are lacking. Get the book. Buy it for your MP, MLA, pastor, friends, and family. ~

The Melty Part Begins?


~ ITEM: Prof Roubini (aka Dr Doom) on the Next Crisis

~ ITEM: Wiki – Hyperinflation

Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation

~ ITEM: World Bank: Food prices at ‘dangerous levels’

~ ITEM: How Hyperinflation Will Happen; Nightmare Hyperinflation Cases

~ ITEM: Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson warns of “imminent financial collapse”

~ ITEM: Having choked off our ability to produce oil both onshore and offshore, Oba-Hussein is now shutting down our use of coal – even CLEAN coal technology

~ THE REAL FUN IN ANY financial/ economic breakdown is when the government runs out of real money, is buried in unaffordable debt & expense, and has no more tricks up the old sleeve for dealing with economic problems.

Europe & the U.S. are already there, and Canada is merely a couple of emergencies behind. Defaulting Greece & Spain & Ireland are not aftershocks, but fore-shocks of the big one.

Fun With Inflatable Prices

The next stage after default is hyperinflation: when prices go up, and so inflation rises uncontrollably. Money becomes worth less and less, savings & investments lose value, panic sets in, and people lose confidence in the banks & monetary system. Bills & debts can’t be paid.. wages become unpayable or worthless. Public services stop. Hilarity ensues.

American debt now equals the American economy, thanks to spendthrifty beast President Obama. He’s spending like it’s 1999, and as if the economy has all the room in the world for ever more debt & big programs & happy party time. This elf thinks it’s deliberate: consequences be damned, and bring on the revolution.

When’s The Next Party?

For narcissists, it’s about him & his– family & friends– everyone else get stuffed. He “cares” for people in the abstract, but not for actual people outside his connected circle. Should an economic melt-down happen, as long as all’s well inside the castle, the peasants can lump it.

There’s lots of resources about how to survive hyperinflation: partly through getting supplies before the panic and high prices, and partly through not panicking financially until stability re-emerges either through a new currency or other means. It might be wise to learn up, to do some home gardening, and to be ready in any case for disaster, melt-down, or whatever. ~

What Shall It Profit A Man?

Disney Geneticists Debut New Child Stars

“Somewhere along this journey, both mine and Miley’s faith has been shaken,” he said. “That saddens me the most.” His family, Billy Ray argued, is now being ruined by Satan. “No doubt,” he insisted. “There’s no doubt about it.” And Billy Ray also held himself partially responsible for his daughter’s behavior.”

~ ITEM: Billy Ray Cyrus: Disney ‘destroyed my family’. Says family under attack by Satan, ‘scared for’ daughter Miley

~ ITEM: Arab Money in the US and a Vibrant 5th Column

~ ITEM: Evil Corporations – The Dark Side Of Disney

~ ITEM: Michigan Residents Reward Obama for Bailing out the Auto Industry With a 32% Approval Rating

Frank Gaffney Challenges Suhail Khan on His Muslim Brotherhood Links

~ ITEM: Zuhdi Jasser on Suhail Khan and the Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC

CPAC Panel Recommends Conservative Outreach to Nation of Islam and La Raza

~ SO WHAT’S YOUR PRICE? The Devil figures you’ve got one, and so does the world.

Billy Ray Cyrus is now understanding– we hope– that Disney is not the friend or but the exploiter of kids & their parent’s wallets. The wrecked lives of teen pop tarts notwithstanding, Disney is about money. Selling your kids into the system is to risk everything.

Equally for all the oil-money buying the loyalty of U.S. university, legislators, corporations, and government. The price is being paid, not least in terms of truth, freedom, and sovereignty. Sadly for the West, the enemy who would buy us have found lots of takers, at discount prices. Where did you think so much of that $600 million which poured into Obama’s election accounts came from? And a bargain President at 1/2 the price, given his “hands off” and pro-militant Muslim stance, and general unwillingness to stand up for allies, Israel, and the West.

Of course, the original quote for my title is from Jesus, who himself battled the temptations of selling out, selling his soul & conscience & principles for some lesser good (Mark 8:36): “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

American Matters

Inside the U.S. conservative movement, there’s a mini civil-war brewing between CPAC fiscal conservatives, and those who also want to warn Americans about the jihad, Muslim Brotherhood, and infiltration of U.S. politics and society by stealth shariac militancy. Longtime Republican powerhouse & millionaire Grover Norquist is pro-Muslim & pro-Muslim Brotherhood (or at least all the front-groups in America, like the MSA, ISNA, CAIR & the rest). People are realizing inside the U.S. conservative movement that it’s not enough to be libertarian or fiscally conservative– and Muslim-married Norquist has queered U.S. foreign & anti-terror policies from 9/11 onwards.


