Usama bin Laden, BIH*

~ ITEM: OSama Bin Laden Dead – Body to be stuffed and featured on Jersey Shore

~ ITEM: STEYN.. A DEATH IN PAKISTAN — OSAMA BIN LADEN KILLED; But in the martyrdom stakes he might have done better to have died on Steyn’s schedule ~ plus Mark on an “early report”

~ “BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD go I” is the proper thought, right after “Huzzah, they got the bastard!” Plus, it’s 60 years to the day when the last great wrecker was announced dead, old Adolf himself.

That the human creature might be a saint or an evil man, a John Paul II or Benedict XVI versus Hitler or Bin Laden certainly bears reflecting on: we too might be capable of great goods, or terrible badnesses. We can blame society, parents, religion, and many factors: but human choice must be counted in there, too, for not all those who suffer– or suffer greatly– are doomed to live out their lives in revenge.

Also, this is a world-war, with the forces of civilization(s) East and West opposed by the many-tentacled Muslim Brotherhood and the alphabet-soup of public faces worn by that “Islamist Reform Society”.. Hamas, Hizballah, Al Qaeda, The Ikhwan, all the rest– plus CAIR, the MSA, ICNA, and their co-shariac allies.It’s complicated.

Back in WW2, if you’d taken out Hitler or Churchill, things would have been very very different very quickly.. Bin Laden has been marginalized for years, as a “leading figure” in hiding, after the West kicked him & the Taliban out of Afghanistan.. and this is not tanks & men & frontlines warfare, but econo-territorial-politico-terrorism with spin-doctors. The death of Bin Laden is a good thing, given his record of blood– Twin Towers, USS Cole, Twintowers bombing ’93, the Kenyan Embassy bombing– but the Jihad rolls on.

The real danger is not some tantrum/ response over UBL’s Navy-SEAL instant retirement, but that pandering pro-Islamist Western idiots like Jack Layton might soon have a large say in how Canada responds to the FACT of global Jihad. Leftism generally and multiculturalism in particular is a kind of blind madness, where you see only what you are supposed to see. A secular false faith, if you will, with horrible real-world consequences.

Don’t vote pro-Taliban Layton or pro-Obama Ignatieff today– Usama Bin Laden would have approved of them & their supine attitude to his evil: plug your nose and vote cranky, bossy, petty, robotic Harper. Pete MacKay will be along soon, and Canada in 2011 lives in a world where our votes matter here and around the world.

In the meanwhile, let’s celebrate this small victory in a long civilizational war to the death. Thanks, SEALs: your work is a little justice for our lost, wounded & serving military, and all those victims of Usama and his cronies around the world. ~


*Usama bin Laden, Burn In Hell.. and say hello to Muhammed on your way down. Crackle crackle crackle.

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