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One Year Gone– So Much For Canucki/ Quebecki Justice

~ ITEM: Carleton students chased with machete – Macleans OnCampus

~ ITEM: The Cost of Supporting Israel, by Nick Bergamini

~ ITEM: Media downplays anti-Semitic machete attack in Ottawa

~ ITEM: Google: Carleton, Machete

~ LET’S REMEMBER the facts as blogged & reported, and uncontradicted thusfar: last April…

“Nick Bergamini, Vice-President Student Issues at Carleton University, says he and roommate Mark Klibanov were attacked early Monday morning by a group of men yelling that they were Zionists and Jews.”

As the men got out of the car, Bergamini says he heard one of them say, “Open the trunk,” as another reached in and allegedly pulled out a machete. The men began to run, being chased by a machete-wielding attacker. Klibanov told the Citizen that the weapon was nearly a foot from hitting Bergamini’s neck. “These people must have been Carleton students because I recognized one of them,” Bergamini told the paper.

A report has been filed with Gatineau police. Lt. Gilbert Couture confirmed that police are investigating.”

But no– because the Quebec injustice system is bent and unfair, the investigation went nowhere, no arrests were ever made (despite an ID of one alleged attacker), and justice remains undone. The media ‘downplayed’ everything.. then the disinformation started– you know, they could’ve just made everything up.. probably a misunderstanding.

Sigh. That’s what frickin’ TRIALS are for, with attendant media and public attention to details. But we were all deprived of that right, so the truth of the matter stands at an accusation, he says – they sez, plus cowardly police dropping the issue.

Anti-semitic Jihad & hate-crime. In Canada. On our streets. Uninvestigated, unsolved, untrialled, unpunished.

This is the Canada we live in. ~

Of Hobbitses And Reepicheep

~ SHOULD I EVER REACH HEAVEN, I will hope to thank both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien for the gift of baptising my imagination through their books. First The Hobbit, read to me by my mother; then the wonderful boxed-set of Narnia, illustrated by Pauline Baynes. Then J.R.R.’s trilogy, which at first didn’t seem Narnian enough, but then proved far superior in detail, power, and mystery.

C.S. Lewis credits the faerie tales of Scottish author George MacDonald for baptising his imagination. The gift of imagination and faith are not treasure to be hoarded, but passed along to others. Imagination and faith are twins– each depends on the other. The capacity to reason and ponder, to enter in rather than to look at from the outside

So when I got a chance to watch the latest Narnia movie The Dawn Treader, it touched the deepest roots of memory– not least the sea of flowers, and near Aslan’s country: the porches of heaven, for in Christ, heaven and earth are united, and earth becomes the bridge unto eternity.

The prophets and dreamers have shown us the deepest wellsprings of the human heart are not only earthly, nor only in the one-sided account of reality and human nature according to the false religion of scientific materialism, or progressive heaven on earthism.

Feeding the imagination with healthy fare is a challenge in the swamp of modern culture and flickering images: but a sopul needs to be educated aright so that the deep longing in all of us for We Know Not What gets pointed to our true North: unto God, and the true, the beautiful, and the good. St. Paul knew it in his day, surrounded by public arts & literature, painted pagan gods, and lotsa fancy buildings:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Thanks, Professor Lewis.. thanks, Professor Tolkien. For everything. ~

Just Sayin’, Is All

“Egyptian Protesters seem to believe that we have the support of the entire world by what we did, and that we need to focus on local battles because the international scene will just have to adjust itself to whatever we do. This is incredibly naive given how big and important Egypt is geopolitically. They need to understand that there is no way the US, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Russia, China or others will not try to influence the outcome and apply pressure on the Military government to rig the game slightly in their favor.”

~ Sandmonkey ~

~ ITEM: SANDMONKEY on Egypt– “We are on the verge of our first real Parliamentary and Presidential elections in our nation’s history, and we are very short on time, thanks to the schedule put there by the army”; and “This is nothing but food for thought. Agree or disagree, up to you”; also “Egypt: A Parliamentary Plan 2011

~ ITEM: Israel, Shitstorm, September

~ ITEM: Middle East Howlers– “Freedom fighters”? Now that’s a howler. By Andrew C. McCarthy

~ ITEM: The Benefits of Multiculturalism: Support Rallies For Syrian Tyrant Assad…in Canadian cities!

~ ITEM: Brian P. Fairchild (who has a CIA background and who seems quite well informed, notwithstanding certain aspects of his POV) thinks that the Arab revolts are improving a-Qaeda’s strategic position, and his conclusion is ominous

~ ITEM: Libya: The media-driven war

~ OK, SO IMAGINE that behind the– snort– ‘Freedom Revolts’ in Libya/Egypt/Tunisia/Bahrain/Yemen, and now Syria is a demonic cabal of Sorosian leftist money and agitation and ‘Reform Islam’ (known as The Muslim Brotherhood), o’er-sprinkled with the volatile fuel of Western media attention.

There are liberals in the Islamic world, but they do not command armies of colonial Minutemen seeking a free America. Slaves under the Ottomans, and then under colonial masters, the m asses are not yearning to be free– they seek a golden age, not the cacophony and long-nurtured complexities of Western civilization, nor the ugliness of political correctness let alone the bureaucratic claws of the new EUtopia.

The Good Old Days

Five years from now, shall the MuzzBros be defacto political and popular masters of a great sweep of the Middle East and North Africa? Will Turkey be next in line? Israel surrounded? The MuzzBros fronts of Hizballah, Hamas, and the smaller broods of vipers bred by the PLO and others united in Holy War, like the good old days & golden age of the Caliphs and Muhammed?

The Muslim Brotherhood is the pattern behind so much of the last 70 years of politics, war, violence, and media-scatter. Now that they’re coming out of the closet across the region– and not just via the PLO, Hamas, Hizballah, Al Qaeda and the other front-groups, we’re seeing the big pattern of subversion, “reform Islam”, and Jihadorama which is behind it all.

Ignore the “Nothing to see here.. everything is normal– extra normal!” coming from the U.S. State Department and the usual suspects: that’s madness, cowardice, or dishonesty. The old balance of secular dictator keeping the lid on Islamist radicalism is falling apart across the Islamic world. The result will not be a thousand flowers blooming or a million points of light, but sharia and “good old” AD650 Islam.

Knowledge is 25% Of The Battle

Learn up on these guys– realize the fronters are already here: CAIR, ISNA, MSA, and all the rest. It’s a toxic centre surrounded by a rich and fluffy faux-progressive political style. Camelled warriors galloping down the streets of Ottawa beheading infidels would just be too retro: better to get to ShariaLand by subversion, spin, victimization, and radicalizing the general Muslim populace whilst silencing the rest.

