Steynerism 441rd

Dead Jews? No Problem!

~ ITEM: JEWS TO THE SLAUGHTER– The attack on the Fogel family is yet another proof of the extreme cruelty and hate Islamism can shelter and produce

~ ITEM: THE OLDEST HATRED: THE FARBER QUESTION– News Jews can’t use – plus Dead Jews is no news

~ ANY RATIONAL PERSON KNOWS there’s a double-standard when it comes to the savage barbarism of Islam, versus everybody else. Well.. blinders might be a better term– so we don’t get distracted from the Real Problem.. of how terribly, terribly bad we are.

The massacre of the Fogels.. there’s just no words.

As I’ve said before, just reverse the terms: Presbyterians massacre, stab, slaughter Hindus. Rejoicing breaks out in the streets of Glasgow, candy handed out. Then you’re in the land of teh crazy.

What’s worse is that we’re getting used to this. That makes us guilty bystanders.

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Steynian 440nth


Caledonia: No More Nightmares

March 22, 2011
Library and Archives Canada
7:00 PM (bonus video 6:30pm)

Admission: $20 (includes HST), $10.00 for students/ seniors
Compact Music, 785 1/2 Bank Street
Compact Music, 190 Bank Street
Ottawa Festivals, 47 William Street
Tickets will also be available at the door.

Tickets are also available on line. ~

NewsFlash: Shite Happens

~ ITEM: Where is God in the wake of all the world’s misery

~ ITEM: A Tsunami Cannot Be Drawn in Pastels: On Dignity and Suffering

Tsunami Japan.. note the tsunami-deflection walls

~ ITEM: The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was built to stand

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Tentative Bits

Dear Ever-Growing Army Of Pre-Dead Minions:

A little blog-related link-searching has finally resumed, at the new upstairs Binky Bunker computing site… as the drying out, smashing and crashing of renovation, and all that stuff continues. downstairs So far, 200+ books dead, including stuff from my dearly departed Mum’s library, some of my childhood books, books signed by various authors, and gifts from family & parishioners & She-Binks down the years.

We academical types are book-gluttons, and thus, each book is like a friend. Losing them is very hard… though through the wonders of Amazon, a very many older books & popular tomes can be rebought.

Posting sometime this week. Thanks for the comments, encouragement, and patience as things went wonky at the Binkorium.


Basement Flooding Cleanup and Recovery