.. Now With Inground Wading Pool!


Liveblogging Update

Sunday Afternoon, 4pm local time

~ SOMETIME Blogger NScott & his Missus, Heavy Duty Judy, are here helping with sorting the dead books from the living, and the possibly resurrectable ones via the freezer. Meantime, the Binklings are sorting the garbage, collecting DVDs, picking out treasures.. before the basement gets put in storage & renovation. All is soggy.. many dead books.

True friends are worth more than gold, yea more than much fine gold.



~ SO THANKS to AlGore’s Global Warming (3  chilly feet of which surround the Bink’s Suburban Hideout), our semi-finished basement flooded last evening, to the tune of 7-8 chilly inches of ice water.. everwhere.

Teh Binks being a super semi-genius, I went outside & built a snow-dam to slow the water, whilst the Binklings rescued books, electronics, art & photos, and other oddments inside.

I then called the local fire department, who arrived with pumps, shovels, sandbags– they bunkered the basement doorwell, drained it, shovelled a path to draw water from the 2-foot slush-pool beside the house, then pumped the lawn & the basement down to small puddles. Mrs. Binks had to coordinate everything after the local FD arrived, because I’d done a geezer on the shovelling, and was in bed trying to breathe and not expire and stuff.

SomeBody was looking after us, however: Teh Binklings were supposed to be sleeping over at a friend’s house last night, but it was cancelled– had they not been downstairs, we’d have woken up to 3-4 feet of icewater, with total losses of the Binks blogging centre, all the books, all our storage, Christmas ornaments, everything downstairs.. shudder.

Soggy Tomes

Those of you familiar with domestic floodiness  know how fun even 7-8 inches of water can be amongst your belongings. 2 months of rebuild lie ahead, but the real losses are the books, especially the older out of print or family heirloom volumes: so far, 25-30 new and old losses, but another 8 boxes await soggy unpacking, and probably 1/2 head to the garbage.*

The insurance will cover some of the loss, but anyone interested in sending along replacement books via Amazon.com may contact me [ binks dot webelf at gmail dot com ]; and know my grateful thanks for and support & encouragement in this stressful time.

Your servant,


*I will be trying this LifeHacker trick, but have no idea if it works.

10 thoughts on “.. Now With Inground Wading Pool!

  1. http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/2011/02/25/banned-from-canadistan/

    A family friend whose books I have read, whose intellect I respect, and who is also an American citizen, was recently denied entry to Canada to give a speech at a university in Vancouver. The decision was brought about by the protests of an Islamic advocacy group there.

    While the specific details may not be of personal interest, the concept of an Islamic advocacy group succeeding in getting an American denied entry to Canada shows how far the multiculti/PC/civility police have come in outlawing free speech that doesn’t jibe with their sensibilities.

  2. Much sympathy Mr & Mrs Binks, you are right, it is the books that evoke the most feeling of loss. However when such disasters strike, for those that love God and God loves, He is always there trying to tell us something. A similar disaster to this two years ago brought in its wake many blessings that wouldn’t have been there but for the disaster.

    May God bless you and keep you in your troubles.

    Roy Smith

  3. I’m going to keep that idea in mind about freezing water-logged books, just in case… But hoping I never need to use it.

    So sorry you have to go through all this mess — such a drag.

  4. Binks, since the winter is far from over, may I suggest a trip to Princess Auto, TCS or similar store to get yourself a gasoline powered pump. $300 bucks will get you a nice portable unit that can move a lot of melt-water really fast. Its what the firemen used, but cheaper.


    Also, may I suggest a sump-pump? Canadian Tire, $100-$200, cheap insurance for the peace of mind at this soggy-ass time of year. These machines sit in a hole in the floor, beside the HOT WATER HEATER is a great place. Because water heaters sometimes rust out and flood your basement with nice hot water. Mine did.

    At any rate, the pump sits there and when its float rises up on the rising water level, it turns on and pumps out the hole. Because its a hole, the water never reaches the floor. Or all your stuff.

    In case of power failure I have two of these things in my basement, one of which is plugged into a giant battery backup power supply. Its overkill, but The Phantom says anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing. An ounce of prevention is cheaper than half a ton of frozen books.

    You should also look into a SEWER TRAP as soon as possible, in case City of Toronto has a malfunction that makes your basement fill up with sewer effluent. That’s been known to happen in spring, and its a beauty to try and clean up after.

    Feel free to contact me at my blog for further elucidation, plumbing tips and etc.

  5. Further to the pump business, Princess Auto has a 6 hp, 3″ pipe gas powered water pump for $250.00 on special this week. I’m getting one today, my yard looks like the ocean.

  6. If you’d like to take a truck to PEI this spring, I know where you can pick up several hundred books – need to make a bedroom out of a library. We have another 70 boxes in storage too…

  7. I empathize completely. Lost my entire library twice in my lifetime. Once in a flood when I lived in the tropics. The second time in a storage facility in Canada after an adversary spread false rumours that I was a “terrorist”.

    Not much you can do about Mother Nature, but there is even less you can do after the people in the trenchcoats show up. After they investigate and discover you weren’t a terrorist after all — that you were the victim of a malicious rumour or mistaken identity — you never get your confiscated books back, or your personal documents, or the photos of your kids, or your University research, or your years of foreign journalism, or anything near and dear to you that defines you as “you” and your life history.

    Pray that your material possessions fall under the sovereign justice of Mother Nature rather than into the hands of the merciless justice of man. I think the latter experience feels something like rape.

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