The “Freedom Spring” is a lie.. this is a very very serious moment in geopolitics.. and as Egyptian blogger & commentator SandMonkey observes, as in the ancient world, so today Egypt is the lynchpin for Africa, The Middle East, and the trend of the whole region. For Obama & the EU to opting out, standing by, or quietly cheering is suicidal.

The Road Ahead

Should Obama or a like character win in 2012, and American power continue to decline and the financially crippled U.S. grovel at the feet of the EU and the Arab League, then it’s all up for grabs. Everyone may envy and resent the U.S., but it’s an unpredictable and much more dangerous world without American power, benevolently if awkwardly and well-intentionedly employed. Do we really want world-class butchers like China or Russia as world-cop? Or a thousand little chaotic renegade powers?

And in places like France, the Netherlands, some regions of England, and elsewheres, should violence erupt, do the authorities really have the cojones to do the racist anti-multiculti? To tell people That’s Just Not How We Do It? Sign The *%$#@! On, Or Go Home?

Aye, there’s the rub. ~

Only Then Pour Out Your Heart

Dancing at the Pierian Spring

~ ITEM: Discover The Networks: Academia

~ ITEM: Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education, By Roger Kimball

~ ITEM: Studies show virginity and hook-ups both on the rise

~ ITEM: Pieria Area; Pierian Spring

~ HISTORY– like any modern ‘science’– can have real pitfalls, and become slave to the ruling ideology, latest fad, or blindness of the moment. That’s why, as the oft misquoted remark has it,

A little Learning is a dang’rous Thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.

[ Alexander Pope, Essay on Criticism l. 215, 1711 ]

.. that is, the Muses were supposed to born in the Pieria region of central Macedonia, and knowledge– and the humble love of it– springs forth in souls in love with truth and knowledge. It’s relevant, because within the region is also found Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods.

An early reference to the Pierian spring is found in the Satyricon of Petronius (Titus Petronius Arbiter), from the late 1st century AD:

“This is the right armour of genius–
‘Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring.’
Only then pour out your heart.”

Drinking of the ancient Pierian Spring is supposed to have imparted knowledge and inspiration.. but with a caution: the first sips would cause a drunken state of false knowledge: only drinking more deeply would sober you up again. How many undereducated undergrads consider themselves a bright new genius in all things, with many new theories to impart unto the world? Sigh.
The wiser course is to listen, learn, humbly understand the greater writers and literature before you ever dare blab and pontificate and run amuck with teh crazy from your own shallow and knowledge-drunken soul. Some people get stuck in this phase forever.

Indeed, some ‘learners’ in the past 300 years came up with any number of bizarre and novel theories– the French pre-revolutionaries, too many German scholars to name, ex-Christian Karl Marx, you name it. Such people may have paddled in the Peirian spring, but were more in love with the sound of their own inward voice, and vain hopes of a perfectable world crafted in their own image. The suffering world has paid in gouts of blood.

I’ve been in love with history since.. well, my Grandfather talked about his wartime life, and let me read his WW2 pictorial book collection. That got me going– I devoured library books on the 2nd War, then the Great War, then via Thomas Costain, into Medieval England.. then Mr. Mann, my Grade 10 teacher, inspired me with the ancient world.

To spend time in the past is to have a working mind spanning thousands of years, thousands of people, and the great thoughts of the past. It is to recognize what was a commonplace until the educational devolution of the 1960s, that to be educated is to have a familiarity with ‘the great conversation’ spanning the millennia from the latest thoughts, all the wayback to Sumeria.

Oddly enough, the betrayal of Western Civ by the expert-class of the radicalized academy has only been partiually successful: publishing has never been more successful in opening knowledge to ordinary folks.. then the internet, which is swimming with ancient art, statuary, writings in Latin, Greek, and english. It’s an unheralded mini-renovation.

As such, the politified Marxist/ socialist academia has a hopeless task of keeping the sheep obedient. For this history lover, my blood still boils when I think of the wasted minds and hours devoted to such thought-puppetry. All those ‘professors’ professing the tired ideas of political correctness to their students– it’s like feeding vomit to starving people.

Whatever comes of the current battles for free speech, part of the re-invasion of the institutions must be encouraging young students of worth to become professors and authors and so begin to reclaim the academy from the lies and political captivity of the Left.

Further, parents should know their dollars are sending kids to learn hooking up, parroting enslavement and stupidity, and ensuring a comfortable living for tenured radicals.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn 8:32) ~

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

~ ITEM: Before Canadians head once again to the polls, they should do their homework

~ ITEM: Harper: abortion, gay ‘marriage’ won’t be on the agenda, even with majority

Hidden Agenda

~ ODDLY ENOUGH, the Harper Election AD 2011 War-room has not called Teh Binks yet. That’s never stopped me– free advice is worth every penny!

(1) Steve, be humble. You’ve got a sad record in botching big leads into a minority.
(2) Keep it not too nasty: The Iggy-Jacobites-Blockheads will hang themselves, mock themselves, and look like criminals, idots, liars and radicals all on their own.
(3) Balance the budget, pay down the debt. Roll back taxes.
(4) No more pandering to the radical Islamists. Enforce the rule of law, restrict immigration from Islamic nations, cut off group funding, and uphold Canada.
(5) If you win a majority, use it. Canucki Socons have been faithful to you from the beginning: you’ve been Mr. Fits & Starts on defunding govteat-feminism, protecting marriage, defending free speech and gutting the Marsupial Bureaucracy. You owe us.
(6) Finally, if you win a majority, see if you can help the NDLB’s to get a clue: you will govern better and more accountably with a real and functional opposition in the Parliament.
(7) Stop acting like a petty dictator.. and that includes your MPs and cabinet. Obey the rule of law, and renew parliament for the future.

You’re welcome. No Order of Canada or Senate seat required, but thanks anyway. Making the right promises and keeping them is enough thanks.

Yes, the Binks is a socon Tory, but I already have a religion, and salvation by government or glorious leaderness ain’t it. ~

Just Asking For It

~ ITEM: Sunday Reflection: From ‘just-in-time’ to ‘just-in-case?’, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

~ ITEM: American Thinker: The EMP Threat: ElectroMagnetic Pulse Warfare

~ ITEM: One Second After

~ ITEM: Safe water and food are your starting point

~ ITEM: Greenies want a car-less Europe

~ OUR MODERN supply-chain systems run lean and mean: most of us don’t have the basement packed with preserves, nor do stores or industries have lots of supplies on hand just in case of disaster or interruption in supply.

Food-stores stock a week or so; cities and towns get gas for a few days worth; pharmacies have small amount of drugs on hand, and many needed items for the sick and elderly are shipped across the continent or from other countries. Increasingly– even in land-rich places– food is shipped in from elsewhere, to save money for the supermarkets and consumers.

