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~ ITEM: Peter Dinklage

~ ONE OF THE SHOW-STEALERS in the 2008 Narnia: Prince Caspian movie is American actor Peter Dinklage, who plays the cynical but loyal dwarf Trumpkin. He’s been in many many TV roles, movies and elsewhere, and brings real intelligence and humour to his performances.

In Caspian, the two dwarven characters (Nikabrik* & Trumpkin) represent two kinds of cynicism: one, suspicious but willing to believe if sufficient evidence comes forth– the other, a kind of cynicism that refuses to believe no matter what– which ends up cooperating with evil. After all, proper cynicism is all about testing, tasting, reserving judgement until solid food is found.

Who We Are

In this day and age, a reasonable suspicion of authorities, political correctness, ideological spin is just common sense and due precaution. Modern suspicions can morph, however– say, in the case of emotional commitments like marriage, or belief in God– into a refusal to commit oneself fully, no matter the circumstances. We are a timid and over-cautious age, hedging all bets. Lewis’ caution about choices, in Trumpkin and Nikabrik, is truly for our modern souls.

This is why Jesus said that unless we be as little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. He’s not speaking here of immaturity or a willingness to believe any old thing, but that basic openness and unreserved joy and acceptance of the good things of life. After all, the Pharisees and Sadducees and Scribes of his day didn’t deny Christ’s power to do miracles, only by whose power he did them– that is, they had more than enough “proof” of who he said he was, except that it’s the inward orientation of the heart that counts, not piles of ‘evidence’.

Rats In A Cage

Social engineering is behind much of the tide of broken hearts these days: despite real evidence that easy divorce damages children for their lifetimes; that abortion reminds children they are expendable, and they were perhaps born at a whim; that daycare damages their fundamental ability to trust and connect with family and parents; that a Marxist-approved sexual revolution demeans the deepest connectedness of man and woman– despite all this, we wonder why so many young and early middle-aged folk look at life and commitment and belief with a squint, and a gimlet eye.

A generation of narcissist parents backed up by know-it-all experts who thought that hundreds of millions of parents and children and familes were theirs to play with– and the notion that the all-precious feelings of parents should not be hurt by insisting on the reality known by endless generations of families and parents that the next generation was worth sacrificing their all? A very fine recipe for chaos, and a bitter harvest of ruined hearts.

Proof, Puddings

In the movie Caspian, Peter and Lucy are sitting before a wall-carving of Aslan, in the great memorial hill built over the broken Stone Table, where Aslan was slain by the White Witch, to set Edmund free from his bondage.

Peter:  “You’re lucky, you know.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lucy.

“To have seen him…. I just wish he had given me some sort of proof.”

Lucy replied, “Maybe we’re the ones that need to prove ourselves to him.”

Remade Hearts

The answer for a faithless and suspicious generation is to risk a little hope, to dare stir up our courage and seek true objects of faith, and to learn that the deepest commitments– to one another, to beauty, truth , and goodness, and ultimately unto God– are the abiding and sure foundations for our restless and hesitant souls. Teh Binks has lived it, being a very late Boomer/ Gen Xer, raised in the chaos of the 70s and 80s.

Prince Caspian is a great reminder of all of this– both the book, and the more than decent movie adaptation.

Here endeth the sermon. ~

* A big huzzah to veteran actor Warwick Davis as Nikbrik. He’s been in Willow, Star Wars, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, the BBC-TV Narnia series, and much more.

Elf: The Angry Elf .. extended edition (w/ Peter Dinklage)

Binky Rant

~ ITEM: “Muslim Charity” IRFAN Canada Stripped Of Charitable Status

~ PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE until guilt is proven is a Western principle of law & jurisprudence… you know, along with “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God”.. the God in question being The Blessed Glorious Trinity, including the Son of God, who called liars sons of the Devil, and spoke of himself as The Way, The Truth, And The Life. The politically correct prefer “guilty until proven innocent for their opponents, but they are idiots.

It is not an Islamic principle, and IMHO, it should not be applied when Jihadists are at play. The stealth-jihad and the open jihad are mere inches apart, spearated by a little laundering via activist-style groups and experts. The goal is the same: sharia uber alles. The killing and raping and plundering was a pleasant side-line of old-jihad: this is more like corporate takeover, or revolution by committee. Whatever works.

IRFAN Canada has been stripped of their charitable tax-status– another small victory in the long war of the Federal Tories and brave Canadians to delegitimaze the instruments of jihad-sharia as they make us pay for our own conquest. As noted in past editions of Free Canuckistan, the London Ontario nexus of extremists; CAIR-Canada, The Muslim Students Association all are shariac bullies, tax-teaters, and fronts for supporting Hamas, Hizballah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. And yes, your vote counts this May 2011: both the pander-ready Libs & NDipz have strong ties to shariacs, radical Islam, and anti-Western groups.

