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Used Bookstore Browsings

~ ITEM: Book Review: Paul Theroux – The Pillars Of Hercules

~ ITEM: Italy Panorama » The Gratitude of Aliano

~ HERE IN Binkiland, we’re lucky to have two or three very good used bookstores, and a reasonably well-read populace.

One recent grab was Paul Theroux’s The Pillars Of Hercules, a travelogue of the Mediterranean, from Gilbraltar all the way round to the other pillar. I didn’t know that I knew Theroux, but the film adaptation of his Mosquito Coast (with Harrison Ford) had spookily spoken to my circumstances then: a family member out of control; life turned into a tornado; everything shaped by the broken life of a loved one.

Pillars is a good read– he’s a cranky but observant sort, who likes seeing things off the tacky tourist track. He also read everything in sight before heading out, from droopy decadent Edwardians to ‘Grand Tour’ traveloguers of previous eras, all the way back to Johnson & Boswell.

I’m mid-book, and right now he’s in the desolate instep of Italy, visiting tiny ancient Calabrian towns (remember, according to the po-song Mambo Italiano, “All you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy”), in one of which Jewish anti-fascist author Carlo Levi was banished by Mussolini. His revenge? The famous book Christ Stopped at Eboli, later a 1979 film.

The best compliment I can pay this author is not that he inspires me to grab more of his books, but that he makes me want to read the books he’s digested and mentioned in passing– even books I’m not particularly interested in (cranky rich people, rascally royals, and aristocratic communists being bad and cranky in foreign towns). ~


Jack Layton.. Bald Pumpkin!

~ ITEM: Did Tory G8/G20 report try to mislead on budget watchdog’s quote, too?

~ ITEM: Debate roundup: A cheat sheet of the Post’s complete coverage

~ ITEM: Who won last night’s debate? My wife knows

~ ITEM: Save the debates. Disinvite Duceppe

~ ITEM: Barbara Kay: It’s time for Montreal’s anglos to vote for a Tory majority

~ ITEM: ANOTHER JANE TABER tonguebath for Liberals

~ ITEM: ONLINE VID: Debate on Demand

~ I WATCHED AS MUCH OF the Leader’s “Debate” as my brain and eyes could stand. Harper was suitably robotic/ prime-ministerial. Blochead seemed a bit hyper.. and why is his accent as bad as ever after so many years in Ottawa?; Layton was capable but his head-wide hyper-orange TV make-up was very distracting, especially against a similarly coloured background; Prince Iggy just didn’t seem altogether there, and didn’t even talk about his platform.

Aside from optics, part of the problem with such an event is that uless you’re an Ottawa insider or an utter political junkie, much of what they were throwing back and forth just can’t be easily scruted. Leaked Auditor General Report? What Harper was like in his Reform Days? Dark rumours of a war on Canadian democracy? Normal Canuckis know zilch bout that.

This sort of stuff is pricey political theatre.

Oddly, Harper studiously avoided looking at the questioner or the moderater during the debate, but always answered to the camera. The other leaders spent a lot of time looking at Harper. By that measure, Harper won because he didn’t come across as desperate.

As I watched, as a blogger all I wanted to do was fact-check what the candidates were reading from their cue-cards.

Yes, Harper is a little royal and secretive and impatient and takes wrong-headed shortcuts in getting what he thinks should be done done. Does that mean the old Chretienites, the Socilaists, or the tax-teat Separatists will do a better job?

Yes, Tories know better than anybody the failings of the current PM– that means pressing him to do better, not switching captains.

None of his challengers landed a stunning or knockout blow: Harper seems to be cruising back to 24 Sussex, with the age-old question: minority or majority? As long as he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot, it’s a close call. ~

Paging Pete McKay!

~ ITEM: Type 212 submarine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Google “U-212A”

~ ITEM: Three years after Chicoutimi fire, crew members health worsening

~ THIS IS A WORD for Canucki Minister of War, Peter McKay: turn our current fleet of pre-enjoyed lemon subs into fish-reefs somewhere, and buy the new U-212A German eco fuel-cell boats. You know, subs we can use to actually fight wars, observe, snoop, do secret missions, that won’t catch on fire and kill people, or rust to bits, already being elderly in 1998 when we bought them– though not as elderly as the old post-war enlarged Oberon-class U-boats which served for Canucki subs into the 90’s.

Yes, I know they’re German. yes, I know the Hilterites massacred countless people using their U-Boat fleet. Remember: that included my Grandfather, at the time a Scots med student heading for the U.S. on The Spirit of Seattle, which was torpedoed by U-124.