What if?

Can you imagine being a diabetic in battered Northern Japan right now? Or if a natural disaster or a war were to strike: what happens after the first month or two is the food runs out, the old and sick and medically assisted begin to die off, and then the wider lack of food causes the younger and healthier to get weaker and sick.

In the book One Second After, author William R. Forstchen depicts a rural college town in the aftermath of an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack on the power grid of the United States. The power goes off.. likely for years.. as all modern electronics are cooked (old tube & wire radios & old cars being the exception), all food & medicine & fuel supplies are stopped. Then come the gangs and refugees and conflict over leftover supplies and all the rest. Very gripping stuff.. and they’re making a movie.

For all those anti-moderns who wish to live in the pre-power age, it’s not very pleasant: just move to any place in the Third World if you like it buggy and pre-air-conditioned. After all, even our olden days had suppliers, plus stockpiles of food & goods, swords & knives & guns for hunting & such; and survivable homes and farming and close-knit communities, and all the rest.

Our current “just in time” systems of personal, commercial, and industrial supply are made for perfect times when no war threatens, and North America is safe and free. A more prudent “just in case” system would allow some resiliency and absorb shortages or other problems which confront us. Two words: Iranian nuke. ~

March Of The Termites

~ ITEM: ‘Slut walk’ crowded: Protesters say police blame victims of sexual assault

~ ITEM: Heather Jarvis is a queer, sex- and body-positive feminist

~ ITEM: Mitchieville is not France

~ SLUTTERY— Long ago at university, when Binky’s outward sexitude was at maximum, those size 32 Levis were the bomb.. plus grey leather jacket, polo shirt, and popular snaker of the moment. I didn’t march in any ‘male slut’ parades.. the darned things were too hard on the ‘nads for much activity.

But the question of goods on display and our personal freedom does not end there. Nor does “You Can’t Tell ME What To Do” represent the height of democracy or freedom.

The Ontario slutocracy controversy is the new feminist man-bashy thing that says that ‘liberated’ women dress to feel good, and men should get over it. Since men and their sex-drive are connected through the eye-balls, this is the fashionista equivalent of “I want sex.. but only want babies when I say so.” Biology is not destiny, blah blah blah, patriarchy sucks, yadda yadda yadda, no women’s studies is not a waste of time & money, how dare you say so. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Skanks & Wimps

Above all things, we moderns demand freedom without consequences of any sort, especially the pain of reality and logic. If the Marxo-feminist de-marriaging and de-babying of culture has ended up with unambitious wimpy men, loveless hooking up, modwyms reserve the right to bitch about it. If the death of adult culture and sluttification has devalued sex, some women reserve the right for costly old-style white weddings, after both partners have had any amount of prior sexual experience, an abortion, plus years of cohabitation and pre-marital sex.. and yet are left wondering where the romance goes, why the $40k marriage doesn’t last, and life sucks.

It’s like people trying to do a sort of social magic by doing a mix of new and old-style things, while neither understanding themselves, nor the meaning of the ritual. It’s also about living like rich Hollywood celebrities, many of whom are living proof of the old warning that actors are a neurotic, dangerous, and decadent lot. Lifestyles of the unrich and unfamous– using the limited sexual freedoms granted them by big-government so they’ll ignore the loss of their real economic and political freedoms.

Hence, the SlutWalk is a kind of “Yay! We’re Trash!”, plus a slave-parade chanting “Hurray For Slavery! Up with whips & chains!”, alongside “Hell, No, Of All The Possible Important Things We Could Protest Or March About, Our Socialist Circus Trainers Told Us This Was The Big Issue!” Really? No other emergent problem in Canada or the wide world worth getting bent out of shape about? Binks finds your lack of imagination disturbing.

A cop contravenes feminist orthodoxy while speaking at a cesspool like anti-semite pro-Jihad YorkU, and the intolerant guardians of unmorals blow a gasket, make a website, and summon the usual suspects to celebrate their moral, intellectual, and sexual enslavement. Gotcha.

So gear up the malcontents and subversives to put on a predictable display of Rage™. The latest public tantrum isn’t really the issue: the issue is never the issue: it’s really all about The Revolution™, baby. That’s how progressives work: like termites, eating away the inside until the strength of the whole structure is an illusion.

As often, Shaidle has the last word: “the best way for women to avoid rape would be for them to conceal-carry, but this is Canada and we’re idiots.” ~

Original Sin– The Problem?

From the prayers of matins in the Orthodox Church:

“I am like the man who fell among thieves, O Master of all, for I have fallen among my sins and have been cruelly wounded by them. Yet leave me not without healing, O Lord who camest not from Samaria but from the pure Virgin. Jesus, Name that means salvation, have mercy upon me.”

~ ITEM: The Reasonableness of Christianity

~ ITEM: Pat Condell: ‘The great Jesus swindle’ + long-winded commentary

~ CRITICS OF CHRISTIANITY sometimes seem to suppose that Christians made up puzzling stuff to make people miserable. You know, the Trinity, organized religion, fasting, sin, Lent, confessing, all that odd stuff in the Bible.

The church is thus a kind of a spiritual red-tape racket, figuring out how to forbid fun, tangle up simple things– all for money and the joy of bossing people around and making them feel bad. I know that’s why I spent all those years in college and parishes, sweating committees and exams and meetings and funerals and sermons. The sweet sweet power. Ha ha, whee, and muwahahaha.

Endless Questions

The question of sin, original or otherwise– Adam and Eve and Augustine and all that– is not actually a Christian thing. The origin myths of most religions and societies ever have wondered some basic things about our lives, experiences, and the world around us.

(1) Who am I?
(2) Why is there anything? How did it get here?
(3) Why is it this way and not otherwise?
(4) Where does Man come from? Why male & female?
(5) What is our relation to what is, to one another, to the natural world & other creatures?
(6) Who or what is the divine?
(7) When we break faith with each other, or the gods, or ourselves, Why? How?
(8) What do we do about the imperfection and brokenness that we find in ourselves, each other, and the world? Whaat is regret and sorrow?
(9) What is death? Where do we come from and where to we go? Why do we suffer?

You get the idea.

Bring On The Sin

Original sin as we receive it from Judaeo-Christianity is not a cruel puzzle to make people feel bad, but the recognition of all those questions, as laid out in pagan religion, Judaism, and Christianity. We are made in the image and likeness of God, yet cut off from Him, by unlikeness, finity, imperfection, and sin.

Virtually all religions have a version of sin & expiation; sacred and profane; the difference between the gods and men; fundamental questions of being and existence. Greek philosophy– despite departures– was ultimately about knowing and loving God; just as Greek drama was about the ways of gods and men and life; knowledge adn understanding itself was the gift of the divine, directed towards knowing the world, manking, and God himself.