The whole key here is not only “he says-she says”, but how close some of these scary folks are to The Muslim Brotherhood (or its proxies). In the case of Norquist’s buddy Suhail Khan, Khan’s mother is– wait for it– a? board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a front-group. His father founded the Muslim Student Association.

Unless Khan publicly disassociates himself from CAIR & the MSA, Muslim Brotherhood, & Hamas and the tangled web of deception that is modern Islamist stealth-war. Further, Norquist & his buddies make sure that no anti-terror or anti-Brotherhood presentations arise at CPAC.

Oh, and Billy Ray? If you’re very serious, then just say no to the money, fame, attention, and interviews in GQ. Unsell your soul, and pray that Miley can get the message as well. ~

Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013

Two Binks Thumbs Up

~ ITEM: A happy-go-lucky splatterfest that deserves a little respect

~ ITEM: The Troll Hunter official site

~ AS HOLLYWOOD seems stranded in producing fewer great movies of abiding worth (aside from temporary box-office loot), some very weird & mysterious things are happening in Norway. Go figger.

Over the past couple of years, at least two low-budget but high-quality and imaginative films have show up– mostly online & via DVD– which show real imagination, drama, entertainment-value and suchlike goodness.. all without massive amounts of CGI, any George Lucas-type master-planning, or big marketing & hype. I’m not sure if they’re by the same people, but they have a similar cinema verite feel. Thusfar, the movies as they are available are subtitled.. but there are no extended speeches anyway.

The first is Dead Snow: a “feel good, Nazi zombie horror thing” in the Norwegian back-country, by director Tommy Wirkola. Lotsa good scares, gory slaughter, simple make-up, talented camera-work and acting by folks not well known outside of Norway. 9.0 on the Binks scale.. up there with the early work of Sam Raimi, or George Romero.. or even the first Star Wars George Lucas.

The second is a somewhat up-budget film (without wrecking it), a 2010 mockumentary called The Troll Hunter, by director André Øvredal. Mysterious hunter attracts interest of film students: after they track him down in the woods, it turns out he’s.. a Troll Hunter.

The creatures come in small, medium, large, extra-large, and Why Is That Building Walking? And yes, they sometimes lurk under bridges. Unlike other monster movies, this one is scary, raw, and you share in the utter puzzlement of the students as they discover there’s a scary lot of wildlife in the Norwegian backcountry, some of it the sort that eats bears for snackage.

The second film is a bit like the infamous Blair Witch Project– except with a point, interesting & sympathetic and lots of special-effect payoffs as the mystery unfolds. Check ’em out! ~

OUR Bastards

~ ITEM: Muslim Bros plan political party; also Present Two Faces

~ ITEM: Despite notable parallels to the fall of the iron Curtain, the path ahead for today’s popular movements in the Middle East is more uncertain.

~ ITEM: Cal Thomas– “The events of recent days in Egypt offer a sober lesson to Westerners who think the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak resembles the American Revolution”

~ ITEM: Mubarak Out, Brotherhood Remains Primed

~ SO HOSNI MUBARACK may be possibly stepping down. An odd coalition of leftists, utopians, radical Muslims, idiots, post-colonialists who don’t get it, and people who think Dictators Are Very Bad are cheering, and awaiting the peasant paradise that shall arise on the ruins of Egypt’s current regime.

You know, just like peaceful post-colonial India, joyful post-colonial Africa, and successful post-colonial South America.. oh, wait– that didn’t really happen. The triumph of hope over experience, and that people everywhere are in chains yearning to be free means that if Egypt goes chaotic, there will be blood, radicalizing, destruction of many good things (like all the world-class museum & archaeology done under Zahi Hawass & his colleagues). At best, we should be praying for a good dictator to replace the old one. At worse, we should be hoping that we don’t get Iran 1979 Part 2, The Sequel, on steroids & fecking bells on.

Of course, perhaps this is a muddle: part Europe 1989, part 1979, part its own messy self. God have mercy.

The naivete of the world community is only exceeded by its cowardice. Ezra Levant’s piece on the current situation says it all. ~

Fun With Muzzles

“On this web site, I have repeatedly published statements which suggest that Warren Kinsella is dishonest and disreputable. Those statements are completely false and malicious, and I hereby retract them. I apologize to Warren Kinsella, his family and his colleagues, and wish to confirm that I have no intention of writing about Warren Kinsella again. I have removed references to him from this web site, and will make no other comment about this settlement.”

