Heaven & Ballots & Stuff

“The wind bloweth where it listeth,
and thou hearest the sound thereof,
but canst not tell whence it cometh,
and whither it goeth:
so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.”

~ St. John 3.8 ~

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~ TEH BINKS IS NOT as cynical as Kathy Shaidle.. but then again, even Antisthenes of Athens himself wasn’t that cynical. Canadian politics is a game of light & shadows, of a bloated & unionized bureaucracy, and vested interests of the Left and Right. Vexing to the human spirit, same old corruption. Gotcha.

For a socon Christian, there is always more than that. The world is both brighter and darker– the darkness and light in things is greater than flesh & blood, and the meaning and shape of history is a grand tapestry of Gods mysterious will, and our cooperation or rebellion and part in it all.

When you commit the fatal error of immanentizing the eschaton (heaven on earth, left or right), then every election and jot or tittle of news bears and infinite significance. Think like the HRC fascists– their work is the sole bulwark between societal peace and open war on the one hand, and is our last best hope for utopia on the other hand. What an absolute mucked-up crazy faux-religious view of things. So too the low-tax crowd, the libertarian delusion, and the socialist wankers of the NDipper Left. Yes, even free-speecherism can be an idol if allowed to be absolute.

Breath of Heaven

Jesus spoke of the motion of the Holy Spirit in the world, and in redeemed hearts, and as the unseen & unacknowledged source of life & truth & being at the root of all things. That Spirit– third person of The Trinity– is the conversation, the inner life, the changer of hearts, the shaper of men & nations.

The wind (Hebrew: ruach, inspiration, breeze) blows where it wants, says Godès Son, and you hear it coming and going, but don’t know where it’s from or where it’s going to end up. It has its own higher logic & patterns. So is everyone (re)born by the Spirit– that is, faithful Christians, with perhaps a side-order of righteous pagans, who are moved by God according to his infinite love & redeeming purpose.

Thus, Christians are supposed to be in the world, but not of the world– like a boat is to be in the water, but not full of it; pilgrims of a bright and better land, yet sojourning and travelling and leaving things and people and their town and region and country better (and more God-blessed) than when they found it. Here we have no abiding country: yet as in ancient Rome, no better citizens might be found than the truly faithful, feeding the Roman poor, housing the widows and orphans, healing the sick & burying the dead, paying their taxes and obeying the laws and praying for the Emperor.

Dream A Little Dream

One might hope that Stephen Harper, alleged evangelical Christian, might allow himself to do more redeeming good as it lays in his power– say, an actual Canadian abortion law, or canning the HRC & Section 13; protecting churches and people of faith & ordinary Canadians of conscience against militant same-sex fascism; or remaking the courts to .. well, uphold the law, revoking some of the punitive tax-load on Canadian families; cutting back the bureaucracy 40%; keeping a strong military; and seek to renew and refresh the laws & customs of Parliament to get rid of the micro-management, Punch & Judyism, and Tory stupid under the corrupting influence of power.

Politically, the Harperite neo-Tories are miles from the tyrant evangelical overlords prophesied by aging crank Margaret Atwood; rather, they are tryign to be the the new vote-catching centrist party, neither hot nor cold on the surface. Socons will just have to be happy with relative peace & not bad government, and the occasional reasonable policy that is better rather than worse. This is the age of BigGov semi-democracy uber alles, and until we all learn that lunch is never free, so it shall stay.

It could be better- -but it cannot ever be heaven, right?.. and Harper (or Layton, Or Justin) isn’t God.. or the Devil. ~

The Dark Lord Harper Prepares To Sacrifice A Kitty.



One thought on “Heaven & Ballots & Stuff

  1. The liberals have shown us what happens to people who stand for nothing. They get swept away, and they don’t seem to understand the dynamic. The Conservatives and NDP have taken stands, and last night Ignatieff claimed that they were respectively right and left wingers about to pretend to be centrists. The Liberals seem to have confused being in the centre to not taking a stand on anything. Well, they didn’t, and well, they’re now the third party.

    I am reminded of when first Chretien, then Martin, caved on protecting marriage. They took no stand, and merely quoted laws and courts. Each of these men claimed to be Catholic Christians, and asserted that they still were, and that had nothing to do with the issue. Well, if beliefs don’t prompt positions, what possibly can? This proved to be very much a Liberal trait when Ujjal Dosanjh, then a Martin Minister, a Sikh, likewise disregarded the tenets of his faith, then recently enunciated by their senior cleric in Amritsar. The Liberal position was to go with the flow rather than take a position. That was a prime example of the Liberal way of being centrist – take no position, and go with the flow. It bore its fruit last night; they stood nowhere, and were swept away to third party status.

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