Is that the point? By that argument, none of us should buy Toyota, Samsung, Sony, or.. well, hell, almost everything we buy. The point is our current fleet of ex-Victoria Class subs was old when we bought them, and in rotten shape, no thanks to the sleazy Brits, who didn’t let us know just how used and dangerous they were. The HMCS Chicoutimi, according to recent reports, won’t even be seaworthy again until 2012.

Canada’s Submarines! Providing Dockyard Work For Generations

New U-212A-class submarines like this (it can stay underwater for a month, like a Nuclear Sub) can do the North, can be actually useful overseas, be used to snoop and travel wuickly and quietly all over the world. Canada was ready for years to fight the Cold War.. now we need to be able to deal with soveriegnty, fishing zones, special ops, spying and supporting allied missions world-wide.

U-212 for the win! ~

P.S. Just saw Pete McKay at a local PC brekky meet-greet. Future PM material? Yup-yup. He and She-Binks were classmates back in the day. Seems like a guy keeping himself clean from the worst of Harperism. Plus, you should’ve seen the bodyguard: a real-life Titus Pullo from HBO’s Rome.

Shadows Of Real Things

Pagan Easter!

~ ITEM: Bolivia proposes UN treaty to recognize ‘rights’ of Mother Earth

~ ITEM: Christ the God and Christ the Good Man

YouTube: “christ resurrection”

~ OH, THOSE EVIL CHRISTERS! Thieves! Filthy little thieves, Preciouss!

Dear old nature-loving recycling non-militarist matriarchal pagans were innocently celebrating Springtime, and in the case of the Celts, adoring fluffy Bunnies and yummy Eggs and worshipping the nurturing goddess Eostre. Then came the wrecking Christers, on the coattails of the bloodthirsty Romans.

Suddenly, widespread littering broke out for the first time ever. Women were told to shut up. Public sex at festivals was frowned upon. War-mongering became a popular habit. Lovely holy Eostre was relegated to the boonies. A dying man on a stick became the new God. It was all so horrible.

Fast Forward

Then, 1600 years later, the happy pagans broke out again– even though many of them had been Christians before, and wanted to tell every body about the good old days. They also had naked sex for church, and got to have a kind of mysterious rebel-cool. No matter that creepy old men had made it all up, and it didn’t bear any realtion to actual ancient paganism– they were The Real Thing, and everybody else were fakers, hypocrites, and stodgy thieves. Besides, sometimes church is boring, and the sermons are confusing, and Everybody Knows that Christians are bad and lame.

Earth Day? Mother Earth? Global warming? Gaia is crying? It’s a great thing, and will replace fake religions like Christianity.

Do You Suppose?

Jesus died sometime in early April, around AD30-33. Springtime, because that’s when the Jewish Passover happens– spring-lamb time.. and Bethlehem was one of the main suppliers of lambs for Temple sacrifice, for the washing away of sins. He died as the perfect Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, as the Prophets had foretold. He rose again from the dead on the Third Day, as spoken by the Prophets, and as he promised.

He made astonishing claims about himself: that he was the only Son of God (divine); that his death was the seal of a new covenant between humanity and God; that he was the promised one of the Old Testament, and the fulfillment of the hopes of the whole world. That he had the power to forvgive sins, give new names to people (a divine prerogative), and create a Kingdom that would be eternal. That he would die, and rise again.

It’s either true, or not. It’s not enough to say ‘Mithra! Eostre! Ceres & Persephone! Matriarchy! Eggs & Bunnies! Christers stole it all!’


The claim of fulfilment is a basic one: grace perfects, but doesn’t destroy nature. Why would it be any surprise if the dreams and hopes and images of human aspiration towards God were not answered by God? Each of the ancient religions were different pathways up the mountain– Christianity claims that God let down a ladder from heaven to the mountain-top. In fact, that ladder was his own Son.

Easter– properly known as Pascha before the spread of the faith into pagan Celtic lands– is the fulfilment of all things, and a foretaste of heaven. The resurrection of Jesus is the true new beginning and rebirth of life. One might say that Springtime itself is an image of the resurrection.

Celtic Woman – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Spit & Mud-Slinging

That media and nerdy neopagans and the chattering classes like to bash Jesus, Christians, and Christianity with the same old tropes shows that their ‘reasons’ are too often excuses for hatred, 18th and 19th century pseudo-intellectualism, and selling magazines and articles at Christmas and Easter-time.

Jesus lives, or not; Jesus rules, or not; Jesus is Lord, or not. The destiny of each soul, and of civilizations hangs on that either/or. THAT, perhaps, is why sophisticated elites hate him– he’s too black and white, like sin, death, and hell. He was not a preacher of infinite shades of comfortable grey.

