When You’re Not Mark Steyn…

~ UPDATE: The ‘judgment’ was for $15K from Guy Earle, and $7.5K from the club owner, for a shakedown total of $22.5K.

~ ITEM: Comic Guy Earle Fined 15K For Offending Heckling Dyke By BCHRT!; what Shaidle said; what Scaramouche said; links piling up at Catfur

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~ ITEM: Kate McMillan: “I’ll miss the comedy clubs…” ~ By the way, what happened to all those “comics for freedom“? In the end, the liberals won’t be there for you.

~ ITEM: Guy Earle

YOU are kidding ME

I’m shaking over here… what a bloody joke.
15K for being misquoted and I NEVER thought I would have to correct/defend my words in a free country. (Alas, we ain’t free are we?) The way the thing is worded, its like the BCHRT looked for every excuse to hang me. BIZARRE, what did I ever do to Canada, except help promote and educate starting comics for the last 20 years?? You can read the pointless “findings” of the BCHRT here. Funny, how they STILL admit they have no jurisdiction but continue to harass and harm me.

I hate to ask, folks… but it looks like I’ll be going to the Supreme Court after-all…

~ ITEM: Guy On Ezra’s Sun-TV; Ez in 2008: Lorna Pardy, embarrasser of lesbians

~ ITEM: Earle ‘trial’ blow-by-blow

~ HUMANS LIKE inequalities, when the balance is in their favour. A lesbian comedian mocking a heckling straight couple is the flavour of the times; vice-versa? Why, that’s a Hate Crime, according to the petty comedy-police of the BCHRT. Guy Earle: THOUGHT CRIMINAL!

The Keystone Kops of the BCHRT were the ones who wasted a pretty penny in Maclean’s lawyers, magisterially deciding whether or not Mark Steyn were real funny, or not real funny. They had alleged “humour” experts, even, and blustering Sock-Puppets, and everything. Two-ring circus, maybe.

Said marsupial show-trial got live-blogged, blogged, media-attention, and Steyn-friendly bloggers onsite for moral and media-support. Guy Earle? I honestly thought he’d been acquitted of said foolishness.

I blame Napoleon.

What’s that? Well, as Paul Johnson  details in his 1992 book on modernity, The Birth of the Modern: World Society 1815-1830, it was Napoleon who gave the modern world the fashion of secret police. Even after his final fall, suddenly every European ruler wanted grubby little spies– mostly impoverished young nobility– to snoop and report on the civilians, and uncover conspiracies against the regime.. and to spy on one another. Delightful.

This ‘internal security’ mentality is with us in the hodge-podge of Human Rights Committees, Commissions, and the like. Even though Canada is one of the most peaceful democracies ever anywhere, yet– they solemnly warn us– we are only one basement Nazi, one offending Comedian, one saucy blogger or author away from utter societal collapse and open warfare.

On the other hand, if we bend the knee to the thought police, what paradisal inoffensiveness awaits! A veritable utopia of obedient people, not obeying God or Commandments or conscience, but the ever-changing flavour of the month of possible offended sensibilities.

Therefore, And In Conclusion

I dunno if Guy Earle is going to appeal this bullshite, but I would. Nor do I know if he has a legal defence fund, but if so, let’s donate to help him. After all, the BCHRT and their kin are all our grubby little secret police, tolerated and intolerant, crushing little people when they can get away with it, just because they say so. $15 000.00 is real money to ordinary peoples.

And no giant anti-lesbian pogrom broke out after Guy Earle’s stupid comments. Thousands of corpses did not litter the street as homonuclear Guyite minions cleansed the area of Sapphic offenders. The BCHRT is a little KGB, a mini-Gestapo, and should be treated as such.

So What Now?

Lefties? Pony up, or shut up. And fair-minded same-sexers? You either stand loud & proud against such touchy petty-fascism as that of Lorna Pardy & company, or forever shut up about your alleged fabulous rights and freedoms.

Let tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams and the other crypto-tyrants at the BCHRT know what you think— politely, but very clearly. CC us, your elected representatives, sympathetic bloggers and media, and Mark Steyn.

After all, if occasionally acting like a drunken idiot is now a thought crime, an awful lot of Canadians should be rounded up. ~



4 thoughts on “When You’re Not Mark Steyn…

  1. This situation has been mischaracterized, particularly by the comedy community, as a “freedom of speech” issue or a heckler issue and it is neither.

    Pardy went to a restaurant not a comedy club where it is understood that anything goes. Earle targetted her first so if he didn’t like her reply, well that’s his problem and it doesn’t make her a heckler.

    However, by the law it does make him a violator of human rights because you can’t just target someone that way in a public establishment where people freely go to eat, drink, relax and mind their own business. A pretty straightforward legal concept, and that’s why the tribunal was willing to grant the full 15K that she asked for.

    1. Saith Binks– Hey, Dev b:

      At least according to what I’ve read, the club in question (a) had featured a lesbian comedy group several times, and (b) was known & advertised for “the edgiest comedy in town”. We’re not talking a Swiss Chalet or Yuk Yuks, and that’s why (c) Guy Earle was invited to present.

      The arbitrary powers of a quasi-judicial body like the truncated BCHRT (the commission itself having been abolished) are not “legal” in the sense of being right, good, part of English/ Canadian Common Law, or the best way to handle disagreements and petty conflicts in a society. This is a rights-based civil war, with the loudest and angriest minorities (militant gays & militant Muslims) able to hold the rest of us under threat of a punishing process & crippling debt. Thus, it is a free speech issue.

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