Man & God

That some people today consider religion irrelevant or positively evil does would– to most generations of humans ever everywhere– seem a kind of impious and inhuman madness. Indeed, the deliberately godless utopiae concocted over the past three centuries or so bear witness at least that whatever the truth or falsity of a religious understanding of things, theirs seems rather prone to bloodshed, dictatorship, war & conquest, gulag, and a false account of what is most truly human or divine.

That’s the final issue: Christianity not only claims to be the truth, but the way of fullness for humanity– alive in God, partaking of the divine nature itself, sharing in the resurrection of Christ, freed from sin by his sacrifice, humanity taken up into God.. instead of divinity dragged down into self-perfecting uber-men and glorious leaders and perfect states.

Ball In Your Court, Then

It’s a huge question, but that’s the big shape of my response to one critique of Christianity made by some authors and thinkers. The real and unanswered issue for all the bright & clever utopians and atheist types is this: where is the evidence that they can remake Western Civilization without its founding ideas & principles, ripping away the living flesh & blood of faith & philosophy & inspiration and then building– what, exactly?– on the leftover bones? ~


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~ Cranmer ~

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Some of Harper’s Election Promises

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~ FEMINITWIT: And speaking of burning stupidity.. this sexism from the malignant Chretienite Céline Hervieux-Payette, the Spanking-Ban genius; in past news, Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette goes off the deep end again …. (phantomsoapbox, tSUN,

~ ON TRUE MARRIAGE— The line from Jerry Maguire (“You complete me.”) is not true …. (merecomments)

~ IFPS NEWS: Rachel Ehrenfeldt in Copenhagen, receiving the Sappho Award.. videos here …. (IFPS,

~ MUZZLING GOD: US Army to court martial Chaplains who speak out on the sin of homosexuality; plus Today’s Gay Brownshirt News— Apostles of Tolerance attempt to smash priest for daring to teach what the Church teaches …. (,

~ MOOSE & SQUIRREL— There’s something to be said for a simpler life with less stuff; Wind turbine threat to bat populations costing farmers billions each year; Caving to blackmail is not the answer; More on the joint CBC-Liberal campaign known as “Vote Compass”; Support rallies for Syrian tyrant Assad – in Canada; NDP candidate quits to support Liberal candidate; CBC’s own news host admitted on air yesterday that the Vote Compass skewed Liberal; Wisconsin library censors pro-life film; Caledonia: OPP watch native criminals destroy stolen property and burn Canadian flag …. (

~ THE TRANNY-CAN LAW DIED— Best thing about Canadian election …. (theinterim)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Goldstone Has Recanted. When Will Harpoon?; Saudis, Brits Firm Up Linkage; Chicks With a Cause; An Astonishing Transformation; The ‘New’ Colour of the ‘Arab Spring’ Season; Amnesty International says Canada no longer leads on “human rights”; Judge Goldstone’s repudiation of his own report; Damn right it begins with you, Obama; Hey, what if the slut-walkers burnt a Koran?; The Road to Serfdom; A question you can’t exactly ask Dear Abby; While His Guitar Gently Creeps Me Out …. (scaramouche)

~ ELIZABETH MAY, AGAIN.. So the latest kerfuffle in Canada’s most pointedly unnecessary and useless of elections is over the “debates”; Lizzie May vs The Media …. (

~ WILLIAM GAIRDNER— My Interview With Omni TV on Multiculturalism …. (williamgairdner)

Omar Alghabra, Mississauga (L), Muslim Brotherhood Candidate

~ SOFT JIHAD— Star Muslim NDP candidate in Mississauga throws support behind Conservatives to stop Islamist running on Liberal Party ticket; Liberal Party cozying up to Islamists? Ignatieff has had three closed-door meetings with ICNA, which has been identified by the FBI as a Muslim Brotherhood front. ICNA is backing Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra and is mobilizing Islamists to come out and back Iggy …. (nationalpost, jewishpostandnews)

~ EVIL JEW-LADY: Dear Dumb Jews of Europe; OMG-Best LBD (Little Black Dress) EVAH???; The Coming Muslim Revolution— Europe; Where Are All the Duke Lacrosse Accusers Now?; A new twist on the familiar Jewish narrative; Poor Richard Goldstone!; British courts have mercy!; Mark Steyn is riffing on Moussa Koussa-you can listen here to his guest-hosting stint on Rush; The blasphemy trial of Geert continues in Eurabia; Your Mohammad of the Day-Otherwise Known as “The System Worked!!!”; MUST READ: Kathy Says It The Best …. (

~ CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD on Sunday’s shenanigans in Caledonia …. (

~ RIGHTS WALK— They didn’t feel so strongly about the New York Times; Brass Balls Radio: 3 Martini Edition; From our bulging “Guys Named Mohammed” file; A tale of two lawyers; Torontonians will get the joke; The Return of Brass Balls Radio …. (girlontheright)

~ THE RAINBOW JACKBOOT— Call To Action For New Brunswick Christian Business Owner …. (

~ GHOSTS OF FLEAS— Use your head; cut off theirs; What planet is this, mmmh?; An excellent idea; Those aren’t tears. That’s weakness leaving your body; Buzz apothecary; J.R.R. Tolkien sings ‘Troll Sat Alone On His Seat Of Stone‘ …. (ghostofaflea)

~ FROM HUFFPO— “When your children go to college what do you pack to send with them? You probably include their clothing, some sheets and towels, a laptop computer and maybe a small refrigerator or microwave. But, how about a gun?” …. (

~ PUNDITA— The 24-hour news cycle making you crazy? Take two readings of the CNN Effect and call me in the morning …. (

~ THE PROPAGANDIST— Al Queda Attacks The Internet; Peaceful Protesters In Afghanistan; The Invisible Hand Behind The Violence; Goldstone Debunks The Goldstone Report; Delayed Reaction In Afghanistan; The Insanity Of Israel Apartheid Propaganda; We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Propaganda; Arab Spring Launches A Media Revolution; The Failure Of The United Nations In Lebanon; Crazy Talk And Unity With Monsters …. (propagandistmag)

~ ABORTION mentioned in Canadian election campaign; Abortion policy causes Social Security woes …. (theinterim)

~ SO FAR, NOTHING Buzzworthy About Election 2011; The Man Who Would Destroy Alberta; Canada Votes – Conservatives vs. Socialists …. (themoderateseparatist)

~ STAND YOUR GROUND— Liberals’ Tax Hikes – Didn’t Work For Ontario, Won’t Work For Canada; CBC’s “Vote Compass” And “Hard Scientific Evidence“; and “Coalition” – It’s Not The Name That Matters; “Human Rights” Commissions – Half-A-Century Of Power Abuse; Abortion: Still #1 Cause Of Death In Canada; Early Election – An Opportunity Missed …. (

