Huzzah, W00t, Rejoice!

~ IN THE WORKS, and soon to debut.. the long-delayed self-hosted revamp of Free Canuckistan, thanks to the encouragment & help of Kathy Shaidle, web-man Jay Curry, Closet Conservative (and her Dad), plus other kind donors.

Lo,  may crumhorns be tootled, songs sung, lame dances danced, and joys be hooted!

What does this mean? For the win: teh pretty new website, with all those social-media button thingies on it.. a new Binks FaceBook page.. and no more nitwittery of having WordPress arbitrarily shut down the blog (and delete content) because somebody somewhere complained about something, just cuz that’s their policy.

Of course, you won’t be losing any of the awesome content, brilliant commentary, inspiring linky goodness, or all the stupendously good stuff you love about Teh Binks & his web-works.

In advance, thanks for your patience as we put the new site through its paces, with all the tweaking and fidgets required.

Stay tuned! ~


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