Just automatically assume there’s sleaze, lying, 0.33 of the story, and dirty connections to ugly, anti-semitic, pro-terror, sharia supremacist individuals and groups at play in Canada and their connections to the U.S. and the worldwide jihad… because there almost always is. These guys are considered heroes of the faith when they lie, dissemble, extort, cover up, and giggle behind our backs.. it’s called taqqiyya– stategic & tactical lying for the good of Muslims & the jihad. Muhammed regularly lied, made up new rules, and broke promises and treaties all the time, when and how it suited him. “All for Mo! What I sez goes, and even Allah sez so.”

Proof? the unHoly Koran, Sura 13:42 — “Allah is all-deceiving [scheming], for he has knowledge of what each does.” Pants on fire, false god & false prophet.

We bin warned, and I Told You So. ~

Remember The Gulag

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The Magic Empty Suit

Shutdown Threatens Springtime for Obamas

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“I am a subject in a kingdom of lies. At 57, I have grown up with decades of untruth — advanced for the purposes of purported social unity, the noble aim of egalitarianism, and the advancement of a cognitive elite in government, journalism, the arts, and the universities.”

~ Victor Davis Hanson ~

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Doing the Math on the Evil Rich

~ AWFUL. Obama Has Gall to Lecture America About “Living Within Our Means” …. (gatewaypundit)

~ REP. ED MARKEY accuses the GOP of trying to destroy the Internet …. (dailybayonet)

~ WHEN OBAMA SAID He Would Not Be Sending Ground Troops Into Libya He Meant That He Might Be Sending Ground Troops Into Libya; also Not So Much in the News: Our ‘Bizarro World Military Operation‘ in Libya …. (FT, newsbusters)

~ UTTER NONSENSE, INC.— Federal Debt Jumped $54.1 Billion in 8 Days Preceding Obama-Boehner Deal to Cut $38.5 Billion for Rest of Year …. (weaselzippers)

~ BLIND LEFTIST DEVOTION to Obama Results From Marxist Critical Theory …. (canadafreepress)

~ LEFTIANISM— The totalitarian threat from anti-Christian forces; Socialists are always looking to justify and expand the role of the state …. (

~ THOUGHT-GESTAPO in Action at Rollins College, by Rich Trzupek– Faculty members bully and slander a student for expressing her thoughts on illegal immigration …. (frontpagemag)

~ ZZZZZZ— Obama hit the snooze button when that 3 AM phone call came in about Yemen …. (americanthinker)

~ PROFILING Anyone? TSA’s Very Thorough Search of Six-Year-Old Girl …. (Wz)

~ RABID DEMS— “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But evidently to some, nowadays, only if you’re a violent enemy of everything America stands for …. (

~ PLANNED PARENTHOOD has success disguising its primary role as an abortion provider; Exposing the Planned Parenthood business model; Planned Parenthood Skews Its Numbers …. (spectator)

~ AMERICAN THINKER— Obama’s Mishandling of the Quran-Burning …. (americanthinker)

~ DR. SANITY— Who’s right? Who’s “reality based”? Whose policies are really “progressive” and will “win the future”? …. (

~ MEMBERS of Congress Spent 27% of Their Time Taunting Each Other …. (neatorama)

~ QUADRUPLING UP— Two words of advice. Soylent Green …. (

“Move Along.. Nothing To See Here… Everything is Just Fine..”

~ CYBER WARZ PRELIM— Few questions, here, boss: • WTF is the Federal Gov’t doing investing in broadband service? • WTF is USDA doing managing a gov’t broadband program? • What idiot* decided to let the ChiComs play in broadband service? • What idiot* national-security advisor allowed this? • Does Stuxnet mean nothing to these jackasses? Cyberwar? Beuller? Anybody? …. (sondrakistan)

~ AT THIS POINT the best thing that could happen tomorrow is not a government shut down, but a “government shut-the-f*ck-up-already!” …. (americandigest)

~ DANGER FOR GEEZERS— Dr. Don Condit: A Sugar Coating for the Bitter Pill of ObamaCare …. (

~ THE SOCIALIST bible vs. the real Bible …. (

~ THE NEW CIVILITY: “The only good Republican is a dead Republican.” …. (instapundit)

~ THE NEW ELECTION, now with missing votes– monkeys, you get back here in my butt right this instant! …. (sondrakistan)

~ LIES ABOUT SCHOOL CHOICE with Mary Katherine Ham— Obama’s not telling the truth? …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ ALTERNATE headline via Mary Katharine Ham, ever mindful of developing media narratives …. (