~ THE WILDERS Witch Hunt …. (sheikyermami)

~ PRINCE MICHAEL Ignatieff’s green plan could be Green Shift II; Ignatieff’s Cap and Trade Plan (aka NEP II) …. (nexusof*, moderateseparatist)

~ A WHOLE DIFFERENT SORT OF COALITION— Tarek Fatah exposes Ignatieff’s and the Liberal Party’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood …. (xanthippa)

~ MMMMM! Tasty, tasty babies! Biotech company using aborted fetal cell lines to test its flavor enhancers …. (

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Wait, I’ve got a better idea; This means my hair isn’t going to fall out from chemo; Good news and bad news; Pope Benedict, the broken boiler and Beatrix Potter; Going to the Gemelli today; Women who don’t like women; getting cancer is a good cure for depression …. (

~ SAME OLD, Same Old Bloc Quebecois– Racism just keeps bubbling to the surface …. (

~ ACTION DINO— Michael Ignatieff Is A Zombie Who Eats The Brains Of Children?; Person of undefined religion brought up on terrorism charges in Canada; Vote Michael Ignatieff because running a country is kind of like being a university professor in.. um.. another country; Save the trees or there will be blood, LPoC; Tories enter second week with commanding 14-point lead; 1980 again? The Liberal platform is a remarkable document; Canadian Taxpayers get to subsidize Quebec students twice …. (actiondino)

~ WERNER PATELS— Minimum wage. It interferes with employers’ willingness to hire students, for example, and puts the burden of poverty relief on business owners …. (wernerpatels)

~ THE TRUTH About the Crusades, 101 …. (insightscoop)

~ THE GLAVINATOR— An Afghan Kristallnacht; Afghanistan: The Voices Of The Living, The Voices Of The Dead …. (

~ CANUCKI SENTINEL— The Liberals’ Hidden Agenda; Liberal Party Militants; Candidate for FBI post has history in scandals; I Guess The Don Is a Crazy Birther Racist Redneck Then?; To Your Phones, To Exercise Your Power As Consumers!; Iggy, Like Obama, Lying About His Background; Only 9% believe Obama has documented eligibility …. (

~ VERBOTENISM— SNL’s Victoria Jackson, got verbally hammered by the female host of HLN’s Showbiz this week for “daring” to say in a recent WND column that two male teens making out on a recent episode of Glee was sickening …. (

~ A NEW BOOKThe Road to Fatima Gate: The Beirut Spring, the Rise of Hezbollah, and the Iranian War Against Israel, by Michael J. Totten …. (

~ GOOD NEWS FOR FREE SPEECH— Nina Shea: An Anti-Blasphemy Measure Laid to Rest …. (NRO)

~ CANADA VOTES: Toronto Star columnist in dire need of a shrink …. (wernerpatels)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— The need to understand; A light in the darkness: British Muslims for Israel; Humpty in Toytown and the Arab Boomerang; AN MP speaks out against the BBC on Israel …. (spectator)

~ THE U.S. Anti-Defamation League Is Anti-Free-Speech …. (bigpeace)

~ TEH BEWBS! Topless PETA ‘Mermaid’ Protests Against Eating Fish During Lent …. (

~ CANUCKI FREE SPEECH WARS— The Lynch List, 03-Apr-2011; The Lynch List, 30-Mar-2011; The Lynch List, 28-Mar-2011; a double-whammy of stupidity from the OHRC …. (missnixon)

~ THE TRUTH about the Spanish Inquisition, Thomas F. Madden …. (insidecatholic)

~ HOW CAN LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES justify prosecuting people who wear crosses or refuse to preside at same-sex marriages and still pride themselves on being tolerant? …. (mercatornet)

~ FREE ANDREW BOLT! Down Under, Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt has been dragged before a judge and accused of thought crimes against the high church of political correctness. The plaintiffs in this case claim to be aggrieved by several Bolt newspaper columns that cast doubt upon the authenticity of their Aboriginality; Aborigines sue columnist Andrew Bolt …. (SDA, SMH)

~ MORE AMERICANS work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined. We have moved decisively from a nation of makers to a nation of takers …. (

~ RELIGION OF PEACE vs Pastor Jones and free speech …. (

~ THE MIGHTY Ed Driscoll– ‘What are You Willing to Stop Doing to Avoid Offending Violent Religious Zealots?’; Scary ‘Bamsters and Super CREEPs; CNN host told ‘You’re Just Carrying Water for Obama’; When you’ve lost Louis Farrakhan; I think he lost me after ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery’; The Vanguard of Fashion, Then and Now; NATO Turned into Curtis LeMay So Slowly, I Hardly Even Noticed; ‘Obama’s Dukakis Moment’; ‘The Exasperated Anti-War Movement will never be the Same’; Of Course, Sometimes a Ubiquitous Superman Statue is Merely a Ubiquitous Superman Statue; Socialism: If You Build It, They Will Leave …. (eddriscoll)

~ SEXY JUSTIN— Liberal candidate’s QR code leads to porn site …. (

~ MURDER KILL DEATH— Canadian Doctors Advocate Euthanasia by Dehydration; Canadian Paediatric approves the dehydration of post-natal medical waste infants who may not be otherwise dying …. (, lsn)

~ REX MURPHY: Newfoundland’s three-gigawatt insult to Gilles Duceppe …. (fullcomment.nationalpost)

~ KATE @ SDA— Is There Nothing That Obama Can’t Do?; Liberal Election Slogans Go Horribly Wrong; My Other Brother Mohammed; Know your enemy; Goldstone Vs. Goldstone; Hug-A-Thug & Soak The Rich; Liberals = an aggressive cap-and-trade program; Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose! …. (SDA)

2011: A Speech Odyssey

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT— The Senate and the No-Fly Zone: The Legend Begins; Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse; What Would We Do Without the Arab League? …. (

~ KATE’S EXTRA-FUN Michael Ignatieff Election Sign Generator…. (katewerk)

~ THE ANCHORESS— “He has a degree in philosophy…”; Another Update on Joseph; Corapi Story: Devil’s Delight; Japan’s earthquake was in some ways a triumph of preparedness; Remembering Schiavo and John Paul II …. (theanchoress)

~ JAPASTROPHE— an engineers view of the current status of Fukushima may I suggest An Engineer’s View; Radiation Apocalypse Preparation; Japanese nuke crew faces ‘100-year battle‘… Radioactive water leaking into sea through crack in concrete; Batchelor on the latest in Japan’s nuclear reactor crisis …. (Various)

~ COPTIC CHRISTIANS have been in Egypt for [almost] 2,000 years. Why is the Western media ignoring the peril they face? …. (mercatornet)