To all our readers out there– Happy Easter; a Blessed Pascha; a Joyful Resurrection Day. ~

Kyrie Eleison – Mr. Mister

Being Like Unto Teh Binky, Part # 20 198

ELO – Mr.Blue Sky

~ FOR ALL OF YOU seeking to fashion your lives, tastes, thoughts, and style like unto Teh Binky’s, Jeff Lynne’s ELO apparently snuck into my head and recorded my happy-thoughts, and turned them into “Mr.Blue Sky”. It’/s pretty much the inside of my head on happy days, along with a dose of Mornin’ by Al Jarreau.. and Walk Of Life by Dire Straits.

As I’ve noted before, it’s strange that the gatekeepers of music & film & pop culture keep cannibalizing the Boomer years for revisits to the well of inspiration. Only thing: the well is dry, and those years were inspired by generations of other stuff, back to opera, Vaudeville, poetry, country, Gospel, folk songs, and a wide variety of music and other sources of inspiration. Formulaic regurgitation of past success and amusement is mere spooning up of vomit from a previous good meal.

Ultimately, the answer is turning and returning unto “O Thou Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new” [St. Augustine, Conf. X]. Equally, the new and infinite life of Christ The God-man poured out on the Cross.. and bursts forth from the broken tomb in everlasting power– here is the redeeming outward and inward life which makes all things new. Equally– for our elderly Western culture, the quiet disappearance of children in many communities takes away that restless energy, hope, childlike and childish energy. We are burying ourselves, with barren wombs and empy playgrounds.

Boring Old Originality

The paradox is that seeking to be original becomes stale-dated, and things of abiding worth and memorability seek to just be themselves, and rightly serve the muses. Remember back before Mel Gibson or George Lucas were rich old jokes? Lucas bucked the studio system, made great movies, invented THX, and re-invented special effects. Mel Gibson helped create ‘a look’ with Mad Max, then bullhorned his now classic movies like Braveheart and The Passion Of The Christ past the Hollywood formula-boys, and again helped to make a mark in culture and the world: re-igniting Scots nationailism and history, and seeing the Gospel afresh (if with a little too much gory Mel-ism).

Traveling Wilburys – Wilbury Twist

Yes, Teh Binks is past the point of ‘keeping current’ with pop-music, but the Binklings are living it. Thankfully, we’re past the monomaniacal “bitches ‘n’ hos” hi-hop. I just kept repeating “Find out where this music comes from– country, rock, classicla, jazz, blues, older rap music, all of it.” They have begun that journey, thankfully. They even rock out now and again to the 80’s soundtrack of Chris Rock’s semi-autobiographical TV-comedy “Everybody Hates Chris”, or the kicking tunes on “Malcolm In The Middle” (for which they’re still fighting with the artists, which is why there’s no Season 2-7 DVDs yet).

Perhaps it’s a fogey’s rant, but so much of the music of the 60-early 90s abides musically. I just find Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Pees and the emo bands forgettable and tired. Heck, I’d even rather watch glam-rockers KISS than much of MUCH Music in 2011.. especially since they actually support the troops and tend to be conservative/ libertarian in their views. Hey you kids, get offa my lawn! ~

Kiss – Forever

Oh My Freezing Assets

~ LIKE POLITICS, all weather is local. So your Winter, fellow Northern hemispheriacs, may have been different.

But all Global Warming  Climate Change  Humans Are A Virus politicized climate-crap aside, this Winter was effing cold, hugely snowy, and Spring has been cold, frostly, late, and the trees have yet to blossom even slightly.

Yes, the el Nino gave is the old heck in 1998, and we had Hurricane Katrina, and some damned warm Autumns. This year, 13 years later, we had 4 feet of snow. A cold Fall, snowy Winter, a lame Spring.

Meanwhile, theY yatter about greenhouse gasses, classroom indoctrination, petty rules and laws, and political chit-chat continues, though (a) the science is ever more uncertain, (b) whether humans are causing/ influencing anything, (c) the anecdotal evidence is mixed. The simple fact is that the climate always changes– the earth has been warmer and colder in the past and will be in the future. Though the Third and Second world is getting more polluted (it’s called economic and industrial development), the First world is much less pollutive than in the 60s and 70s.. and all the post-60s Leftist apocalyptical ‘panics’ on every topic from salt and eggs down to ice-cubes.