~ Skippy Stalin ~

~ CANADA’S GREAT FORBIDDER has struck again. Freedom shrinks just a little bit more. Seems to me that deeply unhappy persons act as Warren Kinsella does; and that it’s brittle and over-sensitive people with little reputation left to lose who worry so much about their public reputations.

Will Chretien’s former eminence grise sue the former Toronto mayoralty candidate for making said eminence look like an ill-adviser? What about Iggy, who outplaced Kinsella?

More Seriously

Warren: this is your life. If you were to shuffle off this mortal coil in the next 5 minutes, is this current incarnation of politico gone wonky really what you want to leave as your abiding impression? Really? Silencing and bankrupting uppity bloggers? Retailing spite and snarls and snide insider whatnot? Really?

There’s the blood & guts of politics, and then there’s your life and your marriage and family and your inner man. Are these your gifts to God, of the talents and opportunities and callings he has given you, as accounted for on the Last Day? Is this how you have redeemed the times in these evil days?

This blogger asks you for the bettering of your soul to stop torturing ordinary people, take your lumps, and bless those who curse you– it’s the way of Christ. However long or short your remaining days, seek a better way, and whether with or without publicity & spin, seek to use your considerable skills & connections only for good. ~

The Binky

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Angry birds


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~ BUT THAT’S VERBOTEN! The Globe and Mail’s resident nitwit, John Ibbitson, doesn’t want Canadians to debate multiculturalism …. (

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~ JAY CURRIE— the Dutch no longer feel at home in their own country; Iggy really is this dumb; We can, like the Jackal, use the law (badly) to stifle discussion; One of these things is not like the other one; “And therefore, this afternoon, I tendered my resignation to the Prime Minister.”; Global warming alarmism meets the Just Do Something syndrome; Getting Immigration sort of Right; Prime Minister Stephen Harper has to make a choice; Canada has an enviable culture based on Judeo-Christian values; Mubarak has left and the Army is governing; stick him on a plane back to Hong Kong. No “refugee claim” – just good bye; that damned nigger judge on the Supreme Court …. (jaycurrie)

~ SALMAN RUSHDIE: “Cultural relativism is the end of a moral sense” …. (

~ CRANMER BLOGGER— ‘Change’ is the vacuous Obama mantra. And look where it got him …. (archbishop-cranmer.blogs)

~ ACTION DINO— If you don’t like jets, jails or, um, jorporate tax cuts, vote Liberal; More threats of violence from the left; Where is Planned Parenthood’s careful consideration; Madman Louis Riel driving force in the killing of Thomas Scott; What Ignatieff’s Opposition Coalition fails to realize; White flight in the GTA; Globe and Mail demands that all our immigrants be disloyal; 700,000 dead birds in order for wind power to generate as much energy as the evil tar sands; Roger Waters to perform the Wall in Mecca! To support homosexuals; Manitoba Muslims demand more Sharia in Manitoba school curriculum …. (MaD)

~ NICOLAS SARKOZY joins the David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed …. (dailymail)

~ AN IMPRESSIVE Defense of Freedom of Speech … But …. (IFPS)

~ JOSEPH BEN-AMI on Canada’s new transsexual rights law …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE MIGHTY ED DRISCOLL— Truth or Consequences; Bill Maher falls off the Edge of the Earth; Barack is Injurious Yellow; The Ultimate Rube Self-Identifies; No Wonder She Loved Kerry; ‘The Diminished Relevance Of Media Matters’; “ANOTHER OBAMA RECORD… US Debt Equals Size of US Economy”; You’re So Vain, You Probably Think That Egypt’s About You; Muggeridge’s Law Meets the Two-Minute Hate …. (eddriscoll)

~ CALIDONISTAN: Truth and its Consequences – by Peter Worthington …. (IFPS)

~ AMERICA IS STILL CHEERING David Cameron’s rejection of multiculturalism, By Daniel Hannan …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ HITCHENS: The Human Rights Community Is Just Noticing the Taliban’s Horrible War Crimes …. (

~ SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL… in Switzerland (unlike Canuckistan) …. (

~ WALKERISM— Adventures in privacy; Adventures in Freedom of Information; Because low legal bills are for suckers; Well, this doesn’t look good; The Geert Wilders controversy machine; Victory for the Liberty Summer Seminar; Neil Gaiman, FTW; Grapes of Wrath – 2011; Murray Dobbin highlights the Tories’ rather autocratic nature; Are municipalities the new frontier in activist legislation?; Veronique de Rugy debunks three myths about global food supply; Tory MP Nina Grewal wants to save us from the scourge of loud commercials; Do we need more cameras to monitor red lights at intersections? …. (walker)