Michael Coren on CBC’s Vote Compass

~ THE VILE GHANDI— “sexual weirdo, a political incompetent and a fanatical faddist.” …. (insidecatholic)

IFPS’ Mary Lou Ambrogio – Caledonia Healing & Reconciliation rally, Feb 27th 2011

~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Republican lawmaker introduces bill to protect questioners of Darwinism; We’ve become a nation of takers, not makers; Montreal muslims show support for shooting civilians in Syria; Christian student sues school district that suppressed his evangelism; Brown University students attack pro-marriage sign at demonstration; New study finds that children of separation/divorce die 5 years earlier; A closer look at Stephen Harper’s Family Tax Cut plan …. (winteryknight)

~ DE FACTO SCHISM? Catholics more likely to support gay marriage than other Christians, U.S. in general: study …. (life.nationalpost)

~ WALKING THE WALK— KISS Donates Half a Million Dollars to Wounded Warrior Care Project and Loves the Troops! …. (weaselzippers, csrawwcp)

~ MICHAEL COREN— Beware selective history; A new orthodoxy is making strides in Church circles …. (catholicregister)

~ THE EUROPEAN UNION suffered a massive cyber attack just as the final preparations for the G20 Summit were underway. Evidently, Iran was the source of the attack, according to Comodo; via …. (, ultimaaiera)

~ CANADA AD2011— Will real issues be up for election debate? …. (

~ GONE OVER THE THE DARK SIDE.. Princeton ‘Theological’ Seminary Silences Prolife Student– Nat’l pro-life leaders, Black community respond to student’s persecution at Princeton …. (

~ YOUNG HERO— The Stage Right Show: Exclusive Video Interview with Lila Rose; Bachmann Calls for Congressional Action After Latest Planned Parenthood Sting; ‘Revoke Tax-Exempt Status’; Mammosham: Lila Rose Exposes Planned Parenthood CEO’s False Breast Cancer Clinic Claim …. (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— Koran Burning Page by Evil Page: Ann Barnhardt Lays It All on the Line; Fist-Pumps and Rag-Tag Rebels: Blog Boots on the Ground in Libya; Mr. Wonderful’s Bad Day; Barney Frank Memorial Sculpture Proposed; Privacy invasion is now one of our biggest knowledge industries. — The Technium: Proverbs of St. McLuhan …. (americandigest)

~ AS IS THEIR HABIT, The European Left Attempts to Re-Write History …. (theblogmocracy)

~ WE WILL STEAL What We Can, In The Struggle To Be Free.” …. (

~ WALKER— Barack Obama, prohibitionist; Comments can get out of hand, sometimes; The latest at the Victoria Politics Examiner; This blog is now about Danielle Smith; Polygamy, live from the BC Supreme Court; Colby Cosh on Coalitions; The Conservative Party needs money to fight the socialists and the separatists …. (walker)

The Case Against Abortion: Prenatal Development

~ THE MAUSOLEUM— Controversial poll flashpoint in rights museum debate …. (life.nationalpost)

~ MISS MARPRELATICAL— Harper probably looks like the cat who stole the cream; I am busy because I am working for the Prince Arthur Herald …. (

~ MARK SHEA— Read and discover what you can do to compel various EvilCorps to stop doing evil: Pepsi, Kraft, and Nestle… is People! …. (

~ A SHORT journey from ‘pro-choice’ to infanticide …. (

~ DELIGHTFUL NJ Senator: Pro-lifers “Don’t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution” …. (

Yup, Those Horns Look Like Satin

~ CONFERENCE on Satinism (sic) see web as source of mischief. Who is this ‘Satin’ they speak of? Is the cloth satin inherently evil? …. (nationalpost)

~ THE DENIAL OF MAN’S FALLIBILITY is not a conservative myth …. (exurbanleague)

Michael Coren on 6 women, 10 kids

~ WHY ARE SO FEW Canadians voting these days? …. (xanthippa)

~ EXPOSING THE ELITES— Promoting a politics of social pity, today’s super-elites revive an old strategy of coercion …. (

~ LIBERAL DAYCARE plan ‘discriminates’ against most families: parents rights advocate …. (lifesitenews)

~ HALF A MILLION Anarchists Wreak Havoc in London, THREATEN ROYALS. Let’s call it the “Wah, Boo-hoo You Cut My Gov-Goodies” season …. (dailymail, theblaze)

~ DOCTOR ROY— The grits again want to spend vast sums of your money; Free Trade and the Tories; Stephen Harper in Edmonton; Elizabeth May not invited to leaders’ TV debates; Professor iffy has announced $1 billion for students; first of the Tories’ new promises in this election; Gilles Duceppe has been busy calling Stephen Harper a liar; Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff tried to be as clear as he could on Sunday; R.I.P. Corporal Yannick Scherrer …. (

~ BARBARA KAY— Where are all the opinionated women? …. (

~ AN INTERESTING TAKE— Parliamentary law bars Harper from re-election. Found guilty of a culture of abuse of Parliament; This is the first time in Canadian history that a government has been found in contempt …. (

~ THE IGGY-PEOPLE: “If you are what the British playwright Michael Frayn called a herbivore — a do-gooder, a signer of petitions, someone guiltily conscious of your advantages — you will immediately love the Liberal election platform” …. (

~ SILLY TABOOS! Responding to Outrage, Abercrombie Pulls Padded Bikinis For 7-Year-Olds Off Shelf …. (

~ AGAINST THE NARRATIVE— The pro-abortion community likes to claim that pro-lifers don’t care about babies after they’re born(or the mothers of those babies, for that matter). It’s a line they use all the time …. (

~ THE WORST OF TIMES— William McGowan chronicles the long decline of the paper of record …. (

~ EXCHANGING the Truth of God for a Lie: Transgender Activists, Cultural Revolution …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ ISRAEL’S SCHOOLS undergo a death of humanities …. (life.nationalpost)

~ MITCHIEVILLE— Is Andy’s Bedroom Pink?; Hipster Douche Week; MENSA Teaser; Since we are getting rid of oil and electricity and going back to horses; Jobless Claims Fall…From Previously Revised Higher Figures; Tired of the same old, same old politics as usual in Canada?; Thinking about the Unthinkable; Elizabeth May – Denied!; Earth Hour – What The Hell?; Cooking up Green Food; One of my communist university professors; The Top 10 Financial Links Of The Day …. (mitchieville)

The Manchurian Candidate

~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— NRSC: First Obama-Biden 2012 Ad; How’s All That ‘Obama Money’ Working Out for You Now?; Van Jones: “Stronger Than Bombs”; Update: PelosiCare, AARP, and MediGapV; Jon Stewart on POTUS’ Libya Kinetic Something-or-Other; ‘The Donald’ Calls Out the Bamboozler-in-Chief; New Black Panther’s Malik Zulu Shabazz Calls Out the Bamboozler-in-Chief; RBO News & Views — The “Dumb Wars” Edition; Will the Stars Align for the 100-Year Starship Initiative?; NYT Op Art: ‘The Glenn Beck Channel’ …. (therealbarackobama)