Less panic, more reality & science & social-control. ~

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~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Come to the *Other* Rome Blognic; We all seem to be having a great weekend!; Kat could use a hand with $$$; I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me for a member; I’ve just made a deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever; Come to the *Other* Rome Blognic: bring your own tomatoes; I’m learning that it’s not the first round of cervical cancer that kills you; The light of day; So, I guess I must still be feeling anxious; I’m not creating a ‘rival’ event; I really miss the English country; I miss you, mama. I wish you’d been here for the Rome part …. (

~ SO WHO’S THE MOST guilty of corrupting today’s youth? …. (CV)

~ A FASCINATING ARTICLE in the NYT about research and findings about the effects of sitting and inactivity …. (merecomments)

~ MOOSES & SQUIRLZ— “McHale: United We Stand — Divided We Fall”; Why it’s okay for the U.S. government to burn Bibles, but Koran burning is condemned; Liberals still “bleeding” for the enemy; Liberal Bob Speller first federal candidate to offer Caledonia policy statement; Canada needs even more immigrants; Moose-and-Squirrel’s super secret infidel blogger gathering; Principled Conservatives don’t support Julian Fantino …. (

~ WILLIAM GAIRDNER— A Letter to Our Leaders, from Me, As If a 12-Year-Old …. (williamgairdner)

The tsunami, the fear of God, & inspired compassion

~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Can Democrats be pro-life? Are there any pro-life Democrats?; What happens if a city decides to privatize all its functions?; Youth unemployment rate would rise if minimum wage is increased; California Democrats mandate gay history in public schools; 91% of Planned Parenthood clinics help hide statutory rapists; Can people be good if God doesn’t exist?; Obama’s childish emotional bloviating; Should pro-life social conservatives vote for Stephen Harper?; Should pastors preach against false ideas and false ideologies in church? …. (winteryknight)

~ A PLEA FOR the Cote D’Ivoire– While others stand idle, Senator Jim Inhofe is speaking up for Ivorians who are fighting for the lives …. (

~ FUKUSHIMA— Well our friends the Japanese have screwed the pooch again. They forgot to turn on the water; also Japan’s nuclear crisis could last another six months under new recovery plan …. (classicalvalues)

~ WERNER PATELS— Canada Votes: Election’s outcome already preordained …. (wernerpatels)

~ A GRAMMY winning music director has delivered a stinging attack upon modern Church music …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Found on the CASMO Site; IRFAN siphons Canucki “charity” shekels to Hamas; “It’s Your Fault!” “No, It’s Your Fault!”; David Pryce-Jones speaks truth to lame stream gushers; using the “human rights” mausoleum Facebook page to push anti-Harper agenda; The real monster, of course, is the UN and its scrofulous “human rights” offshoot; Oh gawd. Kill. it. Kill it now before it makes an “impact”; Scary Liberal With Not-So-Hidden Agenda; some pointed questions about NATO’s Arab League-sanctioned Libya lunacy; An Open Letter to the Late Izzy Asper …. (

~ FREE SPEECH— School officials had no problem with “Day of Silence” activities. But when it came to Heidi’s t-shirt, school officials were outraged …. (christianpost)

VIDEO: Margaret Sanger on the greatest sin

~ BARBARA KAY: Hey Hey DNA, how much you gonna cost today? …. (nationalpost)

~ SAITH THE KATE— Vitruvius’s Experimental Election Predictor; What Do You Get When You Cross A Geranium With A Crayon?; The First American Prime Minister, Inspired; Elections Canada doesn’t care if you’re Canadian when you vote; The World Still Has Too Many Reporters; Guarding the henhouse; Revisiting The Bay Of Pigs: “Kennedy lied, Cubans died.”; University Of Guelph “Votemob”; What We Really Need Is Democracy …. (SDA)


~ A RELIGIOUS LEFTY DINOSAUR— The angry street protests of the 1960s through the 1980s will not likely be replicated by today’s yuppie, online activists …. (

~ BULLY-BOY MILITANT Fr. Raymond Gravel…on the ropes?; Fr. Gravel To Have His Faculties As A Priest Suspended? …. (bigbluewave,

~ YET ANOTHER STUDY— A new book shows that premarital sex has almost nothing to do with marriage – at least, not a happy one …. (mercatornet)

~ KELLY McPARLAND: Helena Guergis 3. Imagine what Harper would have done if she was guilty; Helena Guergis 2. What do you expect from politicians?; Lorne Gunter: Helena Guergis 1. Quit whining it’s your own fault …. (nationalpost)

~ RAYMOND IBRAHIM: Liberals seem ready to accept sensitive censorship and ignore murder by intolerants so they might seem progressive. “Destroying One Koran or Many Christians” …. (victorhanson)