~ SHOVEL-READY: Orwellian food fascism, Canucki-style …. (SomeLink)

~ NETHERLANDS Joins the UK, Germany and France in Admitting Multiculturalism Has Been a Failure …. (weaselzippers)

~ AND NOW…IDIOTS— Commenting on the attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan, conservative political commentator Debbie Schlussel keeps it classy …. (

~ STRICTLY RIGHT— Finally, a new place for Bill Clinton to meet women; The Racist Left Strikes Again; The cynical and unrealistic White House budget; Niall Ferguson on the Impending Disaster in Egypt; Remember that time that Tarek Fatah called me a racist?; It helps to be holding cards when you bluff; Debt now equals total U.S. economy …. (strictlyright)

~ QUEBEC’S LEFTIST ELITE determined to extinguish free speech and freedom of the press …. (wernerpatels)

~ WONKY CRAZY-LAW Bill C-389 Will Lessen Equality: When some are more equal than others, by Brian Lilley; “Bathroom Bill” Again …. (

~ GHOST OF FLEAS— Felicia Day is to star in Dragon Age: Redemption; The Making Of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; Gododdin: Gwyr a aeth Gatraeth; Sir Christopher Lee accepts the BAFTA; This right here is what we call dieselpunk; The cast of The Hobbit; Piracy and the internet …. (ghostofaflea)

~ DAVID HOROWITZ exposes Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of CPAC… at CPAC (video) …. (5FOF)

~ DOWN WITH CHRISTIANITY!– U.K. Christians Alarmed by Push to Allow Gay Ceremonies in Churches …. (christianpost)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Security Concerns”–They’re Not Exclusively for the Right/Un-PC Anymore; One of the delightful denizens of our multiculti Trudeaupia; Encouraging Words, But Actions Speak Louder; And Even After All That the Stunt Was Still Only Half-Baked; Obama M.O. Different for Jews, Muslims; Mubarak is soaking up the rays in Eilat; It Seems to Me I’ve Heard That Rant Before; No Gay Sex, Please, We’re Islamist; Of Pharaohs and Fairy Tales; The Original Hopeychanger? It’s the Prophet Muhammad!; More “Fun” at the “Human Rights” Mausoleum …. (

~ SULTAN KNISH: “The Perfect Government” …. (xanthippa)

~ MUST.. SMASH.. TABOOS! The aging rock star of ethics, Peter Singer, is still playing the same taboo-smashing tunes …. (mercatornet)

~ EUTOPITARDS— Homosexuality And European Values …. (brusselsjournal)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Business as usual, then; They do furnish a room; Like seeing something secret; Well, around here, you find much more interesting things; Jojo answers Peter Singer; Lachrimae Antiquae by John Dowland; This just in the commbox from Paul Szabo …. (

~ TWO ENGLISHMEN arrested – for posting videos on the internet …. (xanthippa)

~ STAND YOUR GROUND— Controversial Priest Wants To Bankrupt Life Site News; “When A Man Loves A Woman, He Has To Become Worthy Of Her“; Marriage – Avoid Misuse; Green Energy Policy – Blackouts And Brownouts; It’s a joke, but just like every joke, it has a grain of truth …. (

~ TRANSHUMANISTS Launch Campaign for Animal Personhood …. (secondhandsmoke)

~ SO WHO NEEDS ‘false and misleading news’? …. (wernerpatels)

~ ANCHORESS— Valentine’s Day Linkfest of Love!; Suffering gives us courage and resilience, and hope; Mubarak GONE! Egypt Steps Into Great Unknown …. (theanchoress)

~ LIBERTY VS. benevolence, by Roger Kimball– An introduction to Limited government in an age of uncertainty …. (newcriterion)

~ CONFESSION via iPhone; plus, “Confession” iPhone app raises objections… Not from Roman Catholics or other Christians, but from homosexual activists; iPhone Confession; Verdicts Via NPR, Protestants …. (Various)

~ WHY LIBERALS secretly love the English Defence League …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ JOHN ROBSON: We come from the Magna Carta! …. (xanthippa)

~ WHAT HAPPENED to Lara Logan was unacceptable …. (WaPo)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Double standards and an imbecile media; Hemming the lemming; The American debacle in Egypt; The ‘Palestine Paper’ that got away; A monstrous inversion; the Cameron government is shaping up to be one of the most hostile towards Israel in living memory …. (melaniephillips)