~ DEMOCRATS Are Suddenly Just Fine with Undisclosed Donors.. you know, just like in 2007-8 …. (commentarymag)

~ YOU DON’T SAY: Rising Oil Prices Beginning To Hurt U.S. Economy …. (instapundit)

~ NAME IT AND CLAIM IT— “If you don’t have a Twitter account, the Wisconsin situation is a good reason to start one” …. (

~ WE NOW LEARN that our “transparency” President signed an order 2-weeks ago to arm the Libyan rebels …. (

~ MISSION UNPOSSIBLE— Obama government fails to corrupt the Philippines, for now …. (catholicinsight)

No Agenda ‘Shots’: Obama receives ‘transparency’ award

~ OBAMA LIED, PEOPLE DIED? Johann Hari: We’re Not Being Told The Truth On Libya …. (instapundit)

~ LIBRARIAN RON PAUL— Ten principles of a free society …. (

~ THE UNRAVELING of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II …. (canadafreepress)

~ IOWAHAWK— War Is No Excuse For Forgetting One’s Manners: War Etiquette Tips, From Senator Lindsey Graham; also.. Overseas-Contingencies-Kinetic-Aliocious …. (iowahawk)

~ SAITH IMAO— How We’ll Have to Fight the Next Middle East War; plus 7000 missing votes? Wow, that’s pretty funny what happened in Wisconsin …. (imao)

~ MORE IOWAHAWK– Government Shutdown Averted: Bad News, Good News …. (thepeoplescube)

PJTV: Trade in Our SUVs? Can We Trade In Our President Instead?

Jihad & iSlam

~ RELIGION OF PEACE— Remains of Crusader / Templar army who were slaughtered by Saladin discovered in Israel; Frontier Warfare in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Campaign of Jacob’s Ford, 1178-79 …. (medievalists)

~ SOME WESTERNERS obsess over destruction of one book, ignore destruction of many human lives …. (creepingsharia)

~ JEWISH SCHOOL Bus Hit by Islamic Rockets From Gaza …. (atlasshrugs2000,

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— The BBC maintains its impeccable even-handedness between murderer and victim; For Israel-bashers, recantation is heresy; The real cause of the Middle East conflict …. (spectator)

~ WE’S ALL RADICALZ NOW: “And the atheists, evangelical anti-theists, agnostics, regular Vanilla Christians, Buddhists, etc who — with study and citations — condemn iSlam? Why overlook them? They — obviously — are “radicals,” too” …. (sondrakistan)

~ IVORY COAST: MSM don’t speak about Islamist violence against Christians …. (networkedblogs)

~ YET AGAIN.. Brazilian school massacre perpetrated by Muslim …. (creepingsharia)

~ SAITH THE MCJ— “You what’s funny, Islam? Israelis live in the same part of the world that you do but they know how to invent cool stuff like this while all you know how to do is put a bomb together. What’s that tell you?” …. (

~ THE NAZI-INSPIRED Jew-Hate of the Muslim Brotherhood, by Seth Mandel– “German scholar Matthias Küntzel points to a pernicious cancer in the Muslim world that continues to be ignored” …. (frontpagemag)

~ HOMOSEXUALS burned alive in Iraq (video) …. (creepingsharia)

~ A LEADER of the Assembly Of Muslim Jurists of America Favors Shariah Over Democracy In Fatwa …. (

~ THE SHINY NEW Egypt: Islamic supremacists attack three churches, military sides with Muslims …. (

~ AND NOW…IDIOTS— TIME’s Joe Klein thinks burning a book and flying an airplane into a skyscraper are pretty much the same thing …. (

~ CHARMING— Muslim Desecrates Bible to ‘Avenge’ Quran Burning …. (christianpost)

~ BOSSY BASTARDS— You have to be Muslim for their code to even apply (and even then, it’s very ‘iffy’ whether or not they might decide to kill you or not)….dealing with infidels honestly is not part of their “code.” …. (

~ FIRST THINGS— Does Islam Require Killing Apostates? …. (

~ GET RELIGION GETS IT— “.. anyone else noticed that the professionals who run many crucial mainstream newsrooms seem to be throwing up their hands, editorially speaking, when it comes to accurately describing the cracks and divisions inside the complex world of Islam?” …. (

~ CANFREEP— “I disapprove a great deal about Islam, its founder, its theology, and the crimes it has perpetrated throughout its history, past and present” …. (

~ ROBERT BAER: Koran-inspired Libyan rebels “as likely to attack the CIA as Qaddafi” …. (

