Tentative Bits

Dear Ever-Growing Army Of Pre-Dead Minions:

A little blog-related link-searching has finally resumed, at the new upstairs Binky Bunker computing site… as the drying out, smashing and crashing of renovation, and all that stuff continues. downstairs So far, 200+ books dead, including stuff from my dearly departed Mum’s library, some of my childhood books, books signed by various authors, and gifts from family & parishioners & She-Binks down the years.

We academical types are book-gluttons, and thus, each book is like a friend. Losing them is very hard… though through the wonders of Amazon, a very many older books & popular tomes can be rebought.

Posting sometime this week. Thanks for the comments, encouragement, and patience as things went wonky at the Binkorium.


Basement Flooding Cleanup and Recovery


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