~ WORKING FOR THE MOBROHOOD? Obama authorizes secret support for Libya “rebels” …. (reuters)

~ HIS MAJESTY— Most Unremarkable Headline of the Day: Unions & Health Insurance Companies Biggest Beneficiaries of ObamaCare Waivers …. (weaselzippers)

~ GLAVIN— After Weeks Of Pipsqueaking, Obama Claims Credit for Saving Libya; Eye On The Unfolding Revolution …. (

~ O-BOMBA has now butchered more civilians… than any Nobel Peace Prize Winner in History …. (

~ MORE PUNDITA— Washington’s headless horseman and President Obama’s Address to the Nation on Libya; plus Hi Mister President Obama. Does your address to the nation tonight about Libya mention an al Qaeda-Benghazi tribes connection? …. (

~ DICTATING to the Dictators: The US Seeking the Ouster of Yemen’s President, Our Ally; and Dictating to the Dictators 2: Hillary Demands Ivory Coast’s Incumbent President Leave Immediately …. (weaselzippers)

~ IT’S THE United States Department of Jihad! …. (sheikyermami)

~ SHHHHHHH! American taxpayer money being used to bail out foreign banks. No telling! Pinkie swear!; Bernanke hid the fact that foreign banks took the most money.. Europe, China, Libya …. (Various)

~ YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.. Obama received award for transparency at secret meeting. It’s like something Monty Burns would do …. (

~ GROUP OF SENATORS push to shield more Obama appointees from confirmation …. (

Obama closes Guantanamo!!!! No, wait

~ DEMOCRATS DERELICT in Duties to Pass 2011 Budget; The latest bit of lunacy that I’ve heard is that America is not broke …. (orthodoxytoday, theblogmocracy)

~ SURVEY SAYS.. 57% Okay With Government Shutdown If It Leads to Deeper Budget Cuts …. (theblogmocracy)

~ A WHOLE NEW Motherf–g Tone, Libya War Edition …. (othermccain)

~ LAME-ASS GOP plan cuts $4.4 trillion over 10 years– Budget chair: ‘The president has punted; we’re not going to follow suit’ …. (wnd)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON— By bombing Libya, Obama has accomplished things once thought impossible …. (NRO)

~ TRAVELLING DOWN the Road to Serfdom: History of Socialism from Marx to Obama …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ HALF A BILLION $US in Crony Capitalism Loans from the Federal Government.. to Obama Fundraiser …. (abc)

~ MARCH 2010: ObamaCare Joins MediCare & MedicAid! …. (

~ MINUS A CLUE— Obama’s OIC Envoy in Afghanistan: Islam “One of The Strongest Tools That You Can Use to Counter Violent Extremism” …. (weaselzippers)

~ CIVILITY— A Wisconsin school teacher is formally charged with sending death threats to Republican legislators …. (

~ U.S. ATTORNEY Anne Tompkins: Tyranny’s Whore …. (

~ WHAT MATTERS MORE than the deficit? The proportion of the economy taken up by government spending …. (keithhennessey)

Libya vs. Iraq

~ THE SENSING— The Obama Internationale; The return of Saint Obama; The Speech: There is no Plan A; The Free Libya air force redux; Libyan rebel atrocities …. (

~ CONTEMPT FOR RED STATE SPORT? Obama passes on throwing out First Pitch at National’s home opener.. The man who had time to appear on “The View”… The man who had time to appear on ESPN with his NCAA basketball brackets… The man who shot more rounds of golf in his first year as president that Dubya did in eight full years …. (

~ AMERICA and Syria– Don’t praise Bashar Assad writes Claudia Rosett …. (NROT)

~ OBAMA SENDS CIA Into Libya Ground Operations; Andrew Sullivan Stunned.. CIA Officers In Libya Aiding Rebels …. (theothermccain, latimes)

~ A TWOFER! The Left Finds a Way to Display Their Hate For Palin & Jesus in One Exhibit …. (gatewaypundit)

~ REAR ADMIRAL Barney Frank: Bachmann ‘Cuckoo’, Tea Party Doesn’t Understand Constitution …. (

~ PRESIDENT OBAMA’S Libyan War “Is a mistake wrapped in confusion inside a void.” — The Libyan War has all the makings of a catastrophe on many levels; plus Turns out we’re bombing Libya for “humanitarian” purposes. Yeah, those B-2 Bombers must be dropping tactical loads of shawarmas, with Marine Corps Harriers supporting the missions with deee-lish side orders of baba ghanoush and falafel …. (exurbanleague, catholic-caveman)

~ FARRAKHAN blames ‘demons’ for altering Obama’s conscience …. (chicagobreakingnews)

~ AN EPITAPH for the administration’s broader foreclosure prevention effort …. (t19)

~ HOMO BUREAUCRATUS: A Goal Set Is Essentially A Goal Achieved …. (theothermccain)

~ “HE IS A REFORMER” LMAO, TWICE— Hillary on Assad …. (

~ GEE, D’YA THINK? Obama Jokes About Not Deserving Nobel Prize …. (

~ OBAMA – OR WHATEVER HIS NAME REALLY IS! Mr. Obama or whatever his true name is has lived for almost 50 (alleged) years without leaving any footprints — none! …. (

~ WARNING CHEVY VOLTERS— State lawmakers are considering charging electric-vehicle owners for every mile they drive.. to replace the gas taxes they won’t be paying …. (

~ LESS THAN Meets the Eye: AP’s ‘Fact Check’ Hammers Obama’s Libya Speech …. (


~ OBAMA may have a criminal past …. (nowewont)

~ FPOTUS OLD HOME WEEK— Jimmah Carter Goes To Cuba …. (

~ PEOPLE`S CUBE— Headlines from the Year 2020 (Part VI) …. (

Cult Of Planned Uncontrollable Rage

“I find it shameful that in obedience to the stupid, vile, dishonest and for them extremely advantageous fashion of political correctness, the usual opportunists (or really, the usual parasites) exploit the word ‘peace,’ that in the name of the word ‘peace,’ by now more debauched than the words ‘love’ or ‘humanity,’ they absolve one side alone of its hate and its beastiality. That in the name of ‘pacifism’ (read ‘conformism’) delegated to the singing crickets and buffoons who used to lick Pol Pot’s feet, they incite people who are confused or ingenuous or intimidated, trick them, corrupt them, carry them back a half-century to the time of the yellow star on the coat. These charlatans who care as much about the Palestinians as I care about the charlatans. That is, not at all. I find it shameful.”