~ C.S. LEWIS on the evil of masturbation …. (

~ RIGHT GIRL— Currently Reading: The 4-hour Workweek; Bring the Fresh!; My tits are not harming the environment; Proof that Bolivia’s drug problem is out of hand …. (girlontheright)

~ FRANK FUREDI— Nanny state intrusion is creating a generation of guilty, paranoid parents …. (frankfuredi)

~ NO MORE CASH for the cold, hard feminists …. (

~ WALKER— The price of Mexico’s proxy war on drugs: a thousand dead children; Dating a Jinn can be a real pain in the ass, sometimes; Some drug dealers are good; “That is not the path we’re walking down at all.”; In three months, pot could be legal in Ontario; Online security in France won’t be so secure anymore; Everyone’s on drugs; “The circumstances, as I understand them at this point, are distressing,”; My latest for the Prince Arthur Herald; Is the National Post in the business of not crediting its sources? …. (walker)

~ LOOKS LIKE IT’S Abortion Racism in Canada …. (

~ BRUSSEL’S JOURNAL— We Are, With Our Consent, Badly Governed …. (

~ FROM THE HEART of a continent where Christianity is dying and public figures are converting to Islam comes a new religious phenomenon: Braco! …. (richardfernandez)

~ BARBARA KAY— Time for Montreal anglos to shed their robotic Liberalism; Free-speech lessons from abolitionists …. (

~ TASTY, TASTY BABY-BITS: Pro-life group calls for national boycott of “collaborators” …. (

~ MICHAEL COREN— My new book has just been published. It is called Why Catholics Are Right, and is a popular, journalistic explanation and defence of the Church …. (catholicregister)

~ CJUNKER— A Baker’s Dozen … of Carp; A Most Excellent Libyan Adventure; Palin, Reloaded; David Suzuki: Meet Czech Physicist …. (

The Oxygen of Freedom

~ ON TOLERANCE, the ethos of intolerance, and intellectual courage …. (frankfuredi)


~ THE GREY EMINENCE Warren Kinsella attempts to define conservatism …. (landmarkreport)

~ CLOSET CON— Shalomskis: Passover Vacation; Blah blah, poor innocent Italian, blah blah blah; Islamophobe Misunderstands Suicide Bombers!; The UK Is Utterly Screwed; Finally, I have something to add; a “Catholics versus Jews” basketball game; Boys need to be boys. Men need to be men; Jews I Wish Had Never Been Born; Blogging will be light- if at all this weekend; Irony is, like soooooo ironic sometimes!!!; What if Moses Had Facebook? …. (

~ STEVE JANKE: It’s crunch time for lagging Liberals, NDP …. (natpost)

~ BACK WHEN EUGENICS WAS FUN! Mike Flynn has an amazing little piece of cultural archaeology up on his site from the days before Eugenics was actually put into practice on a national charnel house scale …. (

~ CANUCKI SENTINEL— Public Servants Caught Conspiring To Sissify Harper’s Image; Ignatieff Either US Citizen Or Illegal Voter In US; “I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November“; More Media Double Standard …. (

~ PERSECUTED FOR HIS CROSS: British electrician told he faces the sack for Christian symbol on his van dashboard …. (

~ AN OXYMORONIC description in the way they mean it. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people already have full equality in the Church and are called to holiness and chastity just as every single other person in the Church …. (splendoroftruth)

~ AS A PHARMACIST of 25 years currently working in hospital pharmacy– I can tell you that the drug shortages are ongoing, dire, and in some cases life-threatening …. (SDA)

~ FETCH ME A BEER, GENDER CONSTRUCT!! Great news!! Abortion isn’t just for women anymore …. (

~ MARK SHEA— “Waiting for an outbreak of civic courage among academics is steady work.” – Fr. Richard John Neuhaus …. (

Obviously dangerous 6-year-old terror suspect meets TSA

~ NO EVIDENCE of intelligent life on Planet Liberal …. (

~ CONFLICT OF INTEREST = injustice– ‘Gay’ Prop 8 judge called ‘direct beneficiary’ of ruling …. (wnd)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Criminals must be treated as customers – not offenders?; An open letter to the Culture Secretary; Oxford University has hit back at claims by David Cameron; Israeli forces strike after attack on bus; For Israel-bashers, recantation is heresy …. (melaniephillips)

~ COMEDIAN Stephen Colbert is often quite funny… but he’s also wrong at times, particularly in his partisan defenses of Murder, Inc. …. (