~ FORBIDDEN REALITY— A British physician, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, was fired from a Home Office advisory committee on drug abuse after someone belatedly noticed that the doctor had co-authored a 1995 paper which drew a correlation between homosexuality and paedophilia. He was accused of having expressed “controversial” views on homosexuality. It has now been discovered that a 1998 Home Office publication took the same view as the good doctor. A correlation between homosexuality and child sexual abuse has also been reported by several studies published in academic journals. How “controversial” is that! Peter Hitchens castigates the Home Office …. (, dailymail)

~ LOVELY FOLK, REALLY— Presbyterians for Anti-Woman Profiteering …. (reformedpastor)

~ MERRIE OLDE ENGLAND Morphs into Scary New England via Multiculturalism …. (theblogmocracy)

~ DEMOCRACY in Space. Pants-wetting levels of funny are achieved …. (

~ WINTRY KNIGHT— The attempt to ground morality with science; UK Equalities Minister introduces law allowing gays to marry in churches; Obama administration seeks repeal of conscience protections; Should Christians support wealth redistribution as a way to alleviate poverty?; Mark Steyn on big government and the violence of abortion; Several states considering bills to promote academic freedom; How far have Canadian public schools gone to push leftist ideology? …. (wk)

~ MAN BAGS and Injured Metrosexuals …. (theblogmocracy)

~ SOCIALIZED MEDICINE W/O MONEY? NHS Meltdown: Shameful Treatment of the Elderly …. (secondhandsmoke)

~ A H8TEFUL K8TEFUL via SDA— Tommy Douglas: Not Dead Enough!; Saskatoon Housing Bubble?; “Flip followed by flop followed by flip“; Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality; Momma O- Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!; It’s As If They Don’t Want People To Know; A Swiss man’s home is his castle… where he can continue to keep his automatic rifle; Great moments in pointless outrage …. (SDA)

Domestic & National Peacekeeper in Switzerland

~ RUSH LIMBAUGH on CPAC, GOProud and Mitch Daniels’s ‘Truce’ …. (nationalreview)

~ SIGCARLFRED— Beyond Intellectualism: On becoming an anti-intellectual intellectual …. (SCF)

~ MARPRELATASTIC— Iranium 2; Ways to Describe a HRT Adjudicator’s Words and Actions …. (

~ THE REAL LGF— Still waiting for a protest march by Queers Against Islamic Apartheid; Fruits & veggies prevent allergies! No, they don’t!; Wait, Swedes can choose not to join a union?; Democracy does not mean what you think it means; “China now the second-largest economy“; “Israel — That Pesky Little Country”; Australian textbooks: rewriting history; U.S: Proposed new “Hezbollah Anti-Terrorism Act“; Saudi Arabian Apartheid! …. (

Video of Allen West’s keynote speech at CPAC

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~

~ VANDERLEUN’S LAW: “Oh, by the way, see those people over there? Yes, the ones who had nothing to do with it. They did it.” …. (

~ DOES CONSCIENCE protection excuse a health professional from providing after-abortion care? …. (mercatornet)

~ THE NEW GAY MATH— Formerly Great Britain continues down the path of making itself an national Monty Python routine …. (reformedpastor)

~ THE PROPAGANDIST— You Are Invited To The Two Minutes Hate; Peace Agreements Written In Sand; The Afghan Government’s Attack on Women’s Shelters; Geert Wilders. Holland’s Never-Ending Scandal; Iran’s Schizophrenic Approach To Revolution; A United Front Emerges In Germany; The Gaza Siege From The Inside; Egyptian Military Reaffirms Peace Agreement With Israel; More Proof Of The Left-Islamist Alliance; Is Erdogan De-Secularizing Turkish Democracy?; Time Portrait of Afghan Woman Wins Photo of the Year; Film Review. Maradona By Kusturica; Help Save the Afghan-Canadian Community Centre in Kandahar; The Genealogy of a Totalitarian Kingdom …. (propagandistmag)

Pat Condell: “The Taste of Multiculturalism”

~ UP, UP AND AWAY: UK INFLATION SURGES TO 4%.. with no financial recovery in sight, however …. (cnbc)

~ MOOSE & SQUIRREL— Canada’s Immigration Minister using doublespeak; For Star Wars geeks; Haroon Siddiqui: On the Wrong Side of Reality; Why skeptics are superior to the AGW criminal “scientists”; Bird shredder FAIL; I hope Jonas ran as fast as he could from this psycho chick; Pandering to weaknesses; Victory for the Jaworskis and the Liberty Summer Seminar!; SFU’s Muslim Students Association holding a Jew-hating “Gaza – Concentration Camp?” event; “Peter Worthington connects dots between Caledonia victims, Dr. King, and European persecution of Islam critics”; Identical cousins: The CHRC and the Muslim Brotherhood …. (