~ TEH SANDMONKEY— 7 Popular Myths about the Revolution …. (

~ THE DELIGHTFUL UAE: 14-year-old arrested on adultery charges, subjected to virginity test …. (teaandpolitics)

~ HAMAS-LINKED CAIR Sought Blood Money From Terrorist Qaddafi …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ GATES OF VIENNA News Feed 4/8/2011 …. (

~ BILL MAHAR on Qur’an burning and riots: “It’s like if Dad is a violent drunk and beats his kids, you don’t blame the kid because he set Dad off” …. (

~ TSA FOLLIES: See SPOT Fail, by Michelle Malkin– Proof that politically correct screening techniques make our airports far less safe …. (frontpagemag)

~ NYC PROTEST Greek, Armenian, Assyrian Genocides by Islamic Jihad …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ MALAYSIAN gov’t backtracks somewhat on restrictions on Bibles …. (

~ THE LAST ROUNDUP— Terry Jones can burn a Koran if he wants to …. (

~ ANN BARNHARDT Fights Totalitarian Islam and Its Useful Idiots …. (americanthinker)

~ NYC NOW: Stop “Islamophobia,” Stop Wars, Stop Freedom, Pro-Jihad …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PALESTINE is genocide. It is genocide under the cloak of nationalism …. (canadafreepress)

POLICE HID Sexual Abuse/Beatings Abuse of 60 Young Infidel Girls by Muslims Linked to Murder of 14-year-old …. (atlasshrugs)

FJORDMAN— Mohammed and Charlemagne, Revisited …. (

VictimlessCriminal: ‘The Joy of Sharia’

~ JIHAD IN LIBYA: Rebels come from pro-Jihadist Areas; plus Egypt: Islamists prepared to use democracy for their own gains …. (teaandpolitics)

~ GIZMODO— Government Turns to Facebook and Twitter To Get Terror Warnings Out …. (ca.gizmodo)

~ HOTAIR— Hamas capabilities catching up with intentions; When is a war crime not a war crime? …. (

~ SHEIK YERMAMI— Hamas Yammers For Hudna After ‘Backlash’; The Latest Pics from Occupied France; Israel: “We cease and they fire.”; So how’s that “freedom & democracy” thing coming along in Egypt?; Rape is as Islamic as Muhammad himself …. (

~ ‘FREAK SHOW’: 911 Memorial Museum Officials Exploit Human Remains …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ..HOW TO GET TO INFIDEL STREET?– “I can’t wait for the episode in which Cookie Monster straps on a bomb vest and blows himself up in a crowd of Infidels” …. (jihadwatch)

~ KORAN BURNINGS and Muslim Murders, by Robert Spencer– When Muslims kill, who should be held accountable?; Destroying One Koran vs. Destroying Many Christians.. Which is Worse? …. (frontpagemag)

~ IN DISSENT MAG: The Massacre in Mazar, How It Started & Who Was Behind It …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— The Internationalist Chorus Sings an Old Standard; Why a Bi-National “Solution” Would Spell Disaster for Israel’s Jews; The Ongoing Problem of Hot Somalis; Canada’s Socialist Party, the NDP; Shedding Light on the Mausoleum Debacle; We’re Here For a Long Time, Not a Good Time; Key Fetishization Funded on the West’s Dime; Do People See Charlie Sheen as the Howard Beale of Our Time?; An ‘Office of Religious Freedom‘? Yikes …. (

~ JUST IN TIME for Passover: An Anniversary Plaque for a Terrorist’s Family …. (commentarymagazine)

~ REMEMBER THE SLAUGHTER— Attorney for Fort Hood Jihadi, Major Hasan: “Delays are due to prosecution/White House refusal to disclose evidence. Blame them for the delays.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ GET RELIGION— Muslim Night at the ballpark? …. (

~ HMMMMM— “Zimmermann doesn’t mention the Catholic suicide bombers, the Catholic calls for holy war against Protestants and triumphant predictions of the imminent establishment of a Catholic state in America, the Catholic threats against unveiled women, the Catholic stoning of adulterers and execution of homosexuals, and the Catholic riots and murders of innocent people when someone said or did something that Catholics deemed Catholicophobic. Nor does she mention the Catholic campaigns to smear and destroy anyone who spoke out against those Catholic actions.” …. (jihadwatch)

Michael Coren on the slaughter of the Fogel family

~ ARRESTED Journalist’s Book Claims Turkish Police Infiltrated by Islamic Movement …. (

~ MUSLIM THREAT to Rep Peter King: “kiss my black Muslim ass”, “white bitches” would soon be naming their sons Mohammed, note contained anti-Semitic slurs, called the pig’s foot a “Jew foot” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE COUNTERJIHAD is Marching in Melbourne …. (

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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