~ RIGHTS WATCHDOG: Activists Harassed in Venezuela …. (townhall)

~ CHICKS IS CHICKS— A grubby scandal involving Australian Defence Force cadets shows the danger of placing women in combat roles …. (mercatornet)

~ HE TOLD US SO— G. K. Chesterton–Prophet Status Validated …. (secondhandsmoke)

~ IS SUNDAY SCHOOL the root of all evil? …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ MITCHIEVILLE— Sunday morning, a time to reflect in bed; The Subversive Consumer; Nurse Kate Heals; MENSA Teaser; Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘There goes the neighborhood tombstone‘; The Top Ten Financial Links Of The Day; The Canadian Leaders Debate; The Top 10 Financial Links Of The Day II; The 2011 NHL Playoffs; Modern Propaganda Techniques …. (mitchieville)

Electric Light Orchestra – Here Is The News (HQ)


~ THE REAL BARACK OBAMA— Batchelor: ‘Do you think we’re stupid?’; Aaron Klein Investigative Radio Today; Ronald Reagan On Obamacare; ‘ObamaCare – Live Your Carefree Lifestyle’; PBS’ Jon Meacham Calls for Repeal of ‘Natural Born’ Clause in US Constitution; Obamacare, It’s for the Children. A Glimpse into the Future? Shortage and Rationing of Life-Saving Drugs; NH Tea Party Coalition in Concord; Danette Clark: Militant gay Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, Calls for Students to Remain Silent in School Today; Here’s One for the AFL-CIO to Ponder. Is It Time to Unionize Mexican Drug Cartels?; Danette Clark: Students Schooled on White Privilege and ’5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO’ …. (therealbarackobama)

~ TELEGRAPH BLOG— A floundering presidency heading for a fall? Barack Obama hits rock bottom in latest Gallup poll …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ SPECTATOR— Phil Klein takes a moment to acknowledge the achievements of both the Tea Party and the GOP in passing Paul Ryan’s budget in the House …. (

~ POTUS YIN/YANG— Hey, let’s not demonize people, okay? …. (

~ BARACK OBAMA’S billionaire bashing …. (nationalpost)

~ THE BIG WEB-GRAB: White House draft bill expands DHS cyber responsibilities …. (federalnewsradio)

~ DUPLICITIOUS Obama signs bill he has no intention of following; Presidential P.S.: What I Signed Is Unconstitutional and I Will Fight It …. (proteinwisdom, nro)

~ RAYMOND IBRAHIM: While Obama’s fine platitudes to justify war may satisfy some Americans, they are far from achieving their objective. “Ideals Trump Interests” …. (victorhanson)

~ IF YOU ARE CATHOLIC, the Obama Administration lies about your Church and considers the Vatican an enemy; plus, Defunding Murder Inc is killed in the Senate, as you knew it would be. Among the killers, Catholic Senators …. (

~ ON THE EVE of the Power Shift 2011 climate youth conference, no one expects President Obama to show …. (sda)

~ WALKING HEART-ATTACK & Disgustingly overweight private entrepreneur Michael Moore warns Britain’s National Health Service of the dangers of privatizing medicine …. (weaselzippers)

~ MERE WORDS— Obama’s Emptily Cynical Speech Was Just About Propping Up His Support on the Left …. (

~ DICTATING IS EASY; “Leading is Hard They were happier times. Headier times. President Barack Obama and his Democrats held strong majorities in both the House and Senate. Dreams of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” were at hand.” …. (

~ THE MIGHTY POWER Of A Link: How Mere Mention By Drudge Can Send A Stock Price Tumbling; also Larwyn’s Linx: Palin to Obama: You ignored us in 2010, but won’t in 2012! …. (mediaite,

~ READY FOR HER CLOSEUP: Big Sis to star in documentary; Hawaii, other states unite to oppose TSA intrusions …. (deadline, hawaiireporter)

~ STRIPPING CONGRESS of its Power of the Purse? …. (

~ HANSON WONDERS— The abrupt abandonment of hostilities after about two weeks has set an American military precedent. “Did We Give Up on Libya?” …. (victorhanson)

~ ACORN, Obama’s Favorite Gangsters, Convicted in Massive Voter Fraud Conspiracy …. (

~ THE FRIENDLY TSA Detains Man For Attempting to Videotape His Own Patdown …. (

~ ANOTHER LEFTIST Meme Obliterated: ‘Evil’ Health Insurers Reject Far Less Health Care Claims Than… Medicare …. (

Obama’s Close Friend Bill Ayers: Pentagon Is A Terror Organization, John McCain A War Criminal