~ THE MIRROR of Justice: Robert P. George on Live Action Lies & Abortion …. (merecomments)

~ THE NEW CANUCKISTAN— “So, when a chick with a dick uses the women’s washroom and is checking out your little girl, she/he isn’t a pervert, he/she is marginalized. Ya, that’s the ticket” …. (mitchieville)

~ A WORD SO OVERUSED that it is now a cliché: “prophetic” …. (firstthings)

~ COVER FOR TYRANTS? “Anti-democratic regimes are getting wise to the potential of copyright infringement as a means of stifling dissent. In September of last year, the Kremlin used a weak claim of copyright infringement to raid the offices of NGOs and human rights groups.” …. (weeklystandard)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Here are some post-Super Bowl thoughts on the America’s popular “culture” and other things. “Signs of the Times” …. (victorhanson)

~ USELESS EATERS WATCH— The Boy Without a Cerebellum …. (theanchoress)

~ A BOOK BY A Western expert fails to grasp the economic and social situation of China, and the power of modern communications to bring about change …. (mercatornet)

~ THE CONUNDRUM facing pro-life Canadian voters …. (theinterim)

~ RIGHT GIRL— Currently Reading: The Fry Chronicles; Quick, Warren, sue your lawyer!; Whenever the Muslims do something stupid; Lullaby of Birdland; The 7-Year Bitch; Wait, we want to give these people democracy?; Jimmy Carter’s Million Little Pieces?; The culture of entitlement in the Toronto Transit Commission; Kinsella: More hyena than jackal …. (girlontheright)

~ ON A LIGHTER note: “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” …. (xanthippa)

~ “DEBUNKING” Biblical Marriage 3 …. (reformedpastor)

~ TAKE BACK YOUR SKOOL— Update and a half!; In Vancouver? …. (takebackyourschool)

~ MERCATOR runs an excerpt from Rocco Buttiglione’s latest book, Exiting a Dead End Road: a GPS for Christians in Public Discourse, under the headline “The banality of tolerance.” …. (

~ UNCOMMON Knowledge, William Voegeli asserts that the welfare state was sold to Americans in disguise …. (nationalreview)

~ MURDER IN PARADISE— “This week a committee of the Hawaii Senate voted to shelve a bill for physician-assisted suicide after listening to emotional public testimony. Here are some of the stories” …. (mercatornet)

~ MERE COMMENTS— “The very fact that we have observed a real need in another person or group of persons likely means that WE ARE THE ONES GOD INTENDS TO MEET THE NEED” …. (merecomments)

~ ALL SHALL LOVE MITCH! — Justin Bieber – Anti-Abortionist; CBS Reporter Lara Logan Beaten & Sexually Assaulted In Egypt; Imagine the stories (that could never be repeated) that came from that magical Thursday afternoon at MJ’s ranch; The Mayor’s take on Uma Thurman; The Top Ten Financial Links Of The Day 1; Wendy’s Is America’s Favourite Fast Food; Another Point of View; The Top 10 Financial Links Of The Day 2; Clothing Prices To Rise 10% In Spring; Your Life According To The Government; The Top Ten Financial Links Of The Day 3; MENSA Teaser …. (mitchieville)


~ OBAMA’S CHILDREN— All children to be registered in national biometric records– Identity-tracking scheme assembled under radar for ‘border pass’ program …. (

~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— Soros group: ‘Normalize” Algerian terrorists; Egypt nabs terrorists targeting strategic Suez; It’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s All Heart Bomber Bill Ayers; Hamas chief declares: U.S. Empire will fall; Rep. King’s Hearings on Radicalization of Muslim Americans; Obama, Soros create ‘Palestine.’ Invest together in Arab ‘country’ not yet created; Beck is right on Egypt chaos; Soros group: ‘Normalize’ Muslim Brotherhood; the FCC announces it is upgrading its Emergency Alert System with the Presidential Alert; Soros fingerprints on Mideast chaos. Tied to opposition leader, funded groups opposing U.S. allies …. (RBO)

~ COULD THE PRESIDENT Have Done Any Worse With Whom He Surrounds Himself? …. (

~ RAHM EMANUEL Offers $2,500 Reward For Name of Person Making Fun of Him on Twitter …. (weaselzippers)

~ NOT THAT THE LEFT CARES, BUT Rep. Gabrielle Giffords can walk while holding onto a cart, mouth the lyrics to easy songs, and have simple conversations, according to family, staff, and her doctors …. (worldmag)

