Orange Light District?

Jack Milquetoast?

~ ITEM: What have we learned about Layton from all of this: “Frankly, I’d rather have a Prime Minister who isn’t stupid and got a hand job than one who is stupid and didn’t. In either case, Mr. Layton has babbled himself into a position where he would have us believe he was stupid. That’s not how a competent leader does things.” Milquetoast!; also, Not ready for prime time: Jack Layton goes limp under pressure; plus Jack Layton’s NDP: 9-11 conspiracies and internecine conflict

~ ITEM: NDP leader Jack Layton lived in subsidized housing with $120,000 income; NDP leader Jack Layton promises to promote greater access to abortion; NDP leader Jack Layton would kill jobs and raise energy prices with cap-and-trade; NDP leader Jack Layton gets medical care at private clinic instead of public hospital; NDP leader Jack Layton wants consumers to pay higher prices for lower quality goods

~ ITEM: Media spins police report of naked Jack Layton in “massage parlor”

~ ITEM: Jonathan Kay drops a bombshell: Claims a Liberal fixer tried to sell him the Layton story in 2008

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~ ITEM: Mark Steyn on Whorehouse Jack’s “Hand of fate”

“I gather the NDP spokeslady pointed out that, apropos Mr Layton’s Saturday night special, no charges were laid. Isn’t that an old vaudeville routine? Because the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court? Oh, well.
“I went for a massage at a community clinic,” Layton told reporters in Burnaby, BC. “The police advised it wasn’t the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back.”

Sure. Pity they didn’t say the same thing about his appointment at CASMO.”

~ ITEM: JACK & OLIVIA.. “THE POOR”?More interesting is the story the MSM still sit on, the use of low income housing in Toronto by Layton and Chow in the early 90s’. They were making $100,000 a year. What they did was register the house in the name of Chow’s mother who was an unemployed immigrant.

Today, Layton and Chow earn $350,000 together as MPs. They each get a housing allowance for living in Ottawa although they live together. According to House of Commons records for 2010, they spent one million dollars last year on travel and perks.”

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~ ITEM: You Know Jack! What have we learned? Jack Layton was found naked in a whorehouse. Jack Layton was found with, though not in, a 3rd World Sex Trade Worker; plus update: “Daddy, what’s a community clinic?”; NEW: Top Ten Services at Whorehouse Jack’s Velvet Touch “Community Clinic”

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Lets Give Him A Big Hand!

~ AS A GRADE 5 YOOF in mid-70’s Tronna, even I knew what a “Massage Parlour” meant.. lower Yonge Street was all nekkid pictures, neon XXX & girls girls girls. Why, wonksters like Al Gore know what a massage parlour is for.

Whether or not Mr. Layton got a little young oriental sumptin-sumptin at a known facility for criminal gang-fronting sex-trade activities or not, is a matter for journalists to investigate.. not give a round-file cover-up in the interests of making nice.

What You Do

Character matters. Shiny Jack has cruised through the last few weeks like a Crown Prince Obama, with the electorate & media curiously uncurious about the man who would be king.. or king-maker. Hmmm.

Character matters. Lots of public figures have problems, temptations, and flaws which courtesy and kindness politely ignore. Christian mercy to a sinner is one thing: but if hard-socialist Jack Layton has had sexual favours from a teen oriental girl in a known sex-facility, that is (a) adultery, (2) whoring, (iii) and thus if we believe his alleged “Durhhh… I didn’t know no better“, he’s a mix of hugely naive, embarrassed, and thinks he can bald-headedly BS his way past the adoring public.

Can you trust a man like Jack Layton who pretends not to know what “massage parlour” meant in the Toronto of 96?

Blazing gets it.

Bad News All `Round

Even if this is all false, Punkin Jack has thus-far gotten the royal treatment from the media, the bloated & leak-prone Ottawa Civil Service (in part, the political arm of the NDipper Party, if my brother is anything to go by), and he deserves some microscopic attention NOW.

No more tongue-bathing from the media lapdogs for the commie Lil Squirt, all trying to get Jack off! This is a serious Federal Erection, after all. ~


P.S. As several commenters elsewhere point out, slavery (especially of women & girls for the sex-trade) is a serious problem in Canada. Many of those ’employed’ in such sex-facilities are exploited by organized crime. Layton– and others– are partaking of the fruits of slavery, kidnapping, and the international trade in human beings.

P.P.S. Jack smeared! Out comes Olivia & the spin-meisters, saying exactly nothing. Poor judgment, cover-up, possible blackmail, letting his wife speak on his behalf & cover his ass… we’ve just learned a whole lot about Jack Layton. Add to that the pro-Taliban, anti-anti-terrorism & Jihadi connections of the NDP, and you have a perfect storm of dangerous & stupid waiting in the wings if the NDippers get the reins of power in Canuckistan.