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: We calibrate California’s decline by its myriad of paradoxes. “The Razor’s Edge” …. (victorhanson)

~ PUNDITA— Barack Obama wants to make me a better person. Donald Trump wants to make me rich. Guess who’d get my vote for U.S. President? …. (

~ DETAILING the greenwashed Chevy Volt; Chevy Volt Sparks Garage Fire …. (boldcolors, wfsb)

~ THIS DISPLAY By The Left Is More Shameful Than Sending Around A Chimp Photo …. (iowntheworld)

~ THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION has turned down a plea from Syria’s democratic opposition to step up diplomatic pressure on President Bashar Assad …. (

Flashback: Candidate Obama Promises Not to Use Presidential Signage Statements

~ ENFORCEMENT— $105.5 Billion in Automatic Obamacare Spending: Half Billion to Community Organizations to Police ObamaCare in Their Areas …. (weaselzippers)

~ DID OBAMA & HOLDER Scuttle Terror Finance Prosecutions?: DOJ, possibly White House, prevented terror-finance indictments against CAIR, others …. (creepingsharia)

~ COLOR BY NUMBERS— Jay Cost unlocks the secret of how to attack a policy problem, Barack Obama-style …. (

~ JOHNNIE BOEHNER last week: the budget deal “eliminates the salaries and expenses of the “czars”’ — Boehner this week: “It’s not surprising that the White House . . . is objecting to eliminating them” …. (weaselzippers)

~ FAREED ZAKARIA Shows He Is Still A Dishonest Liberal Tool …. (

~ MYTHICAL CREATURES— Dragons.. Unicorns.. Pro-life Democrats …. (

~ BARACK OBAMA re-election bid channels Stephen Harper …. (fullcomment)

~ PUNDITA ON LIBYA: Under increased pressure from Sarkozy and Cameron, Merkel hangs tough; Obama, staring into abyss of U.S. debt crisis, votes “present.” …. (

~ ROGER’S RULES— Tax-Day and stupidity; The ‘fairness’ meme; high drama in America’s most parasitic city; Ann Barnhardt, Culture Hero; Terry Jones and Preemptive Capitulation …. (roger kimball)


~ PICKING A FIGHT: Tough Talk On Capitol Hill Condemning Obama’s Speech and His Budget Gimmickry …. (rightwingnewswatch)

~ ACE OF SPADES— Let’s Get Alinsky on Obama With Respect to Third World …. (

~ WHILE OBAMA GOLFED, USG warns that Americans could be specific targets of drug gangs in 3 Mexican states …. (

~ I TOLD YOU SO: Obama Pushing Increased IPAB Bureaucratic Powers …. (firstthings)

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— Fly again with Confidence; All Loafers Required to be Members of Union …. (thepeoplescube)

~ IOWAHAWK: Sixteen Tons of Debt …. (

ONION Newsroom: ‘Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat’


~ IF GUILTY, DRAWING & QUARTERING IS TOO GOOD— Two Palestinians arrested for Fogel family massacre …. (

~ OH GOODY GUMDROPS— Muslim Brotherhood to launch TV channel in May …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE NEVER-ENDING TANTRUM: Muslims attempt to impose sharia worldwide with blasphemy trial against Mohammed cartoonist …. (creepingsharia)

~ FRONTPAGE MAG— Qaddafi’s Muslim-American Friends …. (frontpagemag)

~ CHECK ‘EM ALL! Canada finds Islamic charity used “deceptive fundraising” to support Hamas …. (

~ PUNDITA— Libya Possum Chronicles …. (

~ ENGLANDISTAN— “Wear a Hijab or We’ll Kill You”: How the “London Taliban” is Targeting Women and Gays in Bid to Impose Sharia Law …. (weaselzippers)

~ OFFICIAL NATO ISAF AFGHAN POLICY— Ask yourself, ask your politicians why NATO & ISAF personal must tread lightly around the sharia lovers? …. (

~ PREDICTABLY, Another Muslim teen girl missing in the US. Police fear Muslim disobedience-femicide …. (vladtepesblog)

~ BRUCE S. THORNTON: The one-way multicultural moral indignity makes the military’s job harder against jihadists. “Memo to the General” …. (

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Turkey’s Cautionary Tale; Tawil Fadiha and friends celebrate Passover; Richard Goldstone’s request for forgiveness; Richard Goldstone and Palestinian statehood …. (carolineglick)

~ CONRAD BLACK: The gentleman’s approach to Mideast peace …. nationalpost)

~ THE SEA-HITLER 2? A second “peace” flotilla is readying to set sail in May or June from Canada to once again test Israel’s blockade of Gaza …. (nationalpost)

