.. Now With Inground Wading Pool!


Liveblogging Update

Sunday Afternoon, 4pm local time

~ SOMETIME Blogger NScott & his Missus, Heavy Duty Judy, are here helping with sorting the dead books from the living, and the possibly resurrectable ones via the freezer. Meantime, the Binklings are sorting the garbage, collecting DVDs, picking out treasures.. before the basement gets put in storage & renovation. All is soggy.. many dead books.

True friends are worth more than gold, yea more than much fine gold.



~ SO THANKS to AlGore’s Global Warming (3  chilly feet of which surround the Bink’s Suburban Hideout), our semi-finished basement flooded last evening, to the tune of 7-8 chilly inches of ice water.. everwhere.

Teh Binks being a super semi-genius, I went outside & built a snow-dam to slow the water, whilst the Binklings rescued books, electronics, art & photos, and other oddments inside.

I then called the local fire department, who arrived with pumps, shovels, sandbags– they bunkered the basement doorwell, drained it, shovelled a path to draw water from the 2-foot slush-pool beside the house, then pumped the lawn & the basement down to small puddles. Mrs. Binks had to coordinate everything after the local FD arrived, because I’d done a geezer on the shovelling, and was in bed trying to breathe and not expire and stuff.

SomeBody was looking after us, however: Teh Binklings were supposed to be sleeping over at a friend’s house last night, but it was cancelled– had they not been downstairs, we’d have woken up to 3-4 feet of icewater, with total losses of the Binks blogging centre, all the books, all our storage, Christmas ornaments, everything downstairs.. shudder.

Soggy Tomes

Those of you familiar with domestic floodiness  know how fun even 7-8 inches of water can be amongst your belongings. 2 months of rebuild lie ahead, but the real losses are the books, especially the older out of print or family heirloom volumes: so far, 25-30 new and old losses, but another 8 boxes await soggy unpacking, and probably 1/2 head to the garbage.*

The insurance will cover some of the loss, but anyone interested in sending along replacement books via Amazon.com may contact me [ binks dot webelf at gmail dot com ]; and know my grateful thanks for and support & encouragement in this stressful time.

Your servant,


*I will be trying this LifeHacker trick, but have no idea if it works.