Jesus Returns In Glory?

~ ITEM: CBC violates election laws, posts results early

~ THAT AT LEAST WOULD top the last week of news & events.. the playoffs, the William & Kate nuptials, Usama getting promoted to Aitch-Ee-Double-Toothpicks, and then the topsy-turvy Canucki Federal Election, with Smilin’ pro-Taliban RubNTug Jack replacing the “Natural Ruling Party” as official opposition, and riding on a protest vote to smite the Blocheads. Whew!

Next week will seem as grey and meaningless as a post-ecstasy high to a tired clubber. Mind you bloggers and the chattering classes have enough fodder to go on for weeks of observations. Hopefully, the chattering classes will get off their pre-digested party line “journalism” and report actual news in Canada. Just because Herr Harper is now big boss for four years or more doesn’t mean all the media panderers should pander in that direction.

As a Christian socon small-c conservative, you get all sorts of invitations to shut up, take flying leaps, and all sorts of people who “Know How You Think”. Nope. I’m just as opposed to Harperism as Chretienism as Trudeaupianism as Obamunism or Reaganism. Big gov as God is a fail, along with the bribes & diversions (panem et circenses, 21st Century style) handed out to keep everyone sleepy and content.

Finally, and in conclusion, I’d like to remind Elections Canada that along with tens of thousands of other Canadians, Americans, Brits, and Aussies, I may or may not have flagrantly flaunted the current blackout rule via Twitter last evening, and I’d like my cell to have South-facing windows, occasionally tipple Glen Livet and Glen Fiddich, and a T1 internet line is simply a must. Along with 24/7 room service.

Come and get me ya bullies, once you’re done waterboarding Peter Mansbridge and that MacKay-hatin’ wench Wendy Mesley at the haunt of tax-funded crime, the Ceeb. ~


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