~ SOROS-LED Group Pushes Algeria to “Empower” Islamist Groups Seeking Establishment of a Caliphate by Letting Them Into the Government …. (weaselzippers)

~ ALLEN WEST: Multiculturalism a Threat to National Security, Stops us From Identifying the Threat as Islam-Based …. (weaselzippers)

~ A LITTLE FYI from the FBI: 100% Chance of WMD Attack on American Soil …. (weaselzippers)

Just How Broke Are We? You Cannot Even Begin to Imagine It

~ SINCE THE REGIME of Barack Hussein Obama came to power, he has back stabbed all our allies. The UK, Israel, Colombia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Honduras, the Mubarak regime in Egypt and Canada …. (blogmocracy)

~ OBAMA’S BUDGET— Screwtape just loves this kind of talk. It’s sheer grease on the downward skids to hell …. (americandigest)

~ THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE COVER-UP: The Nordyke twins vs Obama …. (MaD)

~ BE TOTALLY AFRAID— White House Insider: Obama is Clueless. Totally Clueless …. (theblogmocracy)

~ CALIFORNIA— Victor Davis Hanson: The state’s disastrous budget is a symptom, not the cause, of California’s much larger nightmare. “Jerry Brown, Modern Sisyphus” …. (victorhanson)

~ HOSNI MUBARAK is out as Egypt’s head of government. What this portends for Egypt and its people is unknown. But guess who’s taking credit for Mubarak’s ouster …. (

~ PARTY-READY Obamas to Celebrate Black History Month With Motown Night …. (weaselzippers)

~ DROWNING IN BILE— “Distinguished Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank announces after writing 42 pieces on Sarah Palin he’s tired of all this talk about Sarah Palin” …. (

~ CLAPPER ON, CLAPPER OFF— “The United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the world. Hands down, no debate. In what other country in the world can a person rise to one of the highest positions in the national government without having to actually know anything?” …. (

~ BLOATOCRACY— Fun Fact of the Day: Obama’s HHS is Bigger Than LBJ’s Entire Government Even After it’s Adjusted for Inflation …. (weaselzippers)

~ OBAMA’S BUDGET: $8 trillion in new spending– Rep. Garrett: Prez shows ‘total lack of leadership to put fiscal house in order’; Obama unveils $3.73 trillion budget for 2012 …. (wnd, worldmag)

~ DESENSITIZING– it happens when you aren’t looking …. (prowomanprolife)

~ SPENDING FREEZE?! Am I The Only One Who Feels Like Charlie Brown Trying To Kick The Football? …. (theblogmocracy)

~ GEORGE SOROS, Google tagged for starting Islamic uprisings– Andrea Shea King explains billionaire’s connections to ‘Revolution 2.0’ …. (

~ YOU KNOW IT’S BAD WHEN YOU’VE LOST THE IVY LEAGUE— Harvard Historian Slams Obama On His Handling Of Egypt; How Obama lost the Egyptian people …. (mypetjawa, wApO)

FDA Official: “Just Eat A Goddamn Vegetable”


“If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from, or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law.”

~ Mahfooz Kanwar, Canadian Muslim ~

~ HOMELAND INSECURITY— ‘Weapon of mass destruction found in the U.S.’; San Diego port official claims discovery by ‘partner agencies’ …. (dailymail, fox)

~ SANDMONKEY BLOGGER— Mubarak’s Egypt NO MORE; Mubarak’s gamble …. (sandmonkey)

~ THOSE CUDDLY BRUDDAHS— Reminder: 9/11 Ringleader Mohammed Atta Was a Member of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood …. (weaselzippers, spectator)

~ MUST-READ PUNDITA: Notes on the Egypt post; Now that the Gamalists have been toppled, how does Egypt’s old guard plan to stanch the country’s brain drain? Cut to the sound of chirping crickets …. (

~ EGYPT’S IMPOVERISHED Christians struggling as unrest continues. Soaring food prices and scarce resources are leaving Egypt’s impoverished Christians struggling to find enough food to eat …. (

~ BRITAIN’S MUSLIM SCHOOLS teach hatred against Hindus & West: Secret filming shows pupils being beat …. (dailymail)

~ SHHHH! Danish Muslims Increasingly Convert to Christianity …. (

~ UTTER NONSENSE— The Muslim Brotherhood has renounced violence and, we are told by the usual liberal media experts, is devoted to peace, love, hugging and the music of the Californian 1960s folk movement …. (

~ SYRIA JAILS 19-Year-Old Female Blogger …. (

~ WIKILEAKS: Al-Qaeda Planned to Carry out Dirty Bomb Attacks in Afghanistan …. (weaselzippers)