~ Oriana Fallaci ~

So Many Tentacles

~ HAMAS=LYING BASTARDS— Operation Cast Lead: Binyamin Netanyahu and Israel Vindicated; plus Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes, By Richard Goldstone …. (weaselzippers, WaPo)

~ FLORIDA Koran-burning pastor murders five more people in Afghanistan — no, wait…; also, Priorities and proportional response: Burned Qur’an in Florida used as pretext for 20 murders in Afghanistan …. (

~ WHOOPS— Israel? Remember that time when we accused you of war crimes and basically called you modern-day Nazis and stuff? Our bad. Honest mistake. Could happen to anyone …. (themcj)

“Egyptian Protesters seem to believe that we have the support of the entire world by what we did, and that we need to focus on local battles because the international scene will just have to adjust itself to whatever we do. This is incredibly naive given how big and important Egypt is geopolitically. They need to understand that there is no way the US, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Russia, China or others will not try to influence the outcome and apply pressure on the Military government to rig the game slightly in their favor.”

~ Sandmonkey ~

~ SANDMONKEY on Egypt– “We are on the verge of our first real Parliamentary and Presidential elections in our nation’s history, and we are very short on time, thanks to the schedule put there by the army”; and “This is nothing but food for thought. Agree or disagree, up to you”; also “Egypt: A Parliamentary Plan 2011” …. (

Victor Hanson and Peter Berkowitz—Revolution in the Arab World

~ GOLDSTONE REPORT has been disavowed by its own author, where does Israel now go to get its good name back? …. (theblogmocracy)

~ MIDDLE EAST Howlers– “Freedom fighters”? Now that’s a howler. By Andrew C. McCarthy …. (nationalreview)

~ THEY NYTIMES— Opinion: Of fatwas, 14-year-old girls and insanity …. (life.nationalpost)

~ THE GREY LADY Wears a Burka– “Afghans Avenge Koran Burning, Killing 12” …. (nytimes)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Richard Goldstone recants. What price the Israel witch-hunt now?; The Libyan madness; The need to understand; A light in the darkness: British Muslims for Israel; Humpty in Toytown and the Arab Boomerang; An MP speaks out against the BBC on Israel …. (spectator)

~ 2005 PEACE PRIZE WINNER ElBaradei: If Elected President of Egypt I Will “Declare War Against the Zionist Regime” If They Attack Gaza …. (theconservativetreehouse)

~ CAROLINE GLICK: Appearance on Closeup; American Jewry’s fight; Settler violence caught on tape and Israel’s courageous rockers; The Syrian Spring; Understanding the third terror war …. (carolineglick)

~ A MUHAMMED SPECIAL— Two U.N. staff killed in Afghanistan were beheaded: police …. (yahoo)

~ SURRENDER-CHURCH: United Methodists Reach Out in Solidarity; Some Churches Prefer Dhimmitude …. (jihadwatch, sheikyermami)

~ FACEBOOKOFEVIL faces accusation of facilitating Israel invasion– $1 billion damages sought for alleged death threats …. (wnd)


~ JUDGE PAVES WAY for ‘leaving Islam’ — Stops city authority from censoring ads offering ex-Muslims help …. (wnd)

~ SOUNDS LIKE A KEGGER GONE WILD! Say, Who’s Up for a College Field Trip to meet with Hamas? …. (eddriscoll)

~ THE NEW JIHAD LOOKS LIKE THIS.. U.N.: Elected Christian leader must be ousted for Muslim? World body sides with defeated challenger against Ivory Coast’s own constitutional process …. (

~ THE ATHIEST MORMON-BASHING Musical, by L. Brent Bozell III — A mocking musical titled “The Koran” wasn’t going to find buyers, only fatwas …. (humanevents)

~ NEO-JIHAD: Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Establishment of Saudi-Style Islamic Morality Police; Life for Egypt’s Christians is about to go from bad to worse …. (weaselzippers)

~ ISRAELI LEADER Netanyahu to U.N.: Retract Gaza war report– Says ‘Everything we said proved to be true’ in wake of Goldstone’s statement of regret …. (wnd)

~ IS THE MUSLIM Brotherhood behind Syrian unrest?; The Muslim Brotherhood’s secret plan to ‘destroy Western Civilization from within‘ …. (senseofevents, WND)

Gurkha Khukuri Knife

~ HEROIC Gurkhas fought to the death to protect U.N. Compound From Bloodthirsty Mohammedans …. (

~ GLAVIN ON AFSTAN: The Voices Of The Living, The Voices Of The Dead …. (

~ LARRY KLAYMAN wants coalition to work for freedom from mullah-despots …. (wnd)

~ ‘DISSIDENTS’? Ex-mujahedeen help lead Libyan rebels– ‘Many of us were concerned about these people’s backgrounds’; and Lybia: Rebel Commander says AQ jihadists are helping them …. (wnd, teaandpolitics)

~ ANOTHER DAY, Another Muslim Massacre …. (

~ VICTIMLESS Criminal: ‘Choudary Threatens Royal Wedding’ …. (xanthippa)

~ TARGET SPAIN— “They will have their March 11th”, Islamic website says …. (teaandpolitics)

~ KID GLOVES— See what Syria to get for blasting protesters: It’s quite different treatment than Gadhafi received for attacking Libyan dissidents …. (wnd)

~ THE JOYS OF SHARIA! Hena Akhter’s last words to her mother proclaimed her innocence. But it was too late to save the 14-year-old girl …. (noiri.blogspot)

~ FUN WITH TOURISM— Hamas, Hezbollah operatives in Brazil planning attacks abroad. At least 20 people hiding out in country, raising money, recruiting followers …. (wnd)

~ PYRAMID-LAND: “Egypt’s Islamists: A Cautionary Tale.”; the details of the gathering Islamist push for power …. (hughhewitt, NYT)

~ DARNED HUGUENOTS! A 2006 report by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights reported that approximately 180,000 people were living in polygamous households in France …. (T19)

~ THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in America: Part III–‘The Settlement Process’, by John Guandolo …. (humanevents)

~ NOT AS I DO— Islam? Do you want people in the West to respect your religion? Here’s a good place to start. Stop executing 14-year-old rape victims …. (

~ GUNTER: The Koran-burning pastor is a moron, but not a murderer …. (natpo)

~ A CAFE OWNER was yesterday celebrating victory after a six-month legal battle to fry bacon triggered by Muslim complaints …. (

~ WHITE-FLAGGERY French religious leaders warn against Islam debate …. (life.nationalpost)

~ SOMALI ‘PIRATES’? More Like Jihadists With Sea-Doos …. (townhall)

~ SENSE OF EVENTS— Libya: The media-driven war …. (

Nigel Farage on Libya – Russia Today 2011


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