~ DELIGHTFUL UC Irvine Students Charged With Disrupting Israeli Ambassador Speech Say “Muslim” An Islamophobic Codeword …. (Wz)

~ ROSETT— How About a Goldstone Rating System for the UN?; $6,347,415,000 and What It Bought; Why Don’t We Work for the UN?; The Senate and the No-Fly Zone: The Legend Begins …. (pajamasmedia)

~ QUAINT Pakistan: Hundreds of Muslims attack Christian village over false blasphemy charges; and in utterly related news, Uzbekistan: Beatings and fines given to Christians for proselytizing …. (jihadwatch)

~ KILL BLOOD KILL— Islamic “jury” offers $2.2 million for head of Koran-burning FL pastor …. (

~ MISSOURI: ACLU promotes Islam, sharia at Muslim Capitol Day …. (creepingsharia)

~ RICH & FEARFUL of upheaval, Saudi Arabia rethinks friendship with the U.S. …. (nationalpost)

~ TRANSLATORS monitoring Arabic websites report that al-Qaeda’s number two has weighed in on Libya …. (pajamasmedia)

~ WIKILEAKS: ‘Hizbullah has enough rockets to devastate Israel’ …. (

~ BURNING THE KORAN Not the Right Way to Confront Radical Islam …. (christianpost)

~ PUZZLING Muslim arrested in Times Square case pleads guilty, awaits deportation; Virginia Muslim gets 23 years for D.C. subway plot …. (creepingsharia)

~ SIMPLY CHARMING— Meet Tucson’s (terror-linked) Muslim diaspora …. (creepingsharia)

~ BRITISH Government Developing Ties With Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt …. (Wz)

~ GERMANY TRIES Eight Internet Jihadist Suspects …. (ivp)

~ ILLINOIS MUSLIM GIRL Runs Away, Escapes Islamic Forced Marriage …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE SHINY NEW Egypt: Christians begin to flee the country …. (teaandpolitics)


~ ISRAEL-BASHING— Human Rights Watch’s Iain Levine on Goldstone …. (

Here are a few more things that Muslims believe

~ AFGHANS BURNED DOZENS OF Korans During Protest: Off with Their Heads? …. (

~ ELIE WIESEL RESIGNS FROM THE INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH OF GENOCIDE IN CANADA– Jihad ties emerge on Canada’s Bosnian Muslim group …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PJTV.COM— Islam’s Growing Influence over Hollywood & Speech …. (

~ A BRITISH TOURIST was beaten to death by officers in a Dubai police station …. (focusuk)

~ SELDOM DO WE OBJECT when people wear less in public. Why are the French so riled when some women want to wear more? …. (mercatornet)

Far-Left Nut Blames Israel For Kidnapping And Murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

~ FRANCE ENABLES an Islamist Takeover of Ivory Coast …. (frontpagemag)

~ THE HUMAN RIGHTS Commission of Pakistan: Last year was bad for Hindus and Sikhs, and “all indications suggest that there are even worse times ahead” …. (

~ THE MAKING of an American Jihadist: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad …. (IP.ORG)

More here

~ GLAVIN ON LIBYA— “Where is America, where is France, we need Sarkozy.”; Last week I was pointing out the deadly implications of the rising Khomeinist influence in Afghanistan …. (

~ SHEIK YERMAMI— From the Jihad Front; Britains MCB: Freedom Sack ‘Non Negotiable’; the Italian government had declared the “migrant crisis” to be over; Sex is the cure for suicide bombers, sez far left TV clown Bill Maher; Geert Wilders, the Dutch Inquisition & Mushrooming Mosques; Egypt’s Problem are da Jooozzz…!? …. (


~ FINLAND Bows to the Terrorists …. (theblogmocracy)

~ MUSLIM LEADER Zuhdi Jasser: Islam must clean up its own (radical) side of the street …. (humanevents)

Jamie Glazov on honor killing and Western indifference

~ FRANKISTAN— France: Jihadist chiefs threaten to attack over burqa ban …. (teaandpolitics)

~ DELIGHTFUL Arizona Muslim Who Honor Killed Daughter Gets 34½ Years …. (ws)

~ YOU CAN SLAUGHTER Christians, But You Can’t Burn a Koran, By Doug Giles …. (boldcolors)

~ IT ALL MAKES SENSE.. “I knew the Jews were behind the hearings. A monkey is a representation of who the Jews are,” said Barnette, in explaining why she chose the beloved children’s storybook character as a symbol …. (cv)

Jews In Space!

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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