~ LIBERTY NOT JUST FREEDOM For Egypt, writes John Mark Reynolds …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ IKHWAN (Muslim Botherhood): Launched website reveals dictators’ (Mubarak) scandalous supporters; Brotherhood Statements Foster Confusion; Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak is gone: Long Live the Muslim Brotherhood? …. (mypetjawa, ip, evangelicaloutpost)

Civil War in France

A window into the damage that the French have done to themselves by drinking the multicultural kool-aid

~ IRAN, JORDAN, YEMEN— Skirmishes broke out between police and protesters outside Manama in Bahrain …. (richardfernandez)

~ TAREK HEGGY on the dilemma facing Europe as it faces the threat of Islamism to its core values …. (

~ 4.5 YEARS OF A 70 YEAR SENTENCE— 7/7 Jihadi Quietly Released; Babar: The jihadi supergrass …. (mypetjawa, bbc)

~ TERROR-LOVIN’ CAIR’S Self-Serving Third Jihad Complaint …. (Investigativeproject)

The Third Jihad – Part 1 of 4

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~

~ SIGCARLFRED— “Egypt and Tunisia have just sent a sobering message to China and other authoritarian regimes around the world: don’t count on economic progress to keep you in power forever” …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ GOOD NEWS FROM Indonesia: Islamic leader on trial for inciting attacks against Christians threatens Christians again in fiery court speech …. (jihadwatch)

A Fascist Gargoyle/ War Criminal

~ TERRY GLAVIN— War Criminal Invited To Take Tea At King’s College, London; also, A Valentine’s Day Salaam To Our Silenced Muslim Comrades; plus Shaking Scythes At Cannon: Tunisia, Egypt, On To Tehran …. (

~ BOOKS AM BAD! Nigeria: Police foil church attack by Misunderstanders of Islam …. (

~ THINK AGAIN: Egypt From the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Arab autocracy domino theory, five myths about Egypt’s revolution …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ AWFUL BEYOND WORDS— Peace-Loving Egyptian Protesters Yelled “Jew! Jew!” During Vicious Sexual Assault on CBS Reporter Lara Logan; Liberal Scumbag’s Reaction to Lara Logan Being Raped: “No Sympathy For Her, She Was a Major War Monger” . . . Update: Rosen Resigns Under Pressure From NYU!; Al-Jazeera’s silence on Lara Logan …. (weaselzippers, tmz)

~ BRUSSELS JOURNAL— Egypt: From Hope To Disillusion? …. (

~ JOOOOOOOOS! Iran Says da Jooos and the Great Satan Behind Anti-Government Protests …. (weaselzippers)

~ CRUDE REALITY: Will a Middle Eastern oil disruption crush the economy? …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ EGYPT, Israel, and Palestine, by Michael Weiss; Ouch! More Smart Diplomacy, by Roger Kimball; and What, Never? W.S. Gilbert on the Muslim Brotherhood …. (newcriterion)

~ ISLAM’S Spiritual ‘Dear Abby’: Yusuf Qaradawi, The Voice of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ UK JUGGLES Islam and Islamism– Already drowning in the consequences of Muslim immigration, the British still can’t seem to find the will to shut off the spigot …. (

~ HAS IRAN ENCIRCLED The Rest Of The World? …. (brusselsjournal)

~ TIME MAG PORTRAIT of Afghan Woman Wins Photo of the Year …. (propagandistmag)

~ FRIEDMAN SEEMS TO believe there is no reason for Israel to fear this popular revolution! Democracy now! It always works out! It’s POPULAR! What could go wrong?! …. (theblogmocracy)

~ EVIL BASTARDS REDUX— Egyptian Islamist Group That Carried out Waves of Terror Attacks During 1990s Makes First Public Appearance in 20 Years …. (weaselzippers)

~ A LAND DOWN UNDER— Australia: Try to Guess Who is Pissed about Anti-immigration Petition; Australian Dhimmi: Muslim sensitivity at Catholic School & more Multi-Cult Moments …. (

~ MY PET JAWA— Allahu Akbar! Terror Camp Trainer Pleads Guilty at GITMO; Somali American Coming Home to Face Terror Charges; 2 Naturalized US Citizens Among 7 Charged With Aiding The Taliban …. (mypetjawa)

~ CHEERFUL Iranian Regime Calls for Murder of Protest Leaders; CNN reporting: “Security forces clash with demonstrators in Iran“; Diarrhea reformists; The Islamist regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scared! …. (mypetjawa,

~ FUN WITH SECURITY THEATER— Airport bans toy soldier’s three-inch rifle from plane… because it’s a